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Best Pinterest keyword Tool and Top 10 Pinterest SEO Tips:

The best place to start looking for suitable keywords is within Pinterest itself, and using the free Pinterest Keyword Tool helps you come up with keyword ideas. Just log in to your Pinterest account, go to the top search bar, and enter in one of the topics you blog about and have a Pinterest board for.

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to curate boards and pins. Pinterest is a helpful tool for businesses because it focuses on discovery. Many businesses and professional photographers have discovered the power of visual content on platforms like Pinterest.

In this article, I’ll outline why you should use Pinterest to boost your blog’s traffic and tell you how to locate Pinterest keywords using Pinterest tools and/or Keysearch.

What is Pinterest Keywords Tool?

What is Pinterest Keywords Tool?What are Pinterest keywords and Tool?

Pinterest’s keywords help users find the material they’re looking for, and with Pinterest’s keyword tool, you can quickly discover the most popular Pinterest searches in your niche as well as useful keywords to apply to boost your Pinterest account.

Simply click on the precise terms you wish to use in your Promoted Pin campaign if you want to add them.

Go to your Business Hub and click the Ads tab at the top of the page to access the Pinterest keyword research tool. Then select Create Ads from the drop-down menu.

This will take you to the Promoted Pin campaign creation page on Pinterest. Don’t worry, we’re not going to make a campaign—all we want to do now is get to the Pinterest keyword tool.

How to Use the Search Bar to Find Pinterest Keyword Tools:

1. The search bar is the first Pinterest keyword tool you can use.

Start by typing in your primary keyword. At first, I’d advise you to keep it generic. As you type in your term, suggestions will display. All of these queries are popular and connected.

You could also use your core keyword and the ABC technique to come up with extra keyword suggestions.

How to Use Pinterest Trends to Find Pinterest Keyword Tools:

2. Pinterest trends tool:

You must create a business account to use the Pinterest trends feature. It’s a simple process, and I encourage you to go ahead and do it so you can access analytics and Pinterest trends.

Go to Analytics > Trends to use the tool.

When you type a search query and press enter, the number of searches for that place each week will appear. It’s an excellent technique to determine how popular an issue is. You’ll discover related terms underneath the graph.

How to Find Pinterest Keywords with Keysearch

3. Keysearch- Pinterest Keyword Tools

Finally, you may use Keysearch to find Pinterest keywords. Simply enter your main term, choose all locations, and then select Pinterest Suggest from the dropdown menu. You’ll discover Pinterest keyword suggestions.

It’s a terrific method to obtain all of the term options from Pinterest without having to write and click manually.

How to Do Pinterest Keyword Research?

4. The keyword research tool:

This Pinterest keyword tool for Pinterest Ads is incredibly simple to use. These are the actions to take:

In the search bar, type your main search word.
See what Pinterest has to offer in terms of ideas, as well as search volume.

By clicking the Plus button and making a list, you can save the ideas.
You can copy the list and store it in a document for future reference once you’ve gathered all of your thoughts.

How to Check the Volume of Pinterest Keyword Searches:

When conducting keyword research, we must always consider the search volumes. Using a Pinterest keyword tool like trends is the greatest approach to acquire the actual search volume. The graph depicts the weekly volume for the term selected. You may also look for the monthly volume using Keysearch.

Where to Add Keywords in Pinterest:

Once you’ve identified the keywords you want to target with your Pin, you should include them in the following elements:

  • Image filename
  • Pin title
  • Blog post URL
  • Pinterest description
  • Hashtags that are relevant to your Pinterest description

How to Use Keywords on Pinterest?

How to Use Keywords on PinterestThis is an element of Pinterest SEO, and it’s one of the most difficult aspects of getting Pinterest keyword optimization correct.

Keywords should be used in the following areas of your account:

  • Your company’s name
  • Your personal information
  • Titles of the Boards
  • Descriptions of the Boards
  • Descriptions (including hashtags!) should be pinned.
  • Names of Image Files
  • The post’s body copy
  • The post’s URL is pinned.

For the most positive influence on your rankings, combine your Pinterest keyword research with regular ol’ SEO research with Google Keyword Planner.


Is there any Pinterest keyword tool chrome extension:

Yes, when you open Chrome, there is a Pinterest tab that runs in the background. You can tell the extension what sorts of pins (pictures with links) you want to see when you install it, such as Food, Sports, and Photography.

Top 7 Chrome Extensions for Pinterest
  • Image Downloader
    With a single click, you’ll be taken to a simple interface that lists and selects all of the images on your current page.
  • Larger Image Finder
    Combs through thousands of sites and works extremely quickly
  • Pinterest Enhanced:
    It essentially reworks the entire Pinterest layout, adding a slew of new features in the process.

What is Pinterest SEO?

