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What is AI Funnel Builder Secrets: (12) Best Sales Funnel

A funnel builder is a software tool or platform that assists in creating, designing, and optimizing marketing funnels. These funnels are a series of interconnected web pages or steps designed to guide potential customers through the sales or conversion process. A funnel builder typically provides drag-and-drop functionality, pre-designed templates, and integration capabilities to streamline the creation and management of marketing funnels. It allows users to customize the flow, layout, and content of each funnel step, track performance metrics, and automate certain marketing tasks to enhance lead generation and conversion rates.

What is a Funnel Builder Mean?

The term funnel builder meaning refers to a software tool or platform that enables the creation, customization, and optimization of marketing funnels.

The concept of a funnel, also known as a marketing funnel or revenue funnel, represents the notion that the sales process typically starts with a large pool of potential customers and gradually narrows down to a smaller group of individuals who ultimately make a purchase.

A funnel builder simplifies the process of building and managing these funnels

  1. by providing features like drag-and-drop functionality
  2. pre-designed templates
  3. tracking capabilities
  4. and automation tools
  5. It helps businesses streamline their marketing efforts and improve conversion rates by optimizing the customer journey.

What is a Funnel Builder?

What is a funnel builder

A funnel serves as a visual depiction of a customer’s progression, starting from their initial visit to a website and concluding with the purchase of a product or service. A funnel builder is a tool that constructs and tracks the sales and marketing processes involved. By utilizing a sales funnel, businesses can refine their target audience by considering the buyer’s journey. It helps in the creation of various pages like order forms, checkout pages, landing pages, and sales pages, facilitating the conversion of prospects into customers. A funnel builder streamlines lead collection, automates retargeting, and improves the conversion of leads into paying customers.

What does a funnel builder do?

A funnel builder is responsible for generating the necessary web pages within a funnel and ensuring their visual appeal. They often handle the design aspect of the pages, making them visually appealing and engaging.

Additionally, they are typically involved in crafting the copy that appears on these pages, either by writing it themselves or by incorporating the content provided by the business owner.

What is a sales funnel builder?

A sales funnel is a series of steps or stages that guide potential customers through the buying process, from initial awareness to making a purchase.

Building a sales funnel revolves around comprehending your leads, prospects, and customers, effectively engaging them at the right time and with relevant content, and consistently following up. A successful sales funnel is established upon a profound understanding of your current customer base.

Additionally, a sales funnel builder often includes analytics and tracking capabilities to monitor funnel performance and make data-driven improvements.

A sales funnel builder is a tool that enables you to establish and configure the various components required for your sales funnels.

  • Creation of enticing landing pages with sign-up forms or pop-ups for visitor opt-ins
  • Automation of email sequences and email marketing campaigns
  • Design of visually appealing websites and online stores
  • Integration of blogging capabilities and webinars to engage leads through content
  • Implementation of an efficient checkout page with multiple payment options
  • Utilization of marketing automation to streamline manual tasks

What to look for in a sales funnel builder

Before deciding to invest in sales funnel software, it is essential to evaluate the key features that are crucial in selecting a suitable sales funnel builder tool for your business.

  • Multiple funnels: you will likely need more than one funnel, so your software should allow this
  • A custom website or blog
  • A/B testing
  • Compatibility with other business apps
  • Email marketing
  • It should be easy to use
  • Customer support
  • A policy that protects your content
  • Unlimited storage
  • Affordable

What kind of funnels do funnel builders build?

As a funnel builder, you have the flexibility to create various types of funnels based on the specific goals of the business. Below are the primary funnel types that you may develop:

Opt-in funnel

An opt-in funnel focuses on encouraging individuals to subscribe to a business’s email list. Once a subscriber signs up, the business initiates a welcome email sequence to introduce and familiarize them with the company and its offerings. After a series of emails, the business gradually introduces product pitches.

In an opt-in funnel, you will typically come across the following pages:

  • Opt-in/lead magnet sign-up page or landing page:

A page where visitors can enter their information to subscribe to the email list in exchange for a lead magnet or valuable content.

