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Webcomic/Webtoon Comic is a great place to start if you want to try your hand at developing a webcomic. It’s also a great method to share your tale with an audience without having to worry about hosting it yourself. Keep in mind that you’ll need to conduct some homework and planning before you get started.

In 2004, it was founded as a portal dedicated solely to hosting Korean manhwa. Providing an intuitive, accessible, and highly functioning digital-first desktop and mobile platform for international and local readers and creators, with a female audience and creatorship of over 60%.

Webtoon Comic or Webcomic – What’s the Difference?

You may have even come across the terms “webtoon” and “webcomic” while surfing the web. Webcomics are online adaptations of physical comic books that have been digitalized. The problem is that it wasn’t designed with cell phones in mind. Swiping left and right was the only way to get it to work. Worse yet, it’s primarily in black and white.

What’s the difference between a webtoon from Never and a webtoon from Line?

Naver Webtoon operates two digital webtoon comics websites, Line Webtoon and Naver Webtoon.

What are Webtoons?

While this style was first popular in Asian countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan, it has recently gained popularity in Western countries as well.

Webtoon is a website where artists can upload and view comics in the manner stated.

The following are some of the most well-known Webtoon services.

  • Webtoon.com
  • Tapas.io
  • lezhin.com
  • Toomics

Professional comic/webtoon artists publish webtoon comics on these websites on a regular basis and depending on the site’s target language, they are translated, for example, into English.

Individual artists can also upload their own stories for people to read on sites such as Webtoon.com, comic, and Tapas.io.

How to Make a Webtoon Comics:

How to Make a Webtoon Comics

Let’s take a look at what distinguishes Webtoons from other types of comics.

Vertically reading the story:

Due to the vertical structure, the most significant distinction between Webtoon-style and traditional webtoon comics is the panel separation.

To fit the reduced display size, panels in a Webtoon-style comic are usually vertically oriented, with greater space between them. It’s also easier to read them if you scroll.

The panels in this vertical scrolling format include the following features.

1. The characters and dialogue are spaced out on purpose.

The shape of the panels, as well as the positioning of characters and conversation, in traditional comics and manga, is dictated by the page size.

For example, if you show dialogue for a time before showing a character, you might make them appear thoughtful.

2. The space between the panels is employed to create drama.

You can flexibly change the space between panels and leave a lot of space if you want to.

The perception of the activity changes depending on the amount of the distance between the panels. Large expanses can also be used to show overall scene changes.

Style and composition:

Because the Webtoon format is dependent on scrolling, there are no page turns. This indicates that the reading process hasn’t slowed down.

Reduce the text and utilize a simpler visual style than in typical comics to avoid interrupting the reading flow.


Color is widely used in webtoon-style comics to accommodate smartphone screens.

While screen tones and black spaces are used to emphasize situations and indicate time in the manga, Webtoons can do the same with color.

Flashbacks, for example, are not limited to solid blacks or certain frame divisions, but can also be portrayed with sepia tones.

Drawing a Webtoon-style comic:

Even if you wish to draw a comic in this way, portraying the action in a vertical and color format can be difficult. If you’ve ever drawn before, you’ll notice that there are a lot of leeways when it comes to expressions, especially when compared to traditional manga or webtoon comics.

Creating a vertical document:

The suggested size for vertical text varies based on the website where your comic will be published.

  • The width is usually determined by a value that corresponds to the average smartphone screen resolution.
  • The height of a document is normally determined only by the website’s limits.


  • Width: 690px
  • Height: 7000px

Checking the viewable area for smartphones:

Adjusting the spacing of pictures and dialogue to fit the visible on-screen area of a smartphone can help readers read your work more effectively in vertical scrolling webtoon comics like webtoons.

  • To see how any part of a canvas appears on a smartphone screen, go to the [View] menu > [On-screen area (webtoon)].
  • Use it for every stage of your project, from the initial idea to the final details.

Splitting and exporting your work:

While Webtoon files are presented in a lengthy, vertical scrolling manner, each uploadable file is limited to a maximum height of 1280px. After then, the uploaded files are displayed one by one.

Using multiple windows to display the canvas:

It’s difficult to inspect the entire canvas when zoomed in for painting with such a long canvas. You can view the canvas as a whole while working on individual areas if you utilize multiple windows in Clip Studio Paint to display the same file.

To create a new view of the same document, go to the Window menu > Canvas > New Window.

AVE a Color Set using your most-used colors & Adjustment layers for dd moods and dramatic effects:

When creating the same characters over and over, it’s helpful to make color sets for them.

To change the mood of your panels, try using adjustment layers.

You can add a gradient map and choose the sepia gradient in the dialogue box, for example. This is a common reaction to flashbacks.

Using materials:

Not only will you be able to change the overall expression of a scene more efficiently if you employ materials for backgrounds and effects, but you will also be able to do so more quickly.

Uploading your file to a website:


You can upload your Webtoon-style comic the same way you would an artwork once it’s finished.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create a full webtoon comic or manga for print, but with Webtoon-style comics, even a short story with fewer panels may be uploaded and reach an audience.

Check your document type and size:

Check the upload guidelines for the service you want to use before attempting to upload your webtoon comics.


  • Per image, the panel size is 800px wide by 1280px long.
  • File size: 2MB for each image, up to 20MB altogether; 72 dpi or better is suggested.
  • jpg is the image format.

