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5 Top Free Google Digital Marketing Certifications Courses

Google Digital Marketing Certification is invaluable. This is a great course if you want to start digital marketing. Google does it for free, and Open University and other organizations have accepted it.

You can get a Google Digital Marketing Certification by Google’s Digital Unlocked portal that is free, the Garage also offers, you can enroll in your free google marketing course all you need to do now is just sign up. Google marketing certification course

You may get a google marketing certification course, by watching the classes and checking your knowledge with fun and easy quizzes. You can also rapidly complete your Google Digital Marketing course schedule, which comprises twenty-six topics. Finally, once you’ve passed the google marketing certification free, you’ll be able to access qualification questions and receive certifications.

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  • Why get Google Digital Marketing Certification
  • Top 5 Digital Marketing certification course by Google
  • Free online Google Digital Marketing Certification Course
  • Google Digital Garage

Why get Google Digital Marketing Certification:

Companies will notice that you have a deep understanding of the foundations of digital marketing if you obtain certification. You can also include the qualification in your CV and add it to your LinkedIn page with ease.

In the “Online World,” Google surely plays a vital role. There are, obviously, alternative ways to use Google to expand a company’s online visibility, create leads, and boost sales.

That’s only possible if you are familiar with Google’s resources, such as Analytics, Keyword Tool, Webmaster, and so on.

To stand out from the crowd of millions in a world where 60% of goods are operated online, one must understand these marketing tactics through Google’s digital marketing course.

Is Google Digital Marketing certificate value:

Yes, Google marketing certifications are still highly regarded. There are 26 courses to choose from, all of which were created by Google experts and are jam-packed with practical activities and real-world examples to help you apply what you’ve learned.


Top 5 Digital Marketing Certification Course by Google:

There are more than 5 Google digital marketing certification courses available to help people better understand how to leverage Google’s extensive resources and tools to literally create and scale an organization’s online presence.

5 Best Google Certification Digital Marketing:

  • #2. Adwords Fundamentals Course
  • #3. Search Advertising Course
  • #4. Analytics Course
  • #5. Google My Business Course

#1. Google Digital Unlocked Course: Introduction to Digital Marketing:

The “Google Digital Unlocked” program is completely free to use, and it is a great way for Google to teach people about the principles of digital marketing.

Several modules are addressed in Google Digital Unlocked that are extremely important for anyone who wants to pursue a serious career in content writing.

This Google digital marketing certification course provides students with critical information and expertise about what might be the ideal approach in the current day when the internet is at its peak and virtually everyone is creating online content.

#2. Adwords Digital Marketing Certification:

Adwords digital marketing certification

Advertising has evolved so much in the last few decades that we’ve seen many different types of it. Influencer marketing, for example, was always present, but it was limited to television advertising.

This Google Adwords Fundamentals digital marketing course also assists students in preparing for the exam, which will result in the students receiving the AdWords Google Digital marketing Certification if they pass.

Adwords exam study guide:

Here are a few of the Google digital marketing  certification course’s modules:

Study guide for the Google Adwords exam:

There are a number of advantages to passing the AdWords exam and being Google certified. Being Google certified improves one’s chances of better opportunities as a digital marketer, as well as one’s grasp of how to advertise one’s product or service by appearing in search results.

Adwords Refresher Guide:

For Google Digital Certification, this can also help in a rapid review of what has been covered thus far in Google’s AdWords fundamentals digital marketing course.

Google Academy for Ads:

This enables students in learning about Google’s tools and products, which are critical for advertising purposes.

Guide to Adwords Success:

This session is particularly crucial since it shows you how to track the campaigns you’ve created and how well they’ve performed so far.

Campaign Settings:

This module teaches you how to customize advertising by using campaign parameters to make your ad visible to a wide yet relevant audience, as well as how to customize the look of the ads.

#3. Search Advertising Course:

This Google digital marketing certification course enables a digital marketer or advertiser to reach out to individuals within their target audience by appearing in their search results.

Search Advertising Study Guide:

The Google search engine advertising study guide walks students through the essential themes and topics of the Google search advertising digital marketing course, preparing them for the exam.

Search Refresher Guide:

This is a crucial module in Google’s digital marketing course because it walks you through the most significant aspects and serves as a quick review tool for students.

Introduction to Remarketing Lists:

This is a crucial module that develops a sophisticated method of communicating with the audience. RLSA allows you to send direct messages to the appropriate people at the right time.

#4. Analytics Course:

The Google Analytics (Google digital marketing certification) course is important for learning how to track insights into how well or poorly ads are doing. Not just the advertisements, but also the material that is published on the internet.

This is an extremely valuable course for anyone who wants to keep track of how well their material performs and determine if any modifications may be made to improve performance.

The following are some of the modules that were covered with google certifications marketing:

ACADEMY OF ANALYTICS for Google digital marketing certification:

This is the first course in Google’s Analytics digital marketing course, and it covers the fundamentals of how analytics works and what it can be used for. This is a must in order to participate in the Analytics IQ test.

Analytics IQ Study Guide:

This program is now primarily for people who wish to take the Analytics IQ test. This also covers all of the areas that the Analytics IQ test is expected to cover.

Adwords and Analytics:

While Adwords would handle responsibilities like advertising, keyword targeting, and SEO, analytics might be utilized to better understand Adwords behavior and, as a result, improve the content or Ads’ success.

