15 Best Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs: Figo Pet Insurance

We’ll go over the 15+ top pet insurance affiliate programs in 2022 in this post. These reviews give you an in-depth look at the pros and cons of each program, as well as advice on when to choose each one. As a result, you’ll be able to make an informed selection regarding which pet insurance affiliate program to include in your affiliate marketing strategy.

All claim to be the best, but some are clearly more profitable than others, leaving you to wonder which pet insurance affiliate program is right for you.

Embrace Pet Insurance and Eusoh Pet Insurance are two of our favorite pet insurance affiliate programs. Both programs provide excellent pet insurance and have large commission rates and long cookie durations.

Why Promote Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs?

Before we get started, I should note that there are many different subfields or areas within this topic, thus there may be a sizable selection of affiliate programs.

  • What they offer
  • Commission rates
  • Payment terms
  • Cookie duration
  • Application processes
  • Affiliate/Marketing materials provided

If you love pets and believe it’s a terrific idea to help families save money while keeping their pets healthy, you’ve come to the correct place.

In general, promoting pet insurance through affiliate networks and directing traffic for a quotation or application might earn a commission. The compensation for each lead might range from $1.6 to $25, or up to $152 for each sale. This means that a commission can be collected even if no one purchases the insurance.

Here are three reasons to use affiliate programs to promote pet insurance online:

1. It is simple to set up:

It functions similarly to any other affiliate marketing scheme in that it refers customers to the merchant’s website. (For example, Amazon Associate)

All you have to do is join affiliate programs that track the visitors you deliver to their website. It’s absolutely free and easy to get started with. They pay you for submitting a quote or completing an application.

2. You can get money from the same person several times:

Some carriers may give you a commission just for submitting a quote. This may be simple, as the price is almost always the first item people look at. As a result, you could earn many commissions from a single individual you send to various carriers.

3. It is doable for anyone:

People will be more convinced by your recommendations if you are a pet owner who has purchased a pet and filed a claim. To drive visitors to an insurance website, you don’t even need to be an insurance agent or broker. Anyone willing to generate quality material that helps your audience select the greatest product can succeed.

How to Find Pet Insurance Leads?

It’s never been easier to get new pet insurance leads. Some services connect you with people who are interested in the pet insurance services you provide. Simply fill out the online application form with your information and specifications to acquire pet insurance leads. They’ll use this information to send pet insurance leads that are relevant to the services you offer. The prospect can then be contacted to discuss their pet insurance policy.

Who should promote pet insurance online?

Let’s see who will answer correctly for Pet insurance affiliate programs:

Owners of pets or those who adore animals: You could discuss your encounters with purchasing pet insurance or even making claims.

Anyone already working in the pet industry: Your followers will require pet insurance for items like pet food, pet accessories, pet training, or pet spas.

Anyone working in the personal finance or cost-cutting industry: Pet insurance is ultimately an investment to reduce future expenses for medical care.

Marketers or insurance agents/brokers: Your knowledge of and experience in the insurance sector will help you stand out, regardless of whether you specialize in pet insurance.

15 Best Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs –:

There are just a limited number of pet insurance companies that offer affiliate programs. Consider other affiliate programs as well if you need to reach your financial goals. Rather than putting all of your eggs in one basket, advertise a variety of products to earn money for more stuff. Promoting many affiliate programs at the same time can help you earn more money.

These 15 top pet affiliate programs provide excellent coverage for pets while also allowing you to earn money through affiliate marketing.

Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs

1. Eusoh pet insurance Affiliate Programs:
2. Embrace Pet Insurance:
3. Trupanion Affiliate Program:
4. Fitbark affiliate program:
5. Pets Best Pet Insurance:
6. PetFirst Pet Insurance:
7. VetShop Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs:
8. Agria Pet Insurance Affiliate:
9. Petco pet insurance Affiliate Programs:
10. ASPCA Pet Insurance Affiliate Program :
11. Lemonade Pet Insurance Affiliate Program:
12. Healthy Paws Affiliate Program:
13. Nationwide Pet Insurance Affiliate Program:
14. Figo Pet Insurance Affiliate Program:

1. Eusoh pet insurance affiliate programs:

It’s a subscription-based community service that reimburses pet owners for medical, wellness, sickness, and routine care costs.

