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Looking for ADT Authorized Dealer Program? ADT partners with Authorized Dealers to sell and install ADT smart security systems. When you install a qualified alarm system, the consumer pays you directly as part of the program. Following the purchase of your account by ADT, you will receive weekly compensation from ADT.

SafeStreetsUSA, Gaylord Security, and ASC Security USA, three of ADT’s top authorized dealers, have consolidated their operations and will now operate as SafeStreets USA. The new company will reach more than 90% of the US population in 39 states with its combined footprint. Let’s have a quick look at ADT Authorized Dealer Program.

What do You need to Know About Home Security Authorized Dealer Programs?

ADT Authorized Dealer Program

ADT is one of multiple alarm dealer programs: some were begun by alarm manufacturers (such as GE or Honeywell), while others, such as ADT or Brink’s/Broadview, were started by the alarm companies themselves.

These programs create new alarm accounts to compensate for client cancellations due to service difficulties or other factors.

One of the major advantages of acquiring a system from an ADT dealer is that it is usually less expensive than getting the same system from ADT directly.

On many levels, the ADT Authorized Dealer program is beneficial, but it is not without flaws. ADT is unable to maintain track of or manage all of the dealers in the same way. Because some dealers will outperform others, ADT will focus more on its high-value dealers.

As a result, some dealers are having difficulty learning ADT’s technology and servicing its consumers. This reflects badly on both the local company and ADT.

How for ADT authorized dealers program work?

Marketing, selling, and installation are all handled by an independent alarm dealer, who then sells the account to ADT. Because the dealer markets under the ADT name, the ADT dealer appears to the consumer to be identical to ADT.

ADT is in charge of monitoring and ongoing maintenance. To join the ADT program, dealers must go through a vetting procedure, and the criteria have been developed over time to keep the ADT brand out of difficulty.

What does an ADT Authorized Dealer get paid?

The average annual compensation for an ADT Authorized Dealer in the United States is $58,009 per year as of March 25, 2022.

If you need a quick salary calculator, that works out to about $27.89 per hour. This equates to $1,116 each week or $4,834 per month.

What are the top ten cities with the highest pay for ADT Authorized Dealer jobs?

New York City, NY is at the top of the list, with San Mateo, CA, and Boston, MA coming in second and third, respectively.

Boston, MA, outperforms the national average by $6,651 (11.5%), while New York City, NY, outperforms the national average by another $9,694 (16.7%).

Importantly, the ADT Authorized Dealer job market in New York City, NY is somewhat active, with only a few organizations presently hiring for this position.

What are the top 5 highest-paying ADT Authorized Dealer jobs in the United States?

At least five positions in the ADT Authorized Dealer job category pay more per year than the average ADT Authorized Dealer salary.

If you’re qualified, one of these related ADT Authorized Dealer jobs could pay you more than the average ADT Authorized Dealer job.

  1. Job Title: Remote ADT
    Annual Salary: $76,163
  2. Job Title: Corporate
    Annual Salary: $69,354
  3. Job Title: Dealer Network
    Annual Salary: $67,704
  4. Job Title: ADT Alarm Sales
    Annual Salary: $67,641
  5. Job Title: ADT Security Systems
    Annual Salary: $67,491

How to Become an ADT Retailer?

You may make a lot of money selling and installing security systems. You may not be required to make any investment in some instances. ADT Authorized Dealer Program will offer you the majority of the equipment and services.
For more information about becoming an ADT Authorized Dealer, call (888) 474-1267. Fill out all of the ADT Authorized Dealer Program paperwork.
Apply for a permit or license to operate your ADT retail business at your local city or county office. Apply for a tax ID number from your state’s Department of Revenue at
Joining an association like the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association will help you connect with other home security business owners.
Follow the instructions that are mentioned in ADT authorized program authorization program’s requirements to the letter. Partner with local alarm firms to learn how they operate.

SafeStreets an ADT Authorized Provider?

SafeStreets an ADT Authorized Provider

SafeStreets is the best place to start if you want to become an ADT Authorized Provider. Not only do you receive the most trusted name in home security in America when you acquire an ADT monitored security system from SafeStreets, but you also get exclusive special discounts.

SafeStreets, as an ADT Authorized Provider, provides dependable services and can install your ADT monitored security system the same day you order it. One good thing is that when you call, you will speak with real people, not a recording.

Join the SafeStreets family and learn what it takes to succeed in the home security industry. Their dealer program is not only guaranteed by ADT, but it also offers dealers the resources they need to grow their business. Other reasons why SafeStreets is the best choice for ADT dealer programs include:

  • Their nationwide presence encompasses 90% of the country and includes a same-day approach that allows us to be in and out of your door in less than an hour.
  • Their business approach allows you to concentrate on sales and expanding your company while we manage all backend operations.

Now is the time to get ADT monitoring! 1-866-238-9934

‘Safe Haven Strong’ an ADT Authorized Dealer:

'Safe Haven Strong' an ADT Authorized Dealer

Safe Haven Security, the country’s largest ADT dealer, is currently active in more than 50 areas. This is the role for you if you’re seeking a vital position where your organizational abilities and precision can make a difference behind the scenes.

They’re searching for people:

  1. Who is motivated to succeed and has a strong work ethic.
  2. Who are passionate and forward-thinking.
  3. They want to challenge themselves with a meaningful job.
  4. But They’re not searching for a specific set of abilities; rather, we’re looking for a certain mentality.

Being an authorized dealer of ADT, there is a lot of Career opportunities if you join their team.

  • Uncapped Commissions
  • Paid Training
  • Promotional Opportunities
  • Employee Positions on Form W-2
  • Benefits for Health, Dental, and Vision
  • Vacations that are paid
  • 401(k) Accounts


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