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16 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs For Gamers: Astro Twitch

The number of Gaming Affiliate Programs has grown tremendously in tandem with the industry’s rise in popularity.

Publishers can market games using affiliate networks, which connect them with affiliate programs. Games are a large and profitable affiliate marketing niche, with various sub-niches centered on certain types of games, such as board, card, racing, retro, children’s games, and video game and mobile gaming services.

Affiliate possibilities in the gaming industry are extensive and in high demand. Gaming affiliate offers to abound, thanks to platforms like Microsoft and Amazon’s excellent programs, as well as the immense popularity of gaming in all of its modern incarnations.

You’ll learn how to benefit from the gaming industry by joining the Top 9 best gaming affiliate programs accessible in this article. You’ll find out what you can market, how much money you can make from commissions, and how to sign up for each one right now.

Why Choose Gaming Affiliate Programs:

Platforms like Steam and the App Store make it simple for customers to acquire games, and they cut expenses because there are no physical overhead costs, resulting in huge volume sales and impulsive purchases. To give you an example, 37 percent of all Steam games have been registered but never played.

All of these factors contribute to the notion that affiliate game sales can be profitable. There are, however, a variety of gaming affiliate schemes from which to choose. You must understand what each platform has to offer in order to choose the finest one for you to begin selling on.

It is efficient to start and use a blog to generate traffic and leads to affiliate links, but it can be time-consuming to do so. Using social media, such as Instagram, to attract potential clients is also a viable option.

How to choose Gaming Affiliate Programs:

The first thing you should think about is the gaming affiliate program you’re joining.

Second, before getting into any arrangement with the seller, please thoroughly inspect their things or services. Finally, please inquire about the cookie time they provide for your convenience.

Finally, look into the demand for the product or firm you’re considering joining, and see whether they’re engaging in any marketing initiatives to improve sales and brand value.

How to Start Gaming Affiliate Programs:

While gaming affiliate programs might pay off handsomely, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one – or even one industry. Using multiple of the sites discussed in this post to create content and sell games and other things is an excellent strategy to diversify and extend your revenue.

Moreover, regardless of what you’re offering, affiliate marketing is generally the same.

Why not try selling something relevant, such as physical games, if you’re doing well selling digital games and virtual items? Why not go on to other products, particularly those that necessitate repeat purchases?

Best Affiliate Programs for Gamers, and Streamers:

We’ve put together a list of the top 15 gaming affiliate programs so you can make money while supporting the brands you care about. Continue reading for some advice on how to get the most out of these programs.

gaming affiliate program

1. Razer Affiliate Program:
2. GameFly Affiliate Program:
3. Logitech Affiliate Program:
4. NVIDIA Affiliate Program:
5. Green Man Gaming Affiliate Program:
6. Kinguin Affiliate Program:
7. esports affiliate programs:
8. Origin PC Affiliate Program:
9. Twitch Affiliate Program:
10. Leprestore Gaming Affiliate Program:
11. Astro Gaming Affiliate Program:
12. Epic Games Affiliate Program:
13. Sennheiser Affiliate Program:
14. Alienware Gaming Affiliate Program:
15. Bose Affiliate Program:
16. Microsoft Gaming Affiliate Program:

1. Razer Affiliate Program:

Razer is a hybrid of a gaming hardware company and a gaming lifestyle brand. You can use banners or links to promote all of these products through the affiliate program.

The company, among other things, sells high-performance gaming computers, consoles, mice, pads, gear, backpacks, and clothing. They have created some software and mobile apps to help gamers have a better experience.

You can either visit the Razer Affiliate Site (see below) or join the Impact Radius Affiliate Network. You will then get access to the Razer Affiliate Program. You’ll be given access to an interface that allows you to track your affiliate program using daily reports. You’ll have the most up-to-date information on impressions, click-throughs, orders, sales, and commissions.

Why Should You Promote this Gaming Affiliate Programs:

They provide the best things on the market to gamers. Anyone who uses their product will always be ahead of the game. The Razer affiliate program seeks out ambitious partners who will collaborate with them in the pursuit of a common objective.

