8 Best Affiliate Programs For Podcasts That Will Skyrocket:

The top 8 Affiliate Programs For Podcasts that pay large commissions and will help you profitably monetize your listeners are what I’m going to share with you in this informative blog.

You will be able to earn commissions or close deals quickly because of the high reliability and excellent conversion rates of all the tools, services, and resources.

Make sure to inform your viewers about any affiliate links you use on your broadcast or website. Let them know that if they decide to purchase via these links, you might receive a commission.

How to Find Best Affiliate Programs for Podcasts:

The easiest method to identify affiliates that would be a perfect fit for your audience is to ask yourself what kinds of things your listeners could be interested in as you browse around. Start looking for programs to join once you have a firm understanding of how affiliate marketing works.

Evaluating and reviewing current podcasts that are well-liked by listeners who already enjoy your content is another technique to find affiliates for your podcast. Is there advertising on these podcasts? If so, which businesses does the host of the podcast bring up in his or her episodes? The businesses featured in these programs provide a hint.

How to Use Affiliate Programs for Podcasts:

Contrary to popular belief, affiliate marketing is much simpler than it appears. Assure your viewers that you would never use an affiliate link for an item or service you don’t believe in. Integrity and trust are invaluable. Podcasters can promote affiliates in three key ways:

On Your Show, Promote Them:

This is made simpler when you have a particular or distinctive link that is simple to access, such as affiliate.com/nicheblink, so that your audience can input it into their browser with ease.

Add References to Them in Your Show Notes:

You can mention an affiliate opportunity on air and then include a link to it in the show notes so that your listeners can quickly access it.

Include them on your website:

Websites are a remarkably underused resource among podcasters. There is a tonne of possibility, whether you add a banner, sidebar commercial, affiliate page, or new blog post for each affiliate.

The ideal way for podcasters to incorporate affiliate links into their material is to suggest goods or services by bringing them up in the course of the episode and in the show notes. On social media posts promoting current and prior episodes, you might also mention a product you’re interested in.

What is an Affiliate, and How Does it Work with Podcasting?

An affiliate is a business partner who pays you a commission if listeners of your podcast choose to use their goods or services. Making sure that everything you choose to promote on your show is by your ideals and what affiliates have to offer their listeners is crucial because podcasting can be an affiliate-friendly industry.

For affiliate programs for podcasts, you might want to develop a website for your podcast where listeners can go to learn more about your specific niche or topic and then sign up for a membership before starting to work with affiliates.

Best Affiliate Programs For Podcasts

1. Buzzsprout Affiliate Program
2. Transistor Podcast Affiliate Program
3. Podbean Affiliate Program
4. Castos Affiliate Program
5. SecondLine Affiliate Program
6. Blubrry Affiliate Program
7. PodcastWebsites Affiliate Program
8. Captivate Affiliate Program

1. Buzzsprout Affiliate Programs for Podcasts:


They have the best podcast affiliate program in the marketplace, offering both one-time and ongoing commissions. Since there is a free 90-day trial period for new users, it is much more probable that users will stick around and keep using the platform, which will result in easy sales for you as an affiliate and a good conversion rate.

You will benefit from Buzzsprout’s help in getting your podcasts included on popular directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. This is a terrific option and a perfect answer for content providers looking for a strong affiliate network, thanks to its user-friendly dashboard.

Your link code can be used on any page of the Buzzsprout website, which is an excellent yet overused feature of the affiliate program. This indicates that if someone purchases after seeing a how-to guide, you can receive credit for referring them.

Commission Rates: $25 one-time or 20% recurring commissions

Transistor: Affiliate Programs For Podcasts

Being an affiliate can be a terrific way to make money if you have a successful website, an active social media following, or popular podcast.

For each new podcast customer you refer to Transistor, you can receive a 25% commission each month.

For each client that uses your referral link, you receive a 25% referral fee. As long as they remain customers, you will continue to get that income.

High-quality brand assets will be sent to you, which you can use on your website.

The cookie has a 30-day shelf life. You will still receive the profit from that sale as long as your referrals return within those 30 days (and convert to a paying account).

