Herman Miller Aeron Chair Buying Guide: Top Cosm Chair Review

Herman Miller

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is a high-end office chair with a mesh back that came close to winning the competition. However, it fell short of best winning an award.

Herman Miller is the world’s second-largest office furniture company by revenue. There are no other chairs that compare to the complexity, craftsmanship, or durability of their top models.

Herman Miller, Inc. is a furniture, equipment, and home furnishings company based in the United States. The Equa chair, Aeron chair, Noguchi table, Marshmallow sofa, and Eames Lounge Chair are among its products.

7 Best Herman Miller Chairs Buying Guide:

A chair that doesn’t fit you well might lead to bad posture, which can contribute to back and wrist problems. This is why picking the appropriate chair is so important. That’s where the Aeron by Herman Miller comes in.

Herman Miller Cosm Chair Review:

1. Herman Miller Aeron Chair
2. Herman Miller embody
3. Herman Miller Cosm
4. Herman Miller Sayle
5. Herman Miller Mirra 2
6. Herman miller Logitech
7. Herman Miller Equa Chair
8. Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair by Herman Miller.

Herman Miller Aeron:

1. Herman Miller Aeron Chair:

If you run hot or work somewhere without air conditioning, the Aeron is a better option than the Gesture because of the mesh back and seat.

Herman Miller chairs are pricey because they promise to correct your posture and prevent back and wrist strain from sitting for lengthy periods of time. All of the alternatives and the general structure are built of high-quality materials, which adds up.

Aeron’s 12-year warranty is something that is greatly appreciated. The chair has a solid feel to it, and you can tell it was manufactured with high-quality materials right away. Overall, everyone thinks that the chair is pricey, but considering how long it will last and the benefits it will provide, it is well worth it.

Our Verdict:

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is a high-end office chair with a mesh back that came close to winning the competition. However, it fell short of winning an award. This chair is really comfy and has a lot of adjustable options, but our judges didn’t think it was quite as comfy as the top models. It comes with a solid warranty and appears to be well-made, all while being sent fully assembled. Unfortunately, it has one of the group’s highest retail prices.

One of the finest aspects of this chair is that it is healthy not only for you but also for the environment. Overall, the Aeron is a fantastic chair that won’t let you down and provides enough back ventilation. The fit isn’t as well-liked as other models, but its price tag puts it beyond reach for most people.


This chair has a depth of 16 inches and a width of 27 inches. It’s 42′′ tall at its shortest setting, with a 300-pound weight restriction. This is also an extremely light chair, weighing only 48 pounds.

Build Quality:

With a 95/100 rating, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair has the greatest build quality of any chair we’ve reviewed. On the Aeron, a lot of attention went into the design. Everything about the Aeron’s construction is top-notch. It’s built in the United States and features high-quality components throughout. The mesh upholstery is the finest I’ve seen on a chair, and the plastic utilized is of exceptional quality.

Ergonomic Adjustments:

The Herman Miller Aeron is offered with a handful of different mechanisms. The typical tilt feature with tension control is included in the basic mechanism. Arm depth, lumbar, and pivot adjustment are all available on the Aeron.

There are some Pros & Cons, you must consider when buying Herman Miller Aeron Chair


  • Made in the USA with high-end build quality with Comfortable arms.
  • Nice recline function and Forward seat tilt
  • Strong warranty, Rated for 24/7 use
  • After a gaming session, clean the stylish vinyl and PU leather material, which simulates stitched-together panels.
  • The armrests can be turned 90 degrees and adjusted in four different ways.
  • The frame of the chair has a lifetime warranty, while the remaining components have a two-year warranty.


  • The security of a nylon wheelbase may be inferior to that of a metal one.
  • Can feel the frame on the seat and back.
  • The seat may not be comfortable
  • No seat depth adjustment
  • No back height adjustment
  • Limited color options

Herman Miller Aeron Chair vs Mirra Comparison:

Because the Aeron and the Mirra 2 chairs are so similar, one of the most apparent differences between them is personalization.

The Armrest – The Mirra offers a larger number of armrest positions that you can set to your preference.

Seat Depth – Unlike the Aeron, the Mirra’s seat depth may be adjusted.

Seat Height – The Aeron’s seat height varies due to the varied seat sizes.

Three different back support options – Basic Back, Adjustable Lumbar Support, and Adjustable PostureFit SL are the three back support options available on the Aeron.

Verdict: Both are excellent office chairs. We recommend the Mirra 2 if you want something softer, but the Aeron has a firmer feel.

