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GreenGeeks Affiliate: 21 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Looking for a Greengeeks Affiliate but can’t decide? GreenGeeks is an Environment-Friendly Hosting that will keep your business happy because its offer to offset spent energy with 300 percent wind credits sets a high bar for other web servers trying to become green or minimize their carbon footprint.

The management team at GreenGeeks has more than 40 years of experience in delivering high-quality, low-cost website hosting. GreenGeeks has an unequaled reputation for providing high-quality green energy web hosting at an accessible price, with amazing 24x7x365 support.

Table of Content:

  1. GreenGeeks Affiliate Review:
  2. GreenGeeks Hosting Review:
  3. FTC Requirements for Greengeeks Affiliates:
  4. When are the Greengeeks Affiliate Sales Commissions due?
  5. Why is GreenGeeks Web Hosting Affiliate Program is One of the Best?
  6. How to Earn With the GreenGeeks Affiliate Program:
  7. Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs In 2022:
  8. FAQs

GreenGeeks Affiliate Review:

GreenGeeks’ web hosting affiliate program is one of the most rewarding and lucrative on the market today. Join over 15,000 affiliates in promoting one of the Internet’s fastest-growing web hosting companies. You’ll not only be promoting a fantastic web hosting service, but you’ll also be spreading our green message to help make the Internet a more environmentally friendly medium.

GreenGeeks also provides additional rewards and incentives. Get in touch with Trey Gardner, the CEO, and Greengeeks affiliate manager, to see what kind of unique incentives you might be eligible for.

Why should you become a member of the GreenGeeks Affiliate Program?

  • Affiliate team that is dedicated
  • A large number of creatives, content, and banners are available.
  • URL for unique affiliate tracking
  • Landing pages with a specific audience
  • Unique campaign tracking
  • Real-time advanced statistics
  • Commissions for performers that are competitive

How does the GreenGeeks Affiliate Program work?

When you refer consumers to GreenGeeks, you’ll get paid.

1. Link & Refer:

To track your referrals, you’ll be given a unique tracking URL. Simply copy and paste the URL onto your website or send it to potential referrals.

2. Referral Buys Hosting:

When someone you refer buys something from GreenGeeks, they’ll instantly link the sale to your account and pay you a commission.

3. They Pay You $$$:

They’ll pay you up to $100 per sale when a referral signs up using your tracking link, and we’ll pay you out every month via PayPal.

Greengeeks Affiliate Program Highlights:

Greengeeks Affiliates Earn Up to $100 Per Signup—Over $6.5 Million Paid Out!

Greengreeks have massive earning potential; if you send them 1 referral per day for a month, you’ll earn a whopping $3,000 payout.

They’ll provide you with everything you’ll need to succeed as an affiliate:

  • Dedicated Affiliate Team
  • Wide Selection of Creatives, Content and Banners
  • Unique Affiliate Tracking URL
  • Targeted Landing Pages
  • Custom Campaign Tracking
  • Advanced Real-Time Statistics
  • Competitive Commissions for Performers
  • and much more!

GreenGeeks Hosting Review:


GreenGeeks Hosting Review

GreenGeeks is a good choice if you want a web host that will grow with your business. They provide scalable Linux-based hosting options at various pricing points, with the option to upgrade server resources if your website outgrows the initial plan.


Shared Hosting:

50 GB storage, 50 email accounts, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL, free CDN, and one year of free domain registration are all included in their Lite shared hosting plan.

VPS Hosting:

GreenGeeks offers three different fully managed VPS solutions. The cheapest package comes with 2 GB RAM, 4 vCPU, and 50 GB SSD storage.

Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated servers with 2-16GB RAM and 500GB-1TB storage are available from GreenGeeks.

Is Reseller Hosting a Real Option?

Instead of Greengeeks Affiliate, you also have the option to earn with their Reseller hosting. Greengeels, unlike most web hosting providers, pay affiliates for referring their reseller or VPS web hosting business.

GreenGeeks lets resellers offer their customers a free site builder as well as individual cPanel accounts.

You will have access to WHM as part of your reseller hosting service, which will allow you to create several cPanel accounts.

FTC Requirements for Greengeeks Affiliates:

GreenGeeks mandates that each affiliate follow the FTC’s regulations and guidelines and that failure to do so may result in expulsion from the Greengeeks affiliate program and suspension of commissions.

How Do You Comply With FTC Regulations?

To comply with FTC standards, you must meet four basic requirements in terms of disclosing to your website users that you may get compensated for your reviews, suggestions, rankings, and other services.

1. Any page with a review, recommendation, remark, or article that advertises a product or service for which you receive an affiliate commission should include your disclosure.

2. It should be apparent to the reader that you may be compensated as an affiliate for your reviews, recommendations, rankings, and so on.

3. The disclaimer should be written in a font that is at least as large as the other text on your website page and contrasts with both the background and the other content on that page.

4. The disclosure should likewise begin with the word “disclosure,” and it should be obvious to your website visitor without the need for scrolling or any other form of user activity.

When are the Greengeeks affiliate sales commissions due?

Green Geeks affiliate commissions are paid on the 15th of each month for sales made in the previous month. Commissions will be paid on March 15th for sales made between January 1st and January 31st. Because they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, commissions are postponed until the middle of the next month.

You may also view the sales you’ve referred via the GreenGeeks affiliate system. Log in to the affiliate control panel to look for referred sales.

To avoid fraudulent accounts, all sales are thoroughly validated. All commissions are also manually approved; therefore, it’s possible that a sale won’t appear in your affiliate management panel for up to a day.

Why is the GreenGeeks Web Hosting Affiliate Program One of the Best?

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Web hosting affiliates can earn more money with Greengeeks than they can with other companies.

