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eBook Affiliate Program – Free eBooks for Profit and Read Fun

Making money from the eBook affiliate program is not a hard job, but to make sure your ebook attracts attention from readers and generates sales, you should follow some best practices.

There are nearly 130 million books in the world. More readers are moving to e-books, and more writers are self-publishing at the same time.

This offers writers the chance to be more involved in their books’ marketing, and it opens the door for affiliate marketers who can help readers sell e-books and publish bundles to independent authors.

So in this post, we will understand the basics of e-Book then go to more than 10 best e-Book affiliate programs in 2022. let’s start:

Table of Content:

  1. What is an e-Book and How its work?
  2. 5 Best Free eBook Reader Apps for You
  3. Where can I read books online for free?
  4. How can I sell with affiliates an ebook?
  5. Setting Up an eBook Affiliate Program:
  6. Best 10 eBook Affiliate Programs For Profit And Reading Fun:


What is an e-Book:

You can earn money by simply linking your website to an eBook affiliate program.  A simple text link, a banner, or links to titles of particular interest to your readers can all be used as links. Let’s first define what an eBook is.

An ebook is a document that is delivered in a format that requires a computer or portable device to read it. Many titles, including bestselling novels, classics, and reference texts, that are available in printed copies can be read as ebooks.

Michael S. Hart founded Project Gutenberg in 1971, which digitized the United States Declaration of Independence, making it the world’s first eBook.

The term “electronic book” refers to a long-form work that may be seen in a book format using a computer, mobile device, or eBook reader (such as the Kindle). It is made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or a combination of the two.

5 Best Free eBook Reader Apps for You:

You can purchase a lot of ebooks for cheap or for free on the internet, but how can you read them if you don’t have an eReader? There is an eReader app for every type of file, including Mobi, EPUB, and PDF.

Because they are proven to convert and the author gets money from the license fees, private label ebooks are successful in some of the most profitable evergreen genres.

Private Label Rights (PLR) eBooks allow us to do almost anything we want with them.

5 Best PLR Products for the eBook Affiliate Program:

  • PLR Articles
  • PLR eBooks
  • PLR Videos
  • PLR Software

With online tools, you may effortlessly convert PDF to EBOOK, and the Online PDF Converter has a lot more functions.

There are 5 best options to read free eBook Reader Apps:

eBook Affiliate Program:-

  1. Amazon Kindle App
  2. Google Play Books
  3. Apple Books
  4. Barnes & Noble Nook
  5. Kobo Books

Amazon Kindle App:

The best app for the Amazon ebook affiliate program:
In general, applying for the Amazon Affiliate Program and becoming an affiliate isn’t particularly difficult. Making enough sales to turn your passion project into a source of income is the issue. In addition, the Kindle Amazon Affiliate program is a fantastic way to transform a passion into a source of passive income.

The Kindle app allows you direct access to your Kindle collection as well as all of the digital books you purchase on Amazon or files you send to Kindle.

Where Can I Read Books Online For Free?

If you’re seeking the finest websites and applications to get free books online to fuel your reading habit, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest websites and apps. Some of them give you a chance to earn money via eBook affiliate programs. Good luck with your reading!

The Best Places to Read Free Books Online:

  1. BookBub.
  2. Project Gutenberg.
  3. World Public Library.
  4. Riveted.
  5. Radish.
  6. International Children’s Digital Library.
  7. Smashwords.
  8. OverDrive.


The Open Library aims to build a web page. The Open Library is an open, editable catalog of libraries that builds a web page for every book ever published. Read, borrow, and find more than 3 million books.


An organization (since 2000) that maintains an electronic library of public domain works that have been digitized by volunteers or converted into e-books and archived for download from the organization’s website:

via Smashwords

This is a free platform for ebook publishing and distribution. For authors and publishers, we make it fast, free, and simple to distribute ebooks to the largest ebook retailers and library ebook platforms in the world.

Writers and publishers maintain complete control over the publication, sampling, pricing, and selling of their works.

free download e-Book

How You Can Find Free Downloadable Ebook Websites:

Ebooks.Net for free. This site has some free ebooks on your machine that you can download or view.

Gutenberg project. Over 35,000 free ebooks can be downloaded through Project Gutenberg, which you can either view on your computer or copy to a tablet.

