10 Best Free Google SEO Ranking Checker: Check Google Rank

You can check your Google rankings for any term and any website with a live Google SEO Ranking Checker and get neutral search results in seconds. But the question is why do you need a live rank checker if you may just enter your keyword on Google?

The explanation is simple: Personalizing search results for each user is a good concept in general. Topics and websites that you frequently search for and visit are clearly significant and relevant to you. As a result, Google’s keyword rankings are adjusted accordingly. This may be advantageous for regular use, but the difficulty is that the outcomes are no longer comparable. If you wish to assess your website’s “neutral” SEO ranking, you have a few options for minimizing personalization:

Why Are Keywords Important?

Keyword rankings and Google search ranking are linked, and you must first understand what keywords are in order to comprehend the relationship.

Keywords are any terms placed into a search engine to find specific information or a certain website, and they play an important role. Finding out what keywords your target clients use and incorporating them into your web pages is one of the first things you should take when trying to boost your SEO. Search traffic, competitiveness, cost per click, word count, and intent are all factors to consider while evaluating keywords.

If you own an e-commerce business, choosing the proper keyword becomes much more critical. It will be used by potential customers to look for a certain product. Your next question is undoubted, “How can I successfully add them to my website with the FREE Google SEO Ranking Checker?”

Adding keywords to your web pages should be your first action. This is referred to as on-page SEO. Instead of rating your homepage, concentrate on individual product pages.

Then, to engage and educate your potential clients about what you have to offer, your page will require high-quality material such as blogs.

These keywords can be used in blogs in the same way they were in your website material. They should be sprinkled throughout the blog, but don’t go overboard.

For example, a visitor looking for information on the best Organic supplements to take might find your site about “The Top Four Protein Shakes For All Ages.”

It’s critical to keep an eye on your keywords on a frequent basis. It’s not enough to set it and forget it when it comes to SEO. Instead, you’ll want to observe how far each keyword has progressed. The success of keywords is frequently depending on trends, and it’s likely that high-performing phrases will abruptly plummet as trends alter.

How to find out where you stand for a given keyword:

To get non-personalized results, just start an Incognito window in Chrome, which is typical advice. Although this is sound advice, Incognito still includes location-based results. You still have to scroll and search for yourself, which is inconvenient. To find out where you rank for a certain keyword, I recommend using an SEO tool.

How to Check Google Rank?

Only a live rank checker can help you verify your SEO rankings on Google without having to count the results individually. Simply type in your keyword (which can be a phrase or a group of phrases) and your domain. Your ranking is collected in seconds after you click “Check to rank.”

There are a lot of tools for Google SEO Ranking Checker like Auto-Generated Tasks, Clean Interface, AI-Powered Tool, Test Your Website, Scrappy – AI-Based SEO & Web Analysis Tool, Web Analysis Tool, Website Analysis, Page Speed Monitoring, AI-Based SEO Tool, Light House Monitoring, W3C Monitoring, etc.

Best Free Google Ranking Checker:

Free Google Ranking Checker

Only a live rank checker can support you in verifying your SEO rankings on Google without the need to manually count the results. Simply enter your domain and keyword (which might be a phrase or a set of terms). Your ranking is collected in seconds after you click “Check to rank.” To check Google rank, there are some best Paid and free SEO ranking checkers below:

Best Google SEO Ranking Checker:

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Google Search Console
  3. SEMrush
  4. The Hoth Tools
  5. Small SEO Tools
  6. Google Rank Checker
  7. SEO Review Tools
  8. Search Engine Reports
  9. Seobility
  10. Serprebot

1. Ahrefs – Free Google SEO Ranking Checker:

Ahrefs is a sophisticated SEO tool that can rapidly and accurately reveal your search rankings. While Ahrefs isn’t a free tool for determining your Google ranking, it is a powerful one. This is because the platform includes a variety of useful tools for evaluating your SEO.

The tool provides you with a number indicating your position in Google’s organic search results. The first page of Google is usually ranked 1-10, the second page is ranked 11-20, and so on.

As a result, this website’s ranking of #10 indicates that it is most likely on Page 1 of Google, at the bottom.

Make a note of this position and re-run the tool in a month or two to check if your keyword rankings have improved. This technique can be repeated to check other keywords.

  • You simply enter the keyword you’d want to see if you rank for + your website URL into Ahrefs’ free Keyword Rank Checker.
  • With Ahrefs’ Keyword Rank Checker, you can check your Google ranking.
  • After that, it searches Google’s results and tells you exactly where you stand.
  • You won’t have to do any manual scanning, and your findings won’t be skewed by individual information. Isn’t it cool?

2. Google Search Console – FREE Google SEO Ranking Checker:

Total Clicks is a unique feature provided by Search Console. This is the only tool that can tell you which keywords actually brought visitors to your site.

Navigate to the “Performance” tab on the left after you’ve set up Search Console. Then turn on Total Clicks, Total Impressions, Average Click-through-Rate, and Average Position using the colorful buttons at the top.

You should now see a list of keywords as well as numerous data columns. If you’re simply curious about your ranking, don’t overlook the Position column, which displays your position in the results (1-10 are on the first page).

