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How to Choose the Best ASO Tools Free to SkyRocket

App publishers may rank their programs higher in the app stores, get more downloads, and have fantastic reviews and ratings by using the best ASO Tools free (App Store Optimization Tools)

You need efficient app store optimization if you want to stay ahead of the competition and have a higher return on your investment (ROI).

An ASO tool can support you with this.

Let’s evaluate what ASO tools are and their purposes.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?
  2. The Importance of Best ASO Tools for App Owners:
  3. Types of Tools for App Store Optimization:
  4. How Can Best ASO Tools Help You?
  5. (5) Best ASO Tools Free & Paid:

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

Simply defined, ASO seeks to increase app discovery and ranking in app stores so that more users will learn about and download your program, which boosts business profitability.

Your applications’ page traffic will increase and their rankings will be improved with the use of the proper optimization strategies and approaches. As a result, there will be a rise in app downloads and usage.

ASO’s primary elements are:

On-meta factors are things that are entirely in the publisher’s control of the application. The elements include, among other things, the app title, subtitle, descriptions, advertising text, keyword field, app icon, screenshots, and video examples.

Off-meta factors: They are components that the publisher has no control over and are therefore referred to as off-metadata factors. These elements could consist of customer reviews and ratings, installation information, download speed, software size, issues, errors, etc.

Results from app store optimization won’t happen immediately. The following is a list of actions to help you prepare your app for app stores.

  • Market Research
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Conversion Optimization

The Importance of Best ASO Tools for App Owners:

The advantages of owners such a tool are as follows:

1. Increase Visibility:

With the right keyword strategy, your app will rank higher in the app stores, making it simpler for your target audience to find and download it.

2. Get More Downloads:

Best ASO tools will support you in optimizing your app’s title, subtitles, descriptions, URLs, and other aspects to enhance the information and aesthetics so that users will be interested in viewing and downloading your app.

3. Attract Committed Clients:

You can draw in additional clients not just from your neighborhood but from all across the world. Additionally, it is a great strategy to encourage more users to use your app if you are targeting international users.

4. Lower Prices:

Always best ASO tools can help you refine your strategies and reduce the cost of paid advertising. Your app will be more visible and get more downloads if it receives organic traffic. This will be a tremendous relief for developers and small businesses without significant marketing budgets.

5. Boost Sales:

You may increase your revenue by using the tool to implement efficient ASO techniques that result in more downloads and consumers.

Types of Tools for App Store Optimization:

Due to the complexity of app store optimization, there are multiple tools available that focus on various elements of optimization.

1. Keyword Discovery Tools:

Benefits of using the best ASO tools for app keyword research and optimization include:

  • Keyword ideas for apps
  • keyword improvement
  • keyword monitoring

2. Product Page Tools:

Some best ASO tools with functionality for product pages can evaluate your app listing and make recommendations for how to make the following improvements:

  • Your app name
  • Those ever-important screenshots!
  • App compatibility
  • Pricing
  • Making your app localized (available for one or more countries/languages)

3. Tools for Sentiment Analysis:

You can use an ASO tool to perform the sentiment analysis rather than having to go through each and every rating, review, and analysis yourself. The sentiment analysis-focused ASO solutions condense the review data and provide you a sense of what your users enjoy and don’t like.

4. A/B Testing Tools:

While some ASO split-testing solutions operate in the context of your app’s live downloads, other split-testing tools let you test your app ahead of time.

5. Tools for Tracking Intelligence:

They’ll also gauge the success of your rivals, typically using projections that inform you of the following:

  • App downloads in general
  • Estimated income
  • Where and how do rivals allocate their advertising budget?

6. Tools for Optimizing Search Ads:

You can build and manage advertising on Google Ads (for the Google Play Store) and Apple Search Ads with the aid of search ads optimization tools (for the App Store on Apple).

How Can Best ASO Tools Help You?

Your app’s success depends on ASO. You can get assistance from ASO tools with the difficult and continuous process of optimizing your app.

They can enable you in spying on your rivals so you can learn from their failures and accomplishments. Recognize their mistakes so you can know where to improve. Determine what you need to improve on that they are doing well. Best ASO tools are ideal for assisting with competitor analysis for your app, which is a crucial component of effective ASO.

Top ASO Tools 2022

In no particular order

  • AppTweak
  • App Follow
  • App Radar
  • Store Maven
  • Split Metrics
  • Sensor Tower
  • Gummicube
  • ASO Desk
  • Mobile Action
  • App Annie
  • AppFigure

You must be aware of the available ASO solutions if your company wants to have an edge in app store optimization. Although you might attempt app store optimization on your own, using an ASO tool would greatly increase the effectiveness of your efforts. These resources offer more than just keyword analysis. You can employ them to eavesdrop on your rivals and learn what optimizations are or are not effective for them. Several of the best ASO tools include:

1. App Radar, One of the best ASO Tools for Newbies:

You need a tool to get started if you’re new to the world of creating, maintaining, and selling apps. When you enroll in one of their plans, you receive:

  • An analysis of where your app stands right now in the market
  • A one-on-one conversation with a seasoned app marketer where you establish an ASO plan
  • Implementation of that strategy with guidance
  • Analyses of your app’s performance
  • Maintaining and enhancing your ASO strategy


Although App Radar offers a variety of services, its focus is specific enough to be effective.