Every month, they offer a tiered affiliate reward schedule. That implies that the more clients you recommend in a given month, the more money you earn. Each additional client earns $10 for the value of the newest client’s payout plus each client they referred earlier in the same calendar month.

So here’s how it works: Green Greeks pay $50 for the first client of the month. If the affiliate refers a second client within that month, the commission for the second and first clients is increased to $60 each.

The affiliate commission structure is broken down into three tiers.

Commission Rates
$50 – $100 per sale

# of Signups Per Month:

  • If you can earn 1 sale, you will get $50 per sale
  • If you can earn 2 sales, you will get $60 per sale
  • If you can earn 3 sales, you will get $70 per sale
  • If you can earn 4 sales, you will get $80 per sale
  • If you can earn 5 sales, you will get $90 per sale
  • If you can earn 6 sales or more, you will get $100 per sale

Huge Earnings Potential! If you were to send them 1 referral a day in a given month, you would earn a whopping $3,000 payout.

Greengeeks not only pay commissions to affiliates who refer reseller and VPS clients to Greengeeks, but they also make it easy for affiliates to connect those clients to Greengeeks by providing specific tracking codes that link people interested in reseller or VPS services to Greengeeks.

How to Earn With the GreenGeeks Affiliate Program:

If you’re a web developer or own a hosting-related blog or website, you can earn money by referring a customer to GreenGeeks.

The first step is to sign up for the Greengeeks affiliate program.

Once it has been approved, log in to your affiliate account.

A cookie must be placed on the web hosting buyer’s computer before they purchase hosting services for the sale to be tracked to your affiliate account. The potential customer must either click on your affiliate link or type your affiliate tracking URL into a browser.

The following is an example of a Greengeeks affiliate URL:

That is the tracking link you want the prospective buyer to click or type into their browser.


Log in to the GreenGeeks Affiliate Program:

Go To the GreenGeeks affiliate dashboard, on the login page, and enter your username and password.

The following will appear in the Greengeeks Affiliate Login Box: Click the “Log in” button.

greengeeks affiliate login

Create Tracking Codes and Use Banners:

  • Log into the GreenGeeks affiliate portal and select “Banners” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a category, then copy the banner’s HTML code and paste it anywhere on your website.
  • Use only the URL portion of the code to create a text or email link.

greengeeks affiliate Banners

With the GreenGeeks Affiliates Program, How to Use Landing Pages?

The GreenGeeks affiliate program allows you to direct your referrals to other sections of their website, such as Going Green or WordPress Hosting, where they may have a particular interest.

The landing page you’d like to use in conjunction with your referral link, such as:

- – Where # is the landing page number from the column.-

For example, if you wanted your referrals to go to the WordPress hosting page, you’d use the URL:


What are the terms and conditions of the Greengeeks Affiliate Program?


  • For the first referral sale in a calendar month, affiliates get paid $50.00.
  • If an associate refers to a second sale within the same calendar month, both the first and second transaction’s commissions will increase to $60.
  • If an associate refers to the third transaction in the same calendar month, the commissions on all three sales will increase to $70, and so on.
  • To obtain your first $50 commission payout, you must generate a commissionable sale worth $50 commissions.


  • Referrals for which a refund was provided during the first 30 days of service will have their commissions reduced.
  • Commissions will be reversed if a referral does not have an active hosting account for 30 days.
  • Sales, promotions, email offers, and discounted pricing for schools, government, non-profits, and others are examples of non-standard rates.

Advertising Adherence:

  • Without explicit clearance, affiliates may not offer cashback, rate-lowering coupons, rewards, or incentives.
  • Affiliates must sign up for accounts using their tracking code, which is issued to them through their affiliate administration center.
  • Affiliates can use the affiliate management center’s approved banners and ad text code.


  • Without warning or advance notice, affiliate accounts may be canceled at any time.
  • Upon inspection, affiliate accounts that generate a substantial number of fake accounts may be deleted.
  • Affiliates are not permitted, and offenders who resell the GreenGeeks web hosting service will be deactivated.

Here is the link to read the full Greengeeks Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Final Word on GreenGeeks Hosting Review:

You may earn up to $100 for each sale with GreenGeeks Affiliate, an eco-friendly, safe site hosting platform. They have a tier system that pays well, with $50 for only one sale and $100 for six or more. Additionally, the organization offers a variety of creatives, content, and banners to ensure that the link or banner you place on your website or blog is one you’re confident of.

The Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs In 2022:

In the web hosting market, there are some of the best-paying web hosting affiliate programs. To be successful in affiliate marketing, you must learn how to boost traffic to your website and convert leads into sales. It’s great to make a lot of money, but you need to be sure the firm you’re marketing offers good service and has a good reputation.

Here is the list of Top Web hosting affiliate programs best to think about.

  1. Bluehost Affiliate Program:
  2. Hostgator Affiliate Program:
  3. WP Engine Affiliate Marketing:
  4. Kinsta Affiliate Program:
  5. Siteground Affiliate Program:
  6. Namecheap Web Hosting Affiliate Program:
  7. Hostinger Web Hosting Affiliate Program:
  8. DreamHost Affilite Program:
  9. GreenGeeks Affiliate Program
  10. Cloudways Web Hosting Affiliate Program:
  11. Liquid Web Affiliate Program:
  12. iPage Affiliate Program:
  13. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program:
  14. Scala Hosting Affiliate Program:
  15. Squarespace Web Hosting Affiliate:
  16. Flywheel Web Hosting Affiliate Program:
  17. Hostpapa Affiliate Program:
  18. Web Hosting Hub Affiliate
  19. Godaddy Web Hosting Affiliate Program:

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