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How to See Comments on Youtube App Android: {Best 2 Method}

It’s quite simple to learn – How to See Comments on Youtube: Anyone can answer a comment you submit on YouTube because comments there are public. After receiving a notification, if you can’t discover a comment, it’s likely that it has already been deleted. The original poster, the channel owner, or for violations of the rules, comments can be deleted.

Viewer comments can be an excellent method to learn more about your audience. You discover what viewers think of your videos and discover what subjects they are interested in learning more about.

  1. How to View your comments on Youtube
  2. How to Turn on comments on Youtube on iPhone
  3. How to See Comments on Youtube App Android
  4. How to View comments on Youtube app
  5. How to Find comments on Youtube

A Quick Overview – How to Find Comments on YouTube:

The 1.7 billion monthly unique users to YouTube can express what they love, detest, or simply must troll in the comments section. So! Effectively managing your comments (including moderation, answers, and analysis) is vital if you want to optimize your presence on YouTube as part of your social media strategy.

If you want to be a master in how to see comments on Youtube You need some basic knowledge of all the following things.

  • How to comment on a YouTube video
  • What is a highlighted comment?
  • How to view your YouTube comment history
  • How to moderate comments on YouTube
  • How to search for a YouTube comment
  • How to report delete comments
  • How to turn on/off comments on YouTube
  • How to find your comments on youtube

1. What is a highlighted comment?

YouTube tags relevant comments for you to make sure that fresh messages or key remarks don’t get lost in the noise. Once you have read or responded to the comment, the highlight will go.

2. How to view your YouTube comment history?

To know how to see comments on Youtube history, it’s simple to review the comments you’ve made on YouTube.

  • Check the Comment History.
  • To return to the page where you originally submitted your remark, click or tap the content.

Please take note: that comments made on removed videos won’t appear in this log. Your baiting has been lost in the sands of time.

3. How to See Your YouTube Comment History

Viewing your comment history is beneficial for numerous reasons. Perhaps you want to share one of your funniest remarks with your loved ones or recall a significant occasion.

Moreover, since YouTube allows you to edit or remove your comments, you can quickly amend or remove a comment entirely.

Knowing how to see comments on YouTube and manage them can be quite helpful, as YouTube retains a record of all the available comments you’ve made on your account.

4. How to search for a YouTube comment?

You can use keywords to search for data and sort the results by relevance, view count, date of upload, and rating. This function should be used if you want to view a YouTube comment that has received the most likes on one of your videos.

  • Click Comments in YouTube Studio, then select Search under the Published tab.
  • Enter the text you’re looking for right now.

You may use the Hootsuite tool that is quite easy to just add a search stream to your dashboard. All these above steps will definitely help you to know, how to see comments on Youtube.

What Motivates You to View Your Previous YouTube Comments?

If you watch a lot of YouTube videos, it’s probable that you’ve left hundreds or perhaps thousands of comments on different channels. You may wish to:

Delete comments that:

  • You believe are no longer pertinent in light of current events and should be deleted.
  • You find it to be disrespectful, rude, or offensive to other users.

How to Find Your Comments on YouTube:

How to Find Your Comments on YouTube

  • How to find your comments on YouTube on desktops Step by Step.
  • How to find your comments on YouTube on mobile Step by Step.
Tip: Try formatting your YouTube comments to make them more specific.

How to See Comments on Youtube on a Desktop

It is quite simple, you can view every comment on YouTube on your desktop.

  • Open YouTube in your preferred browser to view your previous comments.
  • Open the hamburger menu by clicking on the icon, then select the History item from the menu.
  • In the sidebar of History, you ought to notice the Comments option.
  • View Every Comment on YouTube on a Desktop

How to Share Your YouTube Comments on Desktop:

It’s also relatively simple to share your thoughts than how to see comments on youtube. When you click on one of your comments, as we previously demonstrated, a special link to the video page with your highlighted comment at the top of the comments list appears in the address bar of your browser.

How to See Comments on Youtube on Mobile?

Many users like watching videos on YouTube, which enjoys considerable popularity in the video-sharing sector. Some of them choose to comment on these films after watching them.

A FAQs is there any way I can see my comments on YouTube using mobile and is there a way I can see my comment history on YT??

As far as we are concerned, using the YouTube app on mobile devices, it is impossible to access the youtube comment history mobile. Be hopeful since there is a solution, although one that is a little more difficult.

  1. On your Youtube site log into your account on mobile.
  2. Tap the 3 vertical dots and select desktop to load the desktop version of YouTube.
  3. You should now be using your mobile browser’s desktop version.

How to turn on comments on youtube?

How to turn on comments on youtube


Turning on comments and allowing viewers to express their opinions within your videos is worthwhile for a number of reasons, including the chance to exchange ideas and build a community.