It offers a 10% to 20% commission and a no-cost sign-up to get started earning. The products are primarily gaming peripherals for gamers who wish to go above and beyond the competition. Given the possibility of a free sign-up, the commission is large.

  • Rate of commission: Up to 20% commission on each sale
  • One of the approved payment options is a wire transfer.
  • Services and items include things like accessories, systems, and furniture.

Join Now:

2. GameFly Affiliate Program:

GameFly is a video game rental service that was inspired by Netflix. Gamers rent video games and films, which are then delivered to their homes on a regular basis.

GameFly conveys the determination and accessibility of games for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U, Wii, and 3DS, as well as other known frameworks, with a large number of game titles.

This service continues to be in high demand because it carries most of the largest properties, such as God of War, Assassin’s Creed, and Far Cry. It also exists because the prices are significantly lower than those of a game acquired through Gamestop or another such retailer.

Commission Junction is presently in charge of the affiliate program, as well as the majority of the policies. Affiliates that choose this program will receive banners, tested anchor text, and real-time reporting.

Why Should You Promote this Gaming Affiliate Programs?

Because of their competitive offers, GameFly might help you earn a lot of money. This is ideal for you, especially if your audience is made up of people who want to learn more about games.

Affiliates are paid a commission for each sale they refer. They get roughly $15 to $25 for each subscription. You’ll get a 10% cut if your referrals buy a used console game, and a 5% cut if they buy new console games.

  • The commission rate for free trials and memberships is $15, and the commission rate for new console game sales is 5%.
  • Cookie lifetime: 25 days (for trials and memberships), 10 days (for all other cookies) (For Online purchase)
  • Direct deposit, check, or Payoneer is all acceptable methods of payment.
  • Services and products include subscriptions and gaming discs.

Join Gamefly Affiliate Program:

3. Logitech Affiliate Program:

Logitech Affiliate Program

Logitech is one of the most well-known computer accessory companies in the world. They invented the laser mouse, the trackball, and a slew of other breakthroughs.

It’s a big affiliate marketing network that supports a lot of different companies, including the once-independent Astro Gaming brand.

Through the Logitech Affiliate Program on their site, any visitor can be routed to one of the brand’s websites using your referral link, and you can earn a reward.

In and of themselves, several of their brands are well-known. Astro Gaming had one of the best affiliate programs in the industry, and their products continue to be quite successful.

To support you in tracking your affiliate activities, Logitech gives detailed information on visitors, individual products ordered, and overall revenues. You’re even allowed (and encouraged) to buy stuff for yourself using your referral links.

Why Should Logitech Be Promoted?

Logitech provides its affiliates a fair shot at making money. You’ll be given everything you need and will be linked to the Logitech family of businesses. You’re also allowed to buy with your own ref-link, which is unusual in the affiliate marketing field.

-Brand & Commission Rate
-Logitech 4%
-Logitech G 5%
-Astro Gaming 5%
-Blue 5%
-Ultimate Ears 10%

Brands determine affiliate revenues. If their referrals buy from Logitech, they get a 4% commission; if they buy from Logitech G, Astro, or Blue, they get a 5% commission. Ultimate Ears receives a 10% commission if the purchase is made through them.

  • Commission rate: 4-10% per sale.
  • Cookie life span: 30 days
  • Payment Methods: Wire Transfer and more
  • Hardware Peripherals are a service/product (Mice, Keyboards, Headsets)
  • $125 is the average order value.

Join Logitech Affiliate Program:

4. NVIDIA Affiliate Program:

NVIDIA is a firm that manufactures components for gaming computers. Their high-performance graphics cards are their most well-known product.

While Nvidia is quite a popular brand, promoting its products can be a bit risky for any publisher. It’s because most people prefer to buy their goods from discount stores, which means they’ll check your link and buy them elsewhere.

While high-end graphics cards have long been prized for gaming, their appropriateness for cryptocurrency mining has resulted in demand for several years outstripping supply.

