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15 Best Print on Demand Sites for Artists & photographers

Are you trying to find print-on-demand sites for artists that can give you an online income? You’re on the right page right now.

For individuals who wish to sell customized products without having to worry about manufacturing and shipping, print on demand is extremely beneficial. By creating distinctive products, you may concentrate on marketing the goods and making substantial profits.

I’m going to contrast a few of the top print on demand websites in this post.

What is Print On Demand?

Print on demand is a dropshipping-based business concept that gives you complete creative control over the product’s design without requiring any initial outlay of funds.
Print-on-demand supplier – Generally, these are print-on-demand services that connect to an eCommerce system and provide a free mockup generator.
Print-on-demand eCommerce platform –Generally, these are print-on-demand services that connect to an eCommerce system and provide a free mockup generator.
Print on demand marketplace – A print-on-demand market is essentially an online market with an established clientele (Amazon, for instance). Independent artists are welcome to create original products and list them on their marketplace.

Best Print on Demand Sites for Artists (Independent)

The best print-on-demand sites or marketplaces might help you in earning money online with no initial outlay.

The 1. Shopify

Standout features:

  • Free apps for automated income model
  • Tons of print-on-demand and dropshipping suppliers

Profit margin:

Shopify gives you an independent store and you will be getting a 100% profit margin.

2. Printful:

Like Printify, Printful also offers print-on-demand fulfillment services. You can link it to your current online store to start offering clients print-on-demand products.

Standout Features

  • Beginner-friendly mockup generator by Printful
  • High-quality products with fast shipment
  • 20% discount on sample orders and 30% discount on bulk orders

Profit margin

A free print-on-demand vendor without a monthly cost is Printful. The profit, however, will depend on your online market. For instance, you will pay a $0.20 listing fee for four months or until your item sells if you select Etsy + Printful. Additionally, a regular PayPal payment processing fee (about 3% + $0.25) and an Etsy commission fee of 5% are charged. There will be a 15% advertising fee for purchases made through paid Etsy offsite ads.


By registering for the Printful Free plan, which comes with all the essential features, you can get going. Additional paid capabilities including product mockups, backdrop removal tools, and marketing promo creation tools are included in Printful Plus, which costs $9 per month.


  • No order minimums
  • Local fulfillment from all over the world
  • Services with white labels allow you to package goods for your own brand
  • Huge and varied product catalog
  • High-quality and reliable printing
  • Extensive integrations


  • a Free plan with few design and marketing tools
  • To drive your own sales, you must.

3. Sellfy- Best print on demand sites for artists


One of the few eCommerce platforms that offer native print-on-demand functionality is Sellfy.

In contrast to the other companies on this list, Sellfy is one of the Best Print on Demand Sites for Artists and has a full-featured eCommerce platform, much like Wix or Shopify.

You can sell a wide range of different product categories on Sellfy. The most well-liked products are clothing, bags, phone covers, mugs, and stickers.

standout features

  • Free online store with built-in print-on-demand
  • Fast worldwide shipping
  • Instant payouts

Profit margin

You will have full control over profits.


  • Your print-on-demand store is entirely under your complete control and ownership.
  • It’s a versatile option that enables you to sell all different kinds of goods, including POD, digital goods, and standard inventory.
  • It has integrated sales and marketing tools.
  • There are numerous product categories to select from.


  • You must generate all of your traffic and sales because there isn’t an established market with a captive audience.
  • Print-on-demand merchandise cannot be returned or exchanged by your consumers.


By registering for the Free plan, which has a maximum of 10 products, you can get started. A 14-day trial is offered for the paid subscriptions, which start at $19 per month.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is provided by Sellfy.

4. Contrado- Best Print on Demand Sites for Artists:

Standout features

  • 450+ products available for designing
  • Build your brand by including your own label.
  • High-quality production facility

Profit margin

Contrado offers a 20% to 25% base commission and you get complete flexibility to set your own price. The payment period is 14 days.

