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9 Best GCP Certification Path on the Google Cloud platform

We’ll talk about the Google cloud certification path, which the third-most well-known cloud service provider worldwide offers in this article.

The fact that there are no prerequisites for any GCP certification exam is very essential. Additionally, Google does not provide the official passing score for associate and professional level certification exams.

Table of Contents:

  1. What Is the GCP Certification Path?
  2. How to Choose the Right GCP Certification Path:
  3. Purpose of GCP Certification Path:
  4. What is the Current GCP Path?
  5. Guide for GCP Path:

What Is the GCP Certification Path?

You may show that you have knowledge about and practical abilities in a variety of areas related to the cloud services platform by earning a GCP Certification, which is the official certification from Google Cloud Platform.

Exams for certification include all levels and specialties, from fundamentals to in-depth positions like machine learning engineer and cloud security engineer. There is a certification for you whether you are new to GCP or have been using it for a while.

Why Get GCP Certified?

When compared to the more well-known AWS or Azure certifications, GCP certs may provide you an edge if you’re trying to stand out from the crowd. These aren’t obscure certifications to carry under your belt; they’re valuable assets because many well-known brands are involved in a wide range of GCP initiatives.

GCP Certification Path can help:

  • When applying for competitive roles
  • In gaining promotions
  • When seeking a higher salary
  • To represent your workplace professionally
  • For personal achievement

How Long Does GCP Certification Take Time?

Regarding the GCP certification Path, the time it takes to earn certification will vary depending on the person and the materials they use. You can anticipate spending between 10 and 20 hours studying for a basic course with little prior knowledge. For more in-depth courses, this could mean spending up to an hour every day on preparation for around a month, or about five hours per week for three months.

Career Opportunities Following GCP Certification Path:

Getting a Google Cloud Platform certification can help you in your career. Such employment may become available to you if you choose a role-specific certification, such as the Professional Machine Learning Engineer.

And also, Getting certified can help you gain leverage for a promotion or pay raises if you already hold a position.

GCP Certification Costs:

The price range for GCP certificates is $99 for the entry-level certificate to $200 for the professional levels. Whether you’re paying for your own professional development or receiving sponsorship through your job, this makes it an inexpensive option.

How to Choose the Right GCP Certification Path:

GCP Certification Path

If You are getting started with GCP: Choose Cloud Digital Leader and/or Associate Cloud Engineer.

If you are a developer: Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Cloud Developer, Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer, (optionally) Professional Data Engineer, (optionally) Professional Cloud Architect.

If you are in DevOps: Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Cloud Developer, Professional Cloud DevOps

If you are an architect: Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Cloud Architect, (optional) Professional Cloud Security Engineer, (optional) Professional Data Engineer.

If you are an administrator: Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Collaboration Engineer.

If you are a data worker: Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Data Engineer, (optional) Professional Machine Learning Engineer, (optional) Professional Cloud Developer, (optional) Professional Cloud Architect.

If you are in security: Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Cloud Security Engineer, (optional) Professional Cloud Network Engineer, (optional) Professional Cloud Architect.

Prerequisites for GCP Certification Path:

There is no prerequisite for the GCP Foundational exam; beginners are welcome, although they will need to put in more effort to understand the subject. Professional certifications need about 2-3 years of industry experience, including at least one year in the relevant vertical, whereas Associate certifications call for about 6 months of practical experience.

Purpose of GCP Certification Path:

Purpose of GCP Certification Path

A once-niche player, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is now a strong rival to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Preparing for a Google Cloud Certification Exam:

Surprisingly, Google doesn’t give a grade after a test. Instead, it only declares a “Pass” or “Fail” result, which isn’t very helpful in terms of letting you know where to focus your study efforts if you fail.

To prepare for a test, follow these five steps:

1. Use the Cloud Academy study route that applies to you. One example is, which provides seven distinct learning routes that contain all the information required for each certification category. For each certification, these learning routes contain courses, laboratories, and examinations.

2. Practice using Google Cloud Platform firsthand. You may easily gain practical experience in actual cloud settings without establishing your own infrastructure by participating in hands-on labs and lab challenges.

3. Check for any knowledge gaps by going over the test guide’s overview (such as the Data Engineer exam guide).

4. Questions about extensive case studies can be found on the tests for cloud architects and data engineers. These case studies can be found in the test study materials. Before taking the test, make sure to read them completely.

