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How to Promote ADT Affiliate Program: ADT Refer A Friend

In ADT Affiliate Program, the company provides unique links to help monitor the performance of each affiliate, thus determining their rewards. In addition, the affiliate marketer benefits from the scheme by earning passive revenue.


  • With their guaranteed claim, you can be certain of burglary protection.
  • Their Alarm Monitoring certificate will determine their eligibility for the discounted program.
  • Become known as an authorized ADT dealer as an affiliate.

ADT Affiliate Program

The company offers its rewards affiliate program with commissions or fixed benefits in exchange for promoting the company’s offerings. The ADT affiliate program is also called “ADT Refer-A-Friend.” Affiliates can use Refer-A-Links Friend to advertise the company’s products on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The instant customer signup process is one of the great elements of being an ADT affiliate program or partner. ADT pays for all installations, so you don’t have to worry about how the sale will be completed once the consumer has been enrolled.

Why Join ADT Affiliate Program?

  • Earn High Commission
  • Work From Home Opportunity
  • Offer A Well Known Product

What You Should Know About ADT’s Reseller Program:

  • ADT will also offer free promotional materials to each new ADT affiliate program to support the sale of ADT home security solutions.
  • With the ADT reseller program, you’ll have your own ADT affiliate code, which you may use on your promotional products.
  • This ADT promotional code will be used to provide discounts on new ADT services to your clients.

How Much Does The ADT Affiliate Program Will Pay You?

  • ADT’s affiliate program pays up to $165.00 for every new customer signup.
  • The average commission will be around $125.00.
  • If you sell a lot of ADT affiliate products, you may be eligible for additional bonuses just for bringing up new clients for ADT services.

How to Promote Your ADT Affiliates Program?

ADT Customer Rewards Program

It’s simple to make money with ADT. You can determine where you want to promote your ADT reseller link once you get your affiliate link. Sharing your ADT affiliate links on social media is a terrific way to get the word out.

To help market the ADT reseller opportunity, many new ADT affiliates prefer to create their own website. You can market the ADT affiliate program or other items, such as DirecTV or prepaid cellular if you have your own website.

How to Sign Up for ADT Affiliate Program?

Visit www.adtreferafriend.com to join up. The registration page for the program will appear. Complete the form with all relevant details. The first name, last name, email address, company name (optional), password, phone number, and ADT site URL are all required to register.

You can log in to your account using the password you created and your email address once you’ve completed the signup process.

How much money can you make as an ADT home security affiliate program?

ADT Home Security offers a monthly lease option, which is ideal for renters. You and the referred friend can both earn $50 as a commission fee and a reward through the ADT affiliate program.

Affiliate with Flex Offers:

The ADT affiliate program gives you access to one of the most reputable names in electronic security, as well as a diverse range of medical alert systems. An ADT Medical Alert System provides users with peace of mind and the confidence to live freely by providing them with a personal, lightweight pendant or wristband that connects them to caring specialists.

To learn more about the ADT affiliate program, join FlexOffers.com 

ADT Real Estate Agent Referral Program:

In this ADT affiliate program, when a lead you send them purchases an ADT monitored security system, they will pay you to cash in the form of a check addressed directly to you at your home or business in YOUR name (not a gift card).

They’ll give you $250 only for referring a client who signs up and has a new ADT Security System installed. Blue Ray Ventures pays you directly for the referral. SafeStreets USA’s Authorized ADT Affiliate. They’ll send you a check that you may cash right away at your home or workplace. Only homeowners are eligible for this promotion.

To know more check: https://homesecuritysmith.com/adt-real-estate-agent-referral-program/

ADT Customer Rewards Program:

You are qualified to join ADT’s Client Rewards Program if you are an active ADT customer. You will earn a $200 Visa Reward Card if you refer friends, relatives, or neighbors to ADT through their referral program and they purchase an ADT security system.

By entering into the ADT Referral Rewards program, you can refer friends and family members to ADT. You have two options for signing up:

1: Your ADT Solutions Advisor can input your information, and you’ll get an email with a link to finish the registration process.

