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What are the Best 10 Different Types of Search Engines:

A search engine’s job is to extract information from the vast database of resources available on the internet. There are different types of search engines that can help you find the information you need. Search engines have become a vital day-to-day tool for discovering information when you don’t know where it’s stored. In this essay, we’ll go through the many types of search engines and their functions.

What are the Types of Search Engines?

Crawler-based search engines, human-powered directories, and hybrid search engines are all referred to as “search engines” in the same way. These types of search engines compile their results in a variety of methods.

Based on how they work, search engines are divided into the three groups below.

  1. crawler-based searches
  2. human-powered directories
  3. hybrid searches

Type of  List of Internet Search Engines:

Types of Search Engines

1. Crawler-based search engine type: When web pages are updated, crawler-based search engines eventually notice the changes, which might have an impact on how those pages are indexed. The title of the page, the body copy, and other aspects all play a part.

2. Human-powered directories: When a search is performed, it only looks for matches in the descriptions provided. As a result, changing web pages have no effect on how they are ranked. Techniques that are effective for optimizing a search engine listing have nothing to do with improving a directory listing.

3. Hybrid search engines: When conducting a search, it is very usual to combine crawler-type and human-powered results. A hybrid is one of the types of search engines that will usually prioritize one sort of listing over another.

Some other search engine types:

Searching, evaluating, and sharing sites are prioritized over having a personal profile. It began as a method to pass the time while bored, but it has since grown in popularity and become more effective in its searches. Perhaps the most well-known and effective in this field is StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon: It will return sites that others have reviewed and feel you will appreciate using a recommender system. It can also be used in conjunction with major types of search engines like Google, providing a green checkmark for sites that it has specially matched you with.

Yoono is a social media application that is more of a Firefox browser extension. The ‘Discover’ button is the most beneficial of them, as it directs you to sites that are similar to the ones being browsed at the time.

Fichey is one of the most unusual social network searches. It aggregates popular searches from Digg, StumbleUpon, and other similar sites and converts them into pages that can be turned through like a magazine.

Companie’s List of Internet Search Engines:

Search engine name list: Listing of search engines: A selected list of the industry’s top Search Engines & Internet Portals companies. The oldest company on this list was created in 1899, while the most current company in this category was founded in 2018.

The complete list of search engines: Let’s have overlooked all types of search engines

LinkedIn is an internet platform that connects professionals all over the world.

YELP: Yelp is a website that connects people with fantastic local businesses. online radio stations that are programmed by comparing user data to that of the rest of the community.

Rocket Internet: Outside of the United States and China, Rocket Internet’s objective is to become the world’s largest Internet platform.

Unsplash: Download and use beautiful, free pictures and photos for any project. discovers the top local service experts for you in seconds.

Alternatives to Google Search: 10 Best List of Internet Search Engines

List of all Search Engines:

Types of Search Engines

1. MetaGer: is a metasearch engine that searches up to 50 different external search engines to get a diverse collection of results. When processing a query, it does not take clickthrough rate into account, therefore the results are unfiltered and unbiased. They even offer trip planning and maps without keeping track of your location.

2. Bing: is a Microsoft-developed search engine that is widely used in the Internet Search Engines List. It has a standard web search as well as searches for images, videos, retail, news, maps, and other categories. Bing (or simply “Live Search”) was born from MSN Search, which later became Windows Live Search.

3. Yahoo! Search is a renamed version of Microsoft’s Bing search engine, that is one of the types of search engines which is situated in Sunnyvale, California, and is owned by Yahoo! “Yahoo Search” originally referred to a Yahoo-provided interface that sent queries to a searchable index of pages enriched with Yahoo’s website directory.

4. DuckDuckGo: provides substantially more privacy than other browsers and is relatively safe. This means DuckDuckGo is one of the types of search engines that does not track you or collect your data when you search. It does not correlate your online searches to your IP address, unlike Google. As a result, you will not be bombarded with tailored adverts.

5. Startpage: is a privacy-focused search engine in the List of Internet Search Engines that aims to give search results comparable to Google’s while avoiding invasive tracking, third-party cookies, and targeted advertisements. While the service fulfills its promises, some users may find it difficult to abandon Google.

6. Gibiru: resurrects the alternative news front by allowing you to surf the web completely anonymously, leaving no trace of your searches or visits. If you’re looking for a traditional search engine with no filters or options, Gibiru, which was introduced in 2010, is worth a look.

7. Qwant: is the only one of the types of search engines in the List of Internet Search Engines category that focuses on user privacy. It was founded in Paris. Bing’s web crawler power complements Qwant’s search results. Qwant, which launched in 2013, is currently ranked sixth in the majority of daily online searches. Qwant, like DuckDuckGo, does not track its users’ geolocations, hence it is unable to provide accurate localized results to users.

8. Baidu is the most popular internet search engine in China. It is similar to Google in terms of features and services, but it focuses on China, where it controls the majority of the search market. According to Chinese rules, Baidu censors search results and other content.

9. ASK: is an e-business search engine that focuses on answering questions. It was launched in 1996. This website helps people find online pages by allowing them to put in the topic they’re looking for.

10. NEVER: Naver is the most popular website/app in the List of Internet Search Engines in South Korea, according to both SimilarWeb and Alexa. Naver is well known for its search engine, but it is also a gateway (much like Yahoo!) that has spawned additional programs such as Band (social media) and Line (instant messaging) (a messaging app). Above is the list of every search engine that is available on the net.

Non-Traditional Search Engines:

Different Types of Search Engines

When most people think of “search engines,” they think of text-based search engines like (a crawler-based search engine).

With the advancement of technology, however, many new types of search engines (and hence search engine algorithms) have emerged.

Directory Search Engines:

A directory type of search engine has humans decide which categories the websites belong to a directory search engine.

Meta Search Engines:

This is a type of search engine that is similar to a search engine for search engine results in that they mix the results from multiple search engines into a single aggregated results page.

EXAMPLES of types of search engines

  • Clusty
  • DeeperWeb
  • Dogpile
  • Excite

Multimedia / Image Search Engines

These types of search engines are searchable by using search queries in multiple data types.


  • Bing Videos
  • blinkx
  • FindSounds
  • Google Images
  • Google Video

Voice Search Engines

We can use voice search to speak to devices and receive responses in return.


  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Apple’s Siri

Shopping Search Engines:

These types of search engines help in the discovery of products by consumers. Amazon is the most apparent example. They rely on their own algorithms, product uploads, and user reviews, among other things.

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