• Transformation

      To connect the strategic business model with the operating model, companies should align their strategic goals and objectives with the operational processes, resources, and capabilities required to achieve them. This involves defining clear strategies, establishing effective communication channels, and ensuring that the operating model supports the execution of the business model effectively.

    • Optimization

      Efficiency in processes and effective ways of working can be achieved by addressing the human factor in transformation initiatives. Change management and adoption, which account for 80% of project success or failure, should be prioritized. Role-specific enablement, including work instructions, guidelines, and policies, is crucial for promoting collaborative cooperation throughout the organization.

    • Control

      Businesses face challenges in effectively measuring, monitoring, and managing their business processes and meeting strategic and compliance requirements. The lack of visibility into actual process performance and compliance status hinders decision-makers from reacting promptly and optimizing processes based on data analysis.

There are three possible approaches to implementing your process transformation methodology and transition plan:

  1. Three Implementation Approaches:
    • Pilot:

      The transformation initiatives are developed incrementally, with new processes designed from scratch while existing processes and operations continue uninterrupted. If successful, the new process is gradually implemented organization-wide, replacing the old one.

    • Phased:

      In a phased approach, transformation teams introduce new technologies within the existing organizational structure and develop new components in related departments as quickly as possible.

    • Cold turkey:

      Cold turkey involves a complete and radical redesign of the organization’s existing processes all at once, allowing little margin for error. It requires experienced business process managers to lead this transformation method for it to be successful.

Steps in Business Process Transformation