Top 17 Podcast Advertising Networks To Skyrocket Your Sales:

A podcast advertising networks: What is it? A company that helps in establishing connections between advertisers and podcasts that are looking for sponsors is known as a podcast advertising agency. In this post, we’ll provide a brief introduction of 10 advertising firms for podcasts, as well as a list of famous podcasts and brands those agencies have collaborated with.

Even though podcast advertising is a very new and different type of marketing, it is incredibly powerful. Few individuals possess the years of devoted knowledge and expertise needed to market podcasts as effectively as we do.

What is a podcast network?

What is a podcast network

There is a clear reason why podcast networks are not one-stop shops. The strength of podcasts is that they are distinctive and target a certain audience. To create a comprehensive and successful media plan, the majority of brands must collaborate with several different networks. For instance, Spotify has a lot of big events, but other networks might have smaller but just as essential shows.

In order to effectively integrate podcast ads into their library of podcasts and help show hosts in monetizing their platform, they collaborate with agencies and companies.

What is a podcast advertising agency?

Advertisers are matched with podcasts that are most compatible with their brands via a podcast advertising firm. They choose programs whose viewers closely resemble the advertiser’s target market, develop ad campaigns, and then assess the effectiveness of those ads.

How do podcast advertising networks work?

A podcast network has a specialized sales team that collaborates with the buy side, or brands and agencies, to connect advertisers with podcast presenters, programs, or episodes that are relevant to their business goals, target audience, and category or product.

How to Choose Right Podcast Advertising Networks?

Remember that the ideal podcast ad network should provide the whole range of services for your business, including strategy, creative, ad placement, network advantages, and reporting (even if you don’t require all of them).

Is Podcast Advertising Effective?

About podcast adverttising effectiveness: Two to three times as many people engage with podcast commercials than radio ads, and 61% of podcast listeners say they’ve made a purchase after hearing one.

It’s obvious why more companies are choosing this cutting-edge form of advertising. Traditional marketing channels do not offer businesses the same ROI (Return on Investment), so organizations must switch to more modern channels if they want to succeed.

Finding your target audience, looking for the best podcasts to advertise on, and deciding where to place your ads best in relation to your budget and advertising objectives are all necessary steps in developing an effective podcast advertising strategy.

Who Should Try Podcast Advertising Networks?

Companies are still learning how to use podcast advertising, which is still a relatively new kind of marketing. People tend to be more easily distracted and less brand loyal as a result of the abundance of technology and media outlets. Although podcast advertising may primarily be used to increase brand recognition, you must first reach out to niche but highly engaged audiences.

Making a list of your favorite podcasts and noting the producer is advised if you are just beginning your hunt for podcast advertising networks. You will be able to get a sense of all the potential accessible inside their network and they may produce a number of shows.

How much should you pay for podcast advertising networks

The cost of podcast advertising varies according to the ad’s length and format.

It’s critical to understand that podcasts have many pricing tiers. Cost per mille (CPM) or cost per acquisition (CPA) rates are used to sell advertisements. The cost per 1,000 impressions or downloads is known as the CPM. The CPA stands for the cost per acquisition of a customer. CPM pricing is used for the majority of adverts.

Podcast Advertising Rates:

Currently, podcast advertising costs on average $25 per CPM.

According to AdvertiseCast, the average CPM for 30-second advertisements is $18 and for 60-second advertisements is $25.

Podcast ad networks: Brand safety and suitability

In comparison to the conventional method of developing close relationships with individual podcasts, podcast ad networks present greater brand safety and compatibility difficulties, according to Yarusso.

According to the IAB’s Podcast Upfronts presentation, robotic transcription of podcasts followed by keyword parsing may be the way of the future for brand safety and acceptability in podcasting.

AI-powered transcription technology is offered by businesses like Magellan and Podscribe.

Giving advertisers even more flexibility and scalability while resolving their worries about targeting and brand safety are the best ways to ensure that the podcast ad industry maintains its present growth trajectory.

Top 17 Podcast Advertising Networks:

A network for podcast advertising connects businesses or brands with reputable podcasts for advertising. By assisting brands in promoting their goods on podcasts and assisting podcasters in generating income, the aim is to reduce friction in podcast advertising. Several instances include:

Best podcast advertising platforms are:

  1. Midroll
  2. Ad Results Media:
  3. PodcastOne
  4. Megaphone
  5. Authentic Shows
  6. AdvertiseCast
  7. Havas
  8. True Native Media
  9. Podchaser Pro
  10. Podchaser Connect
  11. Public Media Marketing
  12. Oxford Road
  13. Veritone
  14. ADOPTER Media
  15. PodGrid
  16. Archer Avenue
  17. HeadGum

1. Midroll:

Podcast Advertising Networks
The unchallenged leader in podcast advertising networks. They are a sizable agency that collaborates with numerous well-known podcasts.