5. Spreadshirt:

Standout features

  • Over 150 products in 3 different countries
  • High-quality clothing items

Profit margin

  • Sold on Spreadshirt – For every T-shirt sale you will receive $3, for hoodies $8
  • They also advertise things on third-party markets like Amazon and eBay, where a T-shirt will bring in $3.40.

6. Teespring

Standout features

  • Design and sell 50+ product types with no upfront cost
  • No monthly fees

Profit margin

After developing your product, you can pick any price you like. Teespring handles everything from printing to designing and charges a 15% service fee (minimum $2) on your product sales.

7. Society6- Best Print on Demand Sites for Artists

Standalone features

  • Unique product categories and no monthly charge
  • Bigger customer base

Profit margin

Despite the variety of their product categories, the profit margin is minimal. Except for art prints, canvas prints, and framed prints, which have higher profit margins, Society6 pays you 10% of the items you sell.

8. Zazzle:


best print on demand sites for artists

Standout features

  • 20 years old trustworthy marketplace
  • Beginner-friendly mock-up software
  • Higher profit margin

Profit margin

With Zazzle, there are three methods to monetize.

  • Artists/designers/photographers – All you have to do is design the item; they will handle production and delivery. Royalty rates can range from 5% to 99%.
  • Makers/manufacturers – You will be manufacturing the product for a 70% margin.
  • Associates – Promoting Zazzle products will give you 15% per sale.

9. CafePress

Standout features

  • 250+ products to design and sell
  • Fast shipment within 2 to 3 days

Profit margin

CafePress will offer you 10% of the retail price, the same as Zazzle, but you won’t have any say in how much the products cost.

10. Teepublic

Standout features

  • Both screen printing and DTG printing methods
  • Higher margin and good quality products

Profit margin

Their commission system is very comparable to Spreadshirt’s. The products’ entire profit is yours to retain. For instance, if you decide to sell a T-shirt for $24 instead of the base price of $10, you will make a straight profit of $14. Additionally, there will be an extra 11% profit if you advertise the product through a referral link.

11. Redbubble-Best Print on Demand Sites for Artists

Standout features

  • Feature your art on over 70 unique products
  • Round-the-clock customer support

Profit margin

The artist margin, which is often set at 20%, is included in the selling price on Redbubble along with the base price. You can alter the margin % and choose the ultimate selling price, though.

12. Merch by Amazon

Standalone features

  • Amazon-backed storefront
  • No inventory required

Profit margin

Merch by Amazon pays artists a very low rate for their design efforts. On average, you will only get $2.21 back on a $15.99 purchase.

13. Shirtee- Best print on demand sites for artists

Standalone features

  • Unique print-on-demand products
  • Integrates with Shopify, Woo, Etsy, and more
  • Sell over 40 products with your design

Profit margin

Create your own store on the POD marketplace, which is situated in Germany. Each product will have a base price, to which you can add as much profit as you choose.

the best print on demand sites for artists

14. Printify- Best Print on Demand Sites for Artists

Their preferred print-on-demand fulfillment business is Printify. It offers some of the lowest printing costs you’ll find anywhere, and excellent profit margins are a result of low printing costs.

Printify is not an eCommerce platform, in contrast to Sellfy. Being a print-on-demand fulfillment company, it simply handles the logistics of delivery and back-end printing. It does not allow you to create your own web store as Sellfy does.

Due to native integrations with WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Etsy, and eBay, you can effortlessly link it to your current website.

Which are the best print on demand websites?

Numerous best print-on-demand sites for artists or individuals allow you to sell on their marketplace as well as provide products for your eCommerce store (at a minimal cost).

However, there are a few solutions available if you prefer a creative marketplace to run your online store. Designing your product, adding the margin, and promoting the product page are all that is required; the print-on-demand marketplace will handle the logistics and fulfillment.

In my opinion, the two best print-on-demand services for an e-commerce website are Printful and Inkthreadable. Feel free to contact me through the contact page if you are still unsure.


