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Amazon Blink Camera Review | 3 Best Outdoor, Indoor & Mini


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Blink camera review – Blink is a home automation company that produces home surveillance cameras powered by batteries. Amazon revealed in December 2017 that they had purchased the company. As an independent subsidiary, Immedia Semiconductor, LLC continues to operate.

What is Blink Security:

Blink Indoor is a wireless security camera operated by batteries that can be mounted anywhere within your home. Features like day and night, features like two-way audio, and night vision help you stay connected to what’s going on at home. Works with indoor selectable Alex-capable devices.

Is Blink a Good Brand?

Before going to Blink camera review, we need to know if Blink is a good brand: Blink’s customer support is pretty solid, like many other security camera brands we have tested. We had a variety of ways to find tech help, ask questions, watch videos, and more, online at Blink’s website, or directly in our bulk app.

Blink Camera Reviews On Security?

The good thing is that Blink Security Camera has a number of security flaws that need to be fixed with a firmware update. These flaws allowed hackers to gain complete control of the cameras and allow them to view the camera footage, listen to live audio feeds or use the cameras to attack other devices.

Blink camera review on how does blink security work?

All blinking cameras use the same blank sync module. The sync module acts as a bridge to connect your wireless blink cameras to your Wi-Fi network. The Blink Mini uses a power cable, but since it connects to your Wi-Fi network, it’s still technically ‘wireless.’

Blink Camera Review – Can It Be hacked?

Blink cameras are vulnerable to hacking, like most wireless technology. Fortunately, in order to keep your gadgets safe and protected from unauthorized use, Amazon also releases firmware updates. Although blank cameras pose a security threat, no recent documented examples of hacking have been found.

Most of us have a camera that we use for work, research, or virtual socialization built into our phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop webcam. Sadly, this privilege can render us susceptible to an online attack called compacting. This is when hackers remotely take over control of your webcam.

Is there a monthly fee for Blink Security?

Blink provides a trial of its Blink Plus cloud video storage service that lasts until the end of 2020 for video clip storage. The cost to continue this subscription is $ 3, or $ 30 per year. … They will have access to their existing free storage.

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Blink Camera Review on Indoor and Outdoor:

With a black front, the Blink Indoor comes in white, and the Blink Outdoor has a black-on-black pattern. You’ll find an amount in the box that makes it easy to attach the camera to a wall. Inside and out – or flat-edged square design lets you set it upright.

Blink Outdoor:

Outdoor runs on a set of included AA batteries for up to two years so you can protect yourself indoors and outdoors – rain or shine! Our weather-resistant security camera includes two-way audio, motion detection, and more. Outdoor works with select devices that are Alexa-enabled.

Blink Indoor:

Blink Indoor is a battery-powered, wireless security camera that you can put inside your home anywhere. Features like two-way audio and night vision help you stay connected to events happening at home – wherever you are – day or night. Indoor works with select devices that are Alexa-enabled.


The Blink Mini is strong but small. — That means you can plug it inside your home anywhere. Mini is a great first step towards keeping your home more secure, starting price of just $34.99.
Listen, watch, and talk on your phone with the Bulk Home Monitor app, and receive alerts whenever motion is detected.

Works with Alexa – Go hands-free with Alexa!

To pick Alexa-enabled devices for home voice commands, connect Blink Outdoor, Indoor, or Mini to them. You can use your voice to stream live video, play recorded clips, make an arm, and your camera to disarm, motion alert, and more.

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How do I set my blink camera to record all day?

Blink cameras do not offer permanent recording, although you can leave the system armed to detect motion for any interval.

Do blink cameras record all the time?

You can set it to record all day or when motion occurs. Blank camera record clips based on motion detection only and send alerts to your mobile device. When they detect movement, the cameras record. If you are watching the feed, you also have the option to record a clip live.

How many phones can connect to blink?

Up to a total of 10 devices will support each system at present. In the 10 device limit, the Sync Module is not included. The Blink camera and the Blink XT are both synchronized on the same sync module.

Do blink cameras record without WiFi?

Do blink cameras record without WiFi?

You can view it anywhere with the mobile app, as long as your camera has a WiFi connection. No web / Mac / PC access unless you use an emulator to use the blink app.
Without an active WiFi connection or an online Sync Module, Blink cameras cannot work. If the connection to the Internet is lost or the sync module is not supported, the system will go offline until both are restored.

What is the WIFI range of Blink cameras?

How far away is it possible to position camera units? Assuming a fairly traditional house (single building, unusually dense building materials), the synchronization module should be able to communicate with blank units up to 100 away (and at most) in any direction.

Can I see Blink cameras on my PC?

An Android emulator like the Bluestacks App Player, or NOX, can be installed easily. Once installed, you will be logged in to your Google Account. As a result, you’ll have access to the Google Play Store, after which you can install the Bulk XT app to view your camera.

Do blink cameras work if the power goes out?

After power returns, the blinking scheme should reconnect on its own. You want to think about catching a UPS, these days they are quite cheap and you can connect your router and the sync module that connects the Blinks to it. That way, they can continue to run even if the power decreases, and you will have continuous monitoring.

What is the sensitivity of the Blink camera?

This can be set from 10-60 seconds. Sensitivity: Controls motion sensor sensitivity. Low sensitivity detects larger objects in motion. High sensitivity detects smaller objects. Then measure sensitivity by generating motion warnings to achieve the correct balance for your requirements.

Does blink work with Windows?

There’s no Windows app, but you can search the video storage connection and load Nox Player for Android (which is an emulator) and use the blink app. For Windows, there is an Android emulator and you can install the Blink AAPK file there and you’re all set up.

How do you set blink activity zones?

To use Operation Zones, tap the configuration icon above the camera thumbnail that you want to modify.
From the camera settings, tap Activity Zones. In the Activity Zones screen, you see the camera thumbnail with the grid pattern. Tap the Photo Update button to refresh your thumbnail image.

Amazon Blink Camera Review:

The home security camera market’s more cheap end is where Blink, an Amazon startup, is concentrating its efforts. Everything is made to function effortlessly and easily. No contracts are necessary, there are no cables, and even the batteries last for two years. Amazon has continuously increased the number of home security camera options since it acquired Blink.

Conclusion on Blink Camera Review:

Blink home security cameras provide a cost-effective solution with accurate motion detection and high-quality video and audio. Although Blink cameras aren’t the most expensive ones available, they perform admirably and are incredibly affordable.

  • Blink Outdoor:  A multipurpose camera for both indoor and outdoor monitoring.
  • Blink Indoor: For dorm rooms, home offices, and other compact spaces, Blink Indoor is a smart option.
  • Blink Mini: A small wired marvel called Blink Mini can fit almost anyplace.

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