  • Confirmation page/Tripwire page:

After signing up, subscribers are directed to a confirmation page or a page offering a low-priced, high-value product (tripwire) to further engage and nurture their interest.

  • Lead Generation Funnel:

Designed to capture and nurture leads, typically through opt-in forms and email marketing.

  • Sales Funnel:

Guides potential customers through the buying process, from awareness to conversion, to generate sales.

Example page: Sales page → Order form → Thank you page/One-time offer page

  • Webinar Funnel:

Focuses on promoting and hosting webinars to educate and engage prospects, leading to conversions or sales.

Example pages: Webinar sign-up page → Webinar page → Order form → Thank you page

  • Membership Funnel:

Creates a pathway for users to join a membership- or subscription-based program, offering exclusive content or services.

Example pages: Member log-in page → Member area (the course)

  • Product Launch Funnel:

Strategically promotes the launch of a new product or service, generating buzz and driving sales.

  • Tripwire Funnel:

Offers a low-priced, high-value product to first-time customers to initiate the buyer-seller relationship and upsell additional products later.

Opt-in/lead magnet sign-up page/landing page → Confirmation page/Tripwire page

What skills/qualities do you need to have to be a funnel builder?

To excel as a funnel builder, it is important to possess a set of skills and qualities. Here are some key attributes required:

  1. Technical Proficiency: Strong knowledge of funnel-building platforms, website development, and marketing automation tools.
  2. Design Skills: Ability to create visually appealing and engaging web pages that align with the brand’s aesthetics.
  3. Copywriting: Proficiency in crafting persuasive and compelling copy for landing pages, emails, and other funnel components.
  4. Strategic Thinking
  5. Analytical Skills
  6. Communication
  7. Adaptability
  8. Attention to Detail
  9. Project Management
  10. Problem-Solving

What tools do you need to build funnels?

The primary tool you’ll require as a funnel builder is access to and proficiency with funnel software such as ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Kajabi, Kartra, or Elementor. These platforms enable you to construct landing pages, order forms, thank-you pages, and more. The features and pricing of these platforms vary, and your clients will typically cover the cost of hosting their pages on the chosen platform. Additionally, graphic design tools like Canva or PicMonkey are essential for creating visual assets, with subscription costs typically around $10 per month for each tool.

How much can a funnel builder earn?

best funnel builder

Funnel building offers lucrative opportunities for earning a substantial income, either through one-off projects or recurring retainer arrangements.

A well-constructed funnel can have a transformative impact on a business. It is not uncommon for online business owners to generate significant revenue, even six figures annually, from a $27 product simply because they have implemented a successful sales funnel.

However, not everyone possesses the time, patience, technical expertise, or design skills required to create an effective funnel. As a result, there is a considerable demand for skilled funnel builders who can assist businesses in this area.

The benefits of a funnel extend to various types of businesses, including bloggers, course creators, authors, and local businesses. Virtually anyone engaged in business can derive value from implementing a well-designed and strategically executed funnel.

As a funnel builder, there is the potential to earn a six-figure income annually. The pricing for funnel-building projects can vary depending on the complexity and scope of the work involved. For instance, a basic opt-in funnel may range from $250 to $450, while a comprehensive sales funnel can start at $750, with the possibility of charging $10,000 or more for an extensive sales funnel.

You have the option to work on individual projects for clients or establish ongoing partnerships through monthly retainers. With the latter, you would be responsible for building and maintaining their funnels regularly, providing a steady stream of income.

How to become a funnel builder

Step 1: Get funnel-building training 

I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of the “Learn to Build Funnels” course. This course was developed by Brittany Long, a highly successful funnel builder who has achieved a six-figure business. Her course provides valuable insights and practical knowledge on funnel building that can greatly benefit aspiring funnel builders.

The course is structured into seven units, each focusing on instructing you on the creation of various funnel types. Throughout these units, you will gain comprehensive knowledge and skills in building different types of funnels.