-(Herman Miller Aeron Chair vs Mirra 2)

 Herman Miller embody:

2. Herman Miller embodies:

The Embody chair was introduced by Herman Miller in 2008 as a specific model for computer users. Compared to the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, it’s more expensive.

Its Pixelated backrest provides the most adaptive back support in the ergonomic seating industry, and its sleek modern look is a lot more aesthetically pleasing than Aeron’s traditional style.

The Herman Miller Embody is more than a chair; it’s a personal investment. Herman Miller needs to make sure it’s worth the money because it’s so costly. They include a 12-year warranty with this product. You’ll never want to sit in a less expensive office chair again after you’ve tried it.

Build & Design:

At its smallest setting, the Embody is 42” tall and over 30” deep and wide. It is fairly heavy, weighing 51 pounds. It does, however, come with carpet casters and is easy to move around on and  It comes fully assembled.

Backrest Support:

The backrest of the Embody is tall and slender. The lumbar area has a strong curve, however, there is no lumbar adjustment. It’s made to adapt to the form of your back and the movements you make while providing support.

Embody chair features:

  • Multi-layered adaptive seat
  • Pixelated backrest
  • Synchro-tilt
  • Lumbar support
  • Armrests: 2D-adjustable
  • Backrest: adjust recline tension; 3-position tilt-lock; synchro-tilt
  • The Embody can hold up to 300 pounds and should be suitable for most people.
  • Users between 5’4″ and 6’2″ tall.

Our Verdict on Herman Miller Aeron Chair::

Many individuals, including professionals and doctors, regard the Herman Miller Embody chair to be one of them. The Herman Miller Embody left a lasting impression on us. It’s a sturdy chair with a slew of fantastic features that make it a joy to use.

We recommend the Herman Miller Embody chair for your gaming desk setup if you’re searching for a comfy and ergonomic chair.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Vs Herman Miller Embody Chair:

Herman Miller used three distinct size variations for the Aeron. A, B, and C are the available sizes, although The Embody is only available in one size. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is significantly less expensive than the Embody.

You have 30 days to return either chair model for a full refund and there is a 12-year warranty for the Embody and Aeron. Both chairs have been completely assembled. You can easily roll the chairs out after opening the size of the box.

Both have a more modern style, but the Aeron’s build is a little more spectacular than the Embody’s. Either way, you’re getting a top-notch chair.

Both seats were designed by Herman Miller in a very distinctive way. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is upholstered in 8Z Pellicle mesh and features a sturdy frame surrounding the entire seat. The Embody’s seat is substantially larger and lacks a prominent frame. It is adaptable, and you can easily use the full seat.

Herman Miller Cosm:

3. Herman Miller Cosm Chair Review:

Do you require ergonomic assistance but are uninterested in messing with controls?

Is style a priority for you?

The Cosm chair fulfills each of these requirements and more. Expect superior support, outstanding comfort, and rock-solid ergonomic performance for the next 12 years or more.

The Cosm is a reduced version of the Herman Miller Aeron chair that allows for seated movement. This was Herman Miller’s first task chair with an automated tilt, and it was released in 2018.
This model appears to be excellent for a certain type of work-at-home executives and high-end gamer/PC enthusiasts, despite its hefty price.


Overall Dimensions: 29.5”W x 26.7”D x 45-51.6”
Seat Height: 14.8” – 21.4”
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
Seat Dimensions: 20.5”W x 15.9”D
Back Dimensions: 18.25”W x 28.5”H
Distance Between Arms: 19.5”
Arm Height from Seat: 6.5”
Base Dimensions: 27” Diameter
Chair Weight: 40 lbs.
Shipping Box Dimensions: 26″ x 21.75″ x 38.5″
Shipping Box Weight: 43 lbs.


The Cosm chair arrived fully built at our location. The chair only needed to be rolled out of the box and some plastic removed before it was ready to use.

Build Quality:

It is made of light materials and has a simple design, resulting in a chair that is only 40 pounds.

Polyamide and polypropylene materials are used to make the chair frame, armrests, and base. Suspension Mesh is made in the United States and is made up of elastomeric and polyester materials.

All of the components are top-of-the-line and work in unison. Studio 7.5 went to considerable efforts to build a chair that is both beautiful and functional.


  • Seat pan angle 1.2° to 14°; backrest 94.1° to 106.9% auto-harmonic tilt
  • Lumbar support: height-adjustable (7.5-8.7″)
  • Flexible polyimide plastic structure and upholstery; breathable suspension mesh, Intercept suspension (gapless transition between the backrest and seat).
  • Armrests: height-adjustable (1D) t-arms or fixed “leaf” arms are available (they act as a hammock to cradle the forearms).


