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Cloudways Affiliate: 6 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Cloudways has relaunched its affiliate program, which now offers three alternative commission models with more choices for earning income. Without a doubt, the Cloudways affiliate program is one of the most effective strategies to generate passive income.

With five industry-leading infrastructures and the possibility to build infinite apps without entering into a contract, Cloudways provides plenty of cloud hosting flexibility. Customers can make use of managed support via live chat, ticketing, and an active community and knowledge base.

Table of Contend:

  1. Cloudways Affiliate Reviews
  2. Why Become a Cloudways Web Hosting Affiliate Program?
  3. How to Join Cloudways Affiliate Program?
  4. How To Earn With The Cloudways Affiliate Program?
  5. Who is Eligible to Participate in the Cloudways Affiliate Program?
  6. 10 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs In 2022:

Cloudways Affiliate Reviews

cloudways affiliate program Reviews

Cloudways is a hosting company that focuses on providing managed cloud services to businesses of all sizes.

Cloudways, based in Malta, has quickly established itself as the chosen hosting provider for thousands of organizations throughout the world, thanks to market-leading features such as:

  • AWS, Google Cloud, Vultr, and other managed services are available.
  • Hosting for WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and PHP
    For faster website speeds, use local data centers and a content delivery network (CDN).
  • The platform for improved teamwork and collaboration is developer and agency friendly.

Cloudways Affiliate: What’s in it for you?

As an affiliate marketer, Cloudways has a lot in store for you. For starters, your pitch will be backed up by a team of representatives.

If you want to learn more about promotions and how to influence the community, Cloudways has a wealth of Learning Resources, including publications that can help you get started with some of the most successful online enterprises.

As a result, when you make that pitch, you should tie it to your target audience.

When you sign up for the web hosting affiliate marketing program, you’ll get a clean and simple dashboard (CRM) to track sales and referrals and predict when you’ll reach your target milestone.

You can also employ the user’s browser to add cookies with a 90-day expiration date.

Features: Cloudways Affiliate Panel:

The Cloudways Affiliate Panel is a central hub with a variety of capabilities to allow you in setting up, deploying, and tracking the success of your affiliate marketing initiatives.

The Affiliate Panel has a simple UI that makes it simple to navigate. Reports (analytics), Campaigns (marketing campaign stats), and assistance options are among the parts.

Reports Tab:

The Reports tab collects all of your affiliate marketing reports in one place. Quick stats, trends reports, commission & payouts, and raw clicks are all covered in these reports.

  • Quick Stats
  • Trends report
  • Commission report
  • Payouts to me
  • Raw Clicks

Tracking Traffic Through The Dashboard:

Creating Ad Channels and Tracking Conversions

Within the dashboard, there’s another very useful feature. A sub ID tracking mechanism that may help you:

  • In the organization of traffic based on campaigns
  • Separate the traffic into different channels.
  • This method can be used to build links and place them in specific locations.
  • Determine how a user arrives at your website’s landing page via the internet.
  • Traffic from landing sites, keywords, ads, and emails, among other sources, is classified.
  • A channel can be used to track data like click-through rates and sign-ups.
  • You can use the Sub ID function to add two call-to-action buttons (CTAs) to your blog to test how well it performs.

Is it Worth Promoting the Cloudways Affiliate Program?

  • Commissions are generous✔️
  • 90-day affiliate cookie. ✔️
  • 3.91% conversion rate (according to Share-A-Sale). ✔️
  • Dedicated affiliate support manager. ✔️
  • A target audience from all over the world. ✔️
  •  Excellent affiliate reporting ✔️

Benefits: Cloudways Affiliate:

You can start earning right away after placing a banner (containing a special event and offer) on your website, blog, forum, social networking page, direct email, or any other channel.

You will also receive the following advantages.

  • The Flexibility of Web Hosting Providers
  • Support for Affiliate Marketing at Its Best
  • Referral and Performance Tracking Affiliate Panel

How Much Can You Earn with Your Cloudways Affiliate Program?

