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How To Make Money With Anime Affiliate Programs: 5 Top Anime

If you’re an anime lover who wants to create a website and discuss your passion, go for it. Over time, the commission you’ll receive for marketing these anime affiliate programs will be sufficient to pay the hosting and domain name costs. You might receive more.

Japanese comic novels and animated video games are known as anime. The anime industry was worth $2 billion in 2016. Books, DVDs, CDs, collectibles, toys, figures, artwork, clothing, and more are all examples of things that are associated with anime.

Kids love anime, which is quite popular among them besides the toy sector. However, even adults like more important projects! Not all anime involves watching Scooby-Doo cartoons. It’s a well-known art form and an effective storytelling tool. There are some terrible anime shows out there, but that goes for all forms of art! Regardless of the niche, here are 10 excellent anime affiliate programs to help you monetize your website dedicated to anime.

How To Make Money With Anime Affiliate Programs:

One of the more well-liked blogging and affiliate marketing genres is anime. It isn’t one of the affiliate markets with the highest earnings mostly because, despite having a sizable following, it isn’t as large as some of these other markets for blogs.

A program for anime affiliates is created to enable content producers in anime-related niches to monetize their work by advertising the goods of their affiliate partners.

Anime content producers can drive visitors to affiliate programs and make minor commissions when a sale is made by putting affiliate links in their material.

Anyone considering entering this area who is new to affiliate marketing may want to think twice. Avoid entering this unless you truly enjoy anime because if you don’t, it will be difficult for you to produce the kind of content that is required in this market on a consistent basis. If you’re only pretending to be interested, it will be challenging to connect.

Anime Affiliate Programs

You won’t get rich promoting affiliate networks for anime. However, it won’t put you to sleep either. This is one of those niches that you pursue purely out of passion rather than with an eye toward financial gain.

When you consider the level of competition you’ll face, the commissions are respectable but not sufficient. According to what I’ve observed, more than any of the affiliate networks mentioned below, the majority of websites in this sector generate revenue from AdSense. Given the amount of traffic these bloggers receive and the fact that they are not doing it for financial gain, it might not be all that horrible.

12 Best Anime Affiliate Programs

  1. TFAW
  2. SaiyanStuff
  3. JBox and Jlist
  4. CDJapan
  5. FYE
  6. Xcoser
  7. Plamoya
  8. Anime Art Academy
  9. CD Japan
  10. Right Stuf Anime
  11. Crunchyroll Affiliate
  12. VRV Affiliate

TFAW – Anime Affiliate Programs

Things From Another World, or TFAW for short, sells comic books, manga, as well as a wide range of clothes and other related goods.

The third-largest comic book retailer in the country is Things From Another World. They give you all the marketing resources and tools you need to get going, including often updated deals and discounts.

Graphic novels, manga, comics, and anime figures are just a few of the products from TFAW’s enormous selection of pop culture goods. Additionally, they have a sizable selection of goods made by a variety of companies, including DC Direct, Dark Horse, Hasbro, McFarlane, Marvel, Tokyopop, Master Replicas, Disney, and many more.

Thing From Another World has all the necessary components to become a key affiliate partner for anime affiliate programs. The only drawback would be that you might need to add another affiliate to their product line to make up for any additional niche products that they might not carry.

Earn a commission of 14% on all comic books, graphic novels, toys, statues, and other goods, both in stock and on backorder. (NOTE: Instead, all coupon websites receive a 1% commission.)

SaiyanStuff – Anime Affiliate Programs:

Saiyan Stuff


One of the most comprehensive selections of Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and One Piece clothing and collectibles can be found at SaiyanStuff. These products range from the newest action figures and toys to t-shirts, cosplay accessories, and more.

They boast one of the largest selections of Dragon Ball Z merchandise and call themselves the “Dragon Ball Z Headquarters.” One Piece and Naruto merchandise are also available.

  • Commission: 15%
  • On request, they also provide unique promo codes and banners.

JBox and Jlist

A wide range of items related to anime affiliate programs and manga, including figurines, toys, video games, books, candies, cosplays, and many more, are available through JBox and JList.

JBox supplies a wide range of items directly from Japan. When customers purchase three or more of the same kind of product or when their entire cart weights two kilograms or more, they are eligible for special discounts and offers.

They have a 10-day cookie period and will pay an 8 percent commission on each sale. You’ll receive a $5 incentive when you sign up for their affiliate program. Additionally, JBox offers special links and banners to its affiliates.

CDJapan – Anime Affiliate Programs:

The name suggests a Japanese DVD and CD online retailer, but CD Japan also sells calendars, books, and goods related to anime.

With a 30-day cookie period, CDJapan offers a commission of 5 to 7 percent of monthly purchases. We may also be paid a commission on your own sales. Additionally, they offer banners to their affiliates.


One of the most well-known brands in retail entertainment is FYE. They have a big assortment of toys, DVDs, collectibles, and anime figurines. Their product line is always evolving to reflect the newest entertainment offerings. Additionally, they feature unique goods that are only available at FYE, such as vinyl releases, Funko products, t-shirts, and more.

  • Commission: 5%
  • Cookie: 45 days

Affiliates profit from FYE’s broad product offering and well-known brand to boost their conversion rates.

Xcoser: Anime Affiliate Programs


High-quality cosplay products, such as costumes, wigs, props, and accessories, are Xcoser’s specialty. They provide the characters and outfits necessary for everyone—expert cosplayers, novices, and lovers of anime and manga—to design the ideal costume. Additionally, customized services are offered to produce one-of-a-kind items.