  • The back of the neck is supported by a built-in curve.
  • The high-back would reach around the crown of the head for a 177 cm user.

Our Verdict: Herman Miller Aeron Chair Cosmo

The Cosm is a chair that you buy because you like the way it looks and the overall quality. There is no other chair that has the same shape or color-dipped effect as the Cosm. It provides excellent lower and upper back support. It also comes with a fantastic 12-year warranty, ensuring that you get the most out of your Cosm chair.

If you like to modify your chair, the Cosm is not for you.
The leaf arms can be a terrific option if you want the best-looking chair and don’t require it to be tasking.

There are some Pros & Cons, you must consider when buying Herman Miller Aeron Chair


  • High-end build and design
  • Good back support
  • Great warranty
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Good return policy
  • Environmental focus


  • High price tag
  • The seat may be uncomfortable
  • Lacking adjustments
  • Poor arm comfort
  • Leaf arms are not practical for tasking

Herman Miller Sayle:

4. Herman Miller Sayle:

The Herman Miller Sayl is a well-designed, highly adjustable chair from a well-known company in the industry. If the price doesn’t deter you, this chair is recommended for anyone under 6′ tall who doesn’t mind a low seatback.

The Sayl chair combines parts from the Herman Miller Aeron and Embody chairs to create a less expensive but more powerful product.

The Sayle has a robust synchronous tilt range, similar to the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, and an adaptive backrest made of curved plastic polymer components in various colors, similar to the Embody chair.


When the Sayl work chair arrives at your door, it will be mostly constructed, so it will only take you a few minutes to get it ready for use. In the box, the seat, seatback, and arms are all pre-assembled. All you have to do now is put the chair on the base and install the casters.


Given its modest price, Sayle’s features are quite impressive. With a few cuts, the features are essentially identical to the chair.

  • Synchro-tilt: Seat pan angle -3° to 13° synchro-tilt; backrest reclines to 91°, 101°, or 124°.
  • 3D Intelligent backrest: As the user moves, a frameless 3D Intelligent back stretches and shrinks to support the back.
  • Posturefit: To support the sacrum, a unit at the back of the backrest supports the sacrum (the lowest point of the spine). Slouching and sitting weariness are avoided as a result.
  • Seat adjustments: Seat height and depth can be adjusted, and the seat can be tilted down to -3 degrees.
  • Armrests: Adjustable in four dimensions (adjust the height, angles, width, and depth).
  • Warranty: 12 years.


This chair has the widest seat and backrest dimensions of any Herman Miller chair including the Herman Miller Aeron Chair. As a result, it’s a good choice for extra-large users with thick legs or wide hips.
The strange-looking backrest is our biggest gripe with the Sayle.

Our Verdict on Herman Miller Aeron Chair::

It’s beautiful, comfortable, and versatile. Even better, it’s provided by a corporation with a storied history in the industry. It also comes with a whopping 12-year warranty, which speaks something about its quality.

If you’re a bigger, taller user, this chair will almost certainly be too tiny for you. As a general guideline, if you’re taller than 6′, you should reconsider.

If you’re a bigger, taller user, this chair will almost certainly be too tiny for you. As a general guideline, if you’re taller than 6′, you should reconsider.

You don’t care for a chair with a low seatback. There is no neck or head support in this position. Most people’s seatbacks are no higher than their shoulder blades.

We suggest it, but potential purchasers should carefully study the pros and disadvantages and evaluate whether this chair is a good fit for them.

Herman Miller Sayl vs Aeron:

The Sayl model by Herman Miller has targeted young buyers due to its unconventional style, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair model comes in a conventional design. Both have back support; Sayl’s has a 3D intellectual back, while the other has a stance worth supporting.

Comfort: The 3D intelligent back in Herman Miller’s Sayl model creates a perfect mix between stability and movability. The Aeron model, on the other hand, features structured back support, which makes it more comfortable than the Sayl model.

Sayl does not have lumbar support, but Aeron has, and this helps to reduce back pain. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is comfier to sitting for lengthy periods of time than the other.


The Sayl model’s main components are plastic cellular and sponge; however, because it is relatively hard, it may cause back pain. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair model, on the other hand, is made up primarily of mesh and pellicle, which helps it to stay cool and maintain a comfortable skin temperature.


Herman Miller Sayl armrests are adjustable and tall enough to fit under your desk. Furthermore, they are not padded, which may cause your arms to hurt and your elbows to itch while you labor for lengthy periods of time. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair, on the other hand, includes adjustable and padded armrests so you can change the arm height to your liking.

