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Looking for the Youtube comment finder: You might need to track down specific YouTube comments that you or others have posted. The content below can help if you are having trouble coming up with a workable solution.

You should know as a YouTube user that the comment function is an important aspect of YouTube videos and shows how well-liked your video is. Despite the fact that this feature is not difficult, you could run into issues with its details.

You can keep track of the positive and negative comments on your videos with the help of YouTube Comments Finder, which also unquestionably benefits your channel’s SEO. Managing third-party involvement is much easier today thanks to YouTube’s cutting-edge tools and websites like Hadzy, YouTube comment Finder, YT Comment Finder, and YouTube First Comment Finder.

How to Find My Comments on YouTube?

How to search for YouTube comments quickly? You can use the Ctrl + F function to search comments that include specific words if you know what you’re looking for.

Furthermore, you may read all comments posted on your videos by visiting your channel and selecting Comments from the left panel.

Also, how can you find comments I’ve left on YouTube or how to find your most liked comment on YouTube? Simply search through all of your YouTube comments by going to your YouTube Comments history page.

YouTube Comment Finder Websites:

Let’s start by taking a look at some websites where you may find and search comments on YouTube for a video.

  • #1 YCF Comment Finder
  • #2 HADZY
  • #3 YouTube First Comment

YCF Comment Finder:

You can use YCF Comment Finder to search for comments on a certain YouTube video, channel, or video ID. Quick timestamp, author, and content searches; exporting comments, responses, chat transcripts, and remarks; flexible (fuzzy) search; multilingual search.


It can search, filter, and find comments for a YouTube video as well as look up and find comments for a certain YouTube video. is a relatively safe domain, per Google Safe Browsing and Symantec. Making use of the Google mobile-friendly test is not mobile- and tablet-friendly. By making your website mobile-friendly, you can ensure that all of your web pages work properly on all devices and that they load more quickly.

YouTube First Comment:

There is a YouTube 1st comment finder website you may find and filter out the first remark of the desired video on YouTube.

Either your own or a fan’s comment may be pinned. For you, Youtube first comment simply Sign in to YouTube and select the comment you want to pin. Click PIN to confirm.

YouTube Comment Finder Extension:

Second, you can use different YouTube comment search extensions to help you locate your customized comments.

  • #1 YCS YouTube Comment Search
  • #2 YouTube Comment Search Extension Firefox

YCS – YouTube Comment Search

A chrome extension called YCS (YouTube Comment Search) is available. Search the current YouTube video’s comments, replies, chat transcript, and chat replay by the video’s contents, authors, and time.
YCS may be used as a YouTube comments finder in Firefox and other web browsers as well.
YouTube Comment Search Extension Firefox:

YCS may be used as a YouTube comments finder in Firefox and other web browsers as well.

MiniTool MovieMaker

MiniTool MovieMaker:

A user-friendly video editing software without watermarks and Free download of YouTube videos, audio, and subtitle downloads without advertisements or packages convert videos and audio files quickly so they can be used on more devices. It allows batch conversion and more than 1000 popular output formats.

Which Best Free YouTube Comment Finder You Should Try?

An SEO tool called YouTube Comment Finder lets you look at the top terms for each popular YouTube video. Here are a few of the top apps using this function.

1. YTComment Finder:

It has amazing results and is free to use as a youtube comment finder. Let’s see its operation.

Click the following link: to access the website. Where You can click the Search button after entering the title of the video you want to search comments for, the YouTube channel URL, or a video URL

You may find a remark and view the basic information about a YouTube video or channel using YTComment.

2. YouTube First Comment Finder:

This website includes a lesson that will help you fast find the first YouTube comment. But, this tool only has a few features.

  1. You may quickly find the first comments on YouTube by using this tool.
  2. Visit the website by clicking this link:
  3. Put the YouTube video’s URL into the search field. Click the FIND button.
  4. And you can even see the comment’s content and the date it was posted.

3. Hadzy:

Hadzy: yioutube search comments

Hadzy is quick and can handle more comments than other sites and is most popular among most of the Tubers. You may keep track of the most common words used in the comment section and the most frequently requested queries by your followers by selecting the View Statistics button.
  1. To open Hadzy, click on the link
    then Simply copy and paste URLs
  2. A pop-up will appear and You just need to click on Load Data.
  3. You will now be taken to a new page with the icons “View Comments” and “View Statistics.”
  4. To view the first, second, and all other comments in ascending order, click View Comments.

4. YouTube Studio:

You can use YouTube’s Studio as a tool to optimize your YouTube channel. You may manage your YouTube channel using YouTube Studio. It offers all the features and data you require to manage your channel in one location. You may manage settings, control live streams, read and reply to comments, check analytics about who has watched your videos and upload and modify videos.

How to do a Youtube Comment Search?

Using YouTube comment finder: Although using YouTube is not difficult, new users may have certain questions, such as how to see your youtube comments, how to comment on youtube, or how to find their first comment on youtube. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about YouTube comments.

let’s see how to comment on youtube. just follow the below steps if  using a mobile phone:

  • Launch the YouTube app on your smartphone.
  • Open your favorite video by searching for it.
  • Visit the Comments section below.
  • Near the top of the Comments area, select the Add a public remark button.
  • Enter a remark, then click “Send.”

