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Best Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer Programs

In this post, you will know how to join brinks home security authorized dealer programs. More than 1 million people in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico are protected by Brinks home and its dealers.

Send an email to partnersales@brinkshome.com or visit the website for additional information on the program. Apply today for the brinks home security dealers and get plenty of authorized dealer opportunities.

  • Headquarters: Dallas, TX
  • Founded: 1994

Brinks home security careers:

If you are interested in working as a Superhero to secure Brinks clients then the next career is waiting for you at Brinks HomeTM as BRINKS Home Security Installer and Security Advisor.

Why should You Work with Brinks Home?

You can join and make money in two ways, one is to become a Brinks home security authorized dealer or join the Brinks affiliate program. Both programs are good sources of income. You should work with them because:- brinks home security authorized

  • Companies and Representatives can choose from a variety of programs.
  • Sell with a global brand that is supported by the Brinks name, which has been synonymous with security for more than 160 years.
  • Join a team that focuses on dealers and sales reps, and give your company the individualized attention it requires to thrive.
  • Give your consumers the peace of mind they deserve with the latest in smart home technology and professional monitoring available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer Specialties?

brinks home security authorized dealer program


Smart Home, Direct Sales, Security Devices, Sales, Marketing, Home Automation, Technology, Funding, Sales Training, Training, Collection, Assistance, and Dealer Program

As a Brinks Authorized Dealer, they can provide not just high-quality security alarm systems but also award-winning customer service at a competitive price.

Brinks Home Security Awards:

J.D. Power awarded Brinks Home Security the same prize in Customer Satisfaction in 2016, citing system reliability, efficacy, and monitoring reaction time as the most important factors.

Customer service, consumption, billing and payment, and enrollment were all aspects evaluated in the prize. Brinks Home Security’s commitment to best-in-class home security, professional monitoring, and customer service has been acknowledged with this award.

The Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer in the U.S.

1. Allied Home Security:

They are one of the Brinks Authorized Dealer offering award-winning alarm monitoring in Houston, Austin, DFW, and San Antonio. One of the best brinks security Houston’s dealers in Texas.

When it comes to selecting a home security system in Houston, Allied Security is the obvious choice for a reputable local security firm. When you combine Allied with Brinks Home Security monitoring, you get the best of both worlds.

2. CRS Home Services:

CRS Home Services Brinks

They are a Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer in Nevada. Throughout Nevada, they provide first-rate alarm monitoring and security solutions.

They can ensure customer service quality as a Brinks Home Security authorized dealer, even after your system has been installed. Your safety is assured when you combine the greatest security system available with industry-leading alarm monitoring.

You’ll get the best security equipment and industry-leading Brinks Home Security monitoring if you choose them. So give them a call today to get a free same-day security system installation. They are one of the brinks home security las vegas authorized dealer

3. True Protection Home Security:

True Protection and Brinks Home Security have teamed up to deliver you award-winning alarm monitoring.

San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Dallas/Fort Worth area are among the cities served by True Protection. By retaining true honesty in its business operations with consumers and partners, the company continues to set itself apart from its competition.

True Protection home security systems are cutting-edge and ideal for safeguarding your home or company.

As a Brinks Authorized Dealer, they can provide not just high-quality security alarm systems but also award-winning customer service at a competitive price.

4. Security Equity Partners Program:

If you want to discover more about one of the alarm industry’s fastest-growing authorized security dealer programs and become part of the Safe Home family, this is the program for you.

By joining their program, you will receive the leadership and support you need to be successful. They are a prominent provider in security alarm and smart home technology.


How does “TheSecurityInfoWatch” help Brinks home security authorized dealer?

The Authorized Dealer Programs category on SecurityInfoWatch.com contains news, program listings, and other information for security installation companies interested in participating in manufacturer or service provider-sponsored Authorized Dealer Programs.

What they give you the opportunity Provide:

The annual list of current and recruiting authorized dealer programs was published by Security Business magazine.

Home automation allows you to operate your home’s devices from anywhere in the globe using a mobile device.

Home Security Dealer Programs

1. Home Controls DealerFirst! program

You can become a member of an elite group of custom integrators and home automation installers dedicated to providing high-quality, user-friendly home automation and security systems.

