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Bicycle for Kids | KIDS BIKE BRANDS | 10 Best eBike for Kids

Bikes are extremely popular among children. There’s no denying it: it’s the foundation of many a childhood memory, and many parents anticipate the day they hand their children their first bike. However, selecting the best children’s bicycle for kids might be challenging.

There’s a lot to consider while choosing the correct one. So, how do you go about finding the best bicycle for kids? This article will lead you through the best-performing kid’s bike companies and get into the details of what makes their bikes so special. A handful of the most well-liked options are.

Table of Content:

  1. Before You Buy a Kid’s Bike, Here are 10 Things to Consider
  2. Best Bicycle for Kids on a Budget
  4. Bike Geometry that is Designed for Children
  5. Bike for 2-year-old boy
  6. What size bike for 3 years old best
  7. Bike for 6-year-old boy:
  8. 24-inch bicycle for kids/boy/girls
  9. Electric Bike for kids: Which on have to Buy?

Before You Buy a Kid’s Bike, Here are 10 Things to Consider:

Your child may have never ridden before, so you’ll want to prepare for this new experience by handling their expectations, anxieties, fears, skills, and confidence, as well as your concerns about safety and simplicity of usage. So here are our top ten things to think about while buying a kid’s bike:

1. Age and Height:

As a parent, you’re fully aware of the height disparities among your children’s friends and peers. Furthermore, height is not a reliable predictor of skill or confidence.

2. Ability and Self-Belief:

As a parent, you must personally appraise your child’s aptitude, which will inform your selection on what size bike is appropriate for them.

3. Physical stamina:

You can elevate the seat post and handlebar stem as your child grows, within the limits of the owner’s handbook. Another great idea is to lower the handlebars and seat to the lowest feasible level; this will decrease the reach even further and offer you more space. to grow.

4. Weight of the Bicycle:

One of the most important design considerations was weight. There was just no such thing as a lightweight children’s bike anyplace on the planet.

5. Design for Girls and Boys:

In reality, most young riders prefer a lower step-through (which is the girls’ design) because it is easier to get on and off. There is no substantial difference in the design in terms of strength. So it’s more about the social side – there’s a market expectation that there will be two different designs.

6. Prosperity:

The larger wheelbase is a distinguishing design characteristic of ByK Bikes; it is more ergonomically right for a child’s growing body, and it’s nearly like having the next size cycle for this knee area.

7. Hand-me-down / Re-sale ability:

If you buy a cheap bike for $100 that has no resale value, but you know you can resell it for $150, your child will be better off with a higher quality bike and you will get a return on your investment.

8. Choosing a bike shop over a department store:

Experts at your local bike shop can provide specific recommendations for your child. This is not something you’d find in a department store. A bike purchased from a department store may or may not be fully completed, but a bike purchased from a bike shop will be built by an expert who will ensure that it is safe and set up properly for the intended rider.

9. Bike Stands, Training Wheels, and Accessories:

A kickstand is not included with the motorcycles with training wheels (the E-250 and E-350 models). If your child removes the training wheels (or does not use them at all if they have learned to ride on a balance bike), you can purchase aftermarket kickstands.

10. Color:

There isn’t much to say here. When it comes to color, children can be choosy.

Best Bicycle for Kids on a Budget:

If you’re looking to buy a bicycle for your child, whether online or in person, it’s important to gather all of the details that will make your decision-making process more viable and simple.

1. Cleary Bikes:

Cleary Bikes

This bicycle for kids is great who love to ride and push their bikes to their limits. Cleary Bikes are perfect for the local explorer. Cleary bikes are slightly heavier than Woom bikes due to their steel frames.

  • Size: 12″ to 24″
  • Price Range: $310 – $594
  • Training Wheels: Not compatible
  • Standout Feature: Rugged and durable construction built to last for

Cleary Bikes’ bigger tires and relatively aggressive shape allow kids to ride off-road, through ditches, and down dirt slopes.

