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10 Best Print On Demand leggings & Yoga Pant Companies

Print on demand leggings could be a fantastic option if you’re considering opening a new business and are looking for a reliable product to serve as the cornerstone of your enterprise.

Nothing is comfier for working out or just lounging around the home than a pair of leggings print on demand! These comfortable leggings made of high-quality polyester spandex will make your distinctive design stand out. This uniquely cut and made item is the ideal addition to your store because of its plush texture, eye-catching color, and elastic mid-rise waist.

This post will highlight the top 10 vendors who provide these goods at reasonable costs with fast shipping so you can start selling them profitably.

Print on Demand Leggings vs Print on Demand Yoga Pants Explained:

The concept of yoga pants may be a little misleading. Although the majority of people refer to them as “yoga trousers,” this does not imply that their only use is for yoga.

Leggings have become widely available via print on demand services in the last five years. It is a fairly affordable product to add to the line-up when sublimation and cut-and-sow started becoming more cost-effective.

Print on demand Leggings and yoga pants are most different in their fabrics. At least 10% spandex is typically present in yoga pants. It is incredibly elastic as a result of this. In general, the cost of the leggings will increase as the percentage of spandex increases.

The fit is another significant distinction between yoga pants and leggings. Yoga leggings often have a considerably tighter fit, and the added spandex improves the compression’s ability to trim the body.

Why Print on Demand leggings for Yoga Pants is a Great Product To Sell:

Print as needed Yoga pants is a product that may be used in virtually every market. Many women like yoga leggings because they typically fit better than regular leggings and the compression effect usually gives ladies a much more attractive appearance.

Yoga leggings are typically a must-have for any lady who exercises in any way. Because of this, these leggings are ideal for any sports market or specialty.

print on demand leggings

Here are the top 5 benefits of yoga leggings as a print-on-demand product.

1. High Perceived Value:

High-end yoga leggings will likely cost you well over $100. Yoga leggings are said to be quite valuable.

Yoga leggings can bring you as much as $40 in profit each transaction if you price them at $75. You could sell your leggings for up to $100 and make a $60 profit per transaction if you price them higher.

2. High-Quality Product:

Selling high-quality goods is very vital for the survival of your business. Customers will probably never buy from you again if you sell them things that will let them down.

3. Broad Appeal:

Yoga leggings can be worn as fitness leggings and are suitable for any fitness market. any sport, including CrossFit, tennis, or running. Yoga leggings seem great and flattering because of their comfort and fit. This explains why the majority of women favor these styles of leggings for daily activewear.

4. All Over Print:

Leggings design will be a field day for a talented designer. There are so many imaginative possibilities and concepts to consider, and by doing so, you can really differentiate yourself from competitors and even from established businesses.

On Fiverr, there are many talented designers who can create some amazing leggings without spending a fortune.

5. Evergreen Product:

Yoga leggings are a timeless item. It has long been a mainstay in the wardrobes of most ladies.

Although demand tends to somewhat increase throughout the winter, there is generally no clear seasonality to it, making it a continuous seller in most stores.

Which Companies of Print on Demand Offer Yoga Pants or Leggings?

Leggings are now sold by a variety of print on demand companies. Leggings and yoga pants are different things, as we’ve already established, so trying to pass off polyester leggings as yoga pants won’t go down well with most customers.

Create your designs, browse our list of ten recommended suppliers, and decide which print-on-demand yoga pants will work best for your clients.

1. Printful:

print on demand yoga pants

They include regular, Capri, and yoga shorts in their assortment of yoga pants. This gives you a tonne of room to grow your product offering. A built-in inside pocket or even a personalized logo can be stamped into the inner waistband in addition to changing the style.

Yoga leggings from Printful cost $29.95 with domestic shipping costing $3.99 in the USA and $4.39 in Europe.

You may confidently ask $75 for these leggings. With Printful’s custom packaging slips, you can create a strong brand identity for this high-quality, quickly delivered product.

Even without a Shopify site, you can still sell these yoga pants on Etsy or Amazon with ease.

2. Subliminator:

A less well-known print on demand company, Subliminator focuses on goods with all-over print sublimation.

Since they specialize in this kind of product, they generally provide really high-quality goods along with some truly unusual items that are perfect for being sold alongside your yoga leggings (use the same designs on different products).

Yoga leggings from Subliminator cost $28.50 (including shipping), which is a little less than Printful. Leggings with an all-over pattern They are 82 percent polyester and 18 percent spandex and have an elastic waistband. They are available in 5 sizes, XS through XL. The most economical leggings on our list, their base price of $22 includes shipping.

The Shopify app from Subliminator is free, however, it only functions with Shopify and does not come with customization as standard. To enable your clients to modify the products, you will need to employ third-party apps.

The print on demand leggings for yoga leggings from Subliminator is excellent leggings that you can easily sell for $75.

Although Subliminator is a non-Chinese dropshipping vendor, it works with Chinese factories to provide you with more affordable prices than many of its European and American rivals.

3. Printify:

Another business that sells print on demand leggings is Printify. Regular and high-waisted legging styles are both available from Printify. They don’t have their own facilities, unlike Printful and Subliminator.

They provide a variety of sublimation products, and their leggings are especially well-liked because of their affordable price. The price of the yoga pants is $32, but if you have a Printify Premium subscription, you can get a significant discount.

Even while their leggings aren’t quite yoga pants, they can definitely pass for them. It has a mid-rise waist comparable to yoga trousers, 13% spandex, and a 4-way stretch.

The price is undoubtedly lower with Printify, and the leggings’ quality is respectable. Although their Shopify app is also available for free, there is a premium alternative that gives you access to up to 20% more products.

