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Best Print on Demand Yoga Mats Shopify: 5 Top POD Supplier

While there are other ways to start selling print on demand yoga mats online, I’ll focus on how to launch a print-on-demand yoga mat business in this post.

Many people are searching for tried-and-true, healthy ways to maintain their mental and physical health in today’s hectic and stressful world.

So you need to invest relatively little upfront when using print on demand. This implies that you may concentrate your capital on locating your target market rather than investing money on producing a product you’re not sure will be in demand.

What’s best? The yoga mat can be customized to your preferences, and you can sell as many products as you like!

Print On Demand Yoga Mats Supplier:

print on demand yoga mats

print on demand yoga mats

Treating yourself to a yoga mat you’ll enjoy exercising on will help you relax more easily. Make your yoga mat your own by adding calming hues or a motivational design to help you remain calm while practicing.

Yoga mats are a rather niche item, and print on demand is difficult to locate. Despite being two of the biggest names in the POD industry, neither Printful nor Printify has yoga mats available in their print-on-demand inventory.

Most sellers frequently turn to these two industry titans, so when they don’t provide a certain item, many assume that print on demand isn’t an option for that item.

Gooten is one POD vendor that offers yoga mats for sale. A well-known provider of print-on-demand, Gooten offers integrations through Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, and their own bespoke API. Below there is five best POD Supplier lists.

1. Selling Print On Demand Yoga Mats Via Shopify:

Shopify is the best option if you want to get going quickly and easily. It has mastered simplicity and usability, which makes starting and maintaining a Shopify store simple.

Through their Shopify app, Gooten may be fully connected with and synchronized with Shopify. As a result, you may produce goods using Gooten and then import them into Shopify. When a customer places an order from your business, Gooten will handle the rest since these products will be synchronized.

Gooten is your man, then, if you want to start selling yoga mats through print on demand (or in this case, supplier).

2. Selling Custom Yoga Mats Via Etsy:

An Etsy shop is an alternative for print on demand yoga mats if putting up your store through Shopify seems a little too difficult. Similar to eBay, Etsy is a marketplace where vendors list their goods and send them to consumers. Anyone may open a store on Etsy, and Gooten integrates with them similarly to how they do with Shopify.

You are setting up a store under your own name while using Shopify. You completely depend on the Etsy marketplace to sell your products for you when you use it. If you want to start selling on Etsy, there is surely a market as there is a subcategory only for yoga mats.

3. Selling Print On Demand Yoga Mats via Society6 Fast:

You might choose to sell yoga mats on the Society6 marketplace if you intend to produce a lot of yoga mat designs. Similar to Redbubble and Teespring, Society6 is a print-on-demand store.

Customers frequently visit these marketplaces with the express purpose of buying print-on-demand products. However, these markets are very crowded (much more so than Etsy), so unless you have incredibly distinctive and exceptional creations, I would not advise going this route.

4. Selling Print On Demand Yoga Mats via Prodigi:

Prodigi offers premium natural rubber yoga mats with print-on-demand dye-sublimation that can be delivered to your clients in recycled corrugated cardboard packaging.

Using cutting-edge dye-sublimation technology, Prodigi yoga mats may be custom printed with your own design for an incredibly sharp, vibrant image.

Currently, Prodigi employs over 100 people operating local print laboratories in the US, the UK, and continental Europe.

5. Selling Print On Demand Yoga Mats via Pixels:

With 15 global fulfillment facilities spread across the US, UK, EU, Canada, and Australia, Fine Art America, a major technology firm, owns Pixels, a company that offers custom yoga mat print-on-demand.


  • Yoga Mats: Starting from $44.
  • Costs of shipping: $15 to the US and $30 to

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee included with every unique yoga mat you buy from Pixels. You can return your customized yoga mat to us for a complete refund of the purchase price if you’re not satisfied with it for any reason.

How to Design Your Custom Printed Yoga Mats?

If you have design knowledge, you can easily add your own unique yoga mat designs to your store using the Gooten app by using Photoshop and/or Illustrator.

Don’t worry, though, if you lack design skills (which I anticipate most of you do not). Still possible to launch a personalized yoga mat company!

On Fiverr, you can commission a designer to create a yoga mat for you. On Fiverr, there are even vendors who specialize in creating bespoke yoga mats!

It is still advisable to download the template and give it to your Fiverr designer. Alternately, mention that you’re printing yoga mats on demand with Gooten.

One-by-one orders for customized yoga mats are accepted, and you may even sell them on Zazzle like the shown hopscotch mat. Another custom yoga mat printer and store where you can purchase pre-made yoga mat designs is Society6.

How to Start a Print on Demand Yoga Mats Business:

print on demand yoga mats

print on demand yoga mats

Selling yoga mats is not only a great way to help yogis all over the world, but it is also a growing industry. Numerous stores sell yoga mats of various prices and qualities, including:
  • BalanceFrom
  • Manduka
  • Ningbo Pidegree Rubber Plastic Industry
  • See Green Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Famosa Corp. and many other

These businesses are market giants, selling yoga mats of every description to clients all over the world. To counter this, more varied requests for yoga equipment are being made in the industry as more people join the yoga practice community.

There are a number of crucial stages to take in order to enter a market crowded with mass-market suppliers, starting with the concept of how to start a yoga mat business and ending with the introduction of the print on demand yoga mats service. Offering bespoke yoga mat services is a fantastic way to stand out on the market, draw plenty of clients, and increase revenue. Let’s look at the stages your business plan for print-on-demand yoga mats needs to cover.

1. Creating design of your print on demand yoga mats:

You are now free to let your imagination and creativity run wild, but keep in mind some of the major business trends. The color options for yoga mats are practically endless, yet your yogi customers could choose hues that are closer to the natural tones. You can always go for a big idea when starting a yoga mat company and create your own mat with a distinctive logo and patterns. Become an artist and produce unique, authentic art on yoga mats!

2. Find the printer’s partner:

When you have ideas for your print on demand yoga mats designs, it’s important to look for a reputable company that offers on-demand printing services. Be cautious and avoid selecting the first Internet choice you come across.

Your yoga mats are composed of high-quality synthetic thermoplastic foam, so you should work with a printing company that has experience with a variety of materials. Not only does a good yoga mat need to have an appealing design, but your printer’s partner also needs to have knowledge in this area and be able to provide the best advice for getting your print on demand yoga mats business off to a successful start.

3. Sell yoga mats using eCommerce platforms:

Once you’ve secured a printer’s partner and mat designs, you may proceed to market your goods on web marketplaces. You don’t need to set up an offline store where customers can come buy a yoga mat because you can save them time and money by providing them with a completely customizable product generator online.

Additionally, once you’ve accomplished the first two objectives, running any dropshipping business with print on demand yoga mats merely needs that you maintain open lines of communication with your customers and suppliers.

4. Get profit:

You must modify the promotion campaigns and payment methods to ensure that your print on demand yoga mats leave the warehouses and arrive at their delighted owners. so that all it takes for your customers to order the yoga mats of their desires is a few clicks.

Maintain a positive attitude, be driven, and maintain contact with your clients. You did a terrific job when you started selling print-on-demand yoga mats online, and you merit receiving compensation for your efforts.

Keep in mind that this fad is gaining popularity every year and that you can always support it by buying a new, specially-made yoga mat!

That’s all there is to know about starting a print-on-demand business selling personalized yoga mats.

Consider building a Shopify store and integrating it with Gooten if you want to establish your own business and build a brand that you can promote through paid advertising or social media.

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