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10 Best Print on Demand for Greeting Cards Providers to Sell

People can now successfully operate an online art Etsy store and make money in a number of ways, including by offering print on demand greeting cards, which have a high market demand and might help them make a lot of money.

Whether you sell your products on Etsy, your website, or in a store, a print-on-demand provider might be your best choice for selling greeting cards. Giving someone the option to purchase a customized greeting card with no up-front costs is advantageous for both you and the customer.

A variety of print-on-demand products are available for purchase through print-on-demand. Simply customize them, determine your profit margins, and wait for the orders to start coming in.

Is Original Art Greeting Cards Profitable?

Today, print on demand greeting cards businesses make it simple for photographers and artists to print greeting cards from their images and artwork and to sell those cards online for no up-front fees. The majority of print-on-demand services produce gallery-quality products. The artwork won’t fade for many years because they print using archival inks on premium card paper. It’s never been simpler to purchase greeting cards and postcards online to sell at regional craft fairs.

Before you decide not to sell handcrafted cards, take into account the following data about the print on demand greeting cards industry.

An estimated $7.5 billion is spent on greeting cards each year in retail. Every year, nine out of ten households purchase greeting cards. Every year, the typical household purchases thirty unique greeting cards. (Reference:

Why Is Selling Greeting Cards Today More Lucrative for Artists?

Today, print-on-demand businesses make it simple for photographers and artists to print greeting cards from their images and artwork and to sell those cards online for no up-front fees. The majority of print on demand greeting cards services produce gallery-quality products. The artwork won’t fade for many years because they print using archival inks on premium card paper. It’s never been simpler to purchase greeting cards and postcards online to sell at regional craft fairs.

What to consider before using a print on demand greeting cards service:

Greeting cards are a fantastic opportunity to showcase your talent, and print-on-demand publishers are in high demand. You can order greeting cards with any design printed on them at any time from these businesses.

Before employing a service, you should think about a few things for print on demand greeting cards.

  • Privacy policy
  • Production times
  • The material used for the print job
  • Retail locations – from which they transport their goods
  • If they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Return shipping charges
  • Customer service
  • If they provide premium cardstock

How To Sell Greeting Cards Online:

Are you searching for the best place to sell art prints? The first step is to pick how you will print your cards.

  • Printing Greeting Cards To Sell from home
  • Have your business cards printed by a nearby printer.
  • Utilize a print-on-demand business to complete your orders.

The promotion of your cards both online and offline is the second step.

To market your creations, you must connect with clients. The most efficient method to achieve this is to connect to an eCommerce platform or online marketplace.

Where To Sell print on demand Greeting Cards Offline:

Local Craft And Art Fairs – Unique handmade greeting cards tend to do well at local craft fairs because people visit fairs searching for unique, one-of-a-kind gift and there are no shipping costs.

Local Stores – Look for some neighborhood gift shops, make an introduction, and ask the owner if you can sell your cards there.

Open Studio Events – Original art is not the only thing that can be purchased during open studio events. People who value your work would be thrilled to gift cards featuring your artwork to their loved ones.

Tips for selling print on demand greeting cards or artwork:

Having your website or print-on-demand URLs on the back of the cards is the key to developing long-lasting relationships with the people who buy your cards. You want to make it easy for people to remember how to reach you. When people receive your customized greeting card, they will also see your website on the back. If they need to buy greeting cards, they will look you up online.

Where To Sell Greeting Cards Online:

After choosing a place to display your print on demand greeting cards design, such as Etsy, Shopify, or your own website, you must work hard to get people to see the listing.

  • Social Media platforms – Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter are all popular places for people to view art.
  • Blog Posts – People look for greeting cards online every day.
  • Newsletters – Finding new customers is more difficult than selling goods to an existing customer.
About Print On Demand Postcards:

Customers can request prints of your artwork from this sort of postcard, and the business will print and deliver them. When you sell this kind of postcard as opposed to an original or limited edition print, you can reach a larger audience. Additionally, you are relieved of the burden of inventory storage and delivery.

