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What is Webtoon Naver and Line Webtoon: Publish Your Own Comic

Webtoon and Line Webtoon

A most frequent question asked – What is the difference between Never webtoon and Line webtoon? Mind LINE WEBTOON and NAVER WEBTOON: are two digital comics websites operated by NAVER WEBTOON.

Webcomic/WEBTOON is a fantastic place for those interested in trying their hand at making a webcomic, and it’s a perfect way to share your story with an audience without having to worry about hosting your own. Before you jump in, bear in mind that you’ll need to do some homework and planning. Line & Never Webtoon.

WEBTOON is a website and smartphone app where comic book fans can read new episodes of their favorite stories. If you’re tired of superhero comics from DC and Marvel and want to try something different, Webtoon is a great place to start. The material is excellent, but the app could be improved.

  • Created by: JunKoo Kim
  • Owner: Webtoon Entertainment Inc
  • Date launched: 2004
  • Available in: Thai language, Chinese language, English Language, Spanish Language, Indonesian language

Webtoon is a global webtoons service that enables professional and amateur creators to upload and monetize their digital comics, and everyone else to read them for (mostly) free.

Webtoon is a mobile-first service that focuses on iOS and Android apps, with the website acting primarily as a content uploading portal. You can read stories, manage your subscribed series, and monitor recently read series on your mobile device, but you won’t be able to pick up where you left off on the web (or vice versa). You can’t read sequences from one mobile operating system to the next. Line & Never Webtoon

Table to Content:

  • What Are Webtoons?
  • Categories” of webtoons:
  • Difference between Never webtoon and Line webtoon:
  • PROS & CONS Webtoon:
  • Why should you use WEBTOON for your comic?
  • Do’s and Don’ts – Webtoon:
  • How to Plan Your Story:
  • How to Promot your WEBTOON series:

web comics webtoon

What is Webcomics:

Webcomics are comics that are available on a website or as a smartphone app. While many are only available online, some can also be found in magazines, newspapers, or comic books. Webcomics are similar to self-published print comics in that they can be produced by anyone with an Internet connection.

What exactly is the distinction between a webcomic and a webtoon?

It’s called a “Webtoon” rather than a “Webcomic” for a reason.

Webtoons and webcomics are similar, but there are some main differences. Webtoons are typically one long, vertical strip, while webcomic chapters are usually spread over several pages.

  1. Tapastic. …
  2. Tumblr. …
  3. Line Webtoon. …
  4. Comic Rocket.

The 5 Best Websites for Webcomics Analysis:

Comics for Research Classes. Study Group Comics began as a magazine and has evolved into an eclectic webcomics site that houses some of the most diverse group webcomics, forms, stories, and creators in one location.


What’s the best way to start a Webcomic?

Starting, Writing, and Creating a Webcomic

  • The most important aspect of starting a webcomic is having a good understanding of what you want to do with it.
  • I can think of a few programs that I’d suggest right now
  • It helps when you have smart people to bounce ideas off of when you’re writing a webcomic.
  • Make sure you learn from your mistakes.
  • Follow in the footsteps of others and discover your own identity.
  • For sale is a little bunny plushie.

Do webcomics generate revenue?

While it’s simple to start making some extra money to supplement an established income, it’s incredibly unlikely for a new webcomic artist to make a significant amount of money on their first comic. …… To generate interest in your comic, you might use social networking sites like Tumbler, Twitter, Instagram, or Google+.

What Are Webtoons?

South Koreans invented webtoons, which are a form of interactive comics. Webtoons are read vertically, while American comic books are read left to right and manga is read right to left.

Traditional Korean manhwa gave birth to the webtoons style as it moved to a digital-first art form. Webtoons exploded in popularity as smartphones became more common in European and North American cultures. (Never Webtoon and Line Webtoon)

Categories” of Webtoons:

Originals and Canvas are the two “categories” of webtoons on the net.
A Webtoon Original is a comic that has been selected for inclusion and support by the WEBTOON editors.

What are the originals on Webtoon?

Original authors follow a standardized publication schedule that varies by genre, although the majority are expected to update once a week. Webtoon pays original creators directly and provides marketing support as well.

A Webtoon Original is a comic that the WEBTOON editors have chosen for inclusion and support. WEBTOON assists an Original with advertising and marketing, and audiences may assist the comic creator by reading episodes before the general public by using Coins.