Their Home Controls DealerFirst! program is free to join and allows professional home integrators to offer inexpensive products supported by their renowned technical support team to homeowners and businesses.

Benefits DealerFirst! 

  • Competitive wholesale prices
  • Technical support, and exceptional customer service by friendly people!
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Huge stocking commitment
  • No minimum order size
  • On-going dealer support from our helpful Team


2. Control4’s premier dealer program:

For the previous five years, dealers who participated in the CEPro Brand Analysis study have chosen the best home automation brand.

They provide the brands and goods that will satisfy even the most discerning customer-proven control and automation technologies, sophisticated networking, and high-end audio experiences such as great home theatre solutions and a wide range of speakers and soundbars.

You may become a part of the worldwide Control4 dealer network, which is dedicated to providing the Control4 smart home experience and world-class customer care.


Control4’s premier dealer program allows dealers to earn one of three premier designations, which help to highlight achievement and establish a dealership as a reliable and experienced partner. Furthermore, premier dealers are eligible for our volume incentive program (VIR), which can help you boost your profits.

https://www.control4.com/for/dealers/ (for Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer)

3. Guardian’s unique Referral Partner program:

They’re completely dedicated to providing you with the resources and help you’ll need to achieve your objectives like Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer.

By joining their program, you will get strong multiples, aggressive sales incentives, and revenue sharing opportunities are all part of competitive compensation programs. They offer a variety of marketing tactics, including traditional, selling-only, and bulk-buying.

You have an unfair advantage:

Guardian’s unique Referral Partner program gives you an edge over the competition by providing benefits such as:

  • Markets as a means of selling security and home automation.
  • The option to arrange for a Guardian technician to meet with the customer at the point of sale.

Brinks Affiliate Program:

Compare to brinks home security authorized dealer, Brinks affiliate is so easy to join if you have a website and blog.

Brinks Home Security delivers banner ads, text links, and tracking tools to their affiliates. Direct links, incentive partners, and the use of email marketing to promote are all permissible.

  • URL: Brinks Home Security Affiliate Program
  • Commission: $200 per lead
  • Cookie: 30 days
  • Brinks Home Security pays their associates a stunning $200 each lead.

You can also get three months of free monitoring if a Brinks HomeTM client introduces a friend or family member to Brinks HomeTM and they activate a new account with your unique referral code.

There are no restrictions on how many referrals or free months you can get.

FAQs: Brinks Home Security Systems Authorized Dealer

Is Brinks home security authorized dealer part of ADT?

ADT and Brinks are not the same company. They are, in fact, unrelated businesses.

-Brinks HomeTM has announced that Armor Home Services (“Armor Security”), a leading smart home security dealer, has joined the Brinks Home dealer program, which began with ADT in the mid-to-late 1990s.

Who is One of the Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer in Miami, FL?

Alarm Brokers: For consumers in Miami, Alarm Brokers of Florida is an authorized dealer of Brinks Home Security Products. We can answer any of your concerns about the products and provide you with a suitable solution for your security challenges because we are a Brinks Home Security-approved dealer and service provider.

  • Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Contact Info: 7462 NW 8th Street Miami,
    FL 33126 – 786-723-8212

Is Home Shield Alarm one of the parts of the Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer in Ohio?

Home Shield Alarm and Brinks Home Security have teamed up to deliver industry-leading security systems and alarm monitoring to Ohio. From cameras and smart home technologies to Brinks Alarm Monitoring, they give you the greatest possible solutions.

They can provide you with award-winning customer service long after your system is installed since they are a Brinks Home Security authorized dealer. You’ll see why Home Shield is Ohio’s most trusted security company with clear pricing and easy-to-understand packages.


Address: 3681, Corporate Dr, Columbus, OH 43231
Contact: (614) 665-0752.

Where to Buy Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer Logo Shirt?

You can easily buy them at the eBay store:

Logo shirt price starts from- (Large). $14.95 + $3.95 shipping+ $3.95 shipping+ $3.95 shipping+ $3.95 shipping+ $3.95 shipping

Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer

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