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Viva Payday Loans Reviews: With Instant Decisions

In these Viva Payday Loans reviews, you will see how easy it is to get a Viva Payday Loan. Just tell them how much cash you need and for how long, then complete their quick application form and wait for their decision in just 2 minutes, 100% online.

According to reviews, Viva Payday Loans is suitable for individuals who require immediate funds for emergencies or unforeseen expenses, have poor credit or no credit history, can repay the loan in full and on time, and possess a regular income and a bank account. However, it may not be suitable for those seeking to borrow amounts exceeding $5,000, individuals in need of long-term financial solutions, or individuals who struggle with debt management.

Viva Payday Loans Reviews

is viva payday loans legit

Viva Payday Loans offers customers in the United States convenient access to payday loans from direct lenders. By providing your information, they handle the process for you, and requests can be completed in just 2 minutes with an instant decision. It’s important to note that lender decisions are contingent upon credit and affordability checks. Register today to get started.

Payday loans are typically intended for immediate, short-term financial needs rather than long-term financial planning. They are commonly utilized to address unexpected expenses such as emergency medical bills, car repairs, urgent home maintenance, or other unforeseen costs that arise before an individual’s next paycheck.

Features and Services


If you fulfill the following requirements, you are eligible to apply at this time.

  • 1. Over 18 years old
  • 2. Receive a regular monthly income of more than $1,000
  • 3. Have a permanent address
  • 4. A valid checking or savings account with direct deposit

If you need money and don’t want to wait for a decision, Viva Payday Loans can quickly provide you with a suitable loan option by querying their panel within a few minutes.

Borrow $200 – $5,000 Today*
Opening Hours
Mon – Fri: 08:00 – 22:00
Sat & Sun: 09:00 – 22:00

Address: 4/134 Constance St, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006, Australia

Phone: +61 455 466 131

Instant Payday Loan Apps

Viva Payday Loans is among the mobile apps that facilitate lending money, enabling users to submit loan applications to multiple lenders using their mobile phones.

Viva Payday Loans Reviews: With Instant Decisions

If you have been searching for a platform that allows you to apply for a loan with multiple top lenders through a single application, your search ends here with Viva Payday Loans. They specialize in fulfilling financial aspirations and you will experience how they make it possible when you apply for a loan using their simple and efficient online application process.

Loans at Viva Payday Loans Reviews are:

  • Between $100 and $5,000
  • Paid back over 2 to 24 months
  • Come with interest rates of 5.99% to 35.99%

Viva Payday Loans collaborates with lenders who offer loan deals tailored for everyday Americans. Whether you require a small amount to bridge the gap until your next paycheck or a larger sum for a special purchase, Viva Payday Loans provides instant online payday loans to meet various needs, occasions, and budgets with ease.

What Are Payday Loans USA: Viva Payday Loans Reviews

Payday loans, as their name suggests, are small loans intended to cover your expenses until your next payday. They offer instant approval, providing a temporary breather for your finances.

These loans are designed to be quickly repaid, preventing long-term debt. With automatic debits set up by the lender, you don’t need to worry about missing payments or budgeting for them. Your salary or income will take care of the repayment as it enters your bank account.

This convenient process is made possible through online applications, where you fill out a form, await lender decisions, sign the loan agreement, and receive the funds. It’s a straightforward and hassle-free process.

Viva Payday Loans Reviews: Types of Payday Loans Online

Here’s what you need to know about each type:

  • Instant Online Payday Loans Bad Credit

In the present day, having bad credit may pose a temporary obstacle, but it does not necessarily prevent you from obtaining the loan you desire and require.

  • Quick Cash Loans No Credit Check

If you prefer to avoid the thorough digital assessment, you have the option to choose a payday loan without a credit check. These loans offer instant approval and can be obtained online, with no credit check required.

  • Quick Online Payday Loans Unemployed – Loans with No Job

To qualify for payday loans for the unemployed at, you need to meet the borrowing criteria, including affordability and providing proof of monthly income of at least $1,000.

You can show income as a jobless person with:

  • Rental income
  • Dividends
  • Regular income from a spouse, partner, or parent
  • Social security benefits
  • Disability Income
  • Pension or retirement income
  • Child support and alimony
  • Trust proceeds
  • Veterans affairs benefits
  • Freelance earnings
  • Side hustles or part-time earnings
Unemployed loans available range from $100 to $5,000, with up to 24 months to pay.
  • Fast Payday Loans on Welfare (TANF)

TANF is a government initiative aimed at assisting financially disadvantaged families in attaining self-reliance and independence.