Obooko is not-for-profit company, which implies that they are not here to make money. That’s why this website has absolutely no fees or charges to use.
ManyBooks was founded in 2004 to offer 
library of books for free on the Internet in digital format. 


The largest digital library in the world Unlimited* reading of books and audiobooks. Links to millions of records. Get started with free trial now.

How You Can Make an eBook in 5 Steps:

With Venngage, the online eBook developer, you can download free eBook websites for your company (trusted by 4 million active users)

  1. Join Venngage; it’s free to sign up.
  2. Write your material for your eBook, and then select a design that matches your manuscript.
  3. Customize the cover of your eBook, add or delete chapters, and edit templates for the website.
  4. Personalize the fonts, colors, pictures, and maps of your eBook design.

What are the advantages of eBooks over printed books?

With the growing number of tech-savvy individuals, every service provider is digitizing its services to cater to this broad digital consumer population.

Let us see some of the advantages of conventional printed books that eBooks have.

  1. One Laptop, Several Books: Compact and lightweight eBooks make it easy to bring around.
  2. Accessible Everywhere:
  3. Easily Updates:
  4. Shareable Content:
  5. Augmented Reality Experience:
  6. Easy on the Eyes:
  7. Read Aloud Feature:
  8. Interactive Elements:

How Does an eBook Affiliate Program Work?

As a vendor (the person selling the goods), you join an affiliate program (in this scenario, ClickBank) and put your product for sale (in this scenario, an eBook). After that, ClickBank will generate a unique affiliate link for you to share with your affiliates (those who will help you sell your product).

Your affiliates will then market the affiliate link on their social media networks, websites, and other platforms to promote your goods. The affiliate program platform (ClickBank) will send you a report every month detailing all of your affiliates’ sales as well as the associated accounting.

How can I sell with Affiliates an eBook?

The first step to take after establishing an eBook Affiliate Program is to decide how much commission you want to pay out to your affiliates. In general, the larger the commission, the better, but a 75% commission on a $10 product is just $7.50. As you may expect, your potential affiliates will consider both the percentage and the gross dollar amount when deciding whether or not to promote your eBook.

Find a place that is very important to your product with a wide mailing list, and ask the publisher to promote it.

Often deliver a fee of at least 50 percent. On a $17 ebook, which means that after payments (based on ClickBank sales), you will each get around $7.30, and the right newsletter will sell 300 books in a day or two for you.

There are some ebook affiliate program platforms where you can sell your ebook easily:

Kindle Direct Publishing from Amazon.

Amazon is, as you know, the most common online marketplace where different items can be bought or sold. is an e-commerce website that enables e-books to be sold.

Blue Rocket eBook Affiliate Program:

All kinds of books, e-books, and e-textbooks are purchased and sold by Blue Rocket Books, and they offer a comparison of rental books.

e-Book affiliate

Setting Up an eBook Affiliate Program:

Using an affiliate program, you may recruit an entire sales team. When you’re ready to start your affiliate program, you have two choices. The first option is to buy a piece of affiliate software. Your affiliate sales will be tracked by affiliate software, and your affiliates will be able to see their statistics. This option requires you to manage your affiliate program, including receiving payments and issuing commission checks.

The second alternative is to have your eBook affiliate program managed by a third-party affiliate tracking business. These firms will track your affiliate sales, provide access to your affiliates’ statistics, and issue commission checks on your behalf.

Create a page on your website and include all of the promotional information your affiliates will need to market your ebook affiliate program.

All of the following could be included in this data:

  •  -Banners
  • – Sample ads
  • – Articles
  • – Reviews
  • – Sales letters
  • – Autoresponder courses

Best 10 eBook Affiliate Programs For Profit And Reading Fun:


This affiliate’s appeal will be very large, as it is a product that teaches individuals how to build their e-books and make money with them online.

Online and passive income websites, as well as e-book websites that may have audience members who wish to learn how to write their own, are the niches for this sort of affiliate.