#5. Google My Business Course:

This Google Digital Marketing Certification course teaches you all you need to know about running a business online. We frequently come across several local businesses and outlets nearby in Google while browsing for outlets or service stations, thanks to the advantages of Google My Business.

This course teaches entrepreneurs and small company owners how to list their companies on the internet.

The following information is discussed in depth in the course:

  • What Is the Importance of a Google My Business Listing?
  • How to Create a Business Listing and Verify It
  • How do I make updates to my company’s information?

This training has benefited many businesses and outlets, and those who have gone through the learning process have recommended it to other entrepreneurs.

Free online Google Digital Marketing Certification Course:

Digital Marketing Course Google Certified: A free certificate is available from the Fundamentals of Google Digital Marketing course. The course is divided into 26 modules, each of which includes videos and tests. You can get a badge for each module separately after completing all assessments. Once you’ve completed all of the modules, you’ll receive a final certificate.

How can you get a Google Digital Marketing Certification Course for Free?

How do I get google digital marketing certified, follow these steps:

  • Go to Google Partners to learn more.
  • Select “Certifications” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Examinations” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click “Exam Details” when hovering over an exam section.
  • Click the “Take Exam” button.
  • In your web browser, the exam will now begin.

Google digital marketing certification validity:

  • For one year, a Google Ads accreditation is valid. To keep your certification after the one-year period has expired, you must retake the necessary product examination.
  • Google fundamental certification: After completing the exam, the Google fundamental certification is valid for 12 months.
  • Google digital unlocked certificate will never expire if you pass the exam.

Google Digital Garage:

Google Digital Garage:

Google Digital Marketing Certification:

Google Digital Garage only provides online classes. Digital Marketing, Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, and The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing are the most popular courses at this institution, with Digital Marketing, Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, and The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing being the most popular.

Time to complete this education program spans from 5 hours to 2 months depending on the qualification, with a median time to completion of 1 week.

The cost of attending Google Digital Garage varies depending on the qualification, ranging from $200 to $1,500, with a typical cost of about $10. “This certification program was free for everyone,” most reviewers said when asked how they paid for their training.

Google Digital Marketing Certification jobs:

Google recently announced that it will expand its skills certification program to help more people without a college diploma acquire high-paying computer jobs. Grow with Google Career Certificates for in-demand occupations like Data Analyst, Project Manager, and UX Designer will be available soon.

Google Career Certificates: Everything You Need to Know:

Google Career Certificates will help you gain some of the abilities you’ll need if you’re looking for a new job in one of the fastest-growing technological areas. Google’s online learning programs now feature an Android programming certification course, as well as user experience design, project management, and data analytics.

Who Should Get a Google Career Certificate and Why?

The google digital marketing certification programs are an option for anyone looking for a job in technology or who wants to improve their abilities in their existing position. These programs were created with a broad audience in mind; according to Google, 59 percent of people who have enrolled in the IT support program do not have a four-year degree. On Coursera, where the IT assistance program is available, 27 percent of the general population participates.

Where to Find Digital Marketing Jobs:

The best venues to locate outstanding students are universities, where young professionals are actively hunting for jobs in their chosen field, and digital marketing and IT organizations.

How to Get Entry Level, SEO Jobs:

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of candidates for Entry Level SEO Jobs, you’ll need a solid job description.

For the right individuals, SEO is a fantastic career option because it is fresh, energetic, and diverse.

How Long Does It Will Take to Get the Google Digital Marketing Certification?

Google Certification for Digital Marketing: Google claims that its career certificate courses take three to six months to complete. It is estimated that each course will take roughly 10 weeks to complete. The time it takes to finish the assignment varies because users set their own schedules.

Google Career Certificate Courses Overview:

The Google Career Certificate courses are usually completed in three to six months. For $39 per month, Coursera provides certifications in IT support, IT automation, UX design, data analytics, and project management. So a six-month course will set you back $234.

Google Project Management Professional Certificate:

This is for project planners, organizers, and managers. Project manager, program manager, scrum master, and project analyst are all examples of Google Digital Marketing Certification.

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate:

This course is for people who want to learn how to process and evaluate data in order to make better business decisions. It focuses on abilities for entry-level data analysts, junior data scientists, data technicians, and marketing analysts positions.

Google UX Design Professional Certificate:

Google Digital Marketing Certificate for UX: This course will prepare you for a career as a user experience designer, user interface designer, or visual designer. Personas, user stories, and user journey maps are among the skills required, as are performing usability studies, designing prototypes, testing, and iterating on ideas.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate:

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate is for those who wish to learn how to troubleshoot and maintain computers and networks. It can enable you with obtaining a position as a database administrator, systems analyst, or help desk technician.

Google IT Automation With Python Professional Certificate:

It’s intended for people who are already familiar with the fundamentals of information technology. Among other things, the course covers Python programming, IT automation, and setting up your developer environment. In addition to English, the program is available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Associate Android Developer Certification:

The Associate Android Developer Certification is distinct from the Google Career Certificates, and it costs $149 per exam attempt, though pricing may vary depending on your country.

Is there any other digital marketing certification available for free other than Google?

Digital Marketing Certification Google: Other than Google digital marketing certification, you can get a certificate from HubSpot Academy is a complete digital marketing course that currently has over 3,000 students enrolled on Udemy. The low, low course price of absolutely free includes almost 4.5 hours of teaching in 38 sessions.

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