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How to Get Google Data Analytics Certification Free: Coursera

The Google Data Analytics Certification may help you manage data processing, analysis, and visualization tools and platforms. There is no need for previous knowledge or a specialized tool. All you need is a basic understanding of mathematics and an interest in how things function.

Data analytics is the collecting, transformation, and organization of data in various forms, such as figures, images, words, films, observations, and more.

You’ll get access to career tools and be linked directly with firms hiring for open entry-level data analytics opportunities once you’ve completed the Google Data Analytics Certification course.

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  • Data Analytics Google Certification:
  • Google Data Analytics Certificate Reviews:
  • Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate: Worth it?
  • Best Data Analytics Certifications:
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Data Analytics Google Certification:

By making sense of data and figures, data analysts help companies in making better business decisions. They collect, process, analyze, and visualize data, discovering patterns and trends and offering answers to important issues.

With a professional certificate from Google, you can get started in the high-growth sector of data analytics. The Google Certification Data Analytics curriculum is hosted on Coursera where you can learn online.

By preparing, processing, and analyzing data, data analysts help businesses in making better decisions, thus becoming qualified for in-demand data analytics careers.

Data Analytics Certification Google will expose you to the world of data analytics through a Google-developed hands-on curriculum. You’ll learn how to use spreadsheets, SQL, Tableau, R, and other tools to gain in-demand data analytics skills. This will prepare you to apply for entry-level data analyst positions by providing you with the necessary abilities. That is why to achieve Google Certification in Data Analytics, one must successfully complete the course.

5 Things you should consider before you take the Google Data Analytics Certification:

Data Analytics Certification Google

Google Data Analytics is a beginner-level specialized program that teaches in-demand data analyst skills. The Coursera learning platform hosted this program. They say that after completing this certification program, you would be able to apply for entry-level data analytics positions.

You will be taught by Google personnel who have decades of experience in this subject. The courses are really interactive and fun to take. You will obtain a variety of skills upon completion, including data cleaning, critical thinking, data ethics, and data visualization.

From the outside, everything appears to be in order, but there are a few things to consider before enrolling in this course.

1. Course content is overly introductory:

Of course, it is intended for beginners; nonetheless, you spend far too much time learning the fundamentals, such as what data is and how to use the cloud.

2. Theoretical and practical knowledge are out of sync

There is an overabundance of emphasis on theoretical knowledge and hardly a smattering of practical expertise. Tableau’s drag-and-drop functionalities are all you need to know (visualization platform).

3. There are too many sophisticated concepts addressed at the same time.

You learn the fundamentals of data, spreadsheets, and SQL at first in Google Data Analytics Certification. And then you find yourself perplexed about some advanced SQL and spreadsheet problems. The first four courses are very basic, but the fifth course covers far too much ground.

4. A lack of cohesion:

Courses are well-structured overall. You will gain abilities that will be useful throughout the process. Then, in the last courses, they’ll start teaching you R. Learning R will undoubtedly benefit you. However, the time is off and the route is out of position.

5. There are insufficient statistics:

Statistics expertise is, in my opinion, a must-have ability for data analysts, albeit the actual level of knowledge necessary may vary depending on the needs of your specific profession. There aren’t many statistics lessons in the Google Data Analytics Specialization.


Overall, this Google Data Analytics Certification is a good course for someone who is just getting started with data analytics or who wants to change careers.

Everything I’ve discussed so far is consideration you should think about before enrolling in the course. Even though the course has certain disadvantages, the advantages you will gain from it will surpass the disadvantages.

Google Data Analytics Certification Reviews:

Google Data Analytics Certificate Reviews:

This Google Data Analytics course will you to develop all of the necessary abilities for Data Analytics using programs such as SQL, Tableau, R, and others. Clearing the examinations will help you develop the abilities you’ll need to apply for an entry-level Certified Data Analyst career.

The Google Data Analytics Certification is a low-cost option. For individuals who cannot pay for the course, there is a financial aid option. So, the Google Data Analytics Certificate is worth it in this regard. Some of the advantages of obtaining a Google Data Analytics Certificate are listed below.

Google Data Analytics Certification Cost:

Data Analytics Certification is worldwide recognized, One may either pursue Google Data Analytics Certificate in Coursera or Google Associate Android Developer Certification training platform. Coursera charges $39 per month for the Google Data Analytics Certificate, although Google offers it for free; students just have to pay an exam price of $39 to become Google certified. You can also enroll in the Google Associate Android Developer Certification course, which is free.

Google Data Analytics Certification Eligibility:

There are no prerequisites for this course, which is designed for beginners. The course is open to professionals and entry-level students who want to pursue or advance their careers in Data Analytics.

  • One must have completed at least a high school diploma and possess basic math skills.

Google Data Analytics Certificate Jobs:

A Google Data Analytics Course Certificate can help you advance your career in the field. Data Analytics has a lot of potential around the globe.