  • Very affordable printing expenses and product bases
  • An extensive product catalog (600+ items)
  • Network of printing partners with a global reach for quick, local shipment anywhere
  • Highly scalable


  • Depending on the printing company you select, printing quality can vary widely.
  • There aren’t many choices for branding and customization.


Add your designs to t-shirts, phone covers, mugs, and any other item in Printify’s selection of 600+ high-quality products using the free integrated design tools (from top brands). Once your products are prepared for sale, decide on your prices and begin closing deals; Printify will handle the rest.

Start with Printify’s Free plan, which has a 5 online store maximum per account.

Paid plans start at $24.99/month when billed annually and come with more stores and up to 20% discount on products.

6 Best Print on Demand Companies for Art Prints and So on:

best print on demand companies

As an artist, it would be wonderful to be able to sell your art prints repeatedly without having to deal with the inconvenience of printing and shipping. These are the top print-on-demand businesses for you to pick from:

  1. Printful
  2. Sellfy
  3. Printify
  4. Gooten
  5. Redbubble
  6. Fine Art America

1. Printful Art Prints:

Printful is not a store; it is a print provider. The fantastic news is that Printful can sync to your shop instantly. Your orders won’t need to be manually imported, and Printful will handle processing them. This is how it goes:

The Printful system will detect any orders for listings you’ve established with them and add them right away to your dashboard. After you pay for the product, they’ll start processing it. When they send your order after it has been completed, your Etsy account will immediately terminate the order.

Create a free Printful account and purchase a few samples if you’re new to print-on-demand. They’ll not only make great Christmas presents, but they’ll also offer you a solid understanding of how Printful operates and the caliber of their work.

2. Sellfy-Best Print on Demand Sites for Artists

Sellfy might be an excellent option if you enjoy the concept of Printful but don’t want to worry about integrating your PoD platform into a different web store to sell your print-on-demand artwork.

Sellfy functions similarly to Printful and provides many of the same items. They can automatically fulfill your purchases from any of their fulfillment locations across the world, similar to Printful.

They offer the same canvas prints, framed prints, and posters that may all be printed upon demand.

The main distinction is that your Sellfy account and storefront are where everything is hosted. No need to manage an additional Etsy, Shopify, or another online store as well.

Sellfy is a fantastic choice for any artists who wish to offer things other than print-on-demand. Digital products, subscriptions, courses, and physical products beyond print on demand; Sellfy has options for so many different product types.

3. Printify Art Prints:

Printify and Printful are quite similar. Use Printify and Printful together in your store to access as many products as you can since they each offer a different selection of products compared to Printful.

Like Printify and Printful, Gooten is a print service provider. I won’t go over the process again because Printify and Printful’s platforms operate in very similar ways.

5. Redbubble Art Prints:

Unlike the last 3 print providers we’ve discussed, Redbubble is NOT one. Through Redbubble’s platform and store, you can sell your art when using this service. You get paid a royalty each time a sale is made.

For artists, Redbubble is AMAZING. Although a wide variety of designs are successful on their platform, I’ve always thought of it as a haven for creative, eccentric, and distinctive work. Many consumers seek Redbubble for unique items rather than the standard items they may find on Amazon.

6. Fine Art America Art Prints:

Fine Art America has offered artists an online gallery and marketplace for their works since 2006. It is a well-known destination marketplace for artists to offer their creations in forms including wall art, greeting cards, home decor, stationery, clothes, phone cases, and many more things because it is a print-on-demand technology company.

As the name suggests, Fine Art America is fantastic for artists. You can use their platform, which is similar to Redbubble, to upload your designs and use their store and platform. You get a royalty for each sale you make.

Several print-on-demand businesses can support you in getting started if your goal is to earn money as an artist by selling art prints. Fortunately, all of these platforms offer free initial use. Create an account, explore, and plan your upcoming art print company!

There are many advantages offered by the free membership plan, and signing up is completely free. These include the ability to sell products through a variety of channels, gain access to networking possibilities, and group photos into an endless number of collections.