When it comes to Webtoon’s original content, they frequently look for new plots and a teenage audience. Your story meets these two requirements, but it might be too similar to their existing comics lineup.

WEBTOON CANVAS: is the best place on the internet to post your comic for free! WEBTOON is a platform that brings artists and readers from all over the world together. Allow your story to flow naturally, and maintain complete control over their series.

When Canva creators reach a certain number of subscribers and monthly page views, they can apply for the add revenue sharing program, and if accepted, they will be added to the webtoon creator reward program. Special benefits, such as series promotion and additional financial support, are available through the creator rewards program.

How much do Webtoon canvas Artists make?

Artists who regularly hit the following page view thresholds on their Canvas website are also rewarded: $100 for 40,000 page views, $300 for 200,000 page views, $800 for 600,000 page views, and $1000 for 1,500,000 page views, according to LINE Webtoon.

What is the longest Webtoon?

The Sound of Heart:

Jo started posting The Sound of Heart on Naver Webtoon in September 2006, and by 2014, it had become the platform’s longest-running webtoon. The 1,000th episode of The Sound of Heart was released on Naver on December 17, 2015.

Difference between Never webtoon and Line webtoon:

In 2004, Naver Corporation in South Korea founded Webtoon, a webtoon publishing site. In Korea, the platform is known as Naver Webtoon, in Japan as LINE Manga, in China as both Dongman Manhua and Webtoon, and in English, French, Indonesian, Spanish, and Thai as simply Webtoon.
Naver’s WEBTOON service, which launched in 2014, has grown to become Korea’s largest webtoon site. According to Naver, it has a daily user base of over 6.2 million people.

NEVER WEBTOON and LINE WEBTOON: are two digital comics websites operated by NAVER WEBTOON. NAVER Web Novels, webtoon recommendation sites, and other services are also provided by the company.

never webtoon and line webtoon

Naver webtoon:

Webtoon is a webtoon publishing portal launched by Naver Corporation in South Korea in 2004. The platform is called Naver Webtoon in Korea, LINE Manga in Japanese, both Dongman Manhua and Webtoon in Chinese, and simply Webtoon in English, French, Indonesian, Spanish, and Thai.

NAVER WEBTOON changed the comics industry by building an environment that prioritized creators and customers. NAVER WEBTOON spun off from NAVER in May 2017 in order to bring this concept to more comics creators and readers around the world.

line webtoon

Line Webtoon:

The webtoon app and the line webtoon are the same things! Any artist can post their work on Discover, which is a free platform.

LINE Webtoon, also known as WEBTOONS, is a Naver-owned webtoon portal. The portal houses Naver Webtoons’ English translations. Rather than a traditional webtoon platform, the portal is an app-based webtoon site.

The Challenge League on LINE Webtoons is open to all webcomic submissions. Line & Never Webtoon

How much do line Webtoon Artists make?

Since the website is in English and can cater to a much wider audience, an average LINE WEBTOON earns about $30,000 or a little more based on those facts alone. A-LINE webtoon creator’s average starting salary is $24,000. Line/Never Webtoon

PROS & CONS Webtoon:

All are available for free reading.
Unique, high-quality material.
Genres and groups are simple to navigate.
The app gives you total control over your updates.
There is a vibrant fan translation culture.

annoyance Restrictions on the Daily Pass
Doesn’t work for different devices or operating systems.
Only a certain number of connected devices are permitted.
There are no parental restrictions or maturity ratings in place.

Is Webtoon an Anime?

Eight titles from adventure, fantasy to romance, including the ongoing In/Spectre anime that make its debut in January 2020. … Of those eight titles, three of them are adaptations from the Webtoon series, Tower of God, The God of Highschool, and Noblesse.

What is the difference between Webtoon and Anime?

Webtoon is a company that hosts online comics in a vertical fashion and manga is the Japanese word for comics. … Manga is adapted into anime while Manhwa/webtoons aren’t.
Korean animation is often called hanguk – and Chinese anime which refers to animations that have been created in China is often called Donghua.

Why should you use WEBTOON for your comic?

Why should You Use WEBTOON For Your Comic?

Benefits of Using WEBTOON:

1. WEBTOON already has traffic that comes to the site, so instead of having to drive your own traffic, you can concentrate on making a great comic and sticking to an upload schedule.