Forming a community with your viewers in the comments will speed up the growth of your channel. It’s crucial to understand how to turn on comments for YouTube videos for this reason.
This is how it functions.

How to Turn on Comments for YouTube Videos?

When it comes to how to see comments on youtube or turn on comments on videos, you have two choices. All videos can have comments turned on by default, or you can turn them on or off for specific ones.

1. How to turn on/off comments for an individual video:

Change the comment settings on your content page if you don’t want people to leave comments beneath a certain video. The same stands true if you wish to enable comments for particular videos.

  1. Enter your YouTube Studio username and click Content.
  2. Click the thumbnail of a video.
  3. Click SHOW MORE after scrolling down.
  4. Select your comment preferences under “Comments and ratings.” – Press Save.

2. How to turn off comments on youtube in three steps:

It is quite easy to know how to disable comments on YouTube –  Just like how to see comments on Youtube. So you can do it in three steps.

  1. Open your YouTube account and simply choose “Your videos”
  2. Your ‘YouTube Studio’ will automatically open
  3. choose “Community” and click on “Defaults.”
  4. Choose “Disable comments.” That’s it.

3. How to Comment on a YouTube Video in 3 steps

To make a comment:

  • Find the comment section.
  • Fill out the Add a comment section with your message.
  • Click Comment to post.

How to See Comments on Youtube App History?

How to See Comments on Youtube History

You can simply track and manage your YouTube comments if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod by using a browser or the YouTube app for iOS/iPhone.

Use the search bar at the top of the “History” area of your YouTube account to find the watched video you’re looking for or to find watched videos associated with a specific subject.

Managing YouTube Comments using the iOS App:

  1. Open the “iOS YouTube app” and sign in using your Google or YouTube credentials.
  2. Select the “## comments” link that is immediately adjacent to the “## subscriptions” link.
  3. Choose the “## comments” link found just under the “## subscriptions ” link.
  4. The page for “Your YouTube Comments” loads the “My Activity” menu from Google.
  5. Find the comment you wish to delete by scrolling up. To access the video’s page, tap the “video thumbnail.”
  6. To access the comments section, tap the “up/down icon.”
  7. Your comment should appear at the top. Select “Delete.” Once deleted, it is gone forever.

If a comment is missing from your history, it may have already been removed by the channel owner or you may have simply forgotten to delete it. If comments break the site’s rules, they can potentially be deleted by YouTube automation tools and admins. All comments made under a video will likewise be removed if the channel owner deletes it.

How to See My Comments on Youtube Android & iOS Apps?

To understand, how to see comments on Youtube within History & Privacy, click Manage all activity. You can choose the INTERACTIONS tab on your YouTube History page after clicking this. Locate the YouTube Comments section under the INTERACTIONS tab and select View Comments.

  1. Open the “YouTube” app on your Android device, and Click on “profile”
  2. Select “Settings.” then choose “History & privacy.”
  3. Now select “Manage all activity.” and Tap on the “hamburger menu icon”
  4. Decide on “Other Google activity.” To view comments, scroll down and tap that link.
  5. To find the one you want, scroll through your comments.


FAQs: How to See Comments on Youtube


Why are No Comments on Youtube?

The most frequent cause of not being able to leave a comment on a YouTube video is that the video’s author has disabled the comments option on one or more of their videos.

So if no comments on Youtube and want to know how to see comments on youtube, you need to make sure two things:

  1. First, do you have a functional internet connection
  2. Secondly that the video creator hasn’t blocked comments if the video contains any content that might be considered contentious.

What if my youtube comments not showing?

If YouTube my comments have been repeatedly disappearing there could be several reasons

Your cache and cookies are likely to cause YouTube’s scripts to malfunction if your browser doesn’t display any YouTube comments. Update your browser, turn off all of your extensions, and clear your cache. Check the outcomes after refreshing YouTube. Reinstall your browser or use a different web browser if the issue persists.

Also, check my youtube comments history box to make sure. To check my comments on youtube history type panel and you’ll see a panel showing your YouTube comment history. Hope knowing that you will be able how to see comments on Youtube.

What is a highlighted comment on youtube videos?

On YouTube, a comment that has been highlighted draws your attention and makes it easier for you to respond to it and know how to see comments on youtube. The feature is only there to assist you to traverse comments that might be of interest to you; neither users nor producers select to highlight comments, and it is neither good nor bad when it does.

Note: Once you have finished interacting in the labeled comment thread, you will notice that the highlight disappears. However, you can reload them by tapping the timestamp in the remark.

A comment that has been highlighted can be used to pinpoint a particular comment. Particularly if you want to follow up on a comment later, they can be helpful to bookmark.

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