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Printify vs Teespring vs Teepublic | 7 Best Print On Demand Sites

Teespring vs TeePublic – Which Is Better? Although each print-on-demand service has its own features, distinctive product catalog, and shipping considerations, we’ve conducted a comparative evaluation of two of these businesses: Teespring and TeePublic, to help you narrow down your selections.

Teespring vs TeePublic: What They Are And How They Work:

what is teespring

Teespring: A print-on-demand website called Teespring lets you make original designs from your own ideas and sell them on the site while they take care of the storefront and supply chain.

It benefits everyone by providing a straightforward method for producers, artists, and sellers to make and market their unique goods, with an infinite variety of goods that can be shipped to more than 180 nations worldwide.

TeePublic: Independent artists, podcasters, streamers, and other creators have a big marketplace to sell their work on high-quality goods and profit from each sale made on the platform.

You can find anything you adore on the platform because it offers more than 1.2 million designs and more than 100 different product types. Because the TeePublic team has more than ten years of experience and is committed to quality, they have set the highest requirements for the third-party fulfillment facilities where your artwork is produced and dispatched.

Teespring vs TeePublic: Features

In its catalog, Teespring offers an infinite variety of goods, including clothing, phone covers, mugs, accessories, home decor, backpacks, and more.

Teespring has the top customer satisfaction ratings in the market, therefore your products may be seen by eager customers.

In order to help buyers and sellers in using the service, a specialized support team is available.

With Teespring’s Boosted Network, you may add more qualifying items and gain from doing so without having to spend more time making them for additional locations.

Unlimited products: (Teespring vs Teepublic)

It enables you to immediately build more than 50 products and list them for sale on the marketplace.

Custom storefront:

Teespring gives you the option to personalize both your listings and your business. You can display your product assortment and open up new sales. A significant brand asset that keeps customers coming back to you is your store.

Teespring Launcher:

With the help of this application, you can quickly design products and choose how much money you want to gain from each sale. As soon as a listing is published, you can use it to change the details.

Ecommerce tools and analytics:

Around the world, Teespring delivers orders to 180 nations. Additionally, you receive tools for your online store, including those email marketing, discount codes, and more. Additionally, you may view your sales and other crucial and measurable indicators with native analytics.

what is teepublic


TeePublic offers international shipping and separate platforms for different nations. Additionally, as they ship from Europe, your consumers will receive their orders sooner.

Google Analytics and TeePublic have integrated so you can view your analytics and follow your sales.

Rapid SEO indexing:

Due to its successful search engine optimization, TeePublic collects organic traffic through integration with Google Analytics and displays its growth over the previous year.

Quick and easy uploading:

Thanks to TeePublic’s rapid and simple upload process, you can add more designs in less time. This also makes it simpler to sell on the site.

Fixed royalty rates:

There is no motivation for copycats to steal original designs at TeePublic. There are fewer copycat problems even if they still exist since it offers fixed royalty rates that prevent anyone from undercutting you on pricing.

Bulk uploader tool:

Instead of utilizing a CSV file, you can upload several designs using this tool, which makes the process easier and quicker.

Teespring vs TeePublic: Product Choice:

Teespring has a huge selection of goods that you may personalize and sell on your website. Although they constantly introduce new product possibilities, you can already instantly launch more than 50 print-on-demand items using their tool, the Teespring Launcher.

TeePublic: T-shirts, stickers, art prints, phone covers, kids’ apparel, sweatshirts, onesies, tank tops, mugs, notebooks, posters, pillows, bags, tapestries, laptop sleeves, and other items are available at TeePublic. You can email one of its many fulfillment locations with your suggestions for what they ought to offer as they are constantly looking to expand their products.

Teespring vs TeePublic: Analytics And Reporting

You may use Teespring’s dashboard and other tools to examine your analytics on KPIs like sales and others over time. You merely need to visit the Analytics part of your account to see a graphic graph with your orders, units sold, and earnings to see how well your products are selling.

TeePublic: You may view your sales and other analytics on TeePublic using Google Analytics. This information is available under the My Account section, where you can also view your sales, upcoming paycheck, earnings from the previous or current month, and overall earnings. Additionally, you can download a report on your earnings and view the overall sales.

Teespring vs TeePublic: Pricing

Although Teespring is entirely free to use, the cost of its products varies. If you’re selling an iPhone cover with a base price of $5, you can set the selling price at $12 and keep all of the profit; in this scenario, you would keep the remaining $7.

TeePublic: Joining, uploading, and using the TeePublic marketplace are all free. When an item is on sale for the first 72 hours, when you are featured, or when there is a site-wide sale, the sale price is applied; otherwise, the standard price is still in effect.

Teespring vs TeePublic: Similarities And Differences


  • Users simply have to pay the base price of the goods because they are both free print-on-demand marketplaces.
  • A wide selection of POD goods is available from Teespring and TeePublic.
  • Both of them provide accurate analytics.
  • All of the major debit/credit cards as well as PayPal are supported by TeePublic and Teespring.
  • Both POD platforms provide consumers with a wealth of materials and helpful customer support.

Differences: (Teespring vs Teepublic)

  • TeePublic only supports direct-to-garment printing (DTG), whereas Teespring supports both screen printing and DTG.
  • Teespring offers specialized items to consumers, in contrast to TeePublic.
  • TeePublic is the best option for long-term income, whilst Teespring is the best option for short-term fundraising or exclusive sales.
  • While TeePublic takes 15 business days on average to ship orders, Teespring takes 12 business days.

