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Amazon Delivery Station Warehouse Associate: Salary $18PR

If you’re looking for a fast-paced and rewarding role, apply now to become an Amazon Delivery Station Warehouse Associate. Join us and help bring smiles to customers’ faces with timely and efficient deliveries!

Amazon Delivery Station Warehouse Associate

As a member of the Amazon team at the delivery station, you will play a crucial role in the final stage before customer deliveries. In this fast-paced and physically demanding position, you will receive shipments of orders and prepare them for delivery. Your responsibilities will include loading items onto conveyor belts, transporting packages, and organizing them for pickup by drivers. There may also be opportunities to receive specialized training in utilizing technology for handling large and heavy items like TVs, furniture, and appliances.

amazon delivery station warehouse associate salary

Some of your duties and responsibilities may include the following:
  • Put away inventory: organize and store inventory in designated locations.
  • Receive and prepare inventory for delivery: Receive incoming inventory shipments and prepare them for delivery.
  • Use technologies: Utilize smartphones, handheld devices, and scanning equipment to sort, scan, and prepare orders.
  • Receive truck deliveries: Receive and unload truck deliveries of inventory.
  • View prompts on screens: Follow the prompts displayed on screens to complete tasks accurately.
  • Operate power trucks: Operate power trucks to build, wrap, sort, and transport pallets and packages.

Why you’ll love this job
Stay busy: Engage in a dynamic and active work environment.
Schedule options: Enjoy flexible shift options to accommodate personal needs.
Career development: opportunities for growth and advancement within the company.
Learn new skills: Access to training programs to acquire new skills and knowledge.
Free on-the-job training: Receive training without any additional cost.
Great team environment: Work alongside supportive and collaborative team members.
Anytime pay: Convenient payment options for easier access to earnings.
Competitive pay: Receive competitive compensation for your work.

Why you’ll love Amazon
Great benefits: Access to a comprehensive and competitive benefits package.
Work-life balance: Supportive policies and practices that promote a healthy work-life balance.
Career advancement: Opportunities for growth and progression in one’s career.
Company culture: Emphasis on fostering a positive and inclusive work culture.

What is an Amazon delivery station?

A delivery station is a vital component of Amazon’s logistics network, serving as the final stage before packages are delivered to customers. Trucks carrying pre-sorted packages from sortation centers arrive at the station, where further sorting takes place based on final destinations. Conveyor systems transport the packages to the sorting area, where they are scanned and organized by delivery routes. Finally, the sorted packages are loaded onto delivery vehicles for dispatch to customers.

Why do I consider an Amazon delivery station warehouse associate job?

Why do I consider an Amazon delivery station warehouse associate job?

The role of a DS associate serves as an entry point into Amazon’s highly advanced logistics network, allowing individuals to manage a sophisticated supply chain. This position offers the potential for career growth, with many associates progressing to supervisory or managerial roles. Additionally, the dynamic and customer-oriented operations of the delivery station can be appealing to those who enjoy fulfilling customer orders. The availability of part-time sortation shifts during late hours may also be advantageous for individuals juggling other commitments, such as school or another job. Furthermore, working during these hours can provide the opportunity to earn a shift differential bonus.

Job description for Amazon delivery station warehouse associate

Amazon DS Associates performs a variety of roles, including unloading, sorting, picking, staging, and problem-solving, to ensure efficient package handling and delivery. Amazon Delivery Station (DS) Associates may take on the following warehouse roles:

  • Unloaders: Transfer packages from trucks to conveyor belts for further processing.
  • Diverters: Guide packages to appropriate belts or use robotic arms for automated sorting.
  • Pickers: Remove packages from conveyor belts and place them on buffer shelves for sorting.
  • Stowers: Scan packages and assign them to stage bags based on their final destination.
  • Loading: Gather packages for a specific destination and stage them on carts for loading.
  • Route Selectors: Organize carts with packages sorted by stoves for easy access by Delivery Service Providers (DSPs).
  • Problem Solvers: Log returned packages, check for damages, and determine whether to restock or return to suppliers.
  • Returns Processing: Log returned packages, check for damages, and handle restocking or returns.

While having a high school diploma or equivalent is beneficial, Amazon prioritizes skills and experience when selecting warehouse associates for their delivery stations. While educational qualifications are considered, they are not the sole determining factor in the hiring process.

How much are you paid?

In the United States, Amazon Delivery Station Warehouse Associates typically earn between $15 and $18 per hour, resulting in an annual salary range of approximately $32,000 to $37,000. The average salary for these positions is around $34,538. However, it’s important to note that these figures are based on a sample of 310 individuals and can vary based on regional factors.

Regional factors, such as living costs and metropolitan areas, can influence the wages of associates. Those working in areas with a higher cost of living or in metropolitan regions often receive higher wages compared to those in rural settings.

Amazon provides various opportunities for associates to earn additional income beyond their base pay. During peak seasons like Prime Day or Black Friday, associates have the chance to earn overtime pay at 1.5 times their regular hourly rate. Referral bonuses of approximately $250 may also be available if a referred associate reaches 60 days of tenure. Performance bonuses may be offered to associates who exceed targets or demonstrate exceptional performance, with eligibility and amounts determined by the specific delivery station and operational needs.

Amazon delivery station warehouse associate vs Fulfillment Associate

Amazon delivery station warehouse associate vs Fulfillment Associate

Amazon Delivery Station Warehouse Associate and Fulfillment Associate are two distinct roles within Amazon’s operations. Here are some key differences between the two positions:


  • Delivery Station Warehouse Associate: In this role, you primarily handle the final stages of the order fulfillment process. You are responsible for sorting, scanning, and loading packages onto delivery vehicles at the delivery station. Your focus is on preparing packages for the last mile of delivery to customers.
  • Fulfillment Associate: As a Fulfillment Associate, your main responsibilities are in the initial stages of order processing. You work in a fulfillment center, where you pick products from shelves, pack them, and prepare them for shipment. Your role is crucial in ensuring accurate and efficient fulfillment of customer orders.

Work Environment:

  • Delivery Station Warehouse Associate: You typically work in a delivery station, which is a smaller facility compared to a fulfillment center. The environment is fast-paced and focused on the final stages of order preparation for delivery.
  • Fulfillment Associate: You work in a fulfillment center, which is a large-scale warehouse. The environment is dynamic, with a wide range of products and tasks involved in receiving, organizing, and preparing orders for shipment.

As a DS associate, you play a crucial role in the final stages of the order fulfillment process. You are responsible for sorting, scanning, and loading packages onto delivery vehicles, ensuring they are ready for the last leg of the journey to the customer.

In contrast, fulfillment center (FC) associates are involved in the earlier stages of an order’s lifecycle. They work in larger environments, specifically fulfillment centers, which are expansive warehouses housing a wide range of products. FC associates are responsible for tasks such as picking products from shelves, packing them, and preparing them for shipment. The products they handle are then sent to sortation centers or directly to delivery stations for further processing and distribution.

While DS associates focus on the final stages of order preparation, FC associates are involved in the initial stages of receiving, organizing, and preparing products for shipment. Both roles are vital in ensuring efficient and timely delivery to customers.

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