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How Do You Search Youtube Comments Engine: 3 Methods

Youtube comments searching comments from the YouTube comments section can be tricky because –

  • There are several comments on the video, most of which take a while to load. You can scroll and scroll until you find the appropriate comment.
  • For a busy platform like YouTube, managing and analyzing a large number of comments can be difficult.

Comments are a terrific way to communicate with other viewers on any YouTube video or channel. They provide both fun and knowledge, whether you have your own channel or engage with other subscribers. So, what are your options for fast-searching YouTube comments? This blog will demonstrate.

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Table of Content:

  • How to Find the Best YouTube Comments: 3 Methods
  • How do you search youtube comments search:
  • How to search for YouTube comments on a video step by step?
  • What are YouTube comment Bots?

How to Find the Best YouTube Comments: 3 Methods

The YouTube comments section may be a treasure trove of wit, wisdom, and/or drama. They are a fantastic way to interact with an audience for a youtube comments search. Some videos, on the other hand, contain hundreds, if not thousands, of comments to look through. Whatever your motive for searching through YouTube comments, there are a few simple ways to accomplish so. Let’s get this party started.

Easiest Method: Use a Keyboard Shortcut

This procedure for a youtube comments search is really simple and requires little effort. To begin, make sure you’re using a web browser on your Mac or PC (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.). Scroll down to the comments section of the video you wish to search. Keep track of how many comments the video has received. The more comments there are, the more difficult it will be to perform this procedure.

Install the YCS – YouTube Comment Search browser extension.

The following approach necessitates the installation of a browser extension. The Chrome Web Store or the Firefox Add-Ons website includes versions for both Firefox and Chrome. Simply click “Add Extension” and it will be ready to use in seconds. After you’ve installed the extension, use your web browser to go to any YouTube video.

Scroll down right beneath the video and its description from here. A new “box” will appear in the comments section, displaying a live count of comments, chat replays, and video transcripts. Following a search, all matching comments will be displayed below. You may sort by timestamps, author, likes, replies, members, donations, and so on from here.

Alternative Browser Extension: vidIQ Vision for YouTube

VidIQ is a good option if you want something with a little more substance. To begin a youtube comments search, sign up for VidIQ and connect your YouTube account by logging into your Google account via the VidIQ website. It takes only a few seconds and a few mouse clicks.

After you log in, the page will reload with various statistics, charts, and other add-ons that you wouldn’t see otherwise. Scroll down to the comments area below the video. You’ll now see a dropdown menu with a variety of options, including one that allows you to search the comments.

How do you search youtube comments search:

How do you search youtube comments search

Are you looking for anything in a document or on a website? You’re an expert at it. For Windows, press ‘Ctrl + F,’ and for Mac, press ‘Command + F.’

YouTube is a global video-sharing network that allows people to share useful and entertaining content. Each video’s comments area offers useful information, feedback, and important timestamps. Searching YouTube comments might help someone determine whether or not a video is worthwhile. For many creators, leaving comments is the sole way to interact with their fans and build a close-knit community.

Can I see my comments on YouTube?
On YouTube, you can view all of your public comments. Go to the Comments History page. Click or tap the content to return to the original location where you left your comment.

The built-in YouTube Studio Feature makes searching comments on YouTube

The best way to communicate with YouTube subscribers is through comments. YouTube Studio is a new feature that allows creators to filter and respond to comments while also fostering a positive community. YouTubers are occasionally subjected to abusive and indecent comments. You can also report or delete those remarks using the Studio Feature.

Youtube comments search:

  • Go to YouTube’s website.
  • Select the YouTube Studio option in the top right corner.
  • This will take you to the YouTube Studio home page, where you may view all of the comments left on your YouTube channel.
  • You may now immediately type in the search phrase by clicking the Filter button in the comments box.

The YouTube Studio offers certain built-in search filter categories, such as – in addition to the comment search feature.

  • Use specific search terms to find comments.
  • Filter out any comments that contain questions.
  • Look for member comments on the channel.
  • You can search for comments from channels and filter comments by channel subscriber count.
  • Filter the comments you’ve reacted to and those you haven’t.

Using YCS – YouTube Comment Search Extension:

To easily search YouTube comments, you can use the YouTube Comment Search browser plugin, which is supported by Google Chrome. To get started for Youtube comments search, follow the instructions below.

Youtube comments search:

  • Open YouTube in your browser after installing the extension. To search the comments for a video, first, click on it.
  • Wait for the extension to load all of the video’s comments by tapping ‘Load comments.’
  • Now type your keywords and hit Enter. Any comments that contain the keyword you typed will be displayed in YCS.

Using Comments Search for YouTube Extension:

The Comments Search for YouTube addon is a simple way to search YouTube comments. This plugin for Google Chrome allows you to search YouTube comments without leaving the website. Here are some simple steps.

Youtube comments search:

  • You must first obtain the extension from Github. Then, on your computer, locate and unzip the file.
  • After that, you must install it in your browser. Open your Chrome browser and go to the Settings menu. Please click on it.
  • Select Extensions when the Settings screen appears, and that will take you to a new window.
  • There will be a Developer Mode toggle switch if it’s switched On & Off.
  • Once Developer Mode is enabled, you will be presented with three options. Select Load unpacked.
  • Locate and open the downloaded extension file. Finally, turn Developer Mode off.

You may also perform this on the target YouTube page by pressing the keys ‘Ctrl + S.’ Some advanced features of the extension are – Global Mode and Advanced Mode.

How Do You Find Comments on YouTube That You’ve Posted?