Check Out These eBook Affiliate Programs:

  1. Affiliate Program
  2. Sqribble eBook Affiliate Program
  3. Ebook Maestro Affiliate Program
  4. Affiliate Program
  5. Writer’s Helper Affiliate Program
  6. Books A Million Affiliate Program
  7. BookBaby eBook Affiliate Program
  8. Emanual Online Affiliate Program
  9. PLR Products Affiliate Program
  10. Blue Rocket Books Affiliate Program

1. Sqribble Affiliate Program:

Sqribble is a little different from the other entries on our list. The number #1 ebook maker in the world is announced by Sqribble.

2. an (eBook Affiliate Program:)

The best thing about this business is that it is possible to use it for just about every niche.

This is a perfect partner program to advertise on your website as long as they have an ebook in your chosen niche.

Depending on the number of transactions you make, the commission varies from 8 percent to 15 percent. The more income, the more possible commission you will make at 15 percent maxing out with your eBook affiliate program.

Weighing in at 45 days, the tracking cookie is really strong. This gives you plenty of time to make a sale for the commissions and get credit.

In all types, sells ebooks in various electronic formats. Users can download books, dedicated ebook devices, PDAs, and mobile phones to computers and the necessary software is free.

Without downloading or installing something, they can even read books online from any device, anywhere.

3. Maestro eBook Affiliate Program:

Ebook Maestro is a flexible compiler suite of universal tools designed to help you get your ebooks or other digital content items published and written as easily as possible.

The tracking cookie is not mentioned, so upon signing up, be sure to inquire about it. For all transactions made by your affiliate links, the commission is a great 40 percent.

Since this is digital software that decreases overhead, this kind of high commission is expected.

4. (an eBook Affiliate Program:)

When you enter, has a wide range of e-books you can read. The pricing is unique in that, for many of the packs, you can select from a variety of prices.

In reality, it acts as a gift for books. It’s a different thing, and it might be worth your time to try it out for your blog.

Up to five free books a month can also be read, and there are other subscription levels that you can also promote.
On their affiliate page, the tracking cookie information was not available, so be sure to inquire about it when entering their partner program. An outstanding 25 percent is the commission.

As part of your total affiliate portfolio, the commission alone makes it worthwhile to choose this affiliate.

5. Writer’s Helper eBook Affiliate Program:

Writers Helper is designed to teach you how to edit your books or ebooks effectively as well as provide self-publishing authors’ books with editing services. Here, too, you can promote many of the e-books on sale.
The commission is a very generous 50%. This is not that shocking but accommodating, all the same, considering that this is a digital product.

The tracking cookie is similarly generous and weighs in at 60 days, leaving plenty of time between clicks and sales. It makes it worth considering this affiliate as part of your total portfolio of affiliates.

6. Books A Million eBook Affiliate Program:

This is a major online and offline retailer of books. Throughout the United States, they have brick-and-mortar shops.

This is not a particular e-book affiliate and will be most likely to be at home over a strict ebook-related one on a general book-related niche website.
For this partner scheme, the affiliate words are pretty common. And they are for their affiliate partners, for a 30-day tracking cookie.

Because many of their goods are not excessively costly and not high-ticket things that will require a super long tracking cookie, this should do just fine for the Books A Million partner eBook affiliate program.

The commission is 5%. This is exactly what you would expect from these broader services for affiliates. With some exceptions, 5 percent is about as low as I want to go, and ultimately it depends on how far the conversion rates go, which will decide if the 5 percent commission will be enough to earn a decent living.

7. BookBaby eBook Affiliate Program:

This is intended to help everyone publish their ebook as well as bind book printing services and other related services.

Because this affiliate will be marketed by you to other individuals who are trying to get their book published, it will fall into a much smaller band of potential customers.

For a niche blog about writing or self-publishing for some similar niche, I think an affiliate like this will fit well.
There was no easy access to the tracking cookie information, so be sure to inquire about it once you are accepted into this affiliate program. It’s probably a regular cookie tracking period, I suspect, but you still want to make sure you know exactly how much time you have between a click and a sale.

The 5 percent is the affiliate commission, which is about as low as I want to go for an affiliate fee, as I described in one of the previous pages.

If the conversion rate is high and your audience just likes products of a particular affiliate program rather than even going

8. Emanual Online eBook Affiliate Program:

This is an interesting initiative for an affiliate. doesn’t fit into the niche website of a general ebook or even a novel.