2. Another great benefit is built-in support if you have a problem. WEBTOON has a robust help section that posts answers to all the frequently asked questions and has a Customer Care form you can fill out if you have an issue that isn’t covered in the Help section.

3. WEBTOON also has an Ad Revenue sharing program for its creators. If your comic reaches over 40,000 US Monthly Pageviews and you get over 1,000 subscribers to your series, you can apply to the Ad Revenue Sharing Program. After applying to and being accepted to this program, you will receive a 50% share of ads placed in your series content each month. If you start a series that is particularly popular this income could be a viable revenue stream!

4. Another way you can get paid for your work on WEBTOON is to make a great comic and get featured as a WEBTOON Originals, where you get paid to make their comics! Of course, you’ll need to create an amazing comic that gets a lot of attention and is noticed by the editors at WEBTOON.

Do’s and Don’ts – Webtoon:


  • Make sure you know how to format your files for WEBTOON. You’ll need to think more about how to set out and format your files because of the “infinite canvas” style format.
  • Before you start your own comic, do some research on the web. Examine the most common comics to see what appeals to readers.
  • DO think about an updated schedule for your comic, and sticking to a schedule will help build loyalty and trust between you and your audience.
  • Do view Webtoon’s Creative Resources site, and downloadable resources such as “before publishing” checklists, character design sheets, and more.

Do Not:

  • DO NOT begin your artwork without first knowing about the file format. WEBTOON files must be less than 800 pixels wide and 1280 pixels long, with each image segment weighing no more than 2MB. JPG file formats are the only ones that are approved.
  • DO NOT start a comic for the sole purpose of making money. You should be excited about the comic medium as well as the story you want to write. Comics aren’t a way to make money; they’re an art form about which you must be passionate.
  • DON’T set a schedule that you can’t maintain! Be realistic with yourself about your lifestyle and how much time you have to sit down and work on your comic.
  • DO NOT RUSH IN WITHOUT PLANNING YOUR STORY AHEAD OF TIME! WEBTOON readers tend to favor comics with a straightforward style and character designs from the outset.

How to Plan Your Story:

How to Plan Your Story:

People usually make comics in one of three ways. The first is that certain people carefully map out every occurrence in their story before writing a comprehensive script, and others write out a brief outline of their story with general story beats. And then there are others who ride by the seat of their pants and write down whatever comes to mind!

As a consequence, I always advise at least some preparation before beginning to draw your plot! It will spare you headaches and, most definitely, tears in the future. So, before you launch your comic, what should you have worked out?

WORLD: You should have a clear idea of what kind of “world” you want your story to take place in.

Is it set in a magical world where the magic happens on a regular basis?

Will your story be set in a world close to our own, but with people born with superpowers?

Whatever world your story is set in, you’ll need to flesh out the rules of that world and have them in place before you begin writing. This is particularly true when constructing a fantasy world or one that differs significantly from our own.


What are the main characters in your story?

What kind of personalities do they have?

Knowing the character’s motivations is also essential for ensuring that they are active participants in the story’s events. Before you start drawing, you’ll want to know how they look, how they dress, and what their general personality is like.

Character turnarounds and expression sheets will assist in the exploration of your characters as well as the finalization of their designs before you begin your comic.

STORY BEATS: Now that you’ve found out the basics of your world and your characters, it’s time to start putting your story together.

When writing a longer story, you must be mindful of the order in which events occur so that they make sense and are well-paced.

It’s up to you whether you make a rough outline on a scrap piece of paper or sit down and write a complete script with dialog and scene details, just make sure you have at least the main plot points mapped out. This will also assist you in determining your story’s beginning, middle, and end.

So, you’ve created your universe, created your characters, and written a script. You’ve made a WEBTOON account, read and watched all in the Creator Resources, and created your first three episodes. You made a wonderful thumbnail for your WEBTOON series, chose the genres that best describe your plot, and wrote a great summary to entice new readers. Line/Never Webtoon

How to Promot your WEBTOON series:

How to Promot your WEBTOON series:

Unless you already have a wide community of people who follow your work, it’s unlikely that you’ll hit publish on your first WEBTOON episode and see instant success. So, how do you support your comic and encourage people to read it? Here are a few promotion ideas!