What is Pinterest SEOAlthough SEO is most commonly linked with search engines like Google, it can also be effective on Pinterest. One of the most successful strategies to get your content liked and repinned so that it has a wider potential outreach is to optimize your Pinterest articles and boards for certain keyword searches.

Use a Pinterest Keyword Tool

The most important aspect of your Pinterest SEO plan is keywords. You can use a variety of tools to find the best keywords for your Pinterest boards and descriptions. These keywords should, ideally, be relevant to the niche you’re pursuing.

Pinterest SEO Tips to Optimize:

We’ll go through how to use SEO to expand your brand’s visibility on Pinterest, target relevant consumers, and generate clicks and sales for your business in this section:

Adding keywords: to your display name is one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase your SEO. It’s also important to consider your username in addition to your display name.

Craft the Perfect Bio: As long as you include relevant keywords, your bio can be as imaginative or straightforward as you want. Once you have the first draft, look over it and underline the keywords that someone would use to find your profile on Pinterest.

TIP: Don’t forget to include a call to action in your bio! Including a CTA in such a prominent location is a terrific way to drive activity and interaction.

Claim Your Website: When you’re able to put your website URL on your profile, it works as a keyword of sorts, helping you to be even more discoverable to Pinners. It will also make you appear more official and increase the amount of traffic to your website!

Having a verified website on the platform grants you access to more metrics in Pinterest Analytics, allowing you to better analyze your performance. You can verify yourself in two ways: by claiming your website or by verifying yourself as a retailer.

Follow Other Accounts to Boost Your Visibility: Following the right individuals will put you in front of the appropriate people, so choose wisely. This will help you figure out where you’ll show up in users’ suggested boards and profiles to follow.

TIP: Following influencers and celebrities who are connected with your brand is also a smart idea. Connecting with accounts with a lot of traffic will help your Pins get even more exposure!

Publish Video Pins: Video Pins allow you to tell so much more about your brand story than an image can, and they’re also great for SEO. Simply set a date and time for submitting your video content for approval, and your film will appear on your selected board as soon as it is authorized.

Make Your Boards Discoverable: Because board names and descriptions can appear in Pinterest search results, you’ll want to make them as SEO-friendly as possible.

Make sure to name them with relevant keywords in mind, as this will make a huge difference in the SEO of your board.

It’s also a good idea to write descriptive board descriptions that match the names of your boards and incorporate keywords.

Create Captivating, Original Content: Create thumb-stopping content that viewers want to view, bookmark, and engage with to optimize your profile for Pinterest’s search engine.

To get Pinners’ attention, you need to come up with ideas that are relevant and valuable, and visually appealing.

Create Pins with Optimal Ratios:

Your Pins will appear fully in search results if you use an ideal ratio. The 2:3 ratio — approximately 600×900 pixels — is the sweet spot for an image.

Note: It’s worth noting that the once-popular super-long photos are no longer effective.

Pinterest accepts video Pins in a variety of formats, including:

1:1: square
9:16, 4:5, 2:3: vertical
16:9: horizontal

Horizontal Pins, on the other hand, rarely gain traction. If you have some square films 1:1 from Instagram or Facebook, you’ll have a higher chance of competing on Pinterest, which prioritizes square videos in mobile search results.

TIP: You can quickly optimize your photographs while planning and scheduling your material with Later!

Research & Write Strategic Pin Titles and Descriptions: Your Pin title is one of the most critical SEO keywords to use. Pin titles can be up to 100 characters long, so make it short, snappy, and relevant. You should also mention them in the descriptions of your Pins.

Always convey the most significant and essential information first in your Pin descriptions. While you can use up to 500 characters, Pinners will only see the first 50-60 characters on their feed.

Pin description wording is more useful than you might believe; it determines relevancy and where your information is displayed.

If it makes sense for your Pin, insert significant keywords, hashtags, and brand names in this section.

One of the easiest methods to make your material easier to find on the network is to include search-optimized keywords in your Pin titles and descriptions.

If you’re not sure what keywords and hashtags to use in your Pins, you can use Pinterest’s built-in keyword research tool to get some ideas.

When you type a generic term into the Pinterest search bar, such as “nail art,” you’ll see a list of phrases Pinterest suggests to narrow down your results.

Use Rich Pins: They’re a terrific method to give your Pins additional depth while also driving more traffic to your website. You can utilize four different sorts of Rich Pins on Pinterest right now: “Product,” “Article,” “App,” and “Recipe.”

Get into the Pinterest Ad Game: You have the option of promoting an existing best-performing pin, a new image or video to campaign as an ad, or even pinning and promoting images from your website!

Be Consistent: The more you adhere to SEO best practices, the better the algorithm will understand your account’s purpose. Remember that Pinterest material is far more evergreen than content on other social media platforms, so with the appropriate SEO technique, your Pins might still be circulating a year from now!


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