About Etsy print on demand partners:

Etsy print on demand partners

You can sell custom greeting cards on Etsy indeed. Selling your handcrafted greeting cards on Etsy, where there is no rent or utility to pay, and you have complete control over pricing and shop appearance. Although there are costs related to what you sell on Etsy, there are no up-front fees to attract customers to buy your cards.

Print On Demand Greeting Cards Etsy:

By connecting with print-on-demand websites like Printify and Gooten, Etsy makes it simple for artists to sell copies of their artwork.

Conclusions Regarding Print on Demand Greeting Cards:

Online art sales have surged over the past five years, and they seem like they will continue to increase.

Online original painting sales have increased, and it’s never been simpler to find new painters throughout the world.

Artists can now run a profitable online art business and make money from a variety of sources, including the sale of prints of their works on goods like greeting cards, mugs, clothing, and fine art materials.

A print-on-demand business might be your best choice for selling greeting cards, regardless of whether you sell your work on Etsy, your own website, or in a physical store. Giving someone the option to buy a personalized greeting card with no upfront expenses benefits both you and the customer.

To reduce shipping costs, you might wish to look for greeting card printers in the UK if you reside in the UK.

Before spending a lot of money in print on demand greeting cards, do some research since there are various affordable greeting card printing businesses.

Best Print On Demand Sites For Greeting Cards:

Here are a few of the most often used print on demand greeting cards photographers and artists’ services used by.

1. Gelato –

Gelato – is becoming more trendy with card designers and will create more than fifty million cards in 2020. Gelato has facilities in thirty countries that make customers pleased with the 72-hour shipment period. They also find things simple to sell greeting cards on Etsy and Shopify.

Business cards, materials including 2-sided cards with white envelopes, premium silk, glossy paper business cards, flyers, brochures, folders, letterheads, and roll-up banners are among the products that Gelato specializes in.


  • Postcards & Greeting Cards: start at $6.16 (a pack of 10 cards).
  • Shipping Costs: start at $3 for the UK, $6 for the EU, $8 for the US, Canada, and Singapore, and $20 for all other nations.

2. Pwinty- Print on demand greeting cards

Pwinty – makes it very easy for artists to sell high-quality greeting cards on 320gms thick art paper.
Import your design and choose what sizes you would like to give your customers.

Each custom greeting card is printed one at a time on 320gsm thick art paper and includes a crisp white envelope at no additional charge.

Orders can be placed singly or in multipacks of 4, 8, or 16 to receive discounts.

  • Printed on watercolor paper that weighs 320 grams
  • The white surface that is smooth and satin-finished
  • Envelopes and protective cellophane sleeves are included.
  • Produced in the UK

3. Gooten:

Gooten– Print-on-demand greeting cards are easy with Gooten. They offer multiple sizes on multiple papers, including silk cover, matte cover, and uncoated cover. Each greeting card includes an envelope, and they are sent all over the world.

4. Merchize:

Merchize is a fast-growing print on demand greeting cards firm with headquarters in Vietnam that offers an end-to-end fulfillment solution to aid in the expansion of your enterprise.

From finding high-quality, in-demand products to integrating with the best eCommerce platforms like Shopify or Etsy, worldwide supply chain networks, and centralized order administration, everything has been addressed.

If you want to launch a print-on-demand dropshipping business online with little setup, use Merchize.


  • Greeting cards and postcards start at $3.99 for a basic card.
  • Shipping fees start at $5.4, go up to $16 for the EU and $7 for the rest of the world.

5. Prodigy:

Prodigy print on demand

Prodigy has offices in London, Alton, and Cardiff in addition to its headquarters in the UK. Prodigy has recently gained popularity and appeals quickly, especially in the UK market.

It strives to be a print-on-demand company that is eco-conscious, using sustainably produced paper to produce giclee classic/fine art postcards and greeting cards (both exterior and interior printing).


