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Is Youtube First Comment Finder Website Worth {Best 4 Tools}

What All You Need To Know About YouTube First Comment Finder: A fun and simple way to express your opinions are through comments on YouTube. A person would have difficulty finding any comments, though. The YouTube comment finder can be useful. To ensure that all of our readers fully understand each component, we shall talk about it separately in this post.

Each YouTube video has its own comment section. Finding a particular comment on a YouTube video with a small number of comments is not difficult.

What Is A YouTube Comment Finder?

An application or website is known as a “YouTube comment finder” enables users to swiftly browse through comments on any YouTube videos or even an entire channel by using the right key terms. Simply put, a YouTube comment finder is a program that makes it easier for users to locate comments on various YouTube videos and channels.

Searching for comments using Keyboard Shortcuts:

YouTubers can use comments, which are a wealth of creative ideas, to expand their creative process. Here are ways how to make life easier when searching for Youtube first comment finder using Keyboard Shortcuts:

  1. Go to and Log in to your account
  2. Load the specific YouTube video you want to get comments from the comments section.
  3. Once in the comments section, click Ctrl + F.
  4. When the search bar will appear on your browser and
    Type in a phrase or the word you want to search.
  5. When you press Ctrl + F to search YouTube, it directs you to the comments that contain the word or phrase you entered.
  6. Select the comment you were looking for.

4 Best Youtube First Comment Finder:

Best Youtube First Comment Finder

There are millions of users on YouTube from all around the world. Because so many individuals post comments on YouTube every second. If you have the correct tools, finding YouTube comments doesn’t have to be a time-consuming effort. To make your life as a YouTube creator or viewer easier and more fun, add and use these free tools.

  1. YouTube first Comment
  2. Hadzy
  3. YTComment Finder
  4. YouTube Comment Search Extension Firefox

1. YouTube First Comment Finder:

One of the unique features that no other comment finder has, is an e-tutorial that helps new learners understand the user interface and find the first comment on any YouTube video within no time and also see what comment was posted on what date.

Open ” cc/en/youtube-first comment and enter the link of your desired video into the search field to find comments on this website.

Next, click on “Get Video” and wait

The first comment for your selected video will be displayed once it has loaded.

1. Hadzy

Hadzy is a well-known YouTube comment searcher that enables you to keep track of numerous comment facts, like the time and date that a comment was posted, the user’s information, and the list.

Compared to YouTube First Comment Finder or other tools, they have some unique and useful features, including the View Statistics feature. Using this feature, you can keep track of each comment based on trending phrases and the most often asked topics by followers.

You must copy the YouTube video’s URL and put it into Hadzy’s search field in order to discover a remark. Enter now and wait for the results to appear.

3. YTComment Finder:

Compared to Youtube first comment finder or other tools, Youtube comment finder is one of the internet’s most user-friendly and beginner-friendly YouTube comment finders. The tool is cost-free and delivers outstanding outcomes as quickly as feasible.

Please go to Enter the title or URL If you wish to search for comments on a YouTube video, You can search for comments by typing the word or phrase you’re looking for, and all comments with that combination will be displayed.

4. YouTube Comment Search Extension Firefox:

YouTube Comment Search Extension Firefox

This YouTube comment search is different somewhat if compared to YouTube First Comment or other tools as it is not a website but a Firefox extension.

The best feature of this YouTube comment finder tool is its scalability, support for multilingual Search, ability to operate in incognito mode, and user-friendly export options for comments, responses, chat replays, and video transcripts.


FAQs – Youtube First Comment Finder

How To Find The First Comments On Any YouTube Video You Have Posted?

However, it is nearly impossible for someone to recall the YouTube video or channel where you posted that comment. Fortunately, there is a way you can find what you have posted.

Steps to Youtube First Comment Finder:

  1. Click on the three-lined icon on the YouTube homepage.
  2. Click next and the browser will lead you to your account’s history
  3. Select “History type” as “Community” and click on “Comments.” The page will then display all of your comments on YouTube.
  4. That’s it, and you can search the list for any of your previously published comments.

Youtube First comment Bot vs Youtube First Comment Finder:

Youtube First comment Bot

A Bot that posts comments on videos on YouTube automatically. Every defined period, this bot scans a given channel, and if a new video is discovered, it will publish the remark you wish to submit.


  • python 2.7
  • google api client modules
  • google api console account
  • Youtube account

On the other hand, on the YouTube First Comment finder interface, you can find the first comment on any YouTube video within no time and also see what comment was posted on what date.

Can You Search YouTube Comment Finder by User?

Click “Search comments” after entering the login. This is the only function on YouTube right now that lets you search for comments by username directly. However, the search only returns results from recent comments made within the last few hours. Before the time limit for search results expires, use this the same day you submit a comment.

How to Find the First comment on a youtube video?

By using tool, You can find the first comment on the YouTube video.

  • Press the share button for this at the YouTube video’s bottom.
  • Choose “Link Copy” from the pop-up menu and paste it into the “STEP 1, YouTube Video URL” form on the page.
  • The “Get Video” button must be clicked to proceed to the next one.

How to Get Affiliates on Youtube?

If your channel cannot be monetized, you will not be able to earn any money from the YouTube Affiliate Program. You can earn money by engaging in affiliate marketing, which involves including links to products you are using and reviewing in your videos that will track a purchase. Youtube first comment finder can help once you establish.

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