App Radar allows you to:

  • If you’re localizing your software, getting AI-recommended keywords in both your language and other languages is ideal.
  • Track keywords and view keyword ranking within app marketplaces.
  • Examine app metrics from Google Play and the Apple App Store, such as impressions, store views, installs, and purchases.
  • Based on source, country, devices, and installs per keyword, see who is downloading your program.
  • Compare your keywords to those of your rivals.
  • Obtain AI-powered suggestions for ASO enhancement.
  • Manage all of your localizations in one location.


Although App Radar can be crucial for having your app seen in searches, it doesn’t offer A/B testing so you can make sure the screenshots, app title, and tagline are appropriate.

  • You cannot use it to produce adverts or evaluate reviews.

The pricing structure is:

  • Free
  • Starter: $39 a month
  • Advanced: $69 a month
  • Expert: $129 a month
  • Customizable to suit your budget and needs

The best app Radar for budget-conscious novices is. You can start the best ASO tools with the free plan to learn about app store optimization, and as your business develops, you can move up to a paid subscription.

2. AppTweak: The Top Tool for Optimizing Product Listings:

The top ASO tool is AppTweak, which is supported by data science. The intuitive interface of AppTweak gives mobile industry leaders like Amazon, Jam City, Yelp, Zynga, and Adobe the tools they need to expand their apps and games. You can compare the performance of your app to that of competitors to see if there are opportunities for growth into new areas and user acquisition. Included among the elements are, among other things, the app title, subtitle, descriptions, marketing copy, keyword field, icon, screenshots, and video samples.

The ASO report helps you:

  • A metadata analysis
  • Analysis of your competition
  • Keyword density
  • A tool to help you determine the icon colors of your competitors’ apps and see if you can adapt them to work for your own!
  • App version history
  • Daily ASO email reports
  • Google Play Store backlinks tracking

They offer a range of different pricing solutions in terms of cost:

  • Starter: $69 a month
  • Guru: $299 a month
  • Power: $599 a month

The features of AppTweak include the best ASO tools for competitive analysis and keyword research. Their keyword research tool enables app developers and marketers to discover which terms their rivals are using, as well as the most popular searches, keyword difficulty, and more. In the end, it’s intended to assist you in selecting relevant keywords for your app that have the best chance of ranking well.

3. AppFollow: Best ASO Tools

AppFollow pricing

For companies looking to create fantastic customer experiences through data-driven decision-making, AppFollow is the top App Engagement platform.

Get AppFollow to increase conversion rate by 11% and increase organic user acquisition. It will help you develop a solid strategy to increase your organic traffic by 490% and increase weekly impressions by an average of five times.

Moreover, it provides support and product management features. AppFollow’s decision to combine the many aspects of app marketing is a big plus because they all work to make your app perform better. The industry pioneers in managing app reviews are AppFollow. Since the Ratings and Reviews Dashboard provides a single inbox with the possibility of automatic answers and more, they assist businesses with efficiency in this area.

Their pricing structure goes as follows:

  • Free: with a cap of two applications, twenty keywords, twenty replies monthly, and five team members
  • Essential: $23 a month
  • Startup: $47 a month
  • Growth: $55 a month
  • Advanced: $111 a month
  • Enterprise: Custom

4. Sensor Tower: Best ASO Tools

free ASO Tools

For mobile marketers, app developers, and industry analysts that need superior competitive insights into the mobile economy and want to boost app downloads through app store optimization, Sensor Tower is the best option.

Important keywords are valued by the platform, which uses them to promote downloads for you. By researching possible keywords and evaluating their performance to find new chances like comparable terms and translation, you may improve search campaigns.

You can use Sensor Tower one of the best ASO tools to perform the more conventional keyword optimization and competition analysis tasks offered by other best ASO tools solutions, as well as to access new data contact points like Store Intelligence and Consumer Intelligence that help you make more informed decisions about your approach.

The Store Intelligence tool from Sensor Tower is driven by sophisticated algorithms and hundreds of millions of data points, giving it comprehensive insight into app stores and the millions of apps available worldwide. Finding the top global apps based on estimated downloads and revenue is made incredibly simple, and you can even browse this information from both app stores at once. These data points can also be dissected by devices, categories, and country.

5. App Annie: Best ASO Tools

AppAnnie is by far the best tool available; among its many major clients are Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and many other well-known companies. Both app analytics and store statistics are provided by AppAnnie without charge, and they are not superficial measures.

The most fully featured performance platform is offered by App Annie. It is the first business in its field to provide a side-by-side comparison of company data and market data to help crucial business choices.

App Annie is mostly used to evaluate rivals, enhance ASO and paid UA, comprehend an audience base, find suitable partners, evaluate expansion into new areas, and develop fresh, cutting-edge app features.

Their store metrics will assist you in analyzing your app’s keywords, rankings, ratings, and reviews, while their analytics allow you to evaluate app performance (downloads, usage, and revenue) across app stores and multiple regions. You will receive thorough market data intelligence and analysis if you decide to pay for their premium services, giving you access to market data metrics for all of the top mobile apps.

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