Here’s what you’ll learn in each module:

  • Planning, building, and designing funnels in ClickFunnels
  • Writing funnel copy
  • Increasing conversions
  • Troubleshooting tech issues
  • Creating an opt-in page in WordPress, Leadpages, and ConvertKit
  • Marketing module to learn how to get clients

Step 2: Build a website or portfolio

After getting experience in creating high-converting funnels and feeling confident in your skills, it’s time to begin searching for clients.

The initial step is to establish a website or portfolio. Prospective clients will want to see tangible examples of your work. Your website does not have to be complex or consist of multiple pages. It can be a single page that encompasses all the essential details that potential clients would require to engage with your services.

Step 3: Start networking with business owners

While establishing a website is a crucial initial step, it is important to recognize that simply having a website is insufficient to attract potential clients. Due to the vast number of websites on the internet, relying on random discovery is not a reliable strategy.

To successfully acquire clients, active marketing efforts are necessary. Here are some effective methods to promote your business:

  1. Engage in Facebook groups
  2. Attend virtual and in-person conferences and networking events
  3. Run Facebook ads

If you have a passion for creativity, enjoy working with technology, and find fulfillment in problem-solving, building funnels can serve as an ideal side hustle or even a full-time online business opportunity for you.

(12) Best Sales Funnel Builder Software Tools Buying Guide 

For any online business, the sales process can be complex and challenging to navigate. That’s why having reliable sales funnel software is crucial to ensuring the success of your online business. It is essential to choose the most suitable sales funnel software that will assist you in effectively managing and optimizing your sales processes, ultimately driving business growth and success.

1. Kartra:

Ideal for agencies seeking comprehensive tools to construct high-performing sales funnels.

Kartra is recognized as one of the top sales funnel builders that offers a comprehensive range of features for online businesses. It serves as an all-in-one platform, encompassing not only sales funnel capabilities but also a variety of online marketing solutions. Kartra provides a convenient and centralized solution for launching and marketing your online business, streamlining various aspects of your operations within a single platform.

  • Kartra stands out from other sales funnel builders by offering flexible shopping Carts and built-in email marketing features in every plan.
  • Affiliate management is included in all plans, allowing you to generate additional income regardless of the plan you choose.
  • Kartra provides fast servers that can handle a large number of pages without experiencing slowdown issues.
  • It offers easy integration with popular payment gateways such as PayPal,, and Stripe, as well as platforms like Zapier, Twilio, and Pliv.
  • Kartra provides an impressive in-built video hosting solution on every package, allowing you to upload and customize video content directly on their servers.


Kartra provides a trial period of 14 days for just $1, allowing you to fully explore and test out its impressive range of features. After the trial period, you can select from the following pricing options available for Kartra:

  • Starter Plan at $99 per month: 2,500 leads
  • Silver plan at $199 per month: 12,500 leads
  • Gold plan at $299 per month: 25,000 leads
  • Platinum Plan at $499 per Month: 50,000 leads
  • Kartra Enterprise plan: Please contact Kartra support team

2. GetResponse

Best for affordable automation tools

GetResponse is a remarkable funnel building tool that goes beyond its capabilities by providing additional features to support customer relationship nurturing. These features encompass email automation tools, landing page creation, webinar hosting, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and autoresponders.

  • GetResponse offers extensive training and guides to assist users.
  • The platform boasts high customer satisfaction and offers excellent value for its price.
  • It provides robust marketing automation options, enabling efficient and targeted campaigns.
  • GetResponse offers a flexible approach to data management, enhancing user flexibility.
  • Users have the freedom to choose a pricing plan based on the number of contacts needed per month.
  • GetResponse lacks essential features like order bumps, one-click upsells & downsells, affiliate management tools, in-built video hosting, and membership sites.
  • While the landing pages are visually appealing, they may take time to pre-load.
  • A drawback of GetResponse is that it counts one subscriber as two if they are added to two different email lists.


GetResponse provides you with a 30-day free trial and flexible pricing packages with plenty of modern features. You also don’t need a credit card to sign up for the free trial, which allows up to 100,000 contacts.