The NVIDIA affiliate program is managed through the Rakuten network. If you’ve already been approved on Rakuten, you might be able to find this program under the user menu. The network controls the majority of the settings. Despite the minimal commission fee (2-5 percent depending on the product), the majority of the cards are over $300. Some of the more costly ones can easily run into hundreds of dollars.

Why you should Promote these Gaming Affiliate Programs?

There are no hidden costs for signing up. Due to the increasing demand for computer accessories used mostly for gaming, they pay higher commissions.

All you have to do is place the banners and logos that they will provide, refer consumers via referral links, and they will handle the shipping and delivery. You can track the efficacy of your affiliate site by analyzing web data. If you want to earn huge commissions while sitting at home, you should carefully consider it.

  • Commission rates range from 2% to 5% per sale.
  • 45 minutes of cookie time
  • Payments can be made via e-checks or PayPal.
  • Graphics Cards as a service/product (GPUs)

Join NVIDIA Affiliate Program:

5. Green Man Gaming Affiliate Programs:

Green Man Gaming is another e-commerce site that sells digital download keycodes for PC gamers. The majority of popular PC games may be purchased here, usually at a discount.

The affiliate program includes access to the whole product catalog API. As a result, you’ll be able to market any of the 7000 games on the market.

To begin, you must first sign up for their affiliate program on their official website. You can earn up to a 5% commission on any sale that comes as a result of your affiliate links. The prices of the items range from $5 to $50 and up. OR The affiliate program is likewise managed by the CJ Affiliate network. The network determines the majority of payment policies.

Nonetheless, GMG affiliates will have to concentrate on volume rather than significant sales. Payments are also sent every three months, which is a lengthy period of time.

  • Commission Rate: Up to 5% commission on each sale, with the opportunity to earn more.
  • Cookie life span: 30 days
  • Payment can be made via direct deposit, check, or Payoneer.
  • As a Service/Product, Digital Discount Codes
  • Depending on how well you perform, you may be eligible for additional commissions.

Join Green Man Gaming Affiliate Program:

6. Kinguin Affiliate Program:

Kinguin is a European marketplace where you can get a good deal on some of the most recent games.

Unlike some of the other video game affiliate networks on this list, Kinguin lets you promote games on all major systems. They sell gaming PCs, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo console accessories.

The gaming affiliate programs at Kinguin, on the other hand, are a lot more straightforward. It, like G2A, has three layers of referrals, which means you can quickly build up a vast network of prospective earners.

You will be paid 5% for first-level referrals, 0.75 percent for second-level referrals, and 0.25 percent for third-level sales. Although the quantities for second and third-level sales are lower than G2A, the flat starting cost of 5% is very competitive.

To begin, go to their official website and sign up for their affiliate program. The Kinguin Mafia affiliate program allows you to make money by convincing clients to make purchases on the site. The commissions begin at 5% (for purchases of $100 or more) and increase in proportion to the number of sales you make.

Affiliates may have access to Kinguin Mafia Pro. Benefits might range from 5% to 10% of each purchase made by anyone you recommend through this program.

In addition to higher commissions, the Pro program provides affiliates with giveaway prizes, new release information, and personalized banners to appeal to gamers in your audience. Affiliates will also receive professional assistance from a support team.

According to Kinguin, the scheme’s top affiliates earn more than $50,000 every month.

Why Should You Promote this Gaming Affiliate Programs?

This is the most comprehensive online trade marketplace for thrilling games at reasonable pricing. Gamers all around the world adore it and rely on it for their gaming entertainment.

Everyone wants more games, but not everyone has the financial means to purchase them. This is one of the reasons why Kinguin is so popular. Even if you don’t achieve Mafia Pro status, becoming an affiliate can make you a lot of money if you use your promos wisely.

Affiliates of the Kinguin Mafia make money based on their tier. The first tier will receive 5% of the total price, the second tier will receive 0.75 percent, and the third tier will receive 0.25 percent. Each sale that Kinguin Mafia Pro Affiliates refer earns them a 10 percent commission.

  • Commissions up to 5%
  • PayPal is one of the authorized money transfer options.
  • Digital download codes are a service/product.

