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What is Amazon MKTP US Charge on Credit Card: 100% Refund

Ever noticed a mysterious charge on your credit card statement from ‘Amazon MKTP US’? You’re not alone. This vague description leaves many Amazon customers scratching their heads and wondering exactly what it means and why the charge is there. Luckily, we’ve done the digging to uncover the details behind this cryptic charge, so you know what’s going on with your account and payments. It turns out ‘MKTP’ stands for ‘marketplace’ and the charge is related to items you’ve purchased from third-party sellers on Amazon. Though the charge may seem strange, it’s typically nothing to worry about, and we’ll walk you through what it means and how you can get more details on the amounts. Read on to demystify your Amazon MKTP US charges once and for all.

What is the Amazon MKTP US Charge on My Credit Card?

Amazon MKTP US Charge on Credit Card

Have you noticed a charge on your credit card statement from “Amazon MKTP US”? Don’t worry, it’s not fraud. MKTP stands for “markeplace” and this charge is for an item you purchased on Amazon’s Marketplace from a third-party seller.

The Marketplace allows independent merchants to sell new and used goods on Amazon’s website. When you buy from one of these sellers, the charge will show up as “Amazon MKTP US” on your statement. The amount will vary depending on the item you purchase.

To find out exactly what the charge is for, log into your Amazon account and view your orders. Locate the item you bought around the date of the charge. The seller’s name and other details should be listed. You may need to click “See more” or “View order details” to see the full information.

If the charge seems incorrect or you don’t recognize the purchase, contact Amazon’s customer service right away. They can investigate and issue a refund if necessary. It’s also a good idea to monitor your statements regularly for any unauthorized charges.

While shopping on the Amazon Marketplace is usually safe, there is a small risk of fraud since you’re buying from independent sellers. So make sure you feel comfortable with the seller, check their rating and reviews, and pay by credit card in case you need to dispute charges later on. By taking some basic precautions, you can shop the marketplace with confidence.

Understanding the Amazon MKTP US Fee and When It’s Charged

Ever notice a charge on your credit card statement from “Amazon MKTP US” and wonder what exactly that means? Don’t worry, it’s not fraud. It’s just Amazon’s way of processing payments for purchases you’ve made on their website.

When will I see the Amazon MKTP US charge?

You will make multiple purchases at the same time, Amazon may combine the charges, so the amount could cover more than one transaction. The charge will appear under “Amazon MKTP US” followed by a string of numbers that represents your unique order or account ID.

While the name “MKTP” itself doesn’t mean anything, you can think of it as shorthand for “marketplace.” So as Amazon’s US marketplace website or mobile app.

The key is not to panic when you see this charge come through. As long as the amount matches what you were expecting to pay Amazon for your recent orders or subscriptions, the Amazon MKTP US charge is legitimate, and you have nothing to worry about. But if the amount seems off or you don’t recognize the transaction at all, it’s best to contact Amazon’s customer service to inquire about the charge, just to be safe.

Checking your order history for the related Amazon Purchase

Once you spot the “Amazon MKTP US” charge on your credit card statement, the next step is to check your Amazon order history to determine what it’s for. Amazon uses “MKTP US”  as an abbreviation for “Marketplace US” to indicate items sold by third-party sellers on

To view your Amazon order history:

  • Log in to your Amazon account
  • Go to ‘Your Orders’ under the ‘Account & List’s menu
  • Select ‘See all orders’ to view a list of your placed orders
  • Look for an order around the date of the charge that was sold by a third-party seller. The seller’s name will be listed next to the item.

Double-check that the amount of the “MKTP US”  charge matches the total for that order. Due to the high volume of purchases processed by Amazon each day, it’s possible the charge amount on your card statement is higher than the actual order amount on Amazon. If that happens, Amazon customer service can work with your bank to issue a refund for the additional charge amount

To avoid confusion over third-party seller charges on your Amazon statement going forward, you have a couple of options:

  • Pay for your Amazon orders using gift cards instead of a credit or debit card. That way, the charges on your statements will just show the amount deducted from your gift card balance.
  • Consider enabling purchase notifications for your account. That way, you’ll get an email notification each time an order is placed on your account, so you can match up charges immediately.
  • Check your order history and statements regularly to catch any unauthorized charges early. Though rare, some third-party sellers have been known to charge customers improperly. By verifying your charges often, you can report any suspicious activity right away.

Staying on top of your Amazon account activity is the best way to ensure smooth sailing and clear statements each month. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Contacting Amazon Customer Service for More Details on the Charge

amazon mktp us charge on credit card

If after reviewing your credit card statement, you still have questions about the Amazon MKTP US charge, contacting Amazon’s customer service department is your best option.

Call or Chat

You can reach an Amazon customer service representative via phone by calling 1-888-280-4331. Wait times are usually minimal. Be prepared to provide details about the charge in question, such as the amount, the date it was posted, and the last four digits of the card used. The agent should be able to look up the charge and determine what it’s for, as well as issue a refund if needed.