Viva Payday Loans offers loans to individuals receiving benefits, including TANF. But we recommended in this Viva payday loans reviews to apply for a small cash advance, such as a $255 payday loan online, to increase the likelihood of approval. Smaller loans are more affordable and easier to qualify for.

  • Guaranteed Payday Loans on (SSI)

If you receive SSI (Supplemental Security Income) benefits, you are still eligible for loans. Lenders often accommodate SSI recipients by verifying their payments and ensuring the loan installments are affordable. Payday loans for people on SSI benefits are small, affordable, and quickly accessible.

  • Payday Loans Without Phone Calls

Viva Payday Loans offers hassle-free payday loans without phone calls. While supporting documentation may be required, it can be conveniently submitted through email or online upload, similar to the rest of the loan application process. From the initial decision to take out a loan until the funds are deposited in your bank account, there is no need for verbal communication with anyone.

  • Direct Payday Loans by SMS

Imagine sending a basic text and receiving the money you require within a mere 24 hours.

The process begins with filling out an online form with your information. After the lender has received your details, you can apply for small payday loans through text messages. While you may question the need for an online form, it serves for future convenience. Once your details are on record and remain unchanged, you can use the SMS method for future loan applications without the need to go online, fill out forms, or repeat the entire process.

  • Payday Loans with Debit Card

A debit card loan allows you to receive cash directly without waiting for it to be deposited into your bank account. It provides a faster way to access your funds.

The application process for debit card loans is similar to other types of loans. After completing the online application and getting approved, the loan amount is directly deposited onto your debit card. The funds become available quickly, allowing you to use your card for purchases or expenses according to your needs.

  • Instant Payday Loans Online: Guaranteed Approval with a Prepaid Card

In this Viva payday loans reviews, the good news is that individuals with prepaid cards can still obtain payday loans ranging from $100 to $5,000, as many lenders now extend payday loan options to such individuals.

If you have a Netcash card, it’s simple to connect you with reputable lenders. Additionally, repaying your loan installment is hassle-free as the lender can arrange automatic debits. Netcash cards also offer overdraft options that can be cleared with a small payday loan.

  • Payday Loans with Checking Account

If you have a checking account in the United States and a banking history of at least three months, you are lucky.

At the Viva Payday Loans reviews, you see individuals with a checking account can access online borrowing options. Meeting the minimum requirements allows you to borrow between $200 and $5,000, with repayment terms of 2 to 24 months. Similar to other instant payday loans, the interest rate ranges from 5.99% to 35.9%.

Features: Viva Payday Loans Reviews

Here’s a quick look at the features of the payday loans online they help with.

  • Flexible, Affordable Loan Amounts: they offer quick cash loans ranging from $100 to $5,000
  • Paying the Money Back means that you pay less in accrued interest
  • Frequency of Repayments: Choose a schedule that fits with your earnings.
  • Interest rates range from 5.99% to 35.99%
  • Reputable Lenders: All you have to do is hop online and read the online Viva payday loans reviews.
  • Instant Approval Loans: Cash in Your Account within 24 Hours

Pros and Cons – Viva Payday Loans Reviews


  • At Viva Payday Loans, the online system ensures a nearly instant decision on loan applications. Within minutes of submission, you’ll know if you’re eligible for the requested funds.
  • In the past, a low credit score would hinder credit applications. However, their lenders help Americans with all types of FICO scores, including very low or non-existent ones.
  • By collaborating with a panel of reputable lenders in the United States, they can match your application with the lenders most inclined to approve and disburse your loan.

If you’re seeking an instant online loan, you likely have a low income, a low credit score, or face difficulties obtaining loan approval from traditional banks. It could also be an opportunity to improve your credit score.

How to Apply for The Best Payday Loans Reviews

viva payday loans review

Here’s what you need to qualify:

  • Valid ID
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Active bank account
  • Proof of your regular income (you must earn at least $1,000 per month)
  • Proof of residential address

Step 1: Choose the Loan Amount and Term

Before deciding on a loan amount and repayment term, evaluate your financial situation. At Viva Payday Loans, you can borrow between $100 and $5,000, with loan terms ranging from 2 to 24 months. It’s important to be realistic and borrow an amount that you can afford to avoid long-term credit issues and financial difficulties.

Step 2: Capture Your Details

After determining the loan amount, you’ll need to provide the necessary information to verify your eligibility. The online application form will typically require personal details, banking information, employment and income details, and a breakdown of your monthly expenses.