You may check your overall visitors, leads, and conversions on their affiliate dashboard. Plus, you’ll be able to view your commission earnings.

  • Every time you receive a new commission, you will receive an email notification.
  • Monthly PayPal payments will be made for the payments.

3. Podbean Affiliate Program for Podcasts:

On all paid subscriptions, Podbean provides unrestricted bandwidth and unlimited storage. Podbean offers a lot of cutting-edge features and is reasonably inexpensive in comparison to other podcast hosting services and platforms.

They provide you with all the resources required to advertise Podbean on your website and generate high commissions. For each referral that registers for a Podbean Paid Plan, you receive one month’s fee.

You can earn 10% of all purchases for the first six months by referring advertisers to the Podbean advertising marketplace. In addition, they will receive a credit of up to $100 to spend on podcast advertising. Great for promoting comparable shows for small businesses, online services, and podcasts!

4. Castos Affiliate Programs for Podcasts:

Another useful platform for hosting and statistics for podcasts is Castos, which is very well-liked by newcomers and smaller programs. Since Castos is a platform for podcasts, its affiliate program was created with podcast makers in mind and is simple to use.

Castos does not restrict features if you are on a lower-tier plan, in contrast to other platforms. The best part is that you may choose to host exclusive, private, and public podcasts, giving you access to all the features you love on other platforms.

Commission Rates: 25% lifetime commissions

5. SecondLine Affiliate Programs for Podcasts:

Virtually all podcasters want a website where they can offer information much more effectively. Building a fantastic website should be one of your top objectives if you want to increase visibility and brand awareness.

Commission Rates: 20% commissions

6. Blubrry Affiliate Programs for Podcasts:

You may join Blubrry’s affiliate network for free if you’re a member, and you’ll get cool commissions for every sale you refer. If you want to monetize your audience or advertise a podcast hosting service in general, the Blubrry affiliate program is a wonderful choice because it offers a fair pay rate, marketing resources, and helpful support staff.

To support content authors, they offer data, expert customer service, and a free affiliate program. You can test it risk-free during its one-month free trial for an affiliate program.

Commission Rates:  a customer’s monthly price (also plus bonuses)

7. PodcastWebsites Affiliate Program:

You may build beautiful and effective podcasting websites with the aid of podcast websites. There are several paid themes available that you can use and modify for your purposes.

The all-in-one WordPress service designed just for podcasters is called Podcast Websites. For podcasting, podcast websites offer beautiful, adaptable WordPress themes.

  • Earn $10 per month recurring for every podcaster referred.
  • Full affiliate support from the Podcast Websites team.
  • The complete suite of marketing assets is for you as an affiliate.

8. Captivate Affiliate Programs for Podcasts:

Captivate Affiliate Program for podcasts

They provide simple and practical features, including built-in CTAs for promotions, the ability to sync your podcast with your website, IAB-certified, user-friendly reports and statistics for your podcast(s), and the ability to manage multiple podcasts under one account, unlimited team members, and many more.

The platform provides its users with reports, statistics, website synchronization, and assistance for beginning podcasters who want to grow. The affiliate program is open to everyone. It is a fantastic approach to making commissions because it is supported by several promotional resources.

Based on their payment terms, they give a significant 25% recurring reward for the lifetime of each podcaster you recommend. You receive compensation each month from those who choose to pay for Captivate every month, and you receive a payment on the anniversary of their renewal from those who want to pay annually.

Commission Rates: Info not revealed

9. Moosend: Affiliate Programs For Podcasts –

Numerous marketing professionals love their wonderful, user-friendly layout, which offers a huge selection of capabilities to help launch eye-catching and imaginative campaigns. Fortunately, they have a superior affiliate program and a sound strategy.

Introduce Moosend’s marketing tools to your audience to help them succeed and earn 30% in recurring commissions for each new lead.

While tracking your referrals and conversions, advertise the Moosend platform with your special affiliate link!

The commission is yours if your contact registers within three months using your link and then purchases a plan.

Trial to Paid CR: An average trial-to-paid conversion rate after a Moosend test drive is between 13% and 15%.