  • Basic Plan at $15 to $450 per month for 1,000 to 100,000 leads
  • Plus Plan at $49 $499 per month for 1,000 to 100,000 leads
  • Professional Plan at $99 to $580 per month for 1,000 to 100,000 leads
  • Max Plan: Custom pricing

3. Clickfunnels

Best for creating beautiful Sales Funnels fast

ClickFunnels is an excellent sales funnel builder designed to enhance funnel efficiency, particularly for users without coding experience. It offers user-friendly tools that save time and enable easy management. The intuitive menu facilitates seamless navigation throughout the entire funnel creation process, from template selection to the drag-and-drop editor. ClickFunnels also provides integration capabilities with other marketing tools like email, webinars, and SMS/text. If you prefer building pages quickly from scratch, ClickFunnels is a valuable tool to consider.

  • ClickFunnels provides high-quality page builder templates for various purposes, including squeeze pages, webinar sign-up pages, and thank-you pages.
  • The platform is known for its efficiency, offering faster editing of page elements, quicker loading of page templates, and seamless insertion of page elements.
  • ClickFunnels offers a wide range of third-party integrations, expanding its functionality and compatibility.
  • It is beginner-friendly, making it suitable for users with limited experience in working with digital marketing tools.
  • ClickFunnels lacks membership management features, making it unsuitable for monetizing followers through membership.
  • Essential in-built features such as calendars, helpdesks, and video hosting are not available, requiring additional integration with third-party tools at an extra cost.
  • ClickFunnels is relatively more expensive compared to the features it offers.

ClickFunnels offers two main pricing plans: the Standard Plan priced at $97 per month and the Platinum Plan available at $297 per month. An interesting perk is that if you choose the annual subscription, you will receive two months free. The Standard Plan provides funnel-building capabilities with limitations on pages (100), visits (20,000), and funnels (20). In contrast, the Platinum Plan offers unlimited access to all features. Both plans include a 14-day free trial for users to test the service.

(3) Best WordPress funnel builder

Given the abundance of WordPress funnel builders available, the good news is that by utilizing the appropriate WordPress plugin, you can efficiently construct a powerful sales funnel that systematically leads visitors through the journey of becoming customers.

1. SeedProd

SeedProd offers a comprehensive range of over 300 professionally designed website templates that are specifically designed to enhance conversions. These templates cover a wide variety of purposes, including sales pages, webinar registration pages, lead squeeze pages, email opt-in pages, complete theme kits, and more.

Furthermore, SeedProd seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, allowing you to create customized product pages and checkout pages for your online store. The plugin also provides pre-built WooCommerce content blocks for upsells, related products, and product ratings, enabling you to enhance the shopping experience.

In terms of pricing, SeedProd offers a free version to help you get started. The Pro version starts at $31.60 per year, while access to the WooCommerce blocks requires upgrading to the Elite plan, which costs $239.60 per year.

2. OptinMonster

OptinMonster provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder along with professionally designed templates, enabling you to effortlessly create captivating email popups. The platform offers a wide range of campaign types, including lightbox popups, floating bars, fullscreen welcome mats, gamified discount wheels, scroll boxes, countdown timers, and more.

To ensure targeted and effective campaign displays, OptinMonster offers various triggers that allow you to present the right campaign to the right people at the most opportune moment. Additionally, you have the option to personalize your campaigns based on factors such as the visitor’s location, their interactions on your site, the type of device they are using, whether they are new or returning visitors and more.

In terms of pricing, OptinMonster starts at $9 per month, providing access to its features and functionalities.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot’s landing page tool offers a convenient library of pre-designed landing page templates. With the intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you can easily customize these templates to align with your brand and tailor them to your specific offer.

Additionally, HubSpot enables you to personalize the content of your landing pages for individual website visitors. This means you can display targeted content or offers based on various factors, such as the visitor’s location, device, lifecycle stage, or any other relevant contact details stored in the free CRM software provided by HubSpot.

In terms of pricing, HubSpot’s tools have a free usage option available. For more advanced features, there is the option to upgrade to a premium plan starting at $45 per month.