If you find potential readers and interact with them without shoving your URL at them, they may be more likely to give your comic a try. So first find a forum, Reddit board, Facebook group, or another community where comic creators or comic readers hang out. But first, talk to people and get to know them as individuals before bombarding them with self-promotion!

Social media is an excellent place to start building a fan base for your comic. You will need to try out a few different platforms to find the one that works best for you. Whatever channel you use, remember to connect with your audience and other people rather than spamming your URL all the time.

Making friends with other comic makers is another perfect way to promote yourself! Create fan art for your favorite comics and submit it to the creators; if they like it, they may share it with their audience! If you make friends with any of your fellow artists, see if they’d be willing to do a crossover event or something similar to promote your comics and generate more interest.

Finally, go to your nearest comic shop or artist community to meet new people! Some comic book stores have bulletin boards where you can post a flyer with details about your plot. They can also host events where you can carry promotional materials and meet potential readers (or sell books if you decide to self-publish your comic! – Line Webtoon).

These are only a couple of the ways you can promote your WEBTOON comic and make money with Anime Affiliate Programs. Be adventurous and try new stuff, just remember not to spam! (Never Webtoon and Line Webtoon)

Where can I possibly promote my Webtoon:

Webtoon, Tapastic, SmackJeeves, Graphite, and other major comic websites that allow self-publishing have their own methods for promoting new and original work.

Tapas. Tapas was the first webtoon company in the US, with over 70,000 titles available on their site. …

Webtoon Factory is a website dedicated to the creation of webcomics. Webtoon Factory, a French firm that began in 2019, is one of the more recent arrivals into the webtoon sector.

  • Izneo Webtoon
  • Webcomics
  • Tappytoon

You can promote your webtoon on Instagram (or any other social networking app; I just notice that most people promote their webtoon on Instagram).

If you want to get a webtoon promotion code, You can a promo code from the CouponAnnie! visit the website and scoop up the newest, freshest Webtoon Coins coupons, promotions, and promos


FAQ: Frequently Ask Question-

What is the Tower of God:
S.I.U.’s webtoon Tower of God (Korean: RR: Sin-UI Tap) is a South Korean manhwa written and illustrated by S.I.U. Beginning in July 2014, Line Webtoon began providing official English translations for Tower of God.
WHERE CAN I READ IT? On-Line Webtoon, which is available on the App Store and Google Play, Tower of God is serialized in English. New chapters go live every Monday.

How many episodes are there of Sweet Home Webtoon?

Sweet Home (RR: Seuwiteu Hom) is a South Korean webtoon produced by Kim Carnby and illustrated by Hwang Young-chan.
From October 12, 2017, to July 2, 2020, the webtoon was first published in Naver Webtoon and ran for a total of 140 chapters plus one prologue.
The original Webtoon, written by Carnby Kim and Youngchan Hwang, consists of 140 “episodes,” or chapters of the plot, which were just finished in August, prompting speculation about whether the 10-episode Netflix series will completely adapt the original.

Which Webtoon is the most popular?

Although some of the previously listed Webtoon comics no longer appear on this list, others have maintained their place in the top 10

According to the app, these are the top 10webtoons.

1 Olympus Lore
2 True Beauty
3 Down-to-Earth
4 Out-of-the-Box
5 Things to Consider When It Comes to Your Age
6 The Empress Who Has Remarried
7 Suitor Armor
8 Mage & Demon Queen.

What happened to Let’s Play?

Let’s Play is a Mongie-created Romance Webtoon that used to update every Tuesday but is now on hiatus.
The Creatures disbanded on July 13, 2017, effectively ending their relationship with Let’s Play, though The Creatures merchandise is still available on the Rooster Teeth Website.
(Never Webtoon and Line Webtoon)

Is the one punch man webcomic finished?

Yes, indeed. ONE continues to work on the webcomic, but not on a regular basis. Rather than his artistry, he is known for his masterful storytelling. The manga, on the other hand, is updated every two weeks, so the next chapter should be available about a week after this response is posted.

Is the one-punch-man webcomic canon?

The One-Punch Man webcomic is not only canon but also the original source content. The webcomic comes first, followed by the manga. The webcomic would not work without the manga, which helped One-Punch Man to become a published manga and anime.

-Never Webtoon and Line Webtoon-

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