Members can upload an unlimited number of photographs, make their own websites, and sell their artwork by upgrading to a Premium account for US$30 per year. By raising the base price of each product, artists may determine their revenues. For additional information, visit Fine Art America.

​Top Print on Demand Services for Artists:

With a print-on-demand company, you may sell your original artwork on t-shirts, mugs, and other bespoke merchandise. You provide the artwork, and the print-on-demand website with which you have partnered handles fulfillment by producing and delivering the item to customers on your behalf.

1. Saatchi Art:

Saatchi Art

best print on demand sites for artists

Artists and photographers can build digital galleries at Saatchi Art to showcase and market their work. Offering their paintings, sketches, or pictures as high-quality prints is a common way for artists to monetize their work.

Selling Limited Edition prints, which, as the name suggests, only have a small number of prints available for purchase, is one alternative.

The quantity of prints that can be made is unrestricted with the Open Edition option. For artists who choose to sell prints of their work in this manner, Saatchi Art will create, print, and ship things.

2. ArtPal- Best print on demand sites for artists

With well over 100,000 customers, ArtPal is a very well-liked online gallery and print-on-demand service, provider. It’s a crucial platform that helps artists reach a global audience with their work. Greeting cards, postcards, boxes, garments, textiles, and a variety of other items can all be printed with designs.

ArtPal doesn’t charge membership dues, take commissions, or charge anything to sign up. By adding their prices to the site’s base printing cost, artists determine their revenues. After the 30-day return period has passed, payment is sent directly to the artist’s PayPal account on the 15th of each month.

3. Zazzle- Best Print on Demand Sites for Artists

Artists, graphic designers, and photographers can sign up for Zazzle’s free designer program and begin selling their works to the site’s more than 30 million global buyers. Zazzle will take care of the rest; all users need to do is register for a free account and upload their designs to the site’s retail-quality items.
A variety of goods are available on Zazzle. There are greeting cards, stationery, apparel, linens, pet supplies, phone cases, business cards, office and school supplies, posters, prints, and a wide variety of other items.

4. Spoonflower:

After more than ten years, Spoonflower has developed into a community of more than 3.5 artists who use its print-on-demand service to market a wide range of goods, including clothing, framed art, bed linens, furniture, banners, and much more.

The digital printing method used by Spoonflower, a sustainable business, uses water-based, eco-friendly dyes and inks. Designs are continuously added.

You must first create an account, which is free and simple to do, to begin creating, printing, and selling goods. On every sale, artists receive 10% of the proceeds, with the potential to increase that amount to 15% if specific monthly benchmarks are reached.

5. SmugMug- best print on demand sites for artists

SmugMug will assist you whether you’re looking for a backup alternative to keep your images, a lovely gallery to showcase your best work, or something that can help you make money with your photos.

There are numerous SmugMug plans available, and each one offers unlimited image uploads, tools for building a captivating photo site, and the ability to order custom prints.

But if you’re ready to start selling your photos, you should sign up for the Portfolio plan ($180/year) or the Pro plan ($360/year).

These packages offer branding and marketing benefits, e-commerce-friendly galleries, and the option for users to establish sitewide pricing while keeping 85% of the markup.

6. AbsoluteArts- Best print on demand sites for artists, which was established in 1999 by World Wide Arts Resources, offers artists the chance to sell their creations to clients from across the globe.

Up to 20 artworks may be uploaded with the Free account, which also offers basic website capabilities and levies a 35% sales commission.

The majority of artist website features, access to learning and marketing resources, videos, podcasts, blogs, and the ability to submit 60 photographs are all included in the Midlevel account.

Artists can upload an infinite amount of artwork images, use email marketing tools, and many other features with the Premiere account. The Premiere plan has a 20% sales commission.

Which are the best print on demand services for artists?

  1. Merch By Amazon
  2. Redbubble
  3. Teepublic
  4. Threadless
  5. Society6
  6. Displate
  7. Fine Art America

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