Is App Store Optimization Tools Worth: 8 Free ASO Tools:

The use of app store optimization tools expedites the process and ensures more successful app upgrades. Find the best ASO app store optimization keywords, receive tailored advice, and then use them in your upcoming app update.

The only thing that can bridge the gap between the two extremes of the current app market is app store optimization (ASO).

What is App Optimization:

A strategy for increasing an app’s visibility in an app store is called app store optimization (ASO). Each app is ranked in app stores using a variety of criteria. You can rank better and increase downloads owing to that visibility if you employ effective keywords, helpful photos, and localized descriptions.

So what is App Store Optimization is simply any action that increases the visibility of your app in the search results in the App Store or Google Play. Or simply App Store SEO (search engine optimization for mobile apps). You may learn how to do app SEO with ASO tools for free.

What is the difference between SEO & ASO?

The two ideas can be distinguished from one another despite the fact that app store optimization and app store SEO have many similarities, including the use of keywords and conversion optimization.

It makes sense that the two ideas of ASO and SEO overlap given how closely app stores and search engines are related. Also of they emphasize indexing, the process through which search engines organize and categorize information to enable quick and efficient responses to searches, and they both call for high-quality, simple-to-read content.

Hiring the best app store optimization company can play a significant role in your app marketing and assist increase your app’s exposure and downloads if you’re a developer looking to stand out in a crowded app store.

ASO vs SEO: ranking factors:

ASO – (Apple App Store, Google Play)

  • App name
  • Description
  • Usage Data
  • Ratings & reviews
  • Important metric: uninstall rate
  • Main goal: downloads (users)

SEO (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

  • HTML tag optimization
  • Subheadings
  • Copy structure
  • Page speed
  • Anchor text
  • Credible links
  • Social signals
  • Important metric: bounce rate
  • Main goal: traffic (visitors)

Is App Store Optimization Tools Worth It?

The market is as fierce as ever with the mobile app market expected to expand by USD 653.91 billion between 2021 and 2025. Those who choose to make use of app store optimization solutions will undoubtedly succeed.

Mobile app optimization offers the following fundamental values:

  • Improved app visibility
  • Increased number of downloads
  • Reduced user acquisition costs
  • App revenue growth
  • Global audience reach

Types of App Store Optimization Tools:

There are currently more than 40 ASO tools on the market. So picking one to use for app search optimization could quickly turn into a nightmare.

1. Comprehensive app intelligence suites called ASO Tools: The most feature-rich App Store Optimization Tools can often help you with every ASO task, including keyword optimization, competitor analysis, and user reviews overview.

2. App keyword optimization ASO tools: These App Store Optimization Tools only reveal apps that rank for specific keywords and are purely focused on keyword optimization. They have monitoring and app keyword suggestions among their functions.

3. User review analysis ASO tools: User reviews and app ratings-focused ASO tools provide analysis of the app’s problems and areas for improvement.

4. A/B Testing ASO Tools: You may select the one landing app page that performs the best and generates the most downloads by using mobile app optimization tools that let you A/B test your app product page variations.

5. ASO Tools for improving search ads: To execute advertising campaigns on Apple Search Ads, you might want to learn what your rivals are up to. You will benefit from these insights.

App store optimization strategies:

App store optimization experts claim that it is a continual process and that in order to stay competitive, you must conduct research, test your ideas, and make adjustments. It will also become much more complicated as app shops expand and the rivalry intensifies.

Understanding user intent and tracking their response can help you figure out what works and what doesn’t. It entails taking into account each component of an app’s marketing content in order to draw in and keep customers.

  • Add keywords to your app’s name and description
  • Include the right screenshots & videos
  • Use app store analytics
  • Encourage good reviews and ratings

You must use an efficient app store optimization plan to develop app ranks on the app stores if you want your app to receive a lot of visibility and downloads and to drive profitable action.

App Store Optimization Tools:

App Store Optimization Tools free

8 free ASO tools listed below can help you choose effective keywords and themes for your app:

1. AppTweak:

One of the top App Store Optimization Tools available today, AppTweak is trusted by more than 1,500 mobile leaders. It attempts to boost ad strategy, analyze app performance, increase app visibility and organic downloads, and find new growth prospects.

  • Email/Help Desk
  • FAQs/Forum
  • Knowledge Base
  • Chat

Best for mobile executives who want to expand their apps and games with useful insights presented in a straightforward UI.

Key features:

  • Keyword Impact
  • Competition Monitoring
  • Downloads to Reach Top
  • Marketshare Seasonality

You can use AppTweak to maximize your app’s visibility on Google Play and the App Store. Although it has several functions, the most important one, in this case, is its ASO report. The ASO report provides:

  • A metadata analysis
  • Analysis of your competition
  • Keyword density
  • A tool to help you determine the icon colors of your competitors’ apps and see if you can adapt them to work for your own!
  • App version history
  • Daily ASO email reports
  • Google Play Store backlinks tracking

Benefits of AppTweak:

The cost of AppTweak is apparent; after a seven-day free trial or demo, you must select a plan, starting at $69/month. AppTweak offers much more than just ASO report tools; it also offers Search Ad intelligence, app download projections for a huge number of nations, app income projections, reviews and ratings, customer care, and more.