Join Kinguin Affiliate Program:

7. Esports Affiliate Programs:

 16 best gaming affiliate program

As an esports affiliate, you’ll be able to offer a personalized discount on all Chairs4Gaming products to your audience. In comparison to other gaming affiliate programs of a similar sort, their commission rate is likewise substantial.

In ESports, there are five degrees of affiliate. There are different perks and rewards for each affiliate level.

Both you and your audience will benefit from the Chairs4 Gaming Affiliate Programs. You’ll be able to provide a terrific discount on specialist gaming chairs right now.

That discount not only looks nice, but it also establishes the legitimacy of your business and your relationship with them. Signing up to be their partner is simple, and it’s a decision that can only lead to a tremendous source of passive income.

Affiliates earn 10% of the income from any Chairs4Gaming product sold, and this includes but is not limited to the sale of their chairs.

8. Origin PC Affiliate Program:

Any gamer will tell you that Origin PCs are among the best in the industry. It’s not enough to have a decent game; you also need a capable system to run it. Origin has optimized its technology for gaming as a result. A gamer’s worst nightmare is losing their progress due to their own laptop or PC. This tragedy is prevented using Origin PC.

Anyone can become an Origin PC affiliate, however, this does not guarantee that all affiliates will receive the same commission. When you apply, they’ll look over your platform and get back to you with a compensation offer and affiliate program rules. You will be linked to one of the greatest names in the game business if you accept.

Why Should You Promote this Gaming Affiliate Programs??

Origin PC products are highly competitive and sought after by gamers all around the world. Joining their affiliate program will allow you to earn a lot of money right now, even if you just make one sale.

Additionally, whether you’re a streamer, an esports participant, or a gaming blogger, it offers legitimacy to you as a player on the site.

You must apply for their affiliate program on their website. It can take up to 72 hours for your application to be approved, so you’ll need a large audience to join the program. After the Origin PC staff has reviewed their application, affiliates will obtain their own commission percentage quote.

  • The commission rate/percentage is based on your application.
  • Cookie Length: Unlisted

Join Origin PC Affiliate Program:

9. Twitch Affiliate Program:

Twitch Affiliate Program

This is for those of you looking for something a little different, or to spice up your gaming affiliate portfolio with something a little more “interesting.” Why not join the twitch affiliate program if you fall into this category?

If you’re serious about making money from Gaming Affiliate Programs, this could be a good place to start before joining a twitch partner program. Having said that, earning twitch affiliate levels does necessitate a significant amount of effort. Fortunately, the platform evaluates the amount of effort you put in and compensates you accordingly. If you’re interested in learning more about the Twitch affiliate program, follow this page.

Affiliates can choose from a variety of subscription plans on the website, including $4.99, $9.99, $24.99, and a free Twitch subscription. Affiliates can earn money from the bits at first, which are the virtual tool that purchasers can purchase to cheer someone up.

How the Twitch Affiliate Work:

Twitch pays affiliate marketers for each new follower they gain, as well as for the actions viewers take when watching or engaging in gaming streams.

Twitch has high expectations of its affiliates. Any applicant must have broadcast for at least 500 minutes in the previous 30 days. They must also have broadcast at least seven times during that time and have a minimum of 50 followers.

Affiliates can begin collecting a portion of the revenue generated by subscriptions, ad views, and Bits once they have qualified.

The commission structure works like this:

  • Subscriptions: 50% commission when someone signs up for
  • subscriptions between $9.99 and $24.99
  • Ad revenue: CPM between $0.01 and $1.00 depending on the number of viewers
  • Bits: $0.01/bit

Join Twitch Affiliate Program:

10. Leprestore Gaming Affiliate Programs:

Leprestore is a service that helps users level up their characters in games like Destiny 2, Apex Legends, and Wow Classic.

This affiliate program is the best you can get if you are bored of storing your affiliate data. For new client sales, you can earn up to 7% commission, and for current customers, it’s 3.5 percent.