Amazon also offers customer service via live chat on its website. To access chat, sign in to your Amazon account and click ‘Help’ in the upper right corner. Select ‘Contact Us’ then choose ‘Chat with a customer service associate’. Explain the issue with your MKTP US charge, and the agent can research it while chatting with you. Chat is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If contacting Amazon via phone or chat does not provide a satisfactory resolution, you may need to dispute the charge with your credit card company to have it removed and refunded. Be prepared to provide details about the charge, your attempts to resolve it with Amazon, and an explanation of why you believe it’s invalid or fraudulent.

Disbursement charges should only be used as a last resort. In many cases, contacting the merchant directly is the quickest way to identify and fix issues with unauthorized or incorrect charges. Amazon is generally very responsive and willing to work with customers to resolve problems. With the company’s detailed records, in most instances, they’ll be able to determine exactly what the MKTP US charge on your statement refers to.

Getting an Amazon MKTP US Refund if the Charge was Incorrect

If you notice an incorrect charge from Amazon MKTP US on your credit card statement, don’t worry – you can get a refund. Here are the steps to take:

Contact Amazon Customer Service

The easiest way to request a refund for an improper Amazon MKTP US charge is to contact Amazon’s customer service department. You can reach them via phone, chat, or email. Explain that you received an erroneous charge from “Amazon MKTP UD” and provide details about the amount and date of the charge. Amazon’s support team will investigate and issue a refund, typically within 3 to 5 business days.

Check Recent Order and Subscriptions

Double-check that you didn’t recently place an order on Amazon or subscribe to any digital services like Prime, Kindle Unlimited, or Audible, as charges from those may show up as “Amazon MKTP US. If you can’t find a corresponding order, proceed to request a refund from customer service.

Monitor Your Credit Card Statements

Be vigilant and regularly check your credit card statements to catch any improper charges as early as possible. The sooner you spot an incorrect Amazon MKTP US charge and request a refund, the less hassle it will be to resolve. Most credit card companies also allow you to set up customized alerts to notify you of charges over a certain amount or from specific merchants, like Amazon.

File a Dispute with Your Credit Card Company

As a last resort, you can file a dispute over the charge directly with your credit card company. Explain that the charge from Amazon MKTP US was fraudulent or made in error. Your credit card issuer will then investigate and issue a temporary refund while validating the dispute with Amazon. This process typically takes between 30 to 90 days to fully resolve, so contacting Amazon customer service first is advised.

Staying on top of your accounts and transactions is the best way to avoid problems with incorrect charges in the first place. But should anything slip through the cracks, you can rest easy knowing there are steps you can take to get a refund from Amazon MKTP US.

What Is the Amazon MKTP US Charge on My Credit Card?

Amazon MKTP US Charge
Have you noticed a charge on your credit card statement from “Amazon MKTP US” and wondered what exactly that is? You’re not alone. Many Amazon customers see this charge and have questions about what it means.

What is Amazon MKTP US?

Amazon MKTP US, meaning  Amazon Marketplace US. It refers to purchases you’ve made from third-party sellers on who ship from within the United States. Rather than the item coming directly from Amazon’s warehouse, it is fulfilled by an independent seller. Amazon acts as the broker for the transaction, processing the payment on behalf of the seller.

When you buy an item on Amazon, you may not even realize it is coming from a third-party seller rather than Amazon directly. However, you’ll see “ships from and sold by {seller Name}” on the product page under the item name, and the seller’s name will also appear on your order details and final shipping notification.

Why Do I See This Charge?

You will see an Amazon MKTP US charge on your credit card statement for any items purchased from US-based third-party sellers on Amazon uses different codes for its fulfillment centers and various international marketplaces. The “MKTP US designation specifically means an item fulfilled by a seller in the United States.

If at any time you need to dispute a charge or have an issue with an order from a third-party seller, you will need to contact them directly. You can find the seller’s contact information in Your Orders. Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee also provides an additional layer of protection for purchases from third-party sellers.

In summary, an Amazon MKTP US charge on your credit card simply means you bought an item on that was shipped to you by an independent seller located within the United States. Make sure to contact the seller directly for any inquiries related to the order.

How much does it cost to sell with Amazon MKTP US?

When selling on Amazon, there are various fees associated with using their platform and services. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of fees you may encounter:
  1. Selling Plan Fees: Amazon offers two main types of selling plans: individual and professional.
    • Individual Selling Plan: This plan is suitable for sellers who have a low volume of sales. It charges a per-item fee for each unit sold, and there is no monthly subscription fee.
    • Professional Selling Plan: This plan is designed for sellers with a high volume of sales. It requires a monthly subscription fee and provides additional benefits, such as access to bulk listing tools and reports.
  2. Referral Fees: Referral fees are a percentage of the item’s sale price (excluding any taxes) and vary by category. These fees are charged for each item sold on Amazon and are meant to cover the cost of facilitating the sale.
    • The referral fee rates depend on the product category, ranging from around 6% to 45% of the item’s sale price, with some categories having a minimum fee per item.


So there you have it, the mysterious “Amazon MKTP US charge” on your credit card statement demystified. Now you know it’s just Amazon’s way of charging you for purchases you make on their US website. There is no need to panic or think your card has been compromised. While the charge description should certainly be more straightforward, the important thing is that you got the item you ordered and can enjoy it. And if, for some reason, the charge does turn out to be incorrect, you know how to get in touch with Amazon’s customer service to dispute it. You’re all set – go ahead and use that new gadget or drive into that book you’ve been wanting to read!

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