(3) Best free funnel builder

If you are utilizing a free funnel builder tool that lacks an order form feature, you would need to integrate a separate free order form tool like Jotform alongside your free sales funnel software.

1. GetResponse

Upon signing up with the free version, you gain access to premium features for an initial period of 30 days. This timeframe provides ample opportunity to commence generating sales before the premium features revert to their standard limitations.

2. Wix

While not explicitly positioned as a funnel builder, Wix encompasses all the necessary features to construct fundamental sales funnels.

Free features for building funnels

  • Web pages: You can pick from hundreds of professionally designed themes.
  • Opt-in forms: You can pick from a variety of opt-in form styles for capturing email addresses.
  • Autoresponder: By using Wix’s free plan, you can establish two complimentary email automations for effectively delivering lead magnets to your subscribers.

3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp offers a range of features that are not only accessible through its free plan but are also well-suited for constructing sales funnels.

Free features for building sales funnels

  • Landing pages: While the platform has a limited number of landing page templates, the drag-and-drop landing page builder allows for extensive customization of these templates.
  • Opt-in forms: Many landing page templates have built-in opt-in forms that you can customize as you see fit.
  • Order forms: Mailchimp allows you to add checkout forms to landing pages.
  • Autoresponder: Mailchimp allows you to set up a free autoresponder to deliver lead magnets.

Funnel Builder Secrets

AI Funnel Builder

“Funnel Builder Secrets” is a comprehensive program developed by ClickFunnels, a prominent sales funnel platform. It is strategically designed to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge, tools, and resources to create impactful and conversion-driven marketing funnels. The program is divided into two paths, tailored to cater to different levels of expertise and objectives, ensuring both beginners and experienced marketers can benefit from it. The aim is to guide participants in crafting successful sales funnels that effectively engage customers and drive sales.

Funnel Builder Secrets vs Funnel Builder Secrets Certification

“Funnel Builder Secrets” and “Funnel Builder Secrets Certification” are two distinct offerings by ClickFunnels.

“Funnel Builder Secrets” is a comprehensive program designed to provide individuals with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to create effective and high-converting marketing funnels. It covers various aspects of funnel building, including strategy, implementation, and optimization, and caters to both beginners and experienced marketers.

On the other hand, “Funnel Builder Secrets Certification” is a separate program that focuses specifically on obtaining certification as a ClickFunnels Certified Partner. This certification program is designed for individuals who want to become experts in using ClickFunnels and provide professional funnel-building services to clients.

(3) Best AI Funnel Builder

AI technology enables the automation of lead nurturing tasks, allowing your sales team to allocate their time to more valuable activities. By employing AI chatbots, you can engage with leads, address their inquiries, and provide guidance throughout the sales funnel, streamlining the lead nurturing process. This automation relieves the burden of repetitive tasks and enhances efficiency in lead management.

1. is a comprehensive business platform designed to simplify operations and facilitate business growth for entrepreneurs. It provides a wide range of features, including website building, course creation, and project management, all integrated into a single platform. By utilizing, entrepreneurs can effectively manage their businesses from a centralized hub, saving time and enhancing productivity. The platform’s all-in-one nature enables entrepreneurs to streamline their operations and focus on accelerating their business growth.

2. Durable AI

Durable is an excellent AI-powered website builder that caters to businesses of all sizes, ranging from small bakeries to international conglomerates. With its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, building a website becomes effortless, even for individuals without coding expertise. Durable offers a wide range of templates to select from, allowing users to choose a design that suits their needs without requiring them to start from scratch or use an all-in-one solution. Starter: $12/mo

3. Elementor AI Website Builder (WordPress)

Elementor AI Website Builder is a WordPress-based AI website builder that empowers users to effortlessly create visually appealing websites within minutes. It is an ideal solution for various individuals, including agencies, freelancers managing multiple clients, and entrepreneurs aiming to establish their online presence. Regardless of their background, Elementor AI Website Builder enables users to build professional-looking websites with ease.


  • Essentials: $59/year
  • Advanced: $89/year
  • Expert: $159/year
  • Agency: $279/year

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