This one is more about getting manuals out there for just about every product form.
It’s a fairly interesting setup, but Niche doesn’t lend itself to anyone.

This will be a perfect choice for an automobile website affiliate program because they have hundreds of automotive manuals that could be of any interest to that website.
The tracking cookie is a regular 30-day cycle for this affiliate program, which should be plenty of time. A generous 25 percent is the commission.

With a commission well below the 20 percent range, you just can’t go wrong.

For the software, the only difficulty with this is finding exactly the manual you need that falls perfectly into your chosen niche.

9. PLR Products eBook Affiliate Program:

For someone who wants ebooks to market as their own without having to write them, PLR Products is a great affiliate program.

You purchase the rights to resell them when you buy a PLR ebook, making this a perfect choice for online, network or affiliate marketing, and general business niche sites to make money.

Some of the best terms on our list are the affiliate terms. Beginning with the length of the tracking cookie, you get a complete tracking gap of 3 months or 90 days to make a referral and still get credit for the commission.

For a digital-only product, the commission is what you would expect. They offer a 50 percent commission to make it to your affiliate connection on qualified transactions.

If the right is this big, the commissions will truly add up, but bear in mind that digital-only goods appear to be a little more difficult to market and promote.

10. Blue Rocket eBook Affiliate Program:

Consumers can buy or sell used books at Blue Rocket Books, and you can get a small fee for referring them to the web. It’s an interesting partner, but I think it will have minimal appeal.

At 60 days, the tracking cookie is fine, but the total commission is a little bit poor.

To promote this partner eBook affiliate program, you need to have a very strong conversion rate of 2 percent to make it worth your while.

As an alternative to buying and selling books, I added it to the list, and although it does not fit perfectly into an ebook niche website, it provides you with choices for your general book niche website.

Some More eBook Affiliate Programs You Can Join: is a forum for autonomous writers who want to escape the conventional route of publishing. In its files, you won’t find Dickens and Wilde; instead, at your fingertips, there’s a vast selection of new literature, non-fiction, and even audiobooks in any genre you might wish for.

Kobo eBook Affiliate Program: Everything you feel about your favorite local bookshop is embodied there—an exit for your modern life. On award-winning eReaders and the free Rakuten Kobo App, up to 7 million eBooks and audiobooks are available.

Feels Like Home. On all sales made through their referral link, affiliates receive a 40 percent commission.

A cookie will go into their browser and stay active for 90 days when someone clicks on your affiliate connection.

This implies that if they buy right away or whether they think about it and come back to buy in a month or two, you will get credit.

Books A Million eBook Affiliate Program:

This is free of charge and is available to all sizes of websites, from small personal websites to large sites for companies and organizations.

Best of all, since is committed to delivering great prices and excellent customer service, you will be assured that your guests are getting good value.

Writer’s Helper. Helping You Fulfill Your Dream Through Editing Services You can earn money by promoting my ebook without writing a word.

Joining my ebook partner program takes only a minute or two. Others are taking advantage of this chance already. You can receive a 50 percent commission on each sale with a link from your website or newsletter.

Book Baby, an eBook affiliate program, makes it easy for independent authors, like Amazon’s Kindle, Apple Books, Nook by Barnes & Noble, and more, to publish and sell eBooks in the largest bookstores in the world.

Best of all, up to 100% of their net royalties are retained by BookBaby authors.

10 Best eBook Selling Platforms to Make Money Free:

Are you looking for some ebook selling platforms online? Fortunately, there are now dozens of fantastic online marketplaces where you may sell and profit from your digital books. Every year, more and more of these markets pop up!

You may even be able to keep 90% to 100% of the sale price in some cases.

  1. (Recommended) Payhip is one of the places to sell ebooks online. 
  2. Sellfy (recommended): ebook selling platforms:
  4. Kindle Direct Publish
  5. Lulu online ebook selling platforms:
  6. Tradebit- 
  7. Nook press- 

10 Best Home Security Affiliate Programs:

Although you can earn with eBook Affiliate Programs, there are also some other industries where you can earn, like home security affiliate programs can be a fantastic way to earn killer recurring commissions if you have a blog or website about home renovation in general or home safety in particular. Cameras, video recordings, alarms, lights, and other home security options are available.

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