2. Pello Bicycle for Kids:

Pello Bikes

It’s unusual for a kid’s bike to be exciting, but Pello Bikes succeeded to do it with their Revo. After letting the kids ride bikes from well-known bike shops, Revo managed to outperform them.

  • SIZES: 14′′ – 24′′
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: $349 – $619
  • TRAINING WHEELS: 14′′ and 16′′ compatible
  • Standout Feature: HIGH-END Tektro, Kenda, and Cane Creek components; excels at transitioning from pavement to trails and back.

Pello bikes are extremely versatile and can readily handle any terrain, making them excellent for hesitant to average riders who need time to develop their skills before becoming completely aggressive.

A front suspension fork is available on Pello’s 20″ and 24″ geared bikes. If you have a fledgling mountain biker on your hands, Pello is an excellent pick because you can help your kids develop their trail abilities while also upgrading the fork to turn your bike into a tiny mountain pony.

3. Prevelo Bicycle for Kids:

bicycle for kids-Prevelo Bikes

Prevelo Bikes allow your child rider to seamlessly shift from sidewalks to trails and back. Prevelo has a bike for you and your family, no matter what kind of riding you do or how old your child is. Their Alpha range is great for commuting and pavement riding, and their Zulu line has some of the greatest pint-sized mountain bikes on the market.

Prevelo, like Woom, has a trade-up program that can help you get a better deal on your first purchase.

SIZES: 14″ to 24″
PRICE RANGE: $359 – $539
TRAINING WHEELS: Not compatible
STANDOUT FEATURES: For aggressive riders, there are trigger shifters and a mountain bike-inspired design.

Prevelo Bikes can do it all, whether you’re visiting the skatepark or taking on some beginner singletrack. These small bikes urge young riders to push their riding expertise to the maximum because they are so easy to ride on any terrain.

4. Frog Bicycle for Kids:

Frog Bikes

Frog is a prominent children’s bike brand in the United Kingdom, but it’s less well-known in North America. Frog provides the most options of any kid’s bike brand, so you’ll be able to select just what your child requires.

Size & Price: Bicycle for kids

SIZES: 12″ to 26″
PRICE RANGE: $360 – $620
TRAINING WHEELS: Compatible with smaller models
STANDOUT FEATURES: A wide range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit, high-quality build and construction, and two sets of tires are included.

Frog Bikes are a unique blend of adaptable performance and perfect fit, with lightweight frames and top-of-the-line components.

First Frog Bikes are designed to fit perfectly. Secondly, each bike comes with two sets of tires: street tires and knobby all-terrain tires.


1. Btwin Bicycle for Kids:

With its kid-friendly design and family-friendly cost, the Btwin provides exceptional value. Every other “cheap” 12″ or 14″ bike we’ve tried is claustrophobic, difficult to ride, and provides little room for comfortable growth. The top players, from REI to Royal Baby, Schwinn to Huffy, all fall short.

Size & Price: Bicycle for kids

  • SIZES: 14″ to 24″
  • PRICE RANGE: $99 – $450
  • TRAINING WHEELS: Compatible
  • STANDOUT FEATURES: Excellent value for money, with a unique and kid-friendly brake lever.

The Stop Easy brake lever is a unique characteristic of Btwin bikes. It’s also a lot easier to pull than comparable brake levers at this price point because it’s designed to fit more organically in little hands.

There are two price points for Btwin children’s bikes. You can save roughly $50 by choosing the 100 line, which is slightly more basic and less colorful

2. Park Bicycle for Kids:

Park Cycles

Park Cycles is a terrific alternative for families on a budget who are serious about getting their young rider off on the right foot. Park Cycles’ goal is to provide high-end, kid-friendly bike geometry at a lower price range.

Size & Price: Bicycle for kids

  • SIZES: 14″ to 16″
  • PRICE RANGE: $215 – $230
  • TRAINING WHEELS: Not compatible
  • STANDOUT FEATURES: The components are of high quality, and there is no coaster brake

These little riders have the good fortune to ride some of the world’s best miniature bikes. They are no strangers to great motorcycles, from woom to Prevelo, Pello, Guardian, and Spawn.