3. SEMrush – Google SEO Ranking Checker:

This paid Google keyword ranking tool has a host of additional features for your business. You can check your Google ranking, as well as research keywords, evaluate backlinks, and keep track of algorithm updates. Regardless of how much data you have, SEMrush makes it easy to understand. You can see all of the data at once on the main dashboard. Otherwise, you can view each data point independently by using the tabs.

4. TheHoth Tools – FREE Google SEO Ranking Checker:

TheHoth Tools

This SEMrush-powered free Google Rank Checker Tool assists you in determining your top traffic-driving keywords. Enter your website below to find high-volume keywords that you can simply push to the top of the search results!

How To Use This Tool:

This free Google SEO ranking checker tool can help determine your website’s SEO ranking and identify high-traffic keywords that can propel you to the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

When it comes to ranking your website, the Google algorithm evaluates a plethora of criteria. Simply type a URL into the box above and click “View Google Rankings.” You’ll be given a detailed list of your keywords. Here’s an example of a domain name for “thehoth.com.”

This tool can also support you in obtaining links to your website via HOTH Guest Post. Backlinks from high-authority websites will help you climb the search engine ranks. You can also save the list as a CSV or PDF file for later use or inclusion in a report.

5. Small SEO Tools – Google SEO ranking checker

The goal of any Meta tags website owner or marketer is to constantly secure and keep one of the coveted top three SERP positions. To begin, you need to determine who is stationed where, and you’ll be able to develop an effective SEO plan to accomplish your objectives that way.

It may take some time, but each milestone shows that you’re on the right course with the least amount of effort. For your Google SEO ranking checker, you may use this free Keyword Position Checker. Users can enter the domain name, keywords, and search engine into the blue ‘Check Position’ box and press the ‘Check Position’ button.

Mostly it’s quick and easy to use, but it’s also incredibly dependable and effective. If you own a smartphone-related website, for example, you might be curious about how your site ranks in Google for the term “best smartphones.

You should also use their other free SEO tools, such as the Keyword Suggestions Tool, Backlink Maker, and Keyword Competition Checker.

6. Google Rank Checker:

Phedra Tech’s Google SEO Ranking Checker, SERPs Rankings Tool allows you to quickly extract Google results for any search. The nicest part about this extension is that it not only extracts all of the data, but it also categorizes them into distinct groups. It’s useful if you want to look at your own Google rankings or see how your competitors are doing.

Google has been observed to return different results for the same keyword on desktop and mobile devices, indicating that it is also compatible on mobile.

Main Features:

  • Extract Google Results based on any keyword.
  • It may be used on Desktop • Can be used on Mobile
  • The domain name of a website is provided in a separate column
  • The date of the query is recorded
  • Each type of result can be filtered

What is the best way to use it?

  • To install this extension, go through the following steps:
  • Add this extension to your Google Chrome browser.
  • Go to Google and type in any keyword you like.
  • When you click the extension icon, it will open a new tab with all of the SERP results, which you can export to CSV.

7. SEO Review Tools – Free Google SEO Ranking Checker:

SEO Review Tools is a set of real-time SEO tools for analyzing your website and keeping tabs on your competitors in the search results. All of the tools are built to be fast and to provide actionable recommendations and valuable insights to help you improve your website.

Because the ranking results are returned in real-time, this tool is set to check a maximum of 10 keywords at a time. The tool does not yet support local search options.

8. Search Engine Reports – Free Google SEO Ranking Checker:

By simply entering the essential keywords and domains, you may verify not only your own rating but the rank of any website for any word. As a result, you should use our free keyword rank checker to analyze your own or competitors’ keyword positions. It’s as simple as entering the keywords and domain and receiving accurate results with a single click.


In the niche blink of an eye, you can get results for any specific website.

When using our keyword ranking tool to check ranks, you don’t have to worry about getting inaccurate results.

The free keyword rank checker not only delivers accurate rankings, but also provides additional search results such as keyword trend, volume, difficulty, and much more to our visitors.

You may monitor Google ranking results not only on your desktop but also on your mobile device. You can also check keyword positioning for different locations.

You can quickly check your exact keyword positions using this tool. Simply type in your target term and domain name. You can adjust the nation and platform parameters of the search query (desktop or mobile) if necessary, or choose a city to get localized results.

You may also use this tool to swiftly examine your precise keyword locations. Simply enter your keyword and domain name. If necessary, you can change the country and platform parameters of the search query (desktop or mobile), or select a city to get localized results.

The Seobility Ranking Checker will show you not just your website’s current ranking for a specific keyword, but also a comprehensive overview of Google’s top 100 search results, along with a preview of each SERP snippet.

10. Serprobot – Google SEO Ranking Checker



This basic dashboard displays the progress of your website. You may plan for the future using numbers that you can understand. For web developers and hobbyists, this is the best tool available. SerpRobot is the greatest, thus they provide a free version with a lot of features. A fantastic SERP checker that comes highly recommended. Very reasonably priced, educational, and simple to use.

SERPROBOT, which is spelled in all uppercase for emphasis, is a tool that monitors your search engine ranking position (SERP). Any search engine optimization (SEO) agency, social media agency, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) media agency needs to know your website’s SERP. As a result, SERP tracking that is accurate and real-time is a must-have tool.

10 Best Free Google SEO Ranking Checker: Check Google Rank

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