The Eusoh community contributes to a pool that is subsequently used to pay for various vet expenditures. Their approach is transparent and balanced, using algorithms to ensure that everything is fair. Even better, you get to choose any veterinarian you like.

The Eusoh affiliate network will pay you $80 for each sale, in addition to the unique approach to pet insurance. That’s a huge commission, and the cookies are good for 60 days. Because of its unique structure, most pet owners may need a little more persuasion to try out this pet insurance.

Why you should promote this Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs:

Transparency in pricing. It’s not a network. And greater coverage, which includes free veterinary appointments regularly. To ensure fair and meaningful reimbursements, Eusoh Pet Insurance does not touch the money that travels between community members.

The Eusoh Pet Insurance affiliate program directs your website visitors to Eusoh.com, a website where pet owners pool their resources to cover veterinary costs. This cost-sharing effort offers a low-cost alternative to pet insurance, allowing customers to save money while giving their pets the care they need.

Commission: $80 per sale
Cookie duration: 60 days
URL: Sign up for the Eusoh Affiliate Program from  CJ.com.

2. Embrace Pet Insurance:

Embrace provides customized and inexpensive pet insurance for dogs and cats, with up to a 90% reimbursement at any veterinarian. With five distinct limitations, five deductibles, and three reimbursement amounts, their policies can be customized. A plan that just covers accidents is also available.

Even though pet insurance is not necessary for pet ownership, many pet owners choose to get it in case their pet suffers an accident. Some pet insurance firms have affiliate programs as well, although they are less prevalent than retailers. One of the greatest is Embrace Pet Insurance.

Many illnesses, accidents, and routine exams for pets are covered by Embrace Pet Insurance. They have excellent customer service and coverage, which is a huge plus.

Why you should promote these pet insurance affiliate programs:

After you sign up, you’ll get a free medical history review. Embrace will look through your pet’s medical records and notify you if any pre-existing conditions will not be covered.

Provide coverage for drugs that must be taken home, and if you spend a year without filing a claim, Embrace will reduce your annual deductible by $50.

Even more impressive is the affiliate program. The lead commission rate is $36. It has the second-longest cookie duration on the list, with a total of 60 days.

  • Insurance offers great coverage
  • High Commission
  • Can get leads without purchase
  • Long cookie duration
  • Join the Embrace Pet Insurance Affiliate Program.

3. Trupanion Affiliate Program:

Trupanion offers simple, cost-effective, and straightforward insurance for your cat or dog. Its coverage extends to up to 90% of your bill. Trupanion can also pay your veterinarian directly, eliminating the need to wait for reimbursement cheques.

You will receive $25 for each qualified lead you send to Trupanion. A customer who pays the insurance company is referred to as a “qualified lead.” Although the reward of $25 per lead isn’t the highest on our list, selling Trupanion is simple.

  • Affordable coverage
  • Commission rate: $25
  • Long cookie duration
  • Easy to sell

4. Fitbark affiliate program:

You can earn a commission by selling FitBark goods via your company or website as part of our pet affiliate marketing program. Bloggers, doggie daycares, dog walkers, trainers, veterinarians, and others are ideal partners.

Simply register as an affiliate, apply for the FitBark Affiliate Marketing program, and include a special link on your website or newsletter. They will pay a starting commission rate of 12%. Affiliates with a higher volume of sales may be eligible for a bigger commission.

Any product purchased by a consumer who clicks on your affiliate link on fitbark.com will be credited to you in full.

  • The average order size is $100, implying a fee of $12.
  • The cookie lasts for 60 days.

5. Pets Best Pet Insurance:

Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs

Dr. Jack Stevens, the guy behind the first pet insurance firm in the United States, launched Pets Best Pet Insurance. This pet insurance covers all aspects of pet care, including a 24-hour helpline, direct payments to veterinarians, and more. Their plans don’t even have an upper age limit.

Even though Pets Best Pet Insurance provides excellent coverage for your pets, it is not the most cost-effective pet insurance. Although it only pays $2.40 per lead, the cookie lasts 90 days. Pets Best Pet Insurance has high payouts despite having a modest payout because it is one of the easiest insurance policies to sell.