3. Guardian Ethos – Bicycle for Kids:

Pello Bikes

SureStop Technology is standard on every Guardian Bike. One brake lever controls both wheels, allowing kids to stop 44 percent faster and avoiding head-over-handlebar collisions.

Size & Price: Bicycle for kids

SIZES: 14″ to 24″
PRICE RANGE: $269 – $379
STANDOUT FEATURES: Braking mechanism that is safe for children

What is the cost-benefit analysis? The bike will weigh a few pounds extra if it has a steel frame rather than an aluminum one. Customers would never realize that this bike isn’t Guardian’s top-of-the-line model if there wasn’t an AIROS version to compare it to.

4. Polygon Premier Ultralight – Bicycle for Kids:

Polygon Premier Ultralight


Polygon is able to build bikes for cheaper since they control their own factories, and they pass those savings on to the customer.

Size & Price: Bicycle for kids

SIZES: 20″ and 24″
PRICE RANGE: $299 – $349
TRAINING WHEELS: Not compatible

Overall, these bikes are really adaptable and will be simple to ride for almost any child, regardless of experience level. We particularly like that they include a derailleur hanger and cage to safeguard the bike’s most vulnerable component from damage.

The Best Kids Bikes offer Bike Geometry that is Designed for Children.

There are other factors at play, but the shape of a bike has a significant impact on a child’s ability to ride a bike. Overall, a child will find it difficult to ride a bike with a badly designed frame.

Cockpit and Wheelbase Dimensions:

A bike will be substantially more difficult for a child to ride if the seat and handlebars are too close together (the cockpit).

bike for kids


The bike’s q-factor is a measurement of the distance between the pedals. Lower-cost bikes are often wider, requiring children to splay their legs to peddle. The efficiency of each pedal stroke is considerably reduced by this splay in their pedaling.

bike for kids-Q factor

Higher-end bikes have narrower components, allowing the bike to be smaller between the pedals and reducing splay.

Low Center of Gravity with Low Bottom Bracket Height:

The distance between the bottom bracket and the ground affects both the overall center of gravity of the bike and the effectiveness of each pedal stroke. At lower speeds, a bike with a greater center of gravity is substantially less stable. Even mid-range bikes have a problem with bottom bracket height.


Pedal Angles:

Higher bottom brackets result in inefficient pedaling. At the peak of the upswing, a lower bottom bracket provides for greater room between the seat and the pedal, making the legs less squashed and easier to ride down.

bike for kids

Bike for 2 year old boy:

Although learning to bike can be intimidating due to the required confidence and expertise, it is feasible to get a head start on the necessary riding skills. Children as young as two years old can use a balancing bike to gain confidence and develop the skills they’ll need to graduate to a normal bike when they’re older.

What is the Ideal Age for to Ride Bicycle for kids?

Your youngster is ready to ride a balancing bike if they can walk comfortably without tripping. It’s suitably aged 2 to 5 to ride bicycle for kids for youngsters aged 2 to 5. After your 2-year-old has perfected balance and steering on a bicycle, he or she can progress to a regular bike to practice pedaling.

SmarTrike Bike/Bicycle for Children Ages 2 and Upward:

The smarTrike bike is made to grow alongside your child. The seat can be positioned at the lowest height for stability and comfort when your child first starts riding the balance bike. Once you believe your youngster is confident enough to accelerate, you can raise the seat a little higher.

Advantage of the smarTrike bike: One clear advantage is that a smarTrike balance bike can be used significantly sooner than a bike with training wheels or even a trike by children. Children as young as two years old and as old as five years old are welcome to ride.

What size bike for 3 years old best:

You don’t have to rely on trial and error or tearing your hair out to get the proper size bike. Here are three pointers to ensure you get the right bike the first time.

