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In industries, hydraulic cylinder tubes made of the honed tube are well known. The most crucial component in the creation of hydraulic cylinders is honed tubes, skived tubes, and roller-burnished tubes.

Precision pipes having a high level of wear resistance to the stroke’s unidirectional force are known as hydraulic cylinder pipes. It has uses in building, mining, manufacturing, and engineering.

Eight essential parts make up a hydraulic cylinder: the clevis, gland, port(s), barrel, rod, piston, end cap, and seal. These components work together to enable the hydraulic cylinder to pressurize fluid, which in turn moves a piston and produces power for a machine.

Hydraulic Cylinder Tube:

A hydraulic cylinder tube is known as a Honed tube across numerous sectors. Honed tubes are one of the most crucial components used in the construction of hydraulic cylinders. Typically, this kind of tubing has its internal diameter of a Ready to-Honed Tube honed. Because of this, it is sometimes referred to as honed ID tubing. Honing is a machining procedure that uses an abrasive or a grinding tool to produce a precise surface on a metal workpiece, such as hydraulic tubes. In this procedure, a Pre Honed Tube is wiped against using an abrasive grinding stone or wheel in a hegemonized path. A method called honing is primarily used to improve a surface’s geometric form.

Hydraulic Cylinder Tube Examples :

Although there are many different types of hones, they all use one or more abrasive stones that are pressed on the surface of the honing cylinder tubes they are used on.

However, the surface of these Honed Tubes has also shown improvement. Since honing is a costly procedure, it is only done on Hydraulic Honed Tubes, which demand the highest level of precision. Utilizing Bright Finish Seamless Honed Tubes has a number of advantages, including their precision, exact form, and smoother inner surface.

Specification Chart of Hydraulic Honed Tubes:

cross tube hydraulic cylinders

Tubes for hot-finished honing with a skived or honed bore:

  •  Graded: St 52
  •  Max length:14m.
  •  Metric size: Internal diameter in millimeters: 40 to 250mm
  •  Type: cold drawing
  •  Straightness: 0.5 /1000
  •  Tolerance INT: ISO H9

Types Of Honed Tubes:

  1. Hydraulic Honed Tubes
  2. Honed Tubes
  3. Hydraulic Tubes
  4. Honing Cylinder Tubes
  5. Pre Honed Tube
  6. Ready to Honed Tube
  7. Honed Seamless Tubes
  8. Bright Finish Seamless Honed Tubes
  9. Hydraulic cylinder honed tube

ADVANTAGES of Hydraulic Cylinder Tube:

  • High precision tolerances
  • Seamless tube with high-pressure resistance
  • High Smooth inside surface
  • Good weldability

Datong Hydraulic, a renowned custom/OEM hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, has a wealth of experience designing and producing a wide variety of cylinders for various applications.

  • Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder
  • High-Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Welded Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Long Stroke Hydraulic Cylinder

Accessories For Hydraulic Cylinders


Hydraulic cylinder honed tube suppliers:

Hydraulic cylinder honed tube suppliers

1. Scot Industries:

Scot Industries has been the leading provider of specialty tube and bar products since 1949. Scot is committed to achieving our clients’ most rigorous requirements in terms of product specification and JIT delivery. Scot is the technological leader in the sector.

Pneumatic cylinder tubes, chrome I. D. hydraulic cylinder tubes, cylinder barrels, polished steel tubes, aluminum air cylinder tubes, stainless air cylinder tubes, brass air cylinder tubes, and DOM and seamless steel tube are just a few of the numerous goods offered by Scot Industries. Chrome-plated bars of all grades and conditions are also available from Scot.

Contact: Auburn, IN — 260-927-0262

2. Hydrapac Italia:

For the industrial products, your applications require, Hydrapac Italia is an authorized stocking distributor for leading hydraulic producers. The greatest industrial solutions are provided to our customers through their partnerships with each manufacturer to service various geographic areas. When you locate the parts you require, find out more about their manufacturing partners and the items we distribute and ask for a price.

Leading producer and manufacturer of industrial hydraulic cylinders, Hydrapac Italia offers a wide selection of plunger cylinders, customized cylinders, and double and single-action hydraulic cylinders. They come with bore sizes that range from 20 mm (0.75 in) to 1500 mm (60 in) and stroke lengths that go as high as 22 m. (900 in).

3. Team Tube:

Honed tubing is created by Team Tube utilizing its “Suitable To Hone” Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) and Cold Drawn Seamless tube (CDS). To create incredibly accurate ID dimensions and enhanced finishes, the honing process includes removing tiny amounts of material using abrasive polishing stones and abrasive paper. Without additional ID processing, honed tubing is ready for use in hydraulic cylinder applications.

Contact: 1-800-450-3454 – QUESTIONS@TEAMTUBELLC.COM

4. Ranger Caradoc:

At Ranger Caradoc, a variety of cylinder types as well as other hydraulic components for all purposes are produced. Thousands of components are continually kept in stock in their UK warehouse, according to their regular product catalog. Additionally, they may create cylinders and other components specifically for you. Call 01299 896953 if you would like additional details.

Tubes and Bars For Cylinders:

Steel with chrome plating The hard chromium plating process, which uses bars and pipes, and tubes for hydraulic cylinders, is a continuous horizontal operation. Each bar is individually advanced and rotated through the chromium plating machine by a hydraulic system that also provides the necessary electric contact for each bar. The machine’s ground and polished bars are fed in from one side and come out the other fully plated. In contrast to traditional procedures, the bars are fully plated all the way to the ends.

Tubes for Cylinders: Cold-drawn steel tubes are particularly well suited for use as cylinders and pistons in hydraulic and pneumatic power transmission and control due to their qualities and accuracy. Cold-drawn cylinder tubing can be used for a variety of hydraulic and pneumatic applications when paired with compatible seals. They meet the requirements of the international standard ISO 4394/1 for their particular characteristics.


What are the Cross Tube Hydraulic Cylinders Prices?

-4-inch Bore and 12-inch Stroke Cross Tube Hydraulic Cylinder (WEN WT4012)
from $150.03

-WEN WT3508: Hydraulic Cylinder with 3.5-inch Bore and 8-inch Stroke
from $111.87

What substance is used to create hydraulic cylinders?

Hydraulic cylinder tube material – Steel, typically carbon steel, is used to construct the cylinder tube (or barrel). Higher pressures necessitate stronger steels and thicker cylinder walls, which are both accessible steels with a variety of strengths.

What is a hydraulic cylinder stop tube?

Hydraulic Cylinder Tube

Simple metal collars or tubes called “cylinder stop tubes” are attached to the rod of a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder between the piston and the head. Only when a cylinder will have exceptionally long strokes are they intended for usage. They aid in preventing side loading and other column strength difficulties like jackknifing or cylinder buckling and are typically used in horizontal applications.

Although some manufacturers advise using them at 36 in. and higher, cylinder stop tubes are typically only suggested when the cylinder stroke will be more than 40 in.

It’s easy to size a stop tube; 1 in. of stop tube installation is advised for every 10 inches above 40 inches. They come in a range of substances, such as steel, brass, and aluminum, among others.

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