Innova Charger & Disc Review: 13-Speed Driver

Innova chargers are commonly used for charging automotive batteries, including those in cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles. These chargers are designed to provide a reliable and efficient charging solution to keep vehicle batteries in optimal condition. Innova offers a range of chargers with various features and charging capacities to meet different needs and battery types.

The Innova Charger is a disc golf disc manufactured by Innova Discs. It is a high-speed distance driver known for its flight characteristics. The Charger is designed to provide maximum distance with limited fade at the end of the flight. It is often described as a stable and torque-resistant 13-speed driver. The Charger fills a gap between the popular Destroyer and Shryke molds, offering players a disc with the consistency of the Destroyer but with less fade. It is a versatile disc suitable for both experienced and newer players looking for reliable distance with control.

Innova Charger: Review

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