Yoga leggings with a high waist: They have a 4.5-inch waistline and are composed of 100% polyester. With delivery starting at $4.40, the cost is $29.10.

Casual Leggings:: They are composed of 5% spandex and 95% brushed suede polyester. The cost is 21.55, and delivery begins at 4.00.

Like Printful, it may be used without having a Shopify site, and it integrates with most other eCommerce platforms in addition to Etsy.

4. Apliiq:

The best print on demand leggings available is the high-end high-waisted yoga trousers from Apliiq. They are perfect for exercising because they are made with breathable, antibacterial, moisture-wicking fabrics. The molding qualities of the yoga pants from Apliiq’s six sizes, which range from XS to XXL, ensure that they look well on everyone.

The cost of the yoga pants varies from $45 to $100+ depending on the printing method—screen or digital. For a nominal cost, there are further choices for adding brand personalization, such as branded labels and embroidered patches.

5. Gooten:

Print On Demand leggings

print on demand leggings


The best print-on-demand fashion dropshipping company in the US for brushed & glossy leggings is Gooten. Gooten provides two distinct fabric types for their all-over print on demand leggings: brushed suede and a glossy finish. Both of them are made from a blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, have an elastic waist for comfort and have antibacterial properties.

Similar to other suppliers, Gooten offers six various sizes up to 2XL for its leggings, and its catalog also includes a variety of complementary items like yoga mats. Although there is no difference in quality other than the fabric texture, the glossy finish design starts at $40, while the brushed suede style is slightly less expensive under $30.

6. CustomCat:

Although not designated as yoga gear, CustomCat’s all-over print on demand leggings has one of the highest percentages of spandex in the fabric. The yoga pants are stretchable and long-lasting due to the blend of 80% polyester and 20% spandex.

CustomCat’s yoga trousers have an elastic waistband for comfort and a slimming fit, just like other yoga pants do. The price for the yoga leggings begins at $24, and sizes range from XS to 2XL like most print-on-demand suppliers.

7. KinCustom:

Another Print on Demand Leggings choice is KinCustom, which provides leggings for your online business in a range of additional activewear cut styles and sizes.

The fact that KinCustom’s products are produced using ethically sourced materials and delivered in recyclable packaging is one of its key selling points. Its print of demand leggings for yoga pants, which are made of a blend of 80% polyester and 20% spandex, are designed for improved movement and may be offered with several complementary items including cycle shorts and sports bras.

Although the price of the yoga pants starts at $23.50, there are discounts offered for large orders. For a modest additional charge, you can add customized brand labels, tags, and packing slips, just as with many other suppliers. Selling is made simple by the easy interface with e-commerce platforms like Etsy, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Squarespace.

8. Art of Where:

The greatest print-on-demand business in Canada for leggings, capris, yoga pants, and children’s & infant leggings is ArtOfWhere. It has been producing all things in-house since 2013, taking care of everything from printing to quality control to stitching.

The drop shipping and fulfillment services offered by Art of Where are a quality-focused approach to starting, growing, or improving your business based on artwork! Print your creations on our distinctive handmade product line to receive the following benefits:

With custom print on demand leggings, you can combine fashion and comfort without sacrificing either! These incredibly elastic performance knit leggings are the ideal way to express your style while remaining supremely comfortable. They are digitally printed with durable, colorful graphics. You can simply dress them down with a jean jacket or drape a blazer over for a comfy work look. They come with a sleek elastic waistband and are available in full and Capri lengths.

9. Yoycol:

The greatest partner for maximizing your profit margins is Yoycol. For AOP casual leggings, torn leggings, skinny fleece leggings, yoga leggings, leggings sets, and children’s leggings, Yoycol is the cheapest print-on-demand vendor online.

The additional 900+ print on demand leggings or products on Yoycol enable you never to run out of things to sell. These products include shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, sleepwear, hats, sneakers, socks, and stockings, as well as tote bags and backpacks, iPhone & Samsung phone cases, tumblers, coffee mugs, flags, and more.

Accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB, and Discover. Connect to Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy. Yoycol is the best partner for increasing your profit margins.

10. Printy6:

Legging and yoga pants print-on-demand dropshipper Printy6 is based in Hong Kong. With its user-friendly design interface and abundance of pre-built options, you can quickly and easily build beautiful goods.

To improve shipping times to more than 230 countries worldwide, Printy6 developed facilities in Europe and the US. Use Printy6 in conjunction with other platforms to better serve your clients.

11. Contrado:

Print On Demand leggings

print on demand leggings


Another Print on Demand Leggings choice is Contrado. The 3 cut options they provide are Capri, mid (3/4), and long. They use the Lycra fabric and offer plus sizing and a good selection of styles.

Slinky Matte or Soft Sheen Lycra are the two available fabric treatments for custom all-over print leggings. They come in sizes from XS to 4XL. $44.00 is the base price, and $8.25 is the premium shipping fee with tracking.



How do you design print on demand leggings?

Making sure to discover the proper placement on the product for high quality and accurate finish is the toughest challenge when developing leggings. Simpler pattern designs are those that don’t demand a perfect location match. Ideally, order a sample to review or use a mockup generator to help you picture the design.

Is there any option for Print on Demand Leggings with Pockets?

Unfortunately, there are not many alternatives for leggings with pockets when it comes to Print-on-demand, but we are beginning to notice a trend with print-on-demand firms adding leggings with pockets. The two companies on our list that offered print-on-demand leggings with pockets are Sublimator’s Yoga Leggings and Printful’s all-over print leggings with side pockets.

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