Herman Miller Mira 2

5. Herman Miller Mirra 2:

The Mirra 2 chairs are delivered completely built by Herman Miller. It’s as easy as opening the box and rolling out the chair. The chair has a modern, sleek appearance and a sturdy feel it. The backrest, seat frame, and armrests are all built of polyamide/polyurethane, which is sturdy but flexible.


First, the poly backrest is breathable, flexible, and pleasant. The adjustable lumbar addition provides excellent lower back support. The Harmonic tilt, which has two recline options, is the second option. The backrest can be locked at 95, 99, or 122 degrees in tilt-lock mode.

-(Herman Miller Aeron-)

  • Backrest: trifles back with harmonic tilt and 3-position tilt-lock (95, 99, 122 degrees).
  • Synchro-tilt: 5° seat angle tilt + 94.3–106.8° recline range Synchro-tilt: 5° seat angle tilt + 94.3–106.8° recline range
  • Posturefit lumbar support has a 4.5-inch height range and a 1-inch depth adjustment.
  • Seat adjustment includes a 5° seat angle tilt, as well as height and depth adjustments.
  • 4D adjustable armrests (5′′ height range, 2′′ width range)
    Airweave mesh upholstery on a flexible plastic frame.

Specifications: Herman Miller Aeron chair

Overall Dimensions: 27”W x 27”D x 38” – 42.5”H

Seat Height: 16” – 20.5”
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
Seat Dimensions: 19.25” W x 16.25”-18” D
Back Dimensions: 21” W x 23” H
Distance Between Arms: 18.5” – 20.5”
Arm Height from Seat: 3.5” – 8.5”
Base Dimensions: 27” Diameter
Chair Weight: 42 lbs.
Shipping Box Dimensions: 25” x 29” x 40”
Shipping Box Weight: 47 lbs.


One of the best features of the Mirra 2 is that it comes fully constructed. All you have to do now is remove the protective film that keeps the chair from scratching and you’re ready to use it. -(Herman Miller Aeron-)

Build Quality: 

The Mirra 2 chair’s components are all of the highest quality. The chair is made primarily of metal and plastic, making it a relatively light task chair at 42 pounds. Aluminum is used for the base, mechanism, and armrest frames. Custom molded polyamide/polyurethane is used for the backrest, seat frame, and armrest shells.

Our Verdict on Herman Miller Aeron Chair::

Is it perfect for everyone? No, but it may be a good option for you. The chair is made of high-quality materials and comes with a generous warranty. There are numerous modifications available, as well as a very comfy set of armrests. If you feel the chair is not appropriate for you, you may also return it for a full refund.

But there are a few reasons why you might want to look elsewhere. The most important factor is the high cost. The mesh seat and backrest will be a turnoff for those who dislike meshing seats and poly backrests in their office chairs.

There are some Pros & Cons, you must consider when buying Herman Miller Aeron Chair


  • Great adjustability
  • Comfortable armrests
  • High-End Build
  • Great warranty
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Good return policy
  • Environmental focus
  • Lumbar support can be adjusted to any angle.


  • Higher price point
  • Armrests are wide
  • Mesh seat not comfortable for everyone
  • TriFlex backrest is too hard for some people

Herman Miller Aeron Chair vs Herman Miller Mirra 2:

Built Quality:

Both chairs include polymer sitting mesh, which provides the impression of floating in mid-air and is designed to provide a smooth and natural feel while keeping your back in good shape.

Return Policies:

Both chairs have the same policies, such as a 12-year warranty and a return policy that waives shipping charges and provides a full refund if you are not satisfied with the chair.

Back Support: Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Both the Aeron and Mirra 2 have a conventional S-shaped backrest with non-adjustable lumbar support in their basic versions. If you have a larger budget, the enhanced adjustable lumbar support is a good option. And Herman Miller Aeron Chair offers two types of lumbar support: height-adjustable or PostureFit SL backrest with height- and depth-adjustable lumbar support.

Backrest Design:

Aeron’s upholstery is constructed of a woven suspension fabric that is both flexible and supportive while also being light and airy. Mirra 2 offers two types of backrests: one is made of polymer and features vents for greater air circulation, while the other is made of leather.


The commonalities between the Aeron and Mirra 2 armrests outweigh the differences. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair has three different arm types, while Mirra 2 has two different arm types.

Aeron offers 3D armrests or height-adjustable armrests (up & down, forward & backward, left & right pivot).