Tip# 1: Determine your child’s wheel size.

The diameter of the wheels on children’s bikes is measured in inches. Smaller bikes have 12-inch wheels, while larger cycles have 24-inch wheels. When your child is ready for a 26-inch ride, they are usually ready for an adult-sized ride as well.

Balance bikes, on the other hand, start with 10′′ wheels and go up to 12′′ or 14′′ wheels in most cases.

The simplest technique to narrow down which bike size your child requires is to figure out what size wheels they PROBABLY require.

Tip# 2: Take your child’s height and inseam measurements:

The measurements should be taken in inches. Make a note of those measurements and have them handy for the next step.

3-year-old bike:

3-year-old bike: Size & Price: Bicycle for kids

  • Wheel size     Age     Height             Inseam
    12”             2-3      2’10”-3’4”    14-17” 35-42 cm

Tip# 3: Look up the specifications for the bike (or bikes) you want to buy:

When standing with one leg over each side of the bike, the standover height is the height of the top tube of the bike frame where your child will be positioned. This indicates that your child’s inseam must be AT LEAST the same height as the standover height. There should be a little more room than that for your child to comfortably maneuver the bike.

Bike for 6 year old boy:

Where do you begin when shopping for a new bicycle for kids who are growing? Durability and strong brakes are two of the most important factors to consider as your child grows into these sizes.

The Best Bicycle for Kids the age of 6 to 8 Year-Olds

Dirt Bike

1. Dirt Bike for kids – 6 to 7 year-olds:

It’s great for starters and may be ridden by children aged four to eight. It includes training wheels so that they may learn to balance and stabilize themselves on the bike. You may easily modify or remove these as your child’s confidence grows, giving them more independence on the bike.

2. Raleigh Bikes Jazzi 20-Inch:

Jazzi is exceptionally light, with a low-standover aluminum frame that gives the rider complete control. Even for the smallest user, increasing speed, turning, and stopping is a breeze.

Raleigh Bikes Jazzi 20-Inch

Raleigh’s Jazzi 20-inch bike is made from lightweight materials. When compared to other Raleigh bicycles, it is incredibly light, weighing only 21.6 pounds.

3. Firmstrong 20-Inch Bella Classic Cruiser Bike:

The Bella Classic Cruiser from Firmstrong is a good choice for developing girls because of its laid-back geometry. It’s a 20-inch bike designed for cruising around town or taking a group of pals to the beach. The cruiser is appropriate for children ranging in height from 3 feet 2 inches to 4 feet 4 inches.

3. Firmstrong 20-Inch Bella Classic Cruiser Bike:

It’s a fantastic start to leisure riding because of the relaxed stance. It’s a one-speed bike, which eliminates the need for gears for the leisurely riding it was meant for.

24 inch bicycle for kids/boy/girls:

A 24-inch bike is suitable for women with a height of 5.4” or less. This is because the frame is the proper height to fit their leg length and make it easier for them to pedal. You can ride it if your feet touch the ground when standing over the frame.

24-inch size also suitable for the age of 7 to 11 years old and for girls is 8 to 11 year old. Anyhow It is best suited for people who are between the heights of 4’1′′ and 4’9′′ (135-145 cm). A 24-inch bike has a smaller frame, thinner seat, handlebar, and pedal position, making it ideal for children. This bike size can be ridden by an adult or, in most situations, a female rider who is taller than the height limit.

18 inch Bicycle for Kids/Girls:

An 18-inch bicycle is better for someone under six feet tall in general, though inseam length and differences in bike manufacturers can all affect the fit.

Electric Bike for kids: Which on have to Buy?

What is Electric Bike: Electric bikes are similar to traditional bicycles in terms of pedaling and handling. An electric bike will, for the most part, employ the same components. The electric component is supposed to supplement rather than totally replace human power. It makes problems like slopes and headwinds easier to overcome, allowing you to travel further without becoming exhausted.