Pricing Plan:

  • Starter $69/mo
  • Guru $299/mo
  • Power $599/mo

There are many different plans for using AppTweak. You can test out the features of this tool for seven days with each of them. Pricing generally starts at $58 per month.

2. App Radar:

You may create a workflow for app store optimization with the help of App Radar. For each app region, App Radar provides you with personalized App Store Optimization advice. These recommendations are supported by AI and data, ensuring the outcomes you want.

A Dashboard is part of the App Radar app store optimization tool. It compiles all of your app metrics so you can rapidly concentrate on enhancing the factors that affect how well your app performs in the app store.

The ability to view your app metrics immediately in App Radar makes it simple to keep track of improvements that have a big impact. Determine the adjustments that had a direct impact on app impressions, downloads, and income.

  • Email/Help Desk
  • FAQs/Forum
  • Knowledge Base
  • Chat

Key Features:

App Radar enables you to respond to user reviews and improves conversion by raising the app rating.

  • Keyword Rankings
  • Optimization Score
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Ads Intelligence

Benefits of App Radar:

The fact that App Radar provides a free starting plan is a major advantage. You can get free ASO assistance from App Radar if you only require it for one or two apps. The free plan includes two apps that are optimized, 30 keywords that are tracked, three competitors that are analyzed, seven days of historical data, and more.

App Radar allows you to

  • If you’re localizing your software, getting AI-recommended keywords in both your language and other languages is ideal.
  • Track keywords and view keyword ranking within app marketplaces.
  • Examine app metrics from Google Play and the Apple App
  • Store, such as impressions, store views, installs, and purchases.
  • Based on source, country, devices, and installs per keyword, see who is downloading your program.
  • Compare your keywords to those of your rivals.
  • Get AI-powered suggestions for ASO enhancement.
  • Manage all of your localizations in one location.

The best app Radar for budget-conscious novices is. You can start with the free plan to learn about app store optimization, and as your business develops, you can move up to a paid subscription.

Pricing Plan:

  • Free
  • Starter – $39/mo
  • Advanced – $69/mo
  • Expert – $129/mo

All necessary tools for app store optimization are included in the beginning package, which costs $39 per month. A trial term is always an option. For individuals who only need the essential tools, there is a free option.

3. AppFollow:

One of the best App Store Optimization Tools for organic user growth is AppFollow. Statistics show that it increases the average number of organic installs by 490% and the conversion rate to installs by 11%.

AppFollow promotes an all-encompassing strategy for managing apps that helps to open up new business prospects and equips marketing and support teams with useful resources for gathering data and fostering user interaction. Covering all essential areas, AppFollow offers review management, makes it possible to integrate help desks, fosters teamwork, follows rivals and standards, and optimizes keywords.

With AppFollow, you may find keywords for your app that are pertinent from a keyword standpoint. Additionally, you may translate them automatically, which is incredibly helpful for localization. You may also keep track of the most popular keywords and determine how challenging they are.

  • Email/Help Desk
  • FAQs/Forum
  • Knowledge Base
  • Phone Support
  • 24/7 (Live Rep)
  • Chat

Key features:

  • Enables rapid and easy identification of performance issues with your app.
  • AppFollow offers insightful information on ASO strategy, supported by dashboards and KPI tracking to gauge the results.
  • Keep track of the significant changes in the product and app rankings of your rivals.

Pricing Plan:

For startups

  • Free 2 apps, 20 keywords, 20 replies per month, and 5 team members
  • Essential – $23/mo
  • Startup – $47/mo

For companies

  • Growth – $55/mo
  • Advanced – $111/mo
  • Enterprise – custom

While the advanced plan costs $111 per month and gives you access to all functions, a free tool with a constrained capacity is still offered. AppFollow offers individualized pricing with possible add-ons for increased flexibility.

4. Sensor Tower:

free ASO Tools

Mobile app market leaders rely on the potent platform Sensor Tower for crucial data-driven competitive insights and comprehension of the worldwide app economy. The company’s solution has sufficient functionality to boost app store optimization and app downloads.

Best for: It is an online service that assists users in tracking and managing keyword histories, CSV exports, revenue flows, reports, and more. It was created for application developers and SEO specialists.

Key Feature:

  • Store data
  • Top charts
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword suggestion
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword translation
  • Search traffic score estimates

Price: All premium Sensor Tower tiers provide free access to Top Charts and Leaders. With a low monthly starting price of $79, App Intelligence is a fantastic tool for small businesses.

5. Asodesk:

ASOdesk is a fantastic ASO solution with many helpful features. It is used by companies like Split Metrics, Abbyy, Yandex, Zephyr, Mamba, Playkot, Appyfurious, Verv, and Kaspersky. You’ll also be able to observe which terms are trending, thanks to the combination of the Apple Search Ads Popularity Index and the ASOdesk Traffic Score algorithm.