2. Your ADT Solutions Advisor can offer you a unique link to register for the Customer Rewards Program (you will receive an email with a link to complete your registration).

Besides the ADT affiliate program, this Referral program will give you chance to earn some extra money.

ADT Referral Program – Join the ADT Affiliate Program.

ADT Referral Program

Log on to ADTpays.com1 and Apply to Start Earning Referral, that’s simple. As an independent contractor of Alternate Channels, LLC, you have the chance to promote ADT home security and get rewarded for each referral that results in a completed sale by ADT.

As an ADTpays.com member, you will have the opportunity to help market one of the greatest home security deals available. The more units you refer to Alternate Channels that are completed sales by ADT, the more referral payments you can earn! You’ll also get the following bonuses:

The ADTpays.com Agent Referral Program provides you with free ADT-branded collateral to distribute to your clients, as well as 24/7 online access to ADTpays.com to quickly manage your leads, and referrals, and installed completed sales by ADT Ability.

Looking for Adt Referral Login?

Follow these simple instructions:

Step 1: Click the official link below to get to the ADT Referral Login page.
Step 2: To log in, enter your username and password. After initial authentication, the login screen appears.

Best ADT Referral Program:

  • ADT Referral Program – SlideShare
  • ADT Referral Program – Website Informer. Login
  • ADT Realtor Referral Program | ADT Dealer

Best Home Security Affiliate Programs 2022:

Home Security Affiliate Programs 2020

1. Brinks Home Security Affiliate Program:

Compared to the ADT affiliate program, Customers can choose from a wide range of products. Indoor and outdoor surveillance systems, home automation systems, and much more are available.

Brinks Home Security has a generous commission and payment structure, as well as two months of free product services.

Brinks Home Security provides affiliates with banner adverts, text links, and tracking technology. They make direct links, incentive partners, and email marketing campaigns possible.

  • Official Website: https://brinkshome.com
  • Affiliate Signup Page: Brinks Home Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rates: $200 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. Vivint Affiliate Program:

Compared to ADT Affiliate Program, Vivint is known for offering high-quality smart home security and alarm systems at reasonable prices. Vivint now sells and services its products in the United States and Canada. Since 1999, it has been doing the same thing.

Awin is presently running the Vivint affiliate program (Affiliate Window). For every single qualified consumer, this company pays its associates a hefty thirty percent commission. There are also discount codes, bespoke creative materials, and assistance available!

  • Official Website: https://www.vivint.com
  • Affiliate Signup Page: Vivint Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rates: 30% commission
    Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. Frontpoint Security Reviews Affiliate:

Compared to the ADT affiliate program, The Frontpoint affiliate program is run through the company’s official website. To join and get started, simply fill out a simple web form on the signup page, which asks for information such as your name, phone number, address, promotional techniques, and so on.

  • Official Website: https://frontpointsecurity.com
  • Affiliate Signup Page: Frontpoint Security Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rates: $300 per activation
  • Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

4. Protect America Affiliate Program

Protect America is one of the best home security businesses in the country. Since 1992, they’ve secured nearly half a million households and are still growing. In the United States, an average of 15% of the population has a working alarm system. Its mission is to provide nationwide home protection and to educate people about the necessity of home security.

Affiliate Commissions: You earn up to $300 per new customer.

5. Mcafee Affiliate Program:

For PC, Android, and iOS, McAfee is a well-known and award-winning antivirus. With their VPN, you may browse the web privately, safely, and securely.

McAfee partners have firsthand knowledge of hot security topics, technology, and products. With a flexible foundation that is based on the interests of customers when it comes to purchasing.

  • Commission Rate: $10 Per Sale
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days

6. Hippo Affiliate Program:

Compared to the ADT affiliate program, Hippo Home Security Affiliate Program has done an outstanding job of helping people in the creation of smart homes that are both modern and safe.

It’s one of the few companies with which I strongly advise every affiliate to work. I just can’t get enough of their amazing website!

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