You pay based on the number of certified downloads each episode receives because Midroll bases its ad pricing on a CPM model. According to its website, charges can range from $18 to $50 CPM, with more expensive shows having higher ratings.

You may access crucial information like anticipated downloads and the cost per show of ad placement through the advertiser site, which also provides you with an overview of campaign stats.

WTF with Marc Maron, The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana, Never Not Funny with Jimmy Pardo, and Entrepreneur On Fire with John Lee Dumas are just a few of the 300+ podcasts that Midroll has available. Additionally, they have connections with over 200 major corporations, including T-Mobile, SquareSpace, HBO, and Toyota. Midroll enjoys listening to podcasts and wants podcasters to be successful by making money from their shows.

2. Ad Results Media:

The media company Ad Results focuses on audio, podcasts, and YouTube. They arrange special prices, fly the advertising, oversee the distribution of the merchandise to endorsers, and handle the onboarding of all hosts.

Ad Results Media’s staff is an expert in podcast and audio advertising. To accomplish company goals, they assist their partners in creating the most effective media campaigns.

Ad Results Media develops unique campaigns that are suited to objectives and spending limits using a proprietary audio results database. Additionally, they can design unique reports based on your particular requirements.

3. PodcastOne:

With partnerships with more than 200 of today’s top podcasts and more than 90 major brand advertisers who have tried and succeeded with podcast advertising on the network, PodcastOne is setting the standard for digital audio-on-demand.

The most efficient approach for marketers to reach customers is podcast advertising. The following information demonstrates why podcast advertising is appropriate for any brand.

Because episodes of PodcastOne are listened to quickly after being downloaded, podcast listeners will find podcast advertiser messaging topical and relevant:
  • 61+ % Progressively Stream Episodes
  • 74+ % Within 48 Hours of Release
  • 95+ % Prior to Next Release (97% within 1 week)

Network advertisements on podcasts may be measured with precise analytics. The fact that your commercials were heard is confirmed by third-party verification and the tracking of every download in our stats. With raw download statistics from Edgecast, quantitative and qualitative data from Edison Research, and digital ad injection and verification by WideOrbit, you can determine how many people hear your advertisement each time a podcast is downloaded.

With PodcastOne, you also have the special option to deploy visual integrations for your advertisements in the form of a forced video commercial, a sponsored splash, or an ad banner.

4. Megaphone:

Megaphone advertising networks, which Spotify recently purchased, is arguably the most innovative advertising firm in the group. Megaphone is at the top of many advertisers’ lists thanks to its collaboration with companies like Walmart and Microsoft.

With the help of Nielsen’s audience segmentation and data management technology, marketers can now purchase customized podcast ads through Panoply Media’s podcast advertising networks, Megaphone. For more than ten years, the Megaphone crew has been producing and disseminating podcasts. They built a set of tools to match the demands of seasoned producers and high-profile sponsors using their experience.

With the help of Megaphone’s robust podcast advertising capabilities and Spotify Audience Network, you can target the listeners who are most likely to have the most impact on a wide range of podcasts.

Get useful campaign insights that will help you analyze results and make sure your strategy is sound. To ensure that messaging is current and pertinent, use dynamic ad insertion to populate advertising when downloaded.

5. Authentic Shows:

Authentic has established a reputation as a premier podcast advertising networks after more than 13 years in the podcast advertising business. As an exclusive network, Authentic only collaborates with podcasts they consider to be of the highest caliber.

Authentic advertising networks represent only high-quality, popular podcasts. For ten years, Authentic, a Podtrac Company, has assisted podcasters in finding advertisers and vice versa. They facilitate advertiser media planning and offer advertising representation for podcasts.

They assist leading brand and direct response advertisers with the planning of campaigns to reach their target audience on top podcasts, working with over 200 of the most popular podcasts.

Although they have a smaller selection of podcasts, they do have several very well-known programs like Serial, This American Life, TWiT, Death Sex + Money, and Motley Fool, among others.

Though authenticity may not be for everyone, if you meet the requirements, it will serve as a good depiction of you.

6. AdvertiseCast:


Podcast Advertising Networks

Additionally, AdvertiseCast provides an end-to-end ad campaign platform that you can use to manage your advertising and monitor comprehensive stats that the id in comprehension of the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can also select the complete service option, in which AdvertiseCast takes care of the management.

Three alternative podcast advertising options are also available to you:

a) Custom podcast ad units allow you to be as creative as you wish. Examples include a social network profile plug, a 10-second shout-out, or a 90-second mid-roll ad that is baked in.

b) Advertising that is pre-produced, pre-recorded, and scheduled to be injected into podcast material is known as dynamically inserted ads. The average number of downloads during the first 30 days is used to determine to price.

c) Ads that are baked into the podcast episode and are read by the hosts (this option is the most common). Pricing is determined by the length (60 seconds or 30 seconds) and placement option (mid-roll or pre-roll).