3 Reasons To Choose An Electric Bicycle For Kids:

There’s a lot of debate about electric bikes for kids, but there are a few compelling reasons to consider one.

1. Mountain Biking:

Your child can go on longer rides with greater vertical climbing with an e-mountain bike than they could without one.

2. Commuting in and around Town:

Cycling to work can be slow and hard, especially if you live in an area with many hills. A kid’s e-bike can make a lot of sense for these families to help make the school journey smoother.

3. Making the Switch to Dirt Bikes/Motorcycles:

If you live in a dirt bike community, an electric balancing bike or a tiny pedal bike can be an excellent method to get your child used to ride a motorcycle.

five (5) Best Electric bicycle for Kids:

For 24 inch and 26-inch kids mountain bikes, there are a lot of great options. One of these bikes will assist your child keep up with you if you’re climbing enormous mountains.

1. Commencal Meta HT 24 Power:

The Commencal Meta HT 24 Power is a smaller version of the popular Meta HT with a pedal aid. It comes with a SHIMANO E7000 engine, a 500-watt-hour battery, and three power settings.

Commencal Meta HT 24 Power-bicycle for kids


Size & Price: Bicycle for kids

  • Size: 24″
  • Availability: N. America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand
  • Price: $3,099

The one drawback is that if the battery dies, this contraption will be a nightmare for kids to pedal. It is 41 pounds in weight.

2. Cube Acid 240 – Bicycle for Kids:

The Rookie and the SL are two different variants (and pricing tiers) of the Cube Acid 240. Both come with a dependable Bosch drive system and child-specific components.


Cube Acid 240-bicycle for kids

Size & Price: Bicycle for kids

  • Size: 24″
  • Availability: Europe
  • Price: €1,599.00 €1,799.00

A junior-sized handlebar and grips, as well as an 80mm aerosol suspension fork and Magura hydraulic disc brakes, are all included on the Acid 240 SL. The bike is 41 pounds in weight.

3. Haibike HardFour:

Haibike is a leading manufacturer of e-mountain bikes, and the Haibike HardFour is their 24-inch product for children. A Yamaha drivetrain, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and an SR Suntour fork are included. However, at 44 pounds, this mountain bicycle for kids is the heaviest on the list.

Haibike HardFour

Size & Price: Bicycle for kids

  • Availability: Europe
  • Size: 24″
  • Price: €2.199,00


4. Scott Roxter E Ride:

The Scott Roxter E Ride is available in two sizes: 24 inches and 26 inches, and it is only available in Europe. The Bosch electric drive system, SR Suntour fork, and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes are all included.

Scott Roxter E Ride:

Size & Price: Bicycle for kids

  • Availability: Europe
  • Sizes: 24″ and 26″
  • Price: £1,999

5. Stacyc Balance Bike:

For parents who want to get their child on a dirt bike, the Stacyc balance bike is the first step. It teaches children to scoot and balance in the same way as a typical balance bike does, but with the addition of a throttle.


Size & Price: Bicycle for kids

  • Availability: North America
  • Price: $649 / $849
  • Sizes: 12′ and 16″
The Stacyc is available in 12 inch and 16-inch sizes to fit children as young as three years old as well as older preschoolers. The bike can move up to 9 mph and has a run time of 30-60 minutes (when using the throttle).

Is it possible for a child to ride an electric bike?

Pedal-assisted electric bikes resemble regular bikes more closely, so your child may be able to ride one. These types of electric bikes have age limitations ranging from 0 to 16 years old.

Is it necessary to wear a helmet when riding an electric bicycle for Kids?

If you are 17 or younger, you must wear an approved helmet while operating or riding an electric bicycle in California. On a conventional bicycle, Class 1 eBike, or Class 2 eBike, you do not need to wear a helmet if you are 18 or older. When riding a Class 3 eBike, moped, or motorcycle, you must, nevertheless, wear a helmet.

Bicycle for Kids | KIDS BIKE BRANDS | 10 Best eBike for Kids

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