5. Fill out Google’s practice test (such as the Cloud Architect practice exam).

What to do after I take the exam?

If you pass the test, you’ll get a Google Cloud certification hoodie in addition to an online credential that may be shown on websites like LinkedIn. After receiving your certification, you should continue to learn about Google Cloud Platform because it is constantly changing.

What is the Current GCP Path?

Google Cloud presently provides 10 certifications as of December 2022:

  1. Digital Leader
  2. Cloud Engineer
  3. Cloud Architect
  4. Data Engineer
  5. Cloud Network Engineer
  6. Cloud Security Engineer
  7. Cloud Developer
  8. Machine Learning
  9. Cloud DevOps
  10. Collaboration Engineer

GCP Certifications Path:


GCP Cloud Digital Leader:

Best for: Administrators or newbies to the Google Cloud Platform

GCP Certification Cost: $99

Recommended practical experience: None necessary


  • Google Cloud Product Fundamentals at Coursera​
  • A Cloud Guru’s Crash Course on Google Cloud Platform ​

The GCP Cloud Digital Leader certification is a generalist designation that demonstrates a fundamental understanding of and assessment of use cases for the popular cloud services offered by Google Cloud Platform.

Since this is a brand-new course starting in June 2021, study materials are still being developed.


1. GCP Associate Cloud Engineer:

Best for: Administrators

GCP Certification Cost: $125

Recommended practical experience: 6+ months of hands-on experience with GCP


  • Cloud Engineer learning path​
  • Associate Cloud Engineer for Google Cloud at Antoni T

The GCP Associate Cloud Engineer certification is a perfect fit if your current or intended employment involves overseeing a Google cloud infrastructure on a daily basis. This test is meant to assess your knowledge of how to construct and administer GCP infrastructures in a way that is both economical and secure. Understanding the command line is crucial!


2. GCP Professional Cloud Architect:

Best for Cloud Architects

GCP Certification Cost: $200

Recommended practical experience:3 years of professional experience or 2 years of hands-on time, including 1 year of implementing GCP solutions.


  • Professional Cloud Architect exam guide​

​GCP Professional Cloud Architects create brand-new cloud environments for businesses and help with initial configuration, although they might not be involved in the environment’s ongoing management. You ought to be able to carry out these duties and improve operational and technical processes.

This course supports learning about sophisticated cloud solutions, Google Cloud Platform services, and some of the highest-paid GCP specialists.

3. GCP Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

Best for DevOps Engineers

GCP Certification Cost: $200

Recommended practical experience: 2 years of professional experience, including 1 year of DevOps/SRE with GCP


  • Ivam Luz’s Study Guide​
  • Getting Ready for Google Cloud Certification with a Coursera Professional Certificate in Cloud DevOps

Whether working in a DevOps or Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) role, GCP Professional Cloud DevOps Engineers are great individuals toeing the line in the codification of operations. This certification is for you if this is your current (or desired) role.​

4. GCP Professional Cloud Developer

Best for: Developers

GCP Certification Cost: $200

Recommended practical experience: two years of professional experience, including one year of Google Cloud development


  • Coursera’s Specialization in Developing Applications for the Google Cloud Platform ​
  • Tips & Resources for Passing the Google Professional Cloud Developer Certification

The best path for developers who wish to demonstrate their expertise with Google Cloud products is to earn the GCP Professional Cloud Developer certification. This certification exam assesses your ability to create, test, deploy, and monitor cloud-native apps using the GCP suite of services, as well as to guarantee their high availability and scalability.

5. GCP Professional Cloud Security Engineer

Best for Security Professionals

GCP Certification Cost: $200

Recommended practical experience: 2 years of professional experience, 1 of which was spent using GCP security


  • Coursera’s Security in Google Cloud Platform Specialization​
  • Engineer for Cloud Security at A Cloud Guru, Google Cloud Certified ​
  • Google Cloud Security Exam Experience​

​In the modern corporation, security management is more crucial than ever, yet because of the infrastructure shift, a lot of security has been moved to cloud platforms. You may demonstrate your competence with Google’s services infrastructure by earning the GCP Professional Cloud Security Engineer certification.