  • URL: Xcoser Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie: 90 days

They offer you all the creatives, tracking resources, special offers, and discounts you need to begin collecting commissions. Additionally, Xcoser offers an extra $5 bonus to affiliates for their first sale as well as for significant sales above $150.

Plamoya Affiliate Program:

A pretty excellent collection of unique and specialized anime stuff can be found on Plamoya. For some of the most well-known anime universes, there are figurines and clothing options as well as books and Blu-rays.

  • 5% Commission
  • Tracking Cookie: N/A

Although the commission is a little low, the company offers so many unusual things that it can be a really fascinating affiliate program to add to your blog about anime affiliate programs.

Anime Art Academy Affiliate:

  • Do you adore manga and anime?
  • Do you enjoy sharing what you enjoy?
  • Do you enjoy pointing out intriguing new information to your friends and followers?

You might be accomplishing all of this while promoting Anime Art Academy while also making extra money to help you build your own brand.

Their affiliates receive a hefty 20 percent commission, paid out each month, in exchange for marketing our excellent anime illustration course.

How It Works:

Simply use a unique personalized URL to introduce us to your followers, and you will receive a 20% commission for each purchase made on our site as a result of their visit!

And it’s not a one-time gain. If a user chooses to enroll in their school’s well-liked subscription option, you’ll continue to earn a commission each month for as long as they remain a subscriber!

They have a very high retention rate because of how well-liked our subscription course is, and the majority of students decide to enroll with us for several months.

CD Japan: Anime Affiliate Programs

A trusted source for the newest Japanese music, movies, anime, and more is CDJapan, which was formed in 1997.

  • URL: Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie: 30 days

To administer their affiliate program, they create their own affiliate management software. Affiliates have access to banner links, links that update automatically, and links they may build using a page link, an artist’s name, or a title. Additionally, CDJapan provides special commission rates on a few titles.

Their current CD Japan coupons for up to 50% off discounts and free shipping deals. Utilize our exclusive discount codes to receive 50% off the entire site plus free shipping from CD Japan.

Right Stuf Anime Affiliate Programs

RightStufAnime may be the largest shop of anime goods with a selection of over 22,000 anime-related items.

  • URL: Right Stuf Anime Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 2%
  • Cookie: 30 days

Their $50 to $250 average order size ranges. ShareASale is used by Right Stuf Anime to manage its affiliate program. Affiliates can choose from a wide variety of banner and text ads. Sincerely, this is the best store to buy manga and anime from. They generally do an excellent job with shipping and handling payments.

Moreover, they provide banners to their anime affiliate programs. The process of joining is simple. You must first sign up for ShareASale before searching for RightStuffAnime. There is an approval procedure, which could take a week.

Crunchyroll Affiliate:

Crunchyroll Affiliate

To be fair, Crunchyroll’s free edition is incredibly feature-rich. Ads are present in the free edition, which also excludes simulcasts and full access to Crunchyroll’s anime and manga library. Instead, a “seasonal sampler” of the first three episodes of the new series is available to viewers for a brief period of time. There is an enormous number of TV shows available, and the streaming quality is unrestricted (every tier caps out at 1080p HD streaming). Even yet, there are a few justifications for choosing a paid premium Crunchyroll plan.

VRV Affiliate Program vs Crunchyroll Affiliate:

The plan from VRV is more expensive than those offered by its rivals, but it offers many more series and movies through its many channels, including, FYI, stuff from Crunchyroll. VRV outperforms Crunchyroll if you’re interested in American and independent cartoons or want it to be simpler to find new series.

What is Affiliate Marketing Anime Youtube:

Anime is one of the most well-liked blogging and affiliate marketing categories. Although the viewership is sizable, it isn’t as sizable as some of the other blogging niches, so it isn’t one of the highest-earning affiliate niches.

Content producers in anime-related niches can earn their work by promoting the goods of their affiliate partners thanks to an anime affiliate scheme.

By including affiliate links in their video, creators of anime can direct viewers to YouTube affiliate marketing programs and gain a small commission when a purchase is completed.

What is the Best Manga Affiliate Program?

Comic books and graphic novels in the manga style were developed in Japan. Comics, Webtoon, and cartoons are both referred to as manga. Another well-liked form of animated storytelling is called anime affiliate programs. The terms are frequently used interchangeably because popular manga like Dragon Ball Z was converted into anime television programs. For your affiliate niche website, check out these 10 fantastic manga affiliate programs!

Best Manga Anime Affiliate Program:

  1. Comixology
  2. Saiyan Stuff
  3. Xcoser
  4. Otakupicks
  5. AbeBooks
  6. Entertainment Earth
  7. Galactic Toys
  9. Right Stuf Anime
  10. Anime Shirt Club

How to Earn Extra Money Through YouTube Affiliate Marketing:

Youtube A brilliant strategy for providing additional value to your audience and generating income is affiliate marketing. Although there are several built-in ways to monetize your YouTube channel, affiliate marketing allows you more control over the products you promote and a bigger share of the earnings.

  • This means that as an affiliate marketer, you must be very careful when choosing a niche.
  • It makes sense to launch a YouTube channel along with an affiliate website.
  • As a result, you have additional monetization options and financial control.

What is Webtoon Naver and Line Webtoon: Publish Your Own Comic

If you want to try your hand at creating a webcomic, Webcomic/WEBTOON is a great resource for Anime affiliate programs. It’s also the ideal way to share your narrative with readers without having to worry about hosting it yourself. Remember that you’ll need to conduct some research and planning before you dive in. Webtoons by Line & Never.

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