The 10 Most Fun Google Facts that Many People do not Know

Do you know the 10 Most Fun Google Facts that many people do not know: Google wasn’t always the second most valuable brand on the planet. It was an obedient digital dog, discovering and retrieving items and playing fetches for internet users over and over again long before it was a go-to word.

What made Google so famous?

What made Google so famous?

Google’s first business was creating algorithms to help users navigate through the ever-increasing amount of information available on the internet. Google became the Internet’s go-to search engine in just a few years because it started strong and just kept getting better and better.

The 10 Most Fun Google Facts:

The 10 Most Fun Google Facts

Here are more than 10 interesting and funny facts about Google that most people do not know. Let’s have a look.

Google Facts 1:

Google has over 3 billion websites in its index, and it searches through all of them in less than half a second.

Google Facts 2:

Backrub was Google’s original name. The mathematical name for a one with a hundred zeros is google. The company’s goal would be to make all information available to everyone on the earth, therefore this name would represent that.

Google Facts 3:

PageRank is the name of Google’s search technique. Nobody outside of Google knows how PageRank works, which makes it difficult to game the system.

Google Facts 4:

When Google was down for 5 minutes on August 16, 2013, global Internet usage dropped by 40%. Today, when individuals can’t find the website they’re seeking, they utilize the internet less.

Google Facts 5:

In mid-1997, Google suggested a $ 1.5 million sale of their search engine system to Yahoo. This offer was turned down by Yahoo. Around 2002, Yahoo intended to re-open the sale with a 3.0 billion dollar bid. Google declined the offer this time.

Google Facts 6:

In binary code, Google’s first tweet said, “I’m feeling lucky.” Google now has 12.2 million Twitter followers.

Google Facts 7:

16 percent to 20% of all queries had never been conducted on Google previously. This means that Google receives millions of new searches every day. What do you think, It isn’t fun google facts.

Google Facts 8:

Google’s home page is available in over Eighty different languages all over the world. Because its search engine is available in a multitude of languages, Google is used all over the globe. Google Translate is accessible to these 80+ languages.

Google Facts 9:

Google advertising accounted for 89 percent of Google’s revenue in 2014 is also a fun google facts that Companies can pay to be at the top of the search results Google presently makes the most money from search engine optimization (SEA). SEO will help you rank higher in Google’s organic rankings.

Google Facts 10:

One of the interesting fun google facts is Smartphone searches account for 33% of all Google searches. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for websites to be well-represented on smartphones. On April 21st of this year, Google unveiled its new algorithm for measuring smartphone usability.

source: LiveScience

The 10 Most Fun Google Facts that many people do not know

Some other interesting fun google facts are:

  1. By chance, Larry (Lawrence) Page and Sergey Brin met. That was back in 1995, and it was a historic meeting of minds, as fate would have it.
  2. The first Google doodle was a stick figure of Burning Man.
  3. Google’s first workplace was a garage that they rented.
  4. Google’s first cook was a former caterer for The Grateful Dead.
  5. Google New York got its start in an 86th Street Starbucks.
  6. In Google search, Swedish Chef is a language preference.

Google has already grown to be worth $ 400 billion since its inception! As a result, Google has become one of the most valuable brands on the planet. You may now navigate, email, watch videos, upload your own videos, read the news, translate languages, and much more. With 3.5 billion searches every day, Google is the most used search engine.

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