If you don’t want to spend time or are bored of dealing with affiliate data, Leprestore is the best solution for you, especially if you are a newbie or new to the affiliate business or have no experience as an associate partner.

11. Astro Gaming Affiliate Programs:

Astro Gaming is revolutionizing the way we play games as the new standard for professional computer game sound. It has a wide range of sophisticated items, including wired and wireless earphones, earbuds, gaming bags, and apparel.

There is a 180-day cookie return and active affiliate management, which will assist you in growing and learning. As a member of the Astro Gaming Affiliate Programs, you will be able to earn a 5% commission on all sales of sound systems, headsets, and peripherals while also being associated with a brand that is at the forefront of contemporary gaming audio.

12. Epic Games Affiliate Programs:

This website enables advertisers in generating revenue from the Epic Games shop. For every 10,000 V-Bucks spent on them, creators will receive a $5 commission. Each game has a separate commission rate. Accepted creators must exchange referral links in order to earn a commission.

In addition to their own games, they sell games created by others on their platform. People can choose from a wide range of RPGs, strategy games, and shooting games.

You will earn a flat 5% commission for every successful sale from Gaming Affiliate Programs if you join their affiliate program. You’ll gain a bonus every time one of your referrals makes an in-game purchase.

To fulfill the affiliate agreement, the content producer must have 1,000 followers on any of the most popular social media platforms. To receive funds, the creator must use an Epic Games-approved payment method.

13. Sennheiser Affiliate Program:

Sennheiser is a family-owned company known for producing high-quality audio equipment. To ensure a fantastic gaming experience, they offer a good selection of headphones, soundbars, and other accessories.

Sennheiser is a name that springs to mind when it comes to gaming audio systems. Sennheiser produces excellent gaming headsets. You can earn money by playing or broadcasting your favorite games.

Apart from Gaming Affiliate Programs, they provide fantastic things for the home, travel, office, and so on. Promoting this brand to your audience will be a good decision because playing video games necessitates high-quality sound.

Every sale you make through your blog will earn you a 6% commission. Furthermore, you will be able to employ their innovative banners and logos to help you run a successful campaign.

You can earn commissions by referring people to the Sennheiser official website through their affiliate program. Sennheiser has a strong brand value around the world, and it will help you attract a large number of potential clients, allowing you to earn a significant amount of money.

14. Alienware Gaming Affiliate Programs:

Anyone who enjoys gaming is familiar with Alienware. Founded in 1996 as Sakai, the firm changed its name to Alienware after a year due to its passion for the popular television show The X-Files. They are one of the first businesses to make gaming portable with their gaming laptops, in addition to their powerful gaming PCs.

The commission fee is 3% per sale, which appears to be extremely low. However, given the high cost of Alienware items, you may anticipate making a substantial profit from your website.

15. Bose Affiliate Program:

Bose is a well-known consumer electronics company that makes high-quality headphones and speakers. Gamers enjoy their noise-canceling headphones because they deliver an incredible experience.

CJ Affiliate, one of the most well-known affiliate networks, manages its affiliate program. You will be paid a commission of 2% to 3%, which is quite little. However, because their products are in high demand, there’s a decent possibility you’ll make a good sale through your website.

16. Microsoft Gaming Affiliate Programs:

Microsoft was the first company to make PCs available to everyone, not just nerds. That being said, playing video games has become more accessible to individuals who cannot afford high-end computers.

And if you’ve been into gaming for a while, you’re probably aware that they’re the proud creators of Xbox. Their affiliate program allows your visitors to purchase necessary consoles and accessories directly from your website.

Although the commission rate is only 2%, you shouldn’t worry because selling an Xbox or its console to your game-obsessed audiences is simple.

Join Microsoft Gaming Affiliate Program:

What is Acceleration Partners:

Acceleration Partners is a leading international partner marketing firm. Acceleration Partners’ key strengths are its affiliate management program services, which are known for assisting firms in developing meaningful, long-term, performance-based relationships with strategic partners. Acceleration Partners is supporting industry-leading companies in setting up, launching, and managing their partner programs while strategically maximizing performance-based agreements as the partnership ecosystem grows.

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