Step 3: Receive a Decision and Your Cash

You can expect a decision on your loan request within two minutes. If a third-party lender approves your loan, you will be redirected to complete the necessary steps. Additional supporting documents, such as pay stubs, bank statements, proof of address, and ID, may be required. After reviewing and signing the loan contract, the funds will be deposited into your account within 24 hours. It’s important to carefully read the terms and conditions and understand the repayment schedule.

APR & Rates: Viva Payday Loans Reviews does not have control over the specific APR (Annual Percentage Rate) offered to borrowers. The displayed representative APR is based on data from multiple lenders, with a range of 5.99% to 35.99% as the maximum APR. It’s important to note that the lowest rates are typically available only to certain customers. The repayment terms provided are specific to closed-end loan products and may not represent all loan products available through their network.

As an example, if you borrowed $5,000 over 48 months with an 8% arrangement fee ($400), your monthly repayments would be $131.67, resulting in a total repayment amount of $6,320.12, including the fee and a total cost of $1,720.12. The representative APR for this example is 18.23%.

Viva Payday Loans Reviews: Tips for Reasonable Browsing

If you are considering getting a payday loan, it is essential to practice responsible borrowing by adhering to the following advice:

  • Taking out a higher loan amount than necessary will result in increased interest and fees, making it more challenging to fulfill your other financial responsibilities.
  • Before committing to the loan, it’s vital to thoroughly understand the interest rate, fees, repayment terms, and consequences of late payment. For queries, consult the lender or a trusted advisor.
  • Compare different payday loan options to find the best in terms of cost and quality. Seek out reputable lenders with fair rates, transparent terms, and reliable customer service before making a choice.
  • Before getting payday loans for bad credit, devise a realistic repayment strategy. Create a budget, trim unnecessary costs, or explore extra income sources. If repayment seems challenging, contact the lender promptly or seek guidance from a debt counselor or financial advisor.
  • Avoid rollovers and multiple loans. Repay the loan promptly and refrain from acquiring another until your current debt is fully settled to avoid pitfalls.
  • Consider alternatives. In certain situations, alternative options to consider include borrowing from family or friends, utilizing a credit card or overdraft, applying for a personal loan or hardship grant, or seeking assistance from local charities or community organizations.

5 Best Easy Loans Apps like Possible Finance 

If you’re seeking alternatives to Possible Finance for cash advances, these five top apps offer convenient and accessible financial solutions. Each app provides distinct features like earned wage access, budgeting tools, and personalized guidance. It’s important to carefully review the terms, fees, and repayment options of each app before making a choice that aligns with your financial requirements. With the help of these apps, you can manage your finances effectively and handle unforeseen expenses with convenience.

  1. Low-Credit Finance
  2. Big Buck Loans
  3. Heart Paydays
  4. Green Dollar Loans
  5. Viva Payday Loans Reviews

Recap: Viva Payday Loans Reviews

While Viva Payday Loans can provide convenience for individuals with pressing financial requirements, borrowers must proceed with caution and thoroughly comprehend the loan terms and conditions. Responsible borrowing and exploring alternative financial options should be prioritized to prevent entering a cycle of debt. Approach Viva Payday Loans, or any similar financial service, with careful consideration and a well-defined repayment plan to ensure a positive and sustainable financial outcome.

FAQs: Viva Payday Loans Reviews

is viva payday loans legit reddit

Is Viva payday loans legit?

Please be aware that does not directly provide loans. Instead, they act as a middleman or intermediary service, connecting individuals in need of loans with independent lenders. They specialize in matching consumers with suitable third-party lenders.

reviews, making it difficult to thoroughly assess user satisfaction and experiences. However, available sources provide some insights. According to ScamAdviser, a website that evaluates online service trustworthiness, Viva Payday Loans has a trust score of 62%, indicating a moderate level of trust but signaling caution. Reviews on platforms like Reddit are mixed, with some users expressing satisfaction with convenience and speed, while others raise concerns about high interest rates and customer service problems. 

What are Viva Payday Loans good for?

Based on our Viva Payday Loans reviews, the platform is beneficial for individuals who need:

  • Short-term loans
  • Loan amounts up to $5,000
  • Require immediate funds for emergencies or unforeseen costs.
  • Possess poor credit or lack a credit history; lenders don’t conduct credit checks.
  • Able to repay the loan punctually and completely due to high-interest rates and accumulating fees if not settled promptly.
  • Maintain a consistent income and possess a bank account, which are fundamental qualifications for loan eligibility.

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