How to Search YouTube Comments?

search youtube comments

On any YouTube video or channel, a YouTube comments search is an excellent way to interact with other viewers. Whether you interact with other subscribers or create your own channel, they offer both entertainment and knowledge. What options do you have for quickly searching YouTube comments?

There are two methods you can use to search YouTube comments.

  1. The standard method of searching comments on YouTube
  2. Search your own YouTube comments for free

In this method, one of the third-party applications can be used as a YT comment finder. Discover some of the top YT comment finders by reading on.

How to Find the First Comments You Have Posted on YouTube channel: If you regret what you have commented on Youtube previously or can not recall the channel or video, don’t worry just follow the below steps:

  1. Visit the homepage and type the YouTube address into the browser
  2. The three-lined icon at the top of the page is a history option; click it to see your account’s history section.
  3. When you choose “Community” as the History type, the “Comments” option will appear for you to select.
  4. You may see your whole history of YouTube comments on this new tab.

How do Find the Latest Comments you have received on YouTube Step by Step?

Sometimes you won’t receive notifications when someone comments on one of your YouTube videos. It’s primarily because of your notification options. You’ll be informed of all the most recent comments on your videos when you enable comment alerts on the youtube comment finder or any best tool.

Let’s look at how to get the most recent YouTube remark you have.

  • First Enable Comment Notifications and click on setting, select Notifications, and enable ‘Activity on my Channel.’
  • Second Check the Notification Bar, for this Click on the bell icon at the top right corner and from there all the comment activity notifications would be sent to you there.

Do you know YouTube Doesn’t Provide a Native Way to Search Comments, this means that you’ll need to search in a different approach if you’re seeking a particular comment?

Free YouTube Comment Finder:

  1. Install YCS for Chrome or Firefox to search comments on YouTube (Free)
  2. Simply carry out the actions listed below after installing the extension:
  3. Open YouTube and navigate to the comment-filled video you wish to browse through.
  4. The extension is loaded between the description of the video and the comment box, which you may find by scrolling down.
  5. In the search bar, type in the keyword you wish to look for, and then click Search.

What is Best Youtube Comment Finder?

Using a YouTube comment finder is one of the best ways to search for YouTube comments. Below there are five of the best youtube comment search tools. So you can pick your favorite and quickly browse through YouTube comments.

Best youtube comment finder tools are:

  1. YTComment Finder
  2. YouTube First Comment Finder
  3. Hadzy
  4. YouTube Studio
  5. Tubebuddy

Youtube Comment History Mobile

Do you know, how to view comments you made on Youtube app? A drop-down menu will appear; choose “History.” Click “Comments” under “MANAGE ALL HISTORY” on the right side of the page. Avoid clicking “Manage All History” to prevent your Google Activity page from opening in place of this page’s comments. Every remark is shown in reverse chronological order. Your most recent remarks are displayed first.

Youtube comment finder:

  1. The browser on mobile and search the YouTube website.
  2. Log into your account and Tap on the Desktop site option.
  3. Just click on the History button from the left hamburger menu.
  4. When you see YouTube watch history on the newly opened page Click on the Comments button.


FAQs – Youtube Comment Finder

How to find your youtube comments?

Go to the Comments page in YouTube Studio to see all of the comments and mentions that have been made about your YouTube channel.

How do I find my comments on youtube?

You can find a youtube comment finder or view all of your comments by simply visiting history (provided you are presently into the account from which the comment was made).

  • On the home page of YouTube, select History from the left menu.
  • On the history type panel, choose Comments. A panel displaying your YouTube comment history will appear after that.

How to find your comments on youtube?

On the youtube comment finder, leaving comments can be a lot of fun. You can look to see whether anyone offered any perceptive comments. How can I view my YouTube comments on a desktop?

Click the Menu ( ) button on the YouTube home page, then select Comments.

You can track and view all of your YouTube commenting history on your Google My Activity (YouTube Comments) page by clicking this.

How to Search YouTube Comments by User?

Youtube comment finder or whatever tool you search, it is an easy process you need just:

Click “Search comments” after entering the login. This is the only function on YouTube right now that lets you search for comments by username directly. However, the search only returns results from recent comments made within the last few hours. Before the time limit for search results expires, use this the same day you publish a comment.

Is YouTube Comment Finder Worth?

It happens frequently while you are watching a YouTube video that you have something to say, but you don’t feel like leaving a comment because it will just be lost in the cacophony.

You can paste the URL of a video and search its comments for certain keywords on websites like and, though, if you Google “youtube comment finder.” So, if you want to upvote someone else’s comment instead of your own, search for others who have stated the same thing.

What is the Best Youtube First Comment Finder?

Finding YouTube comments doesn’t have to take a lot of time if you have the right tools. Add and use these free tools to make your life as a YouTube creator or viewer easier and more enjoyable. Find your first comment finder here:

  1. YouTube first Comment
  2. Hadzy
  3. YTComment Finder
  4. YouTube Comment Search Extension Firefox
  5. YouTube Comment Finder

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