  • Affordable coverage
  • Great company that cares about pets
  • Long cookie duration

6. PetFirst Pet Insurance:

PetFirst Pet Insurance is meant to keep your vet bills to a minimum. You may insure your pet for $15 per month for dogs and $9 per month for cats. PetFirst Pet Insurance participates in various adoption events and works with shelters across the country to give pet insurance to adopters in addition to providing cheap insurance.

Each sale generated by the PetFirst Pet Insurance affiliate programs gives you an 8% commission. You’ll make roughly $2 for each sale with the bare minimum coverage. This option has a lower payout than most others, but because of the low price, you can sell more plans to make up the difference.

The PetFirst Healthcare affiliate program gives your customers access to one of North America’s fastest-growing pet health insurance providers, which has helped thousands of families afford veterinary care for their dogs.

  • Affordable coverage
  • Great company that cares about pets
  • Long cookie duration

7. VetShop Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs:

VetShop sells high-quality drugs that can help your pet recover from illness without breaking the bank. They specialize in over-the-counter medications, which are frequently sold to both professionals and pet owners. It also has marketing tools to assist you! Because of these extra features, VetShop is an even better affiliate program to check out, as its value goes beyond the dollar. The commission rate is 10%, but the cookie is only valid for 7 days.

If you want to advertise high-quality, over-the-counter pet medication, VetShop is an excellent choice. Both professionals and regular pet owners can purchase medications from VetShop. As a result, you should be able to sell a lot of things through this website.

  • Good commission
  • Can sell to professionals and pet owners
  • The majority of pet owners require medication for their animals.
  • High Commission
  • Great resources and help

8. Agria Pet Insurance Affiliate:

Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs

Agria Pet is a Swedish pet healthcare firm that first opened its doors in the United Kingdom in 2009. Their pet insurance packages are customizable, allowing you to select the level of protection you require for your best buddy.

Each policy covers up to £12,500 in veterinary bills per year.

That’s more than enough to meet the majority of annual expenses.

It’s important to mention that even if your cat or dog develops a significant health problem, they’ll still insure them.

Why You Should Promote this Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs:

This company offers a pet healthcare helpline as well as annual health rewards such as coupons for vet services that pet owners can use.

  • Commission: TBC
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Join the Agria Pet affiliate program

9. Petco pet insurance Affiliate Programs:

Petco is a wellness company that focuses on improving the lives of dogs and their owners by offering a variety of products and services, including pet food, supplies, grooming, and insurance. They’ve been in business since 1965 and have over 1,500 outlets in the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

Impact Radius is in charge of Petco’s affiliate program. Affiliates will be paid a 2% commission and will have access to tracking links to promote all of their products and special offers. Petco will also send frequent newsletters to affiliates to keep them up to date on any promotions and new strategies to boost sales.

Why Should You Promote this Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs:

The 30-day money-back guarantee on pet insurance, as well as their years of experience in the pet sector, are strong selling points. Petco Insurance covers a wide range of medical requirements, from sick visits to emergency surgery. You can use them to promote Petco products and promotions on your website and earn commissions on any sales that result from your efforts.

  • Join: Petco Affiliate Program:
  • Commission: 2%
  • Cookie: 7 days

10. ASPCA Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs:

ASPCA Pet Insurance does not appear to have an affiliate program at this time. We looked through the major affiliate networks, including Awin, Pepperjam, Conversant, and Rakuten, but we couldn’t identify an active ASPCA Pet Insurance program. This does not rule out the possibility that they have just launched an affiliate program or joined an affiliate network. We urge that you keep an eye on the following affiliate sites for any updates:

You can also visit the ASPCA Pet Insurance webpage to see if any new information on their affiliate or referral programs has been added.

11. Lemonade Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs:

Lemonade Insurance Firm is a property and casualty insurance company that is powered by technology and social good to provide a fast, affordable, and hassle-free insurance experience. Lemonade is giving a special deal of a $30 commission on all purchases for affiliates who join the program before November 15, 2018, to celebrate the debut.

Lemonade was built uniquely. Lemonade can handle and pay as many claims as possible since, unlike other insurance companies, they gain nothing from delaying or denying claims (they take a flat charge!).

Within our 30-day cookie window, publishers that join the Lemonade program can earn a $25.50 commission (a share of revenue) on completed transactions.

