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What Is A Highlighted Comment on YouTube | 5 Tips & Benefits

Looking for what is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube – that may not mean what you believe. In order to help you interact with a comment more effectively, a highlighted comment is displayed in the YouTube comment box.

A new feature of YouTube that makes browsing easier is comment highlighting. Anyone can highlight a comment in any video, regardless of whether they are the author of the video or simply a normal viewer. On YouTube, all you have to do is click the timestamp next to the user’s name.

Viewers can express their thoughts or criticism regarding YouTube videos they have viewed by leaving comments on the videos. As long as the video comments feature is enabled, anyone can remark on any video.

We’ll share information on the often used highlighted comment function on YouTube in this article. However, the word is seriously deceptive in the eyes of viewers and YouTubers. All further facets and questions pertaining to this word have also been covered.

What do you need to know about the feature that helps you navigate YouTube’s comment section?

First of all, it’s not the video’s maker. In addition to the recently added capabilities of “pinning” and “liking,” the remark’s creator can only edit the comment by “approving,” “hiding,” “deleting,” or “flagging spam.” Depending on how you open the video, YouTube may “highlight” it automatically.

  1. What Does Highlighted Comment Mean On YouTube?
  2. What Does Highlighted Comments Look Like on YouTube explained?
  3. How to Make Comment Highlighted?
  4. How to Highlighted Comments URL?
  5. How to Reply to Highlighted Comments?
  6. How to Remove Highlighted Comments?
  7. Tips for Writing a Comment
  8. Benefits of Highlighted Comments

What Is A Highlighted Comment on YouTube

Let’s first define the topic at hand. You might come across a comment marked as “Highlighted comment” in the comments section below a YouTube video. The label can be seen over the commenter’s name in light grey.

You may see a highlighted comment if you click on a notification and go to a video. When someone comments on one of your own videos, you get a notification.

When you click on the notification, you will see what is a highlighted comment on youtube and a special URL that you can only see when you click on that message.

What is a highlighted comment on youtube for desktop and Mobile devices:

If you need more information about a comment, you may typically reply to it directly in the notification box on a desktop device.

On a mobile device, however, you will be sent to the video’s comment section, where a highlighted comment can truly help you save time and hassle.

Here’s what you should know about what is a highlighted comment on youtube

You can be notified when a user comments on a video that you host on YouTube. There will be a highlighted comment link in these alerts. To view the comment in context, click this link; the website will prominently highlight it so you can find it quickly.

On YouTube, a comment that has been highlighted draws your attention and makes it easier for you to respond to it.

Is a highlighted comment on youtube bad: The feature is only there to let you read comments that might be of interest to you; neither users nor authors select to highlight comments, and it is neither good nor bad when it does.

What is a highlighted comment on youtube vs Pinned comment:

As was already said, highlighted comments are an automatic feature that only you can view. They cannot be changed.

On the other side, pinned ones are picked by the video’s creator. They are visible to all.

The first function is there to simplify your browsing. The second one aims to get people to focus on a particular response.

Can You Search Youtube Comments?

By selecting the Filter icon from the YouTube comments area and directly entering the search word, you can search the comments on YouTube. The “Comments Search for YouTube” extension enables you to quickly browse through all of the comments on a certain video or even an entire YouTube channel by searching for key terms.

You may search for comments on YouTube using a different program called the YCS (YouTube Comment Search) browser plugin.

What does a Highlighted Comment mean on Youtube?

What does a highlighted comment mean on Youtube

As it turns out, a lot of people are misinformed about this feature, and it’s probably not what you may assume.

What highlighted comments mean on the platform dissolved in further depth below:

Highlighted comment on YouTube has a variety of uses. However, their primary purpose is to draw your attention to the comment so you can respond to it.

To be clear, they are not visible to the general public and are only visible to you.

What you need to know about YouTube’s highlighted comments function is provided below.

What is a Highlighted comment on youtube – they are like a little bookmarking feature. The maker of the video does not endorse highlighted comments, and other users do not vote on them. Look at these two URLs:


Despite having different looks, both URLs display the same video. However, one does so while the other does not. What is happening?

What is a highlighted comment on youtube that can be convinced:

A comment that has been highlighted can be used to pinpoint a particular comment. They can be useful to bookmark, particularly if you want to follow up on a comment later.

Sending someone a URL is a great method to alert them to a comment that you might also want to attract their attention to.

What is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube & Purpose:

Your email, the notification bell, or the comments section of the YouTube dashboard are often how YouTube tells you of this new action. In this instance, YouTube will thread the remark on your particular video and highlight it in the new activity – a new reply or your comment – if you want to view a comment or reply from this location.

This function is solely for our convenience, possibly to encourage participation in the comments area. Consider a video that has thousands of comments, for instance. To find your prior remarks or fresh replies, you’ll have to spend some time reading through all the comments if you access that movie the standard way.

The new activity notification, however, will open the relevant YouTube video and direct you to a particular comment while “highlighting” it and explaining “what got you here.”

One of the best features of what is a highlighted comment on youtube is completely automatic in order to help you navigate the comment sections more easily.


How to Highlight a Comment on YouTube?

YouTube Highlighted Comment

Remember that comments on YouTube cannot truly be highlighted. You can create a URL that will display a highlighted comment when someone visits it. Such a URL can be posted on social media or sent directly to the recipient.