EPC (Earnings Per Click): One of the most important pieces of information for affiliate marketers is earnings per click (EPC). The EPC for Moosend is greater than $2.

Commissions So Far Paid: All of our ambassadors have received commission payments totaling more than $250,000.

10. Alitu: Affiliate Programs for Podcasts:

It’s a web application called a “podcast maker” that aims to make creation and editing as simple as humanly possible. It achieves this by automating the majority of it and providing tools tailored to podcasts for the remainder.

For each new member you bring on board, Alitu gives a recurring, ongoing commission. This implies that for as long as they are members, you will receive a portion of their monthly membership charge.

Every month, you will receive 20% of all active subscriptions obtained using your link.

For new podcasters searching for a simple way to change their show, Alitu is the answer. Because the alternatives are all very technical and not user-friendly, it is simple to market and sell. Since it converts effectively and users remain using it, your commissions ought to rise every month.”

11. Amazon Associates:

With Amazon Associates, everybody has the opportunity to try their hand at affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, Amazon affiliate links are frequently disorganized and poorly designed. However, you can make them simpler to share during your show by using a WordPress plugin like Thirsty Affiliates. To point your listeners to pertinent purchases, you can also include the links on your podcast’s website and in the show notes.

Audible Affiliate Programs For Podcasts

Owned by Amazon and operated through their Amazon Associates program, it is an online book and podcast service. So, it may be promoted by anyone who has an account. The payment for their standard program is as follows:

  • $0.50 per audiobook sale
  • $5 for a free trial digital membership
  • $10 for an Audible gold member purchase

Due to the parallels between listening to audiobooks and podcast episodes, it’s a fantastic beginner affiliate network for podcasters.

Apple Services affiliate partner:

When you sign up for the Apple affiliate program, you’ll have immediate access to reporting information on all your linked podcast marketing initiatives, including email, social media campaigns, digital advertisements, and more. You’ll also be able to make money whenever someone purchases a subscription using one of your affiliate links.

This is an easy way for you to increase your income on Apple Podcasts in addition to any other money you might get from the purchase of your premium content.

You can make a one-time payment of 50% on the first paid month of each subscription membership you drive on a 30-day cookie window by promoting Apple Podcasts as an affiliate.

For instance, if you link to a USD 10 podcast subscription, you will receive an equivalent compensation of USD 5. Based on the local market pricing and the locations where podcasts are offered, this payout scales internationally.

12. BarkBox Affiliate Programs for Podcasts:

BarkBox Affiliate

Finding affiliate programs to advertise on your podcast (or website) is tricky because you want to reach as many people as you can with them. That’s why something like Bark Box might not initially seem like a good fit for your show.

For dog lovers, Barkbox is a phenomenally popular subscription service. They provide a monthly subscription box filled with toys and treats for your dog that is themed around various canine goodies.

But consider this: only in the United States are there close to 90 million pet dogs!

Although their owners treat them as pets, the dogs are aware of who is truly in charge.

In essence, there is a significant likelihood that many of your listeners own a pet.

And no, to advertise this service using your affiliate links, you do not need to create a “pet” podcast.

For each of Barkbox’s affiliate programs—BarkBox, BarkShop, and Super Chewer—you must submit a separate application. The payouts for each program are varied, at $18, 10%, and $20, respectively.

Commission:  $18 per sale

Why Affiliate Marketing Podcasts for the Future:

Affiliate marketing podcasts are a great method to do so whether you want to learn more about the field, improve your current skills, or hear some fresh ideas to extend your outlook.

First and foremost, podcasts are fantastic because they are cost-free. Podcasts also make information accessible and customizable. You can hear first-hand accounts of how specific content marketing strategies, passive revenue streams, or affiliate programs were put into action.

The best thing is that you can learn the ins and outs of what makes a good podcast by listening to a variety of them in case you ever want to create one yourself! You should always be open to the notion because they are exceedingly simple, inexpensive, and time-efficient to develop and produce. particularly if you’re thinking of creating your affiliate program.

Final Word:

There are several affiliate programs available for podcasters, and we selected the best programs for podcasts. Choose one based on your preferences to increase the success of your podcast promotion and grow your listenership.

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