Key Features:

  • Keyword analytics
  • Keyword explorer
  • Competitors and keyword chats
  • Keyword autosuggestions
  • ASO comparative report
  • Organic report
  • Reviews and Monitoring
  • Trending searches alert

Pricing Plan:

There’s a great diversity of options to pay for an ASOdesk tool. Going for an annual subscription allows for 15% off of the standard pricing

For Startups

  • S – $24.7/mo
  • M – $49.9/mo
  • L – $84.2/mo
  • XL – $118.3/mo

For Companies

  • S – $126.7/mo
  • M – $169.1/mo
  • L – $249.9/mo
  • XL – $416.6/mo

6. AppAnnie:

The most well-known app market analysis platform, App Annie, offers the most reliable app data and insights to help you thrive in the global app marketplace. App Annie’s analytics and analysis are used by over 1,000,000 registered users to expand their businesses, make smart app market decisions, and outperform the competition.

Key features:

  • This high-end offering gives you enlightening information about the user demographics and behavior of your app.
  • a free tool for monitoring the fundamental aspects of your app’s success, such as usage, downloads, income, and spending across the Google Play and Apple App Store.
  • An open-source tool with little ASO that offers historical rankings, ratings, user reviews, and keywords for any app worldwide

Price: Market Data Intelligence is a premium offering with customizable pricing options. Additionally, free tools like App Analytics and Advertising Analytics with Store Stats are available to app owners.

2 Best Free Mobile App Optimization Tools:

Mobile Action:

1. Mobile Action:

Mobile Action offers ASO keyword research and app market information. This ASO tool’s free version allows you to monitor 5 keywords on Google Play and the App Store. Additionally, they provide competition analysis and app analytics. Mobile Action also outlines how you can raise your app’s ranks. And it’s all totally free.

2. SearchMan:

Access to SearchMan’s app market analysis is free. Over 4 million apps (iOS and Android) and nearly 2 million keywords are included in the tool’s data. You can use SearchMan to evaluate your app’s exposure, monitor its ranks, examine your competition, and determine whether your app is simple to find.


Why App Store Optimization is Important?

Given that consumers typically don’t scroll through all of the search results, higher-ranking apps also receive more downloads. Typically, they focus on the top 10 or so. Because of this, getting a top rank is essential for an app to succeed. You lose out on the most efficient marketing channel for mobile games and applications if you don’t optimize your app store presence. Short-term disability, extended health and dental benefits, and occasionally long-term disability benefits are all covered by top app store optimization tools plans.

What are some quick tips for an app store optimization checklist?

Awareness of how your consumers use your app and having a clear understanding of your competitive environment are essential components of a well-developed ASO strategy, let’s have a look at some play store optimization tips below:

App store optimization best practices:

  1. Understand your customer and your competition
  2. Choose the right app name
  3. Maximize your keywords
  4. Create a compelling description
  5. Stand out with a unique icon
  6. Include screenshots and videos
  7. Localize your app listing
  8. Increase traffic with outside promotion
  9. Update frequently
  10. Encourage ratings and feedback

App store optimization interview questions?

Some examples of questions are there to make sure you provide a proper response to the question put to you. Prepare accordingly for your upcoming job interview.

  1. Explain, what is the primary goal of ASO.
  2. Explain What tools do you use for ASO?
  3. How much money should be set aside for ASO?
  4. Please explain how we rank for keywords
  5. Do you know how to get an app review?

What is an app store optimization job description example?

A competent app store market analyst who can offer and make suggestions for games that are in line with hot trends and customer requests. In addition to offering recommendations and suggestions for apps, games, and graphics, a trending analysis of the Play Store marketplaces is required. must have gaming industry experience.

How to optimize your paid App Store (ios App optimization):

Apple has changed the rules of the App Store Optimization game for the whole industry with iOS 15. You will be able to have up to 35 product pages for your paid traffic and a distinct, tested product page for your organic traffic instead of having one App Store product page per country.

The main structure for optimizing your paid app store traffic is provided by ISO 15 app store optimization tools. The assumptions you make should be reevaluated each time you complete the loop. It’s possible that your target audience’s preferences have changed, a new rival has appeared that uses a different design approach or offers a new value proposition, or your product team has just launched a new feature that enables you to test a new value proposition.

  • Plan your personalized product pages for the App Store (CPPs)
  • Action Audience Map-making and research
  • Research on themes and value proposition mapping
  • Create hypotheses.
  • Create a product page.
  • Test and review
  • Monitor and analyze

What is app optimization android mean?

After receiving the notification, you might be curious as to what optimizing apps means and why your phone displays that message when it is turned on. In most cases, it will occur when you click the power button to switch on the phone, after an Android OS update when the phone reboots, or when an app installation issue occurs. And when your phone indicates that Android is starting to optimize, it simply means that the phone will produce an optimized version of the app, which will then make it operate more quickly.

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