Find Comments on YouTube

Did you leave a remark on the video of your favorite celebrity? It’s here that you’ll find the YouTube Comment History tool. YouTube has just implemented a tool that allows you to view all of your previous YouTube comments in one location.

How to Use the Comment History feature to Search Comments step by step?

In a few simple steps, you may view all of your comments in the Comment History.

Youtube comments search:

  • On your computer, go to YouTube and sign in with your Google account.
  • Click the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of your YouTube page once you’ve signed in.
  • On the right side of your YouTube History page, click the History option, and then click the Comments option.
  • To see all of your YouTube comments, click on them.

Quick Tip: Delete a remark, then click “Cancel” in the “Deleting Now” popup that appears to swiftly restore it.

Advice: Try MiniTool uTube Downloader to swiftly download music or video files from YouTube. It is a completely safe and free YouTube downloader. Give it a go.

How can you figure out who comments the most on your YouTube videos?

If you’re a YouTube creator, the comments section becomes crucial. You might wish to keep track of your most devoted fans. Knowing who leaves the most comments on your videos is the greatest method to find out.

On the YouTube mobile app, here’s how to discover who your channel’s superfan is.

  • First Log in to YouTube when you’ve opened the app.
  • Click on one of your public videos and scroll down to the comments section.
  • Choose a comment from someone whose channel engagement you wish to examine.
  • When you click it, a pop-up menu with information about the person appears. You may find out how many comments people have left on your channel here.

This function is useful because it displays more than one person’s remarks. All of their comments are visible in snippets. You may access the entire dialogue by clicking on them.

How to search for YouTube comments on a video step by step?

You can watch YouTube videos without logging in, but you won’t be able to leave comments unless you sign in using your Google account.

You agree to create your own YouTube channel when you submit your first remark. This does not imply that you must publish videos (though you can).

Make sure you’re signed in before leaving a comment on a YouTube video. If you are, you will see your Google photo or emblem in the upper right corner of your browser window.

You’ll be able to comment on YouTube videos once you sign in:

Youtube comments search:

  • 1. Go to the Comments area and scroll down. It’s listed below the video’s description.
  • 2. From the option, choose “Add a public remark…”
  • 3. Make a comment.
  • 4. Select the COMMENT option.

You can also respond to a comment made by another user:

  • 1. Click REPLY next to the comment you’d like to respond to.
  • 2. Click “Add a Public Reply…” from the menu.
  • Computer reply box
    You may also respond to any remark directly. Business Insider/Laura McCamy
  • 3. Press the REPLY button.

Comments are disabled on several videos (including most children’s videos). You are unable to leave comments on those videos.

Find out who comments on your YouTube videos the most.

While there is no specific procedure for this item, you can experiment with two options and see what happens.

To begin, you can examine your Youtube comment history and scan the users and their quantity of comments, same as I described with the youtube first comment finder.

Alternatively, you can use the procedures below to see who has commented on your videos.

Youtube comments search:

  • Open the YouTube app on your phone.
  • Open a publicly available video you’ve published.
  • To go to the comment section, scroll all the way down.
  • Select a comment/commenter by clicking the channel icon next to their name.
  • You may now see who your most engaged viewers are.

About Comment Check SVG Vector:

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  • COLLECTION: Boxicons Filled Icons
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Why are comments not displayed?

Why Youtube comments search not displayed –  In this manner, there are two potential causes. It’s possible that the platform has already erased the video on which you originally commented. All of the comments below it will also vanish as a result. Your remark will be gone from your history even if it was only taken down from YouTube. This occurs, for instance, if you disregard the platform’s netiquette.

What are YouTube comment Bots?

In recent months, the YouTube comment section has been “infested” with bots that spam sexual content, prompting producers to accuse the site of doing nothing to tackle the problem.

The spam detection algorithm is most likely concerned with the content of the remark. These bots have NSFW names and profile images that are inappropriate for minors, which can give the wrong impression. However, the comments left on these profiles aren’t NSFW; they’re simply spamming.

What are the signs that a YouTube account is a bot?

  • Fake YouTube Subscribers: How to Spot Them
  • Solicit subscriptions from your viewers.
  • Make sure your channel has a consistent theme.
  • Only high-quality videos should be shared.
  • Maintain a regular posting schedule.
  • Make a video that will last a long time.
  • Tease Your Upcoming Videos

About Youtube comment finder – YCF:

Youtube comment finder

Using a youtube comment finder is one of the most efficient ways to look for comments on YouTube. Continue reading if you’re not sure what a YT comment finder is or how to use it to execute a youtube comment search. First and foremost, a YT comment finder is an SEO feature that allows you to locate the greatest catchphrases in any mainstream YouTube video. I’ll introduce some of the top YouTube comment finders in the next paragraph.

Best YouTube Comments Finder:

All YouTube users are aware that the comment feature can be a useful tool for a YouTube video user to interact with other YouTube influencers.

1. YTComment Finder

Follow the steps below to learn how to use YouTube First Comment Finder.

Youtube comments search:

  • Go to the First Comment Finder website on YouTube.
  • There’s a search bar there where you may paste your YouTube video URL.
  • When you select the FIND option, the name of the first commenter on the video appears.

2. Hadzy:

Hadzy is known for being a fast-yt comment finder that can handle more comments than other sites.

  • Go to Hadzy’s webpage.
  • You must copy and paste the YouTube video’s URL into the search field, as with all other apps.
  • Simply click Load Data once you see a pop-up containing all of the video’s data.
  • The ‘View Comments’ and ‘View Statistics’ buttons will appear in the next stage.
  • To check the first, second, and subsequent comments in order, select View Comments.

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