Mirra 2 comes with optional 4D armrests. They adjust in the same way that Aeron’s arms do, but they also have a width adjustment (inward & outward movement).

Herman Miller Equa Chair:

6. Herman Miller Equa Chair:

Consider the Herman Miller Equa Chairs while purchasing new office furniture. These chairs feature a nice profile with curving shapes and rounded edges. When a person moves in the chair, the seat and back will flex independently. Additionally, the tilt mechanisms provide a comfortable reclining motion. These chairs were created to be both functional and comfortable. -(Herman Miller Aeron-)

The Herman Miller Equa office chair is simple in design yet extremely functional. You’ll appreciate the ergonomic design of this desk chair, as well as the tilt and height adjustments. The Equa chair by Herman Miller is designed to embrace the curve of your spine, and its unusual H-shape allows you to lean and move freely. Even when the office is hot, this form helps to encourage air circulation, keeping your back hot. -(Herman Miller Aeron-)


  • Size B
  • Pneumatic Height Adjustment
  • Adjustable Vinyl Arms
  • Tilt Tension Adjustment
  • 5 Casters Base

Herman Miller Equa 2 Task Chair:

The Equa 2 work chair provides everyone with the comfort and support that only outstanding ergonomic design can provide, regardless of status, work style, or physical shape.

The chair’s H-shaped hole allows the back and seat to flex independently, allowing it to adjust to your movements naturally.

Features of Herman Miller Aeron chair:

  • Pneumatic Height Adjustment
  • Fixed Vinyl Arms
  • Mid Back
  • Tilt Tension Adjustment
  • 5 Casters Base
  • Size B

Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair by Herman Miller:

8. Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair by Herman Miller:

What is the best Herman Miller chair for gaming?

The Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody is the most expensive gaming chair we’ve seen so far, but that’s to be expected from Herman Miller. It’s cozy, but not $1,495 cozy—unless you have Scrooge McDuck cash on hand. Editors at Niche Blink choose and review goods on their own.

This isn’t the chair for you if you want the look of a racing chair with matching colors and emblems. But I’d gladly forego that in favor of ergonomics. It makes no difference to me if people can see the chair in the stream. The chair is attractive, but no one else will notice.

The price tag of $1,495 is a significant factor that will discourage consumers from purchasing this chair. So if you have $1,495 lying around (and if you are that person, would you adopt me? ), the Embody could be the one for you. It didn’t improve my video game skills, but it did make me feel better and allow me to sit with better posture while using it.

OUR VERDICT on Herman Miller Aeron Chair:

If you can afford it, the Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair is an expensive, ergonomic piece of furniture that provides comfort and support, as well as a 12-year warranty.

There are some Pros & Cons, you must consider when buying Herman Miller Aeron Chair.


  • Extremely comfortable and adjustable
  • No assembly required
  • 12-year warranty
  • Sleek-but-subtle styling


  • Very expensive
  • Can’t rotate armrests

How to adjust a Herman Miller Aeron chair?

Lift the lever to unlock when seated. Grasp the base of the arm support and adjust the height to your liking. To lock, lower the lever. Your arms should make contact with the arm pad without lifting your shoulders for maximum comfort.

If you want to adjust Seat Height: The paddle-shaped lever on the right side

-To raise:

  • While taking your weight off the chair,
  • lift the lever up.

-To lower:

  • While seated, lift the lever up

How to clean Herman Miller Aeron chair?

Your Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair will give many years of great performance and satisfaction with proper care and maintenance.

To keep your Herman Miller product in top shape, use a soft cloth soaked in mild detergent and warm water to clean the surface. Rinse well and pat dry with a soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive kitchen cleansers or solvents. Using an upholstery attachment, vacuum the cloth as needed.

What is the Best Budget Gaming Chair Brands?

Gaming seats may make your gaming experience more enjoyable, comfy, and secure. Depending on your system and gameplay needs, you can pick and choose the best budget gaming chair brands and which ones you want.

The price and quality of different brands vary, but the higher the build quality and comfort of the chair, the more trustworthy the brand. Picking the appropriate label might be tricky if you don’t know much about them, so here’s an overview of which ones to look for and why. Here are some best brands:


Herman Miller Logitech Embody Vs Aeron Gaming Chair:

Herman Miller Aeron chair-Aeron chair Herman miller-Aeron chair by Herman miller-Herman Miller chair Aeron-Aeron Herman Miller chair-how to adjust a Herman Miller Aeron chair-Hermann Miller Aeron chair-Herman Miller Aeron chair- Herman miller aero chair-

How to clean Herman Miller Aeron chair?


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