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20 Blink Home Security Tips to Protect You from Burglary


Blink Home Security – Niche blink has collected simple tips to protect you that will help you and your home and even discourage thieves from breaking into your property.

There are many practical and budget-friendly ways to protect yourself from theft, not just during the holidays but throughout the year:

Tips to Protect You from Burglary without a Security System: blink home security

  1.  Hide valuables when strangers are in your home.
  2. Don’t let a thief ring your phone
  3. Install a reliable lock.
  4. Secure the windows
  5.  Take care of the property surrounding your estate
  6.  Use thieves’ fears against them.
  7.  Throw away boxes for expensive items correctly.
  8.  Pretend.
  9. Check your locks.
  10. Let the sunlight in.
  11.  Place plants in front of your fence and windows with abrasive foliage.
  12.  Don’t pass any information via phone.
  13. Invest in Smart ED
  14. Get a dog
  15.  Leave your car on the driveway
  16.  Lock windows and doors and secure them
  17.  Keep the landscaping in mind
  18.  Install security signs around your property


protect your home

1. Hide valuables when strangers are in your home:

It is advisable to be familiar with company reviews before calling an electrician or plumber

2. Don’t let a thief ring your phone: blink home security

A landline phone trick is used by some thieves: they call your home phone and wait for an answer. If no one picks up the call, that means no one is at home. You confuse a possible burglar if you mute or lower the sound because they do not hear any sound.

Some thieves call your home and wait for an answer. If no one picks up the phone, it means no one is home. So don’t let a thief ring your phone.

blink security lock

3. Install a reliable lock: Blink home security

As this combination is the most effective, locking the door with a single pin tumbler and lever as this combination is the most reliable.

4. Secure the windows: Blink home security

Do not forget that, in case of an emergency, you should have an escape route: buy grilles that can be opened.

5. Take care of the territory surrounding your property:

In summer, take care of the lawn and keep the path tidy in winter. Don’t let a criminal believe that nobody lives there.

6. Use thieves’ fears against them:

“It is advisable to put a sign saying “Safe Facility Before stealing, this trick will make the thief think twice.

7. Throw away boxes for expensive items correctly:

To avoid trouble, turn the box over before throwing it so as not to attract intruders.

8. Pretend:

Don’t be embarrassed: Turn around and wave hands as if someone has been at home leaving you home

9. Check your locks:

Before you open the door and enter your home, check your lock so you have a chance to react quickly in the event of an emergency.

10. Let the sunlight in: Blink home security

When you leave your property, make sure you don’t completely cover your windows to create this illusion in your home.

11. Place plants in front of your fence and windows with abrasive foliage:

You can also put some roses under your windows. All these plants will really challenge the mission of the thieves.

12. Don’t pass any information via phone:

12. Don’t pass any information via phone:

You just have to be more discriminatory for the support you provide to other people. Strange communal service companies that call you and ask questions about your workplace and hours or who you live with. This is one of the methods used by thieves to find out the history of a property and the best time to break into it.

13. Invest in smart EDs:

Creating the illusion that your home can be just as successful as an expensive alarm device or a well-trained Rottweiler in repelling burglars and other unsavory.
The porch light and a flow mailbox break left on 24/7 could be an open invitation to them. In addition to saving cash, through a smartphone, tablet, or computer, smart LED light bulbs can be switched on and off remotely, whether you’re at work, caught in traffic, or out of town for a few days.

14. Get a dog: Blink home security

You do not need to register an appropriate guard dog to protect your home. There are several types of electronic watchdogs on the market, moving alarms that emit barking noises. Also, you should never underestimate the power of stealing a well-kept dog’s bowl that says “killer.”

15. Leave your car on the driveway:

Leaving a vehicle, especially without an alarm, can be a potential target for auto theft and vandalism for several days on a driveway. At the same time, stopping car thieves in the driveway can add an extra layer of home security that automatically assumes that a car parked in the driveway means there is a home.

16. Lock windows and doors and secure them:

A partnership between Andersen and Honeywell, the leading window and door manufacturer, the Verilock device includes small wireless sensors powered by batteries that are incorporated into a variety of Andersen windows and doors. If a door or window is left open (or left open), the homeowner is immediately alerted via a smartphone or tablet.

In addition to security, the most welcome bonus of the Verlock system is energy savings, as a closed window is far more efficient than an open one.

17. Keep the landscaping in mind: Blink home security

Maintain thinned-out hedges, shrubbery, and large ornamental plants— Doors and windows in the street should be left visible.—And keep a close eye on the branches of any tree, which, however, can provide easy access to second or third-floor windows after providing beauty and privacy.

18. Install security signs around your property:

18. Install security signs around your property:

You don’t have to install an expensive real security system to prevent potential thefts but you can use boards, decorations, and yard signs to alert the bad guys to someone’s presence.

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