6. GCP Professional Machine Learning Engineer:

Best for Machine Learning Professionals

GCP Certification Cost: $200

Recommended practical experience:3 years of professional experience, or 2 years of practical experience, with 1 year of machine learning on Google Cloud Platform


  • Machine Learning Engineer Professional Certificate on Coursera: Getting Ready for Google Cloud Certification

The Professional ML certification focuses on the technical aspects of data analytics and calls for knowledge of the whole issue space covered by Google Cloud. You’ll need to demonstrate in the exam that you have the skills necessary to build ML solutions, prepare and analyze data, interact with GCP ML pipelines, and manage and optimize ongoing projects.​

7. GCP Professional Data Engineer

Best for Data Workers

GCP Certification Cost: $200

Recommended practical experience:2 years of professional experience, 1 of which was spent managing data for the Google Cloud Platform


  • A Cloud Guru’s Google Certified Professional Data Engineer
  • Getting Ready for Google Cloud Certification: Professional Certificate in Cloud Data Engineering

Although all cloud professionals deal with data workloads, not all of them concentrate on the data itself. The skills needed to design and manage data gathering, data processing, and machine learning on the Google Cloud Platform are developed in this course.

The Professional Data Engineer certification covers data management, including how to keep the data secure, complete, and trustworthy with an emphasis on scalability and flexibility. It also covers data management, from ingress to processing to archival to deletion.

8. GCP Professional Cloud Network Engineer

Best for Network Administrators

GCP Certification Cost: $200

Recommended practical experience: 3 years of professional experience or 2 years of hands-on training, including 1 year of network management with GCP.


  • Coursera: Networking in Google cloud specialization​
  • Google Cloud Network Engineer Exam Experience​

Do you play a role in software-defined networking? Then you should put earning the Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification at the top of your list. Using Google Cloud Platform, the architecture of the GCP model can be designed, built, and managed with the aid of this course.

9. GCP Professional Collaboration Engineer

Best for Systems Administrators

GCP Certification Cost: $200

Prerequisite courses: None

Recommended practical experience:2 years of professional experience, 1 year of which was spent using Google Workspace (G Suite)


  • Professional Collaboration Engineer exam guide​

This course is specifically designed for those hoping to advance to the level of G Suite Specialist. Candidates must have at least one year of expertise with G Suite Administration and more than three years of experience in the relevant field.

Guide for GCP Certification Path:

Purpose of GCP Certification Path

Although there aren’t as many resources available for GCP training as there are for Azure or AWS, they are nonetheless available. Additionally, since Google likes to change things up frequently, you might discover that some of its courses or products are out-of-date.

Do you need extra materials to study for your GCP certification? Here are some of the top online resources:

  • Awesome GCP Certifications on Github
  • Ivam Luz’s Study Guide​
  • A Cloud Guru, for GCP courseware
  • GCP modules at Quiklabs, especially their hands-on labs
  • Some Google Cloud courses on Pluralsight

To avoid any surprises when it comes to the exam, double-check that you are using an official Google Document that is current.​

Google Cloud associate-level certifications

Currently, only one associate-level certification exists:

This certification is designed for those who manage ongoing Google Cloud Platform deployment maintenance. Your capacity to deploy applications, keep track of operations, and manage GCP projects is tested on the exam.

Associate Cloud Engineer:

For IT professionals who are new to cloud computing, the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Certification is a fantastic place to start. It can also be used as a stepping stone if you want to pursue professional-level certifications.


In order to maintain or deploy solutions that use Google-managed and self-managed services on the Google Cloud Platform, applicants for the certification must have a firm grasp of how to operate with the Google Cloud Console and the command line interface.

Exam Details:  There are 50 questions in the test, and there is a 120-minute time limit.

Cost: $125

Google Cloud professional certifications:

The role-based professional certifications offered by Google Cloud serve as evidence of your expert design and implementation abilities. You must possess a practical, in-depth understanding of your specific job in order to pass the examinations.

Currently, 8 professional certifications are available:

  1. Cloud Architect
  2. Data Engineer
  3. Cloud Network Engineer
  4. Cloud Security Engineer
  5. Cloud Developer
  6. Machine Learning
  7. Cloud DevOps
  8. Collaboration Engineer

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