Without a doubt, the number of affiliate commissions you can earn every sale determines the value of any affiliate program, so join the Cloudways affiliate program to increase your earnings.

You can earn up to $200 for each sale you make through the Cloudways affiliate hosting program. However, the program offers more than just increased commissions.

Cloudways Affiliate is your best web hosting affiliate program that offers three commission-earning methods, allowing you to conveniently earn according to your needs. Unlike other hosting affiliate programs that just offer a residual income or a CPA revenue model, Cloudways provides both.

Commission Rates
$50 – $125 per sale

Every month on the 20th, all Cloudways affiliate payouts are made to the affiliate.

You have two options to earn either Slab (CPA commission model) or Hybrid (residual income)


  • Based on the performance slabs, earn $50 to $125 for each sale.
  • Get a high-paying one-time payout for your efforts.
  • At any point, you have the option to switch to a hybrid or custom plan.
  • Payments are made every month if you reach the $250 level.
  • Affiliates who can refer consumers regularly will benefit from this program.
  • Performance marketers and media publishers will benefit the most from this tool.


  • Get a $30 welcome bonus plus 7% recurring commissions.
  • By making sales based on retention, you may say goodbye to short-term profits and hello to long-term profits.
  • Freelancers, bloggers, and digital agencies will enjoy it.
  • Payments are made every month if you reach the $250 level.
  • As long as your referred users stay with Cloudways, you’ll get paid regularly.


You can also choose custom (a commission structure tailored to your skills and knowledge) to earn money based on your abilities.

  • Earn $200 for each referral you make.
  • Profit from a commission system that is tailored to your needs.
  • It’s ideal for affiliate marketers who have a lot of experience.

Earn Free Hosting Credits with Cloudways:

Affiliate marketing is a great way for a company to spread its products or services through unaffiliated channels called affiliates. For bringing in a sale for the business, the affiliate (third party) receives a commission.

Developer-Friendly Features:

Cloudways contains several high-end capabilities that make it easier for developers to design websites. Let’s take a closer look at them!

  • Easy Apps Deployment
  • Multiple Apps Support
  • Multiple Cloud Infrastructure
  • Performance-Rich Stack
  • CloudwaysBot
  • CloudwaysAPI

Why Become a Cloudways Web Hosting Affiliate Program?

As a Cloudways affiliate, you have a lot of power when it comes to earning commissions. Recommend and promote Cloudways to your visitors if they are seeking hassle-free cloud hosting with 1-Click capabilities for managed app migration and managed server and data security.

The biggest part about affiliate marketing is that you can advertise multiple products or services to your audience. If you are in a niche where promoting the Cloudways affiliate program makes sense, you should do so.

Why Join:

  • Dedicated Affiliate Managers
  • Learning Resources –
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Performance Reporting

There are three causes for this:

1. More opportunities to make bigger commissions:

When compared to other hosting companies that only offer shared or managed WordPress hosting, this puts you in a better position to earn as a Cloudways affiliate. As a result, their earning potential is limited due to the fact that their hosting brand does not provide a wide range of hosting services.

2. Support for affiliate marketing in its entirety:

Through newsletters, emails, and articles, you will receive all of the help and information you need to set up your affiliate website.

Promotional banners in various sizes are also available for various unique holiday offers and seasonal promotions. You won’t have to hire specialized graphic designers to generate banner artwork for social media and other websites as a result of this.

3. Detailed performance reports and analysis:

It gives you a detailed and comprehensive summary of your entire success in terms of various indicators such as signups, conversions, commissions, current payments, the number of clicks, the number of referrals, and more.

You’ll get a detailed report on all customers you refer, including the commission tier they signed up for or converted to. You’ll never lose track of your recommendations this way.

How to join the Cloudways Affiliate Program:

How to Join Cloudways Affiliate Program

The Cloudways affiliate program provides you with a terrific opportunity to earn commissions on any of its three commission tiers.

To get started, create an account on the Cloudways Platform and fill out the necessary information to have access to your affiliate panel. Use Cloudways advertising banners, unique deals, and seasonal campaigns to create affiliate links. Earn high-paying commissions based on the time and effort you put into your affiliate program of choice.

