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Best Endymed Pro Price: Endymed 3deep Treatment

EndyMed Pro offers a comprehensive solution for non-surgical lifting, tightening, contouring, and skin resurfacing across various treatment areas. Pro combines safety, efficacy, and versatility, making it a valuable choice for non-invasive skin tightening.

EndyMed offers four distinct devices and corresponding handpieces that are tailored to address specific concerns on various areas of the body. While each device and handpiece has its specialized purpose, certain devices like the EndyMed Pro are compatible with all handpieces.

Endymed Pro

Endymed Pro Price

The Pro uses advanced 3Deep Technology, which employs a sophisticated method to control RF energy in the tissue. By harnessing the attraction and repulsion forces of multiple RF sources, it delivers energy deep into the dermis while minimizing surface heat.

Pro is an all-in-one treatment platform that combines cutting-edge technology with impressive results. Let’s explore its features:

1. Flexible and Upgradeable Platform:

The PRO offers the following benefits for your practice:

  • Maximum patient comfort
  • Impressive return on investment (ROI)
  • Supports various handpieces for face, body, fractional RF, and RF microneedling
  • Ability to tailor treatments to individual needs

2. Controlled and Focused 3DEEP Technology:

    • 3DEEP RF technology is at the heart of the EndyMed PRO.
      • Delivers energy deep into the dermis, reaching temperatures of 52-55°C
      • Minimizes epidermal heat
      • Optimal and painless collagen remodeling for tighter, rejuvenated skin.

3. Superior Results and Personalized Treatments:

    • 3DEEP’s unparalleled volumetric heating ensures maximum efficacy.
    • Continual improvements are seen both immediately and in the long term, with results progressing over several months after treatment.
    • Real-time skin impedance monitoring ensures that energy delivery is adjusted for personalized and optimal results.
    • The EndyMed PRO is effective in addressing various concerns, including lines, wrinkles, and scars.

4. Physician Testimonials:

    • Dr. David Goldberg (USA) praises the unique technology, emphasizing its nearly painless experience and versatility.
    • Dr. Yohei Tanaka (Japan) confidently recommends EndyMed for a more youthful appearance.
    • Dr. Michael H. Gold (USA) highlights the full package offered by 3DEEP and the popularity of microneedling with RF.

5. What Can EndyMed PRO Do?

    • Tighten sagging skin around the neck, abdomen, under the eyes, and brow line.
    • Smooth away deep nasolabial folds and wrinkles.
    • Erase signs of acne scarring.
    • Enhance natural skin tone by inducing collagen production.
    • Take years off your appearance.

6. Key Features of EndyMed PRO:

    • Flexible and Upgradeable: The platform grows with your practice, ensuring optimal patient comfort and a great ROI.
    • Controlled 3DEEP Technology: Deep RF energy reaches temperatures of 52-55°C, remodeling collagen painlessly.
    • Superior Results: Immediate tightening followed by ongoing collagen production.
    • Personalized Treatments: Adjusts automatically to each patient’s unique needs.

In summary, the PRO is a valuable tool for achieving skin tightening, contouring, and rejuvenation without the need for surgical interventions.

What are the common treatments with EndyMed Pro?

It offers a range of treatments to address various skin concerns. Here are some common treatments:

1. Skin Tightening:

    • EndyMed Pro uses 3DEEP RF technology for collagen remodeling, resulting in skin tightening.
    • It effectively targets sagging skin around the neck, abdomen, under the eyes, and brow lines.
    • Wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and signs of aging can be improved using this treatment.

2. Wrinkle Reduction:

    • By stimulating collagen production, Pro helps smooth away deep wrinkles and fine lines.
    • It’s particularly effective between the eyebrows and on the backs of the hands (often referred to as “crepe” hands).

3. Body Contouring:

    • EndyMed Pro offers focused RF treatments for body contouring.
    • It reduces cellulite, shapes the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs, and tightens skin on the neck, lower jaw, chest, upper arms, and knees.

4. Texture Improvement:

    • The platform enhances overall skin texture by inducing collagen production.
    • It contributes to a healthy, natural skin tone and minimizes imperfections.

5. Cellulite Reduction:

    • EndyMed Pro effectively targets cellulite using 3DEEP RF technology.
    • Say goodbye to unwanted dimples and uneven skin texture.

6. Acne and Acne Scar Reduction:

    • The platform can improve acne scarring and reduce active acne.
    • It’s a valuable option for those seeking clearer skin.

7. Stretch Mark Reduction:

    • EndyMed Pro helps minimize the appearance of stretch marks.
    • Its collagen-stimulating effects contribute to smoother skin.

8. RF Microneedling and Fractional Resurfacing:

    • The Intensif handpiece combines microneedling with RF energy for the effective treatment of lines, wrinkles, and scars.
    • Fractional resurfacing further improves skin texture and tone

Endymed Pro Price

Let’s explore the pricing options for this innovative device:

Endymed Pro

1. EndyMed Pro All-in-One Treatment Platform:

    • This platform offers flexibility and upgradeability, allowing it to grow alongside your practice.
    • It delivers powerful and effective radiofrequency (RF) treatments, with up to 85 watts for superior results and patient satisfaction.
    • The PRO incorporates safety features such as motion and contact sensors, providing comfortable treatments that are suitable for individuals of all skin types.
    • It supports various handpieces for the face, body, fractional RF, and RF microneedling.
    • The complete heat-to-toe treatment menu provides superior results for common aesthetic treatments.
    • Physicians who have provided testimonials highlight the unique features of the PRO, emphasizing its painless treatments and versatile capabilities.

2. Pricing:

    • The Endymed cost range for the EndyMed Pro varies based on the model and included accessories:
      • Lowest Price: Approximately $10,837
      • Highest Price: Up to $12,000

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