Teespring vs TeePublic: Pros & Cons

Teespring Pros and Cons:


  • Good if you have a well-known brand or a sizable fan base
  • Simple and quick to use
  • It can be used by everyone, not only artists.
  • Provides coupon codes and tools for eCommerce


  • Native design tools with fewer tools and capabilities
  • Not appropriate for long-term income generation
  • provides little organic traffic
  • To increase visitors, you must market your products and store.

TeePublic Pros and Cons: (Teespring vs Teepublic)


  • The high volume of customers offered (organic)
  • A complete package that includes printing, shipping, and customer service
  • You don’t have to put in a lot of work attracting customers and promoting your business or goods.


  • Profits are generally less.
  • You won’t receive buyer information, therefore you won’t be able to send them offers in the future.
  • The terms of the platform apply to you.

Teespring vs Teepublic- Setting Up as a Designer:

The first thing you should do on any T-shirt website is start a design. How simple is it to set up an account on TeePublic or Teespring?

To begin designing on Teespring, simply select “Start designing” at the site’s top. You can instantly log in using your Facebook or Google account when prompted to do so. This requires you to log in or establish an account. The next step is to decide the product category you want to develop. Options include die-cut stickers, T-shirts, leggings, and pillows. Then you can decide whether you want to buy or sell after selecting a more particular product design.

On the home page, click “Designer Set-up” to register with TeePublic. You can make an account with your email address, but the only social sign-in option is Facebook (not Google). A username, display name, and password must be selected. Select “Upload a Design” by hovering your cursor above the account symbol, and then decide whether to upload one or more files.

Teespring vs Teepublic, who is the Winner: Teespring, offers choices for both buying and selling and is simple to set up.

Teespring vs TeePublic coupon free shipping:

Free shipping is not available from TeePublic. The initial flat rate for shipping is $6.99. To shop and check out, you must enter the TeePublic discount code. Click the “Have a gift card or coupon code?” link to open a text box on the shopping cart page. Type the code inside and click Apply.

How can you get the TeePublic coupon code?

Get discount codes for TeePublic that you can use on your online purchases by visiting Giving Assistant’s TeePublic website. Use the Giving Assistant browser extension to automatically find the greatest promo codes.

Teespring vs Teepublic: What’s Good and Not Good:

Although it isn’t the best venue for everyone, you’d be insane not to give Teepublic a try if you do pop culture or humorous designs that are primarily created for T-Shirts.

What’s Good About Teepublic:

  • Great Organic Reach
  • Best Ever Upload Process
  • Increasing Brand Awareness
  • Fewer Incentives For Copycats

What’s Not Good About Teepublic:

  • Those Fixed Royalties Aren’t High
  • IP & Copyright Infringement

Printify vs Teespring vs Teepublic- Who should use it?

Printify vs Teespring

teespring vs teepublic

For new artists, TeePublic is fantastic. You don’t need a lot of money to start. You can use this to see if your target market actually exists and if you can regularly generate revenue. TeePublic is not advised for creators whose original creations don’t fit any market or trend currently in existence.

Celebrities and public figures, designers with sizable fan bases, designers who can be easily accessed via social media or advertisements, and Teespring are all excellent candidates. As was already indicated, virtually anyone may launch a campaign using the built-in designer program. It is also appropriate for organizations like schools, sports teams, and clubs who want to raise money by selling big quantities of shirts at inexpensive prices.

Which is better when compared to Teespring vs Teepublic: TeePublic is generally more advised. It is simpler to use due to its high volume of organic traffic, especially for rookie designers. Finding and keeping your target audience is not something you have to worry about. Simply concentrate on gathering concepts and transforming them into creative designs. Conversely, Teespring is better suited for users who already have a large following.

Printful vs Teespring:

We would choose Printful as the greatest and most reliable custom merch printing partner due to the greater selection of promotions and the variety of things that can be enjoyed in customizing. You can reach a variety of sizable prospective customers with a free app. It is easy to use and might be able to provide more potential consumers without requesting payment. Printful is the company to trust if you have a clear plan for your business in the merchandising industry. (teespring vs teepublic)

Are Printful and Printify the same thing?

Creating your eCommerce store is simple thanks to print-on-demand businesses like Printify and Printful. Printful and Printify are not the same business, because operating an online store requires a lot more than just selling goods. (teespring vs teepublic)

Which Is Better Between Printify and Teespring?

Printful vs Printify: The finest print-on-demand platform amongst Printify and Teespring to choose from depending on your budget and business goals. Teespring is the POD vendor to work with if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Printful is an unrivaled approach to use if all you desire is quality and customer pleasure.

Each platform consequently has advantages and disadvantages. To decide which POD solution is ideal for your dropshipping goals, you need to test both.

(7) Best Print On Demand Sites:

The ideal print-on-demand websites will have a large user base, strong organic traffic (traffic from Google), and make it very simple for designers and artists to publish and make revenue from their creations. These websites enable you to receive payment for your artwork, designs, drawings, and illustrations with little effort beyond posting.

  1. Merch By Amazon
  2. Redbubble
  3. Teepublic
  4. Threadless
  5. Society6
  6. Displate
  7. Fine Art America

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