– Tapas.io

  • Per image, the panel size is 940px wide by 4000px long.
  • File size: up to 2MB for each image, with a maximum of 40 photographs per episode.
  • jpg, png, and gif are examples of image formats.

Getting your Webtoon Comic in front of an audience is a two-step process.

New and popular comics are normally placed at the top of the site where you uploaded them.

Try the steps below to get more people to pay attention to your work.

  • Upload on a regular basis
  • Make use of appealing titles, tags, and featured photos.
  • Pay attention to what your readers have to say.

The Best of WEBTOON Comics:

Best of WEBTOON Comics

Webtoon’s annual readership of more than 100 billion people is well-deserved, but it’s also intimidating. Where do you begin with 500+ weekly comics, the most (if not all) of which are worth your time?

1. Lore Olympus: Webtoon Comics

Lore Olympus (by the platform’s undoubtedly finest writer and artist Rachel Smythe) is a magnum opus of emotional catharsis, worldbuilding, and character drama. It is perhaps the most well-known Webtoon, and one of the few to achieve mainstream webtoon comics-level success and fame.

Lore Olympus is a neatly designed, expansive, and emotionally evocative modern masterwork, and the very greatest place to start or continue for new and old Webtoon readers.

2. Annarasumanara: Webtoon Comics

Annarasumanara, named after the Korean equivalent of “Abracadabra,” is a Webtoon by writer and artist Ilkwon Ha that has been completed since 2014 but has stood the test of time as one of the greatest.

3. The God of High School: Webtoon Comics

The God of High School has recently been converted into a Crunchyroll anime series by famed animation studio MAPPA, but it pales in comparison to the execution and spirit of the Webtoon itself.

With over 500 entries, The God of High School is one of the more difficult Webtoon offerings, but it’s also one of the greatest for fans of its inspirations, such as Dragon Ball, who are searching for something new to commit to.

4. Lavender Jack: Webtoon Comics

Lavender Jack, written and illustrated by Dan Schkade, is a traditional crime tale that masterfully breaks storytelling conventions to convey more depth and nuance than most webtoon comics today.

As much as Schkade’s penchant for energetic and cathartic battle scenes, Lavender Jack is heightened by the fascinating complexity of its mystery and stakes, as well as meaningful character motives and representation in both protagonist and villain.

5. Suitor Armor: Webtoon Comics

Purpah’s Suitor Armor is unquestionably one of the best fantasy narratives available on Webtoon today. It’s a traditional romance story with a deliciously unique cast.

Suitor Armor is a newcomer compared to other Webtoon staples, with only forty or so entries at the time of writing, but it has made a strong case for itself with fast wit, intriguing drama, and a hint of mystery, all of which point to a much deeper, more nuanced story to come.

6. Eleceed: Webtoon Comics:

Eleceed, by writer Jeho Son and artist ZHENA, is a supernatural crime-action drama with a clever and funny edge that elevates its at times tropey influences. It’s one of the stranger entries here, but it’s also one of the most fan acclaimed.

Yes, it’s your run-of-the-mill “kid becomes a superpowered hero with a special insight” story, but it also incorporates the greatest parts of mystery and detective stories, slapstick humor, and a bit of coming-of-age drama to create something a little more.

7. The Boxer: Webtoon Comics:

Writer and artist Jeong Ji-(JH) hun’s The Boxer is a dynamic and darkly-tinged sports thriller that stands out from most other sports offerings on Webtoon, as well as the bulk of entries on this list, and is more than deserving of its own slot.

It also makes use of Webtoon’s negative space-heavy graphic structure to generate demanding, violent, and well-paced fight scenes that defy the conventions of most webtoon comics or manga.


8. Boyfriends: Webtoon Comics

Boyfriends. is one of the best of Webtoon’s many LGBT stories because it concentrates on interpersonal beats and drama with genuine passion and optimism. It’s a charmingly cute, whimsical pastel and watercolor-inspired take on romantic norms.

Trips to the arcade, the boardwalk, and for drinks after difficult examinations abound in Boyfriends, a frequently soothing, charming book that also pushes against boundaries in sophisticated, narratively refreshing ways.

9. Purple Hyacinth: Webtoon Comics

Purple Hyacinth is a mystery drama with a flair for high narrative stakes delicately inspired by romance and humor, written by Ephemerys and illustrated by Sophism. It’s a vast world-building story full of sociopolitical and interpersonal turmoil.

Purple Hyacinth is a Webtoon fan favorite for a reason, and its evocative use of the platform’s soundtrack feature, which pairs each entry with an appropriately haunting and ambient score, is particularly noteworthy for readers interested in how flexible Webtoon can be compared to print.

10. Sweet Home: Webtoon Comics

Sweet Home, a horror series written by Kim Carnby and illustrated by Hwang Young-Chan that was recently adapted into a live-action Netflix original series, is a masterclass in narrative escalation, and one that best exemplifies the tight pacing and payoff that Webtoon’s vertical-only reading format can facilitate.

What is the best webtoon comics list?

Lore Olympus:

  • Genre ROMANCE
  • Views 299M


  • Genre: ACTION
  • Views: 241M

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend:

  • Genre: SLICE_OF_LIFE
  • Views: 158M

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