7. Havas:

With its headquarters in Paris, France, Havas SA is a worldwide French advertising and public relations firm. One of the biggest worldwide advertising and communications firms in the world, it operates in more than 100 countries.

8. True Native Media:

True Native Works directly with both podcasters and advertisers. Using their contact in both groups to find the best podcast or advertiser match-ups.

Both advertisers and podcasters are represented by True Native Media podcast advertising networks. While integrating it with their current marketing plans, their staff helps marketers with every part of their campaign.

True Native works with carefully curated podcasts to guarantee high quality across a variety of genres. You can choose from a variety of shows in areas including parenting, business, and health.

9. Podchaser Pro:

Advertisers may find podcasts directly with Podchaser Pro, cutting out the intermediary. Use the largest podcast database in the world to identify podcasts based on the influence of the show’s Power Score, verified contact details, and distinctive demographic information.

10. Podchaser Connect:

For PR experts wishing to book their clients on a podcast, Podchaser Connect offers full-service podcast guest placement. Everything for you will be taken care of by our connect team, including discovery, pitches, follow-up, and schedule!

11. Public Media Marketing:

Several of the most popular and innovative shows on the market today have exclusive collaborations with Public Media Marketing, an independent representative. They purposefully offer a small but exclusive range of programs so that we can provide for the demands of our sponsors both directly and through partners in advertising agencies.

12. Oxford Road:

Since 2013, Oxford Road has been active in the podcast advertising market. Unlike traditional advertising, which uses a set-it-and-forget-it approach, they constantly optimize data.

13. Veritone:

In addition to podcasts, Veritone One also works with advertising on YouTube, radio, and television. With the aid of “aiWARE-enabled actionable intelligence” and proprietary performance statistics, they assist advertisers in targeting the appropriate podcasts.

14. ADOPTER Media:

A dedicated podcast advertising company is called ADOPTER Media. It was created as a result of the growing demand for training and knowledge in this new field. Successful connections between podcasters and sponsors may be built and managed with their support.

Adopter Media
(415) 691-4922

15. PodGrid:


Podcast Advertising Networks

Amazing sponsors and great audiences are the focus of PodGrid. The distinctiveness of PodGrid advertising network events comes from their tiny, specialized, and enthusiastic audiences. They spare you the trouble of looking for shows that cater to your niche market. This cuts down on wasting money on programs that don’t generate much revenue.

Get in touch with PodGrid right away if the magnitude of your show is making it difficult for you to secure representation.

16. Archer Avenue:

Through podcast advertising, Archer Avenue assists advertisers in connecting with highly interested and tech-savvy customers.

Additionally, they support podcasters by helping them discover the greatest sponsors for their broadcasts. They convey your message in a way that seamlessly blends with the performance.

A true veteran of the podcast advertising scene is Archer Avenue. Since 2009, they have been finding amazing sponsors for the top podcasts and audiences, and they have forged successful partnerships with organizations like MailChimp, Dropbox, New Relic, and Drobo. Here, simplicity is crucial, thus the method has been divided into three fast parts. 1. Become an Archer. 2. Produce fantastic podcasts. Get Paid 3. Easy!

17. HeadGum:

After leaving CollegeHumor, Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld started the podcast network HeadGum. As of February 2018, the network had 43 podcasts, and as of April 2017, it received an average of 100 million plays per month. HeadGum’s mission is to create, collect, and promote the best podcast content from across the web from its facilities in Los Angeles and Brooklyn.

HeadGum might be your podcast advertising networks if you’re a humorous advertiser. HeadGum employs fewer podcasts than some of the other networks and is made up of a tight-knit group of experts. Nevertheless, those programs are given the star treatment.


Brands are finding that podcast advertising is a powerful tool for reaching and interacting with new consumers. To gauge this, you can employ tactics like unique landing sites, special promotion codes, and customer surveys.

Use podcast advertising networks to identify the top podcasts and the ideal locations for your ads to appear in order to achieve the best results.

In order to create podcast advertising that is relevant to your target audience, you must conduct market research and identify your ideal client. Your message will ring true with your audience and help them overcome their problems, earning you devoted followers and consumers.

5 Podcasting Best Practices:

  • Focus on a central idea.
  • Play to an audience.
  • Regular schedules.
  • Show structure.
  • Authenticity.


Where is the best place for the best podcast ads?

They are all excellent venues for promoting your podcast because Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the top three time-tested media for promotion of any kind. They are particularly popular because they support a wide range of media, giving you a lot of creative freedom in how you promote your podcast.

Are there any podcast ads examples?

Yes, there are 3 winning podcast ad examples · 1. Value-focused ad: Two Men and a Truck · 2. Host-recorded ad: J.P. Wiser’s Whisky · 3. Clear takeaways: Grubhub.

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