  • Greeting cards and postcards start at $0.5.
  • Express delivery costs $19.95, while Economy shipping charges start at $5.95.

6. Printify:

A digital company called Printify was established in 2015 and is funded by Silicon Valley angel investors. You can easily and rapidly provide your customers with high-quality greeting cards thanks to Printify. They make it possible for you to select the most cost-effective printer and manage your product supply chain.

Use Printify (print on demand greeting cards provider) to quickly and easily expand the product categories available in your business.


  • Postcards & Greeting Cards: From $2.37 (From $1.83 on Premium),
  • Shipping Costs: $3–6 in the US and $6–8 elsewhere in the world.

7. Pixels:

Pixels claims to be the ideal place to print cards. Their greeting cards are 5” x 7“and are obtainable horizontal and vertical with a white envelope. Pixel allows you to add a personal message, so each order is shipped within 5-7 days.

8. Superior:

One of the print on demand greeting cards company Superior provides you with printing that is of the greatest quality at reasonable prices.

To start constructing your own playing cards, select from the many imaginative templates for gaming cards and decks that are offered on their website. For a more unique appearance, you can also add your own pictures and images. Their personalized playing cards are the ideal way to advertise your company, present a unique gift, stuff stockings, remember an occasion, and much more!

9. StationeryHQ:

A family-run business, StationeryHQ (print on demand greeting cards providers)is situated in the San Francisco Bay Area. As the name implies, it concentrates on putting together print-on-demand stationery products like double-thick cards, flat greeting cards, folded cards, foil-stamped cards, die-cut cards, boxed card sets, portrait & landscape postcards, envelope liners, wrapping paper, stickers, notebooks & journals, office supplies, wedding supplies, and more.


  • Greeting cards & Postcards: From $1 per unit (MOQ is 10).
  • Shipping Costs: From $10

10. VistaPrint:

Choose Black River Imaging and make use of its fast service if you need to print cards quickly.

You may find different print on demand greetings cards, postcard,s and greeting card designs here, including flat, folded, shaped, foil-stamped, picture paper, press printed, LOFT, and ColorThick. Customizable albums, picture prints, ornaments, wall displays, and tabletop displays are among the other distinctive products available on Black River Imaging.


  • Postcards & Greeting Cards: From about $0.5-$2/piece (MOQ is 6-12).
  • Shipping Costs: US orders start at $6.95; free delivery is available for orders over $35. ranging from $20 to other nations.

About custom greeting card printing services:

When you print customized greeting cards, your customer will place their order with you directly rather than the printer. In other circumstances, you won’t even get paid until the item has been delivered.

Print Custom Greeting Cards with Printify, you can control your product supply chain and obtain the maximum return on your investment by selling print on demand greeting cards. Depending on whether you normally sell locally, you can select a print supplier based on region, compare pricing and rating reviews, or even choose the printer you want to use.

What Kind of Best Selling Print on Demand Greeting Cards Sell Fast?

Print on Demand Greeting Cards

print on demand greeting cards

This can include a highly significant occasion like a birth announcement or a memorable birthday, anniversary, or holiday. Greeting cards provide more attention to the occasion or event. Using greeting cards, it was decided that this occasion is unique and demands special consideration.

Let’s examine some typical applications for greeting cards to see if we can provide you with any inspiration for your shop.

Birthday cards contribute to everyone’s ability to enjoy their special day even more.

Funny Greeting Cards: If you use them correctly, a funny card can be used as a loving form of passive aggression.

Valentine’s Day Card: Make sure you participate in this event to maximize your sales and chances because Valentine’s Day is one of the largest days of the year for greeting card sales.

What are the popular sizes for print on demand greeting cards?

For the North American market, choose between 9 different greeting card formats, and for the rest of the world, choose between 9 different greeting card formats in cm. Getting started? The most popular sizes are A6 (10.5 x 14.8 cm), square (14.1 x 14.1 cm), and A5 (15.0 x 21.2 cm), which provide small, medium, and large options, respectively.

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