Why partner with these pet insurance affiliate programs?

Lemonade understands that no two affiliates are the same. Some people are better at advertising, others at storytelling, and still others at coming up with innovative ways to build enterprises. As a result, Lemonade is looking to work with a range of well-maintained, high-quality websites.

They provide a wonderful assortment of products and materials to persuade your audience to make a shopping decision, whether you’re a blogger, a mass media affiliate, or a deal provider.

Additional benefits:

  • Competitive payouts
  • High conversion rate
  • Design and content library
  • Fast and easy integration
  • No campaign caps
  • Transparent tracking (30-day cookie)
  • Join: Lemonade affiliate program

12. Healthy Paws Affiliate Program:

Healthy Paws has a single deductible per year. This company also provides coverage for costly inherited and congenital illnesses, with no claim limits. This company makes a point of going above and beyond the ‘usual and customary reimbursements, which might limit payouts for pets in need.

Why you should promote this Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs:

Their strategy includes both genetic and congenital disorders. Referrals from affiliates receive a lifetime discount on their Healthy Paws coverage, which is an advantage for this company.

  • There is no annual restriction on coverage.
  • Animal welfare supporter
  • With their online quote, it automatically compares rates with competitors.
  • Commission: $35 per completed referral
  • Join theHealthy Paws Affiliate Program

How to start Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Referral Programs:

To begin, just share your referral link with friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter; then, your buddy applies using your referral link; and finally, your friend applies using your referral link. They will make a $25 donation to help homeless pets on your behalf.

13. Nationwide Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs:

Their pet health insurance policies provide you the freedom to visit any veterinarian, including specialists and emergency services, whenever and wherever you want. For dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets, Nationwide offers industry-leading pet health insurance. On a new pet health insurance policy, current Nationwide members enjoy a 5% discount.

Nationwide Pet does not appear to have an affiliate program at this time. It’s conceivable they’ve just joined an affiliate network or started their referral program. You can also visit Nationwide Pet’s webpage to see if any new information about their affiliate or referral programs has been added.

14. Figo Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs:

Figo is Figo was founded in 2013 and offers coverage for cats and dogs in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. There are three yearly limit levels to choose from: an Essential Plan with a $5,000 annual limit, a Preferred Plan with a $10,000 annual limit, and an Unlimited Plan with no annual restriction.

Benefits include the ability to choose your annual benefit, deductible, and reimbursement rate. The Pet Cloud app connects policyholders with a real-time veterinarian. 24/7. Money-back guarantee for 30 days

Requirement: 2+ years in Affiliate Marketing, Partner Marketing, or comparable function, and at least 5 years in Marketing or Business Development expertise in negotiating partnership partnerships with multiple payment methods are required to join the Figo affiliate program (CPA, CPM, CPC, etc.)

How much is the Pet Insurance Broker Commission?

Depending on the number of clients you have and your region, you may be able to earn a percentage of this income. If you advertise pet insurance through affiliate programs by referring traffic for a quotation or application, you can earn a commission. The compensation for each lead might range from $1.6 to $25, or up to $152 for each sale.

Marsh & McLennan pays the most in agent salary, with an average of $93,287 per year, according to statistics from Glassdoor.com, an employee/employer evaluation service. Brown & Brown comes in second with $69,491, while Willis agents earn around $68,743. Aon agents earn $60,000 per year.

Best Pet Affiliate Programs:

Pet Affiliate Programs

Like pet insurance affiliate programs, pet affiliate programs are also a great way to transform your pet-related blog or website’s traffic into income. If you have a pet-loving readership, you should take advantage of the many affiliate programs available in the pet sector.

Pet affiliate programs are available for dogs, cats, fish, and other common pet niches. The majority of these are pet supply affiliate products, such as crates, bowls, and collars, which you’ll need to grow a happy pet.

This year’s top pet affiliate programs to promote are:

  1. Chewy affiliate program
  2. Ollie affiliate program
  3. Petco affiliate program
  4. Holistapet affiliate program
  5. Medterra affiliate program
  6. Vetster affiliate program
  7. Pawp affiliate program
  8. SpotOn affiliate program
  9. Halo Collar affiliate program
  10. Fi Smart Dog Collar affiliate program
  11. WOpet affiliate program

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