What is a highlighted comment on youtube that creates a link:

You can add a link to your website so that anyone who clicks on it sees a highlighted YouTube remark.

  1. To create a link with a highlighted comment – Go to a video on YouTube with comments.
  2. Scroll down to view comments and choose the one you might highlight.
  3. Hit the time (e.g. 7 days ago) that could be found next to the commenter’s username.
  4. The page will refresh with a different URL and it will include the lc parameter.
  5. In your browser’s address bar choose the new URL and copy it.

What Is A Highlighted Comment on YouTube Tag?

When you click to view or respond to a comment on YouTube while you are not in the comment thread for a video, a label or tag called “highlighted comment” appears.

  • Email New Activity Notification
  • YouTube’s Dashboard Comment Section
  • YouTube’s Notification Bell

There are two styles of tags:

  1. A highlighted comment and
  2. A highlighted reply.

The only difference is that the highlighted reply appears only if the target comment is a reply.



How do I remove highlighted comments on YouTube

How do I remove highlighted comments on YouTube?

Apart from what is a highlighted comment on youtube to removing a highlighted comment, all you need to do is adjust the URL. In order to see the comment section without seeing the highlighted comment, you must remove the portion of the URL that begins with “&lc=”

What is a Pinned Comment on YouTube?

Pinned comments are a wonderful way for the maker of the video to highlight a particular point they want their audience to take away.

While highlighted comments are generated by YouTube automatically, pinned comments are manually pinned by the video’s producer.

A highlighted comment is exclusively visible to the specific person who clicks on notice to react to a comment, in contrast to pinned comments, which are also available to all viewers that visit the comment section.

How to Search Comments on YouTube:

Unfortunately, because YouTube comments are lazy-loaded, you can’t search through them using the search bar seen in the majority of browsers (ctrl+f / cmd+f). However, there is a free browser extension called VidIQ that makes it very simple to search through comments.

How To Make Highlighted Comment?

You receive an email or a notification whenever someone comments on your video. The platform highlights it when you click to view it so you can discover it quickly.

You will be notified if someone chooses to respond to something you’ve written by posting a comment underneath it.

To highlight a comment while viewing a video on YouTube, simply click the time stamp next to the commenter’s name.

Simply delete the portion of the URL that begins with “&lc” to reverse the effect of the highlighting. Similar rules apply to a highlighted response on YouTube.

As a technical information YouTuber, for instance, you should look for well-known videos or channels in the same category, in this case, technical competence. If a channel is popular, viewers are more likely to read the comments on a video. You will only gain if your comment is prominently shown on the websites of well-known YouTubers.

What is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube & Benefits?

The advantage for a viewer who has highlighted a comment is straightforward. They will get a message that says “Highlighted Reply” when someone answers their comment. The person who owns the video, though, stands to gain the most from this feature. When a comment is highlighted by the video owner, it is easier for them to find it later and respond to it in the sea of comments.

The highlighted comment function makes it simple for YouTubers to sift out important and helpful criticism. It was difficult to navigate, identify insightful comments, and reply to them prior to the addition of this tool.

What is a Highlighted Comment On YouTube Pros And Cons:

You can quickly recognize a remark that you opened after receiving an email notification thanks to commenting highlighting.


  • You can use it to mark a comment for follow-up.
  • It can help a creator to know what is important to his viewers.
  • It helps to optimize a YouTube channel.


  • You don’t really have much authority over it.
  • It generates no immediate revenue.
  • On some browsers, it can result in a “Comment failed to post” error.
  • Not every comment that is highlighted is helpful to a YouTube creator.

What is a Highlighted Comment on Youtube to Get More Views?

Not at all. Highlighted comments merely draw the attention of one viewer to that particular comment thread. You must consider marketing strategies that you could employ if you want to increase the number of views on your YouTube channel.

How to Choose Highlighted Comments?

By clicking a remark on YouTube, you can instruct YouTube to highlight that comment. To do this, click close to the time the comment was made.

The highlighted comment will appear when you reload the page.

You will receive them anytime you click a notice linked to a comment from the video platform; it is an automatic function created.

A problem with the page can exist if YouTube is not highlighting it. Try a fast remedy to get YouTube working once more.

What is a Highlighted Comment on Youtube With Writing Tips?

Many individuals look for tips online on how to make their YouTube comments more likely to be pinned or highlighted. The manner you phrase your comment is crucial. Here are some helpful pointers from the professionals to get you going:

  • Write or comment on what you feel the use of basic and straightforward language is lacking.
  • When you are certain of what you want to say, shorten your sentences.
  • When you have finished writing your response, be sure it is true in every manner.
  • If a YouTuber’s comments fit YouTube guidelines and the search engine recognizes them as being distinctive, they will be promoted.

Final word:

So, what is a highlighted comment on YouTube?

One that is added on top of the others and is automatically tinted grey. Usually, it’s the newest. The function facilitates browsing. Such remarks are visible through time stamps or notifications.

Simply put, highlights make it simpler to explore the comment section.

However, consider this:

Neither YouTube nor you draw attention to those. It operates automatically.

Additionally, responses might be emphasized.

Similar rules apply to a highlighted response on YouTube.

I hope this article has clarified, “what is a highlighted comment on YouTube”?

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