Some of them are:

  • Junior/Associate Data Analysts
  • Junior Data Scientist
  • Finance Analyst
  • Operations Analyst
  • Data Technician
  • Business Performance Analyst

What is Data Analyst Certification Google?

Microsoft Certification Courses are the foundation of any business, regardless of industry. Microsoft provides training for a variety of courses based on its products and one of them is data analyst certification google. You will receive a certificate from Microsoft if you pass any of the exams based on these courses.

Microsoft certifications commonly begin with the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA). If you wish to begin Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate Training, the best place to start is the College Learner website, which has detailed information on all available courses.

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate: Worth it?

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate: Worth it?

It is worthwhile to get the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate, especially for data analytics beginners. It consists of eight courses and is available through Coursera.

Each course can be taken independently or in combination and covers topics such as working with stakeholders, data integrity, data preparation, data cleaning, data visualization, and advanced programming in SQL and R. For a reasonable monthly fee of USD$39, you get 174 hours of learning content and career resources with ties to 130 US employers.

The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate Is Worth It For These Reasons:

  • Provides a foundation in analytics
  • Achieves high-quality certification credentials
  • Has a well-structured program to ensure that students make progress in their studies
  • Access to Career Resources is included.
  • Includes a Capstone Data Project and Learning Community Access

Note: If you are a complete beginner and have no prior experience then Google Data Analytics Certification is the best option for you.

The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate Program teaches a variety of skills:

  • Skills in analysis (Tableau, SQL, Spreadsheets, R, Excel)
  • Data security and governance
  • Managing stakeholders and asking the correct questions
  • Visualizations that are presented well
  • Putting together a strong online analytics portfolio

1. Throughout the certification program, you will have access to a wealth of learning resources.

2. Provides you with Excellent Certification Credentials; you will not be required to complete any further exams in order to obtain the Google Data Analytics certificate.

3. The courses offer a variety of material delivery methods, all of which are well-structured to fit Coursera’s hosting infrastructure.

4. You’ll be provided three key career resources at the completion of the certification program, which you can use for your job applications. They are as follows:

  • Google Certs Coursera Job Platform
  • Careercircle
  • Big Interview

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate Cost?

It is a less expensive choice than other equivalent certifications without sacrificing content quality. The Google Data Analytics Certificate costs USD$117. This price is based on a $39/month Data Analytics Specialization membership.

Best Data Analytics Certifications:

You must understand the difference between Certifications and Certificates in order to become a Certified Data Analyst.

A Google Data Analytics Certification indicates that you have passed a specific assessment and are ready to work on a specific job role in accordance with industry standards.

Whereas a Data Analytics Certificate simply indicates that you have completed training in the Data Analytics domain and does not imply that you have a specific skill set.

Top 6 Certifications to Become a Certified Data Analyst

  1. Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate.
  2. Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate.
  3. Google Data Analytics Certification
  4. Cloudera Certified Associate Data Analyst.
  5. Associate Certified Analytics Professional.
  6. Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

Google Analytics Academy certification vs Google Data Analytics Certification:

It is certainly worth your time to pursue the Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification. This certification will provide you with a wide range of analytical skills that will help you better comprehend Google Analytics.

There are 6 Google Analytics Academy Courses available where you can enroll:

  1. Google Analytics for Beginners
  2. Advanced Google Analytics
  3. Google Analytics for Power Users
  4. Google Analytics 360
  5. Introduction to Data Studio
  6. Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

Google Digital Marketing Certifications vs Google Data Analytics Certification:

If you want to go into digital marketing, this is an excellent course to take. It is done for free by Google, and it is acknowledged by Open University and other organizations.

More than five Google digital marketing certification courses are offered to help professionals better understand how to use Google’s vast resources and tools to literally build and scale an organization’s online presence.

  1. Introduction to the Google Digital Unlocked course
  3. Adwords Fundamentals Course
  4. Search Advertising Course
  5. Analytics Course
  6. Google My Business Course


How long to complete Google Data Analytics Certificate?

It takes 174 hours to complete the Google Data Analytics Certification. The credential consists of seven courses, each of which requires an average of 20 hours of study time.

Which is better IBM data analytics or Google data analytics Certification?

Particularly if you want to learn Data Analytics using Python or find a course in your local language. However, when compared to Google Data Analytics Certification is far superior to IBM Data Analyst Certification. And The IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate is a 100% online program. The curriculum consists of nine courses that may be completed in 11 months with a weekly commitment of fewer than 3 hours.

Can I get a job with google data analytics certification easily?

The answer is simple: no. It will not be a deciding factor in your employment. The course itself gives students a comprehensive understanding of how businesses use data.

Google data analytics certification Salary: However, if you are hired, according to Google’s own estimations, entry-level employment requiring the Google Data Analytics certificate pay roughly $67,900 USD.

How to Get Google Data Analytics Certification Free:

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