How Do I Join It?

To join, the affiliate must first become a member of ShareASale. To become a member of Cloudways, go to the merchant page and sign up.

-Simply go to the Cloudways affiliate program page and select BECOME AN AFFILIATE from the menu.

-After that, fill up your information, agree to the terms of service, and click START FREE.

-To use the affiliate panel, you must first log into the Cloudways platform and complete your affiliate profile.

-To do this, click the icon next to the project on the bar and select Affiliate Program

-After this, fill in your affiliate profile details and when you are finished, click Create Your Affiliate Profile

-If you want in-depth reports and affiliate links, click Access Your Affiliate Panel, where you will see a welcome message from the affiliate manager.

How to Earn With the Cloudways Affiliate Program:

How To Earn With The Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways is a managed platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that allows users to configure server settings, including CPU, server size, bandwidth, and more, as well as deploy popular online apps.

It’s a terrific place to start for affiliates who want to get paid regularly.

Cloudways has a ShareASale Affiliate Program that allows affiliates to earn money (even if it’s only one sale) and receive timely commission payouts.

They might take advantage of the possibility of earning significant commissions consistently.

Affiliates can make $50 for the first five transactions and then $125 for the 46th sale, according to the commission structure.

Cloudways Affiliate Payout:

If an affiliate makes even one sale, they will be paid a commission by the 20th of the following month. There is no minimum commission payment requirement to get the proper reward for the sale.

1. When the referrer has paid at least two invoices, the commission is approved.

2. Once your monthly profits surpass $250, your commission is paid via PayPal (approved commission)

3. Wire Transfer (available only for accounts that earn $1000 or more in approved commissions per payout cycle).

4. The affiliate fund can be deposited into your Cloudways account. Log into your Cloudways affiliate account and change the payment method to “Funds Transfer” to accomplish this.

After becoming a member of ShareASale’s Cloudways Affiliate Team You can:

Access Promotional Material:

Cloudways promotional material that is ready to use for campaigns is made available to the affiliate.

Performance Reporting:

To determine the success rate and impact, the system tracks clicks, conversions, and commissions.

Support for Cloudways Affiliates:

Affiliates can contact Cloudways’ dedicated affiliate managers through email at if they have any commission-related questions.

Who is Eligible to Participate in the Cloudways Affiliate Program?

Affiliate marketers who want to make money through blogging, training, freelancing, or working for digital firms would benefit the most from the program. This affiliate program is also an excellent option for website developers.


Promoting the Cloudways platform can earn and expand their income by assisting visitors in signing up via a unique link. Every blogger hopes to make money from their site through conversions.


Trainers can earn a lot of money with the Cloudways Affiliate Program. Every person who signs up for Cloudways through his affiliate link receives a commission.


Suggestions and guidance in moving clients’ existing websites to Cloudways can result in a sizable commission.

Digital Agencies:

By becoming a member of the Cloudways Affiliate Program, these digital agencies can earn money by introducing clients to Cloudways.


Cloudways is a well-known source of income for most affiliate marketers, with many making thousands of dollars each month. This is one of the free web hosting affiliate programs.

Concrete Infrastructure
A Power-Packed Hosting Stack
Simple & Easy Setup
Feature-Rich Console
Free SSL Certificates
Team Collaboration


  • Promotional Banners
  • Co-Marketing Deals
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Convenient Payment

Getting Started:

Cloudways Affiliate Login
Step #1: Create an Account
Step #2: Promote Your Link
Step #3: Refer and Earn

6 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs In 2022:

Some of the best-paying web hosting affiliate programs are available in the web hosting industry. You must understand how to increase traffic to your website and convert leads into sales to be successful in affiliate marketing. It’s great to earn a high commission, but you must ensure that the company you’re promoting provides quality service and has a decent reputation.

  1. SiteGround
  2. Bluehost
  3. WPEngine
  4. Kinsta
  5. HostGator
  6. Cloudways Affiliate
  7. iPage

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