Phonesites vs Clickfunnels Review | Features & Pricing

For web marketers who want to build effective landing pages on their own servers, Phonesites is the ideal solution. Whether you are an internet entrepreneur or an owner of a local online business, Phonesites can help you create the ideal online presence for your business strategy. This fantastic landing page creator is ideal for bloggers or Webmasters, Email marketers, Business, Agency & Website owners, Funnel builders & marketers, and Growth-hacker.

Phonesites’ page-building tools simplify lead generation. Its software’s wonderful feature is that any mobile device may be used to access and use it. Users may create a quick-loading sales funnel and a mobile-friendly website for their company in less than 10 minutes.

Perfect for entrepreneurs that want to manage their websites and marketing activities from their mobile phones while they are continuously on the go. Phonesites have plans that can be set up from any device and come with pre-made templates, email campaigns, interchangeable design elements, Ironclad security, and an interface to CRM systems.

👉 What Are Phonesites?

The fastest and simplest method to create limitless sales funnels that load quickly on mobile devices is using PhoneSites. Build in less than ten minutes without any prior expertise or technical knowledge. Automatically follow up by SMS and email. Phonesites has all the tools you require to expand your company, including lead collecting forms, landing pages, and customizable sales funnels. Phonesites let you choose from pre-made designs or start yourself.

A cloud-based landing page solution called Phonesites was created to assist companies in building websites with unique domains, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and other features. The software allows professionals to follow up with clients using text and email campaigns. Using pre-designed templates, PhoneSites assists businesses in creating landing pages with unique messages, videos, pictures, text or font styles, and other aspects.

It enables integration with a number of external programs, including LeadOwl, Mailchimp, Twilio, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, and others. The software can be purchased on an annual or monthly basis, and assistance is provided by phone, email, FAQs, and a knowledge base.

Phonesites Reviews:

Phonesites vs clickfunnels

You can construct sales funnels, create landing pages, and generate digital, contactless business cards directly from your phone with the aid of Phonesites.

The mobile-first web builder lets you make responsive web pages right away from your phone or desktop.

Use one of the approximately 500 carefully designed templates or start from scratch to build digital business cards, sales pages, and survey funnels.

Moreover, you may rapidly integrate widgets or pop-up forms on any website.

The best part is that you may immediately begin using a free or personalized name with limitless free hosting!

What you receive from Phonesites is as follows: Let’s look at what you are receiving inside:

  1. Page Builder
  2. Leads & Tracking
  3. Mobile Website Builder
  4. Drag and Drop Website Builder
  5. Templates Designs
  6. Email Autoresponder
  7. AI Writer
  8. Integrations
  9. Domains & Security

With Phonesites’ additional AI copywriting superpowers, you can quickly create all of your copies. Simply enter a brief elevator pitch for your good or service, and the AI Writer’s assistance will create interesting text in a matter of seconds.

Plans & features:

Deal terms & conditions
  • Lifetime access to Phonesites
  • Check

    All future Essential Plan updates

  • Check

    Pick the plan that works best for you without stacking coupons.

  • Check

    Your licence must be activated within 60 days after the purchase date.

  • Check

    Changes in licencing levels between the four licence tiers are possible.

  • Check

    Available to both new and returning AppSumo customers who use Phonesites.

  • Check

    Customers who previously purchased Phonesites through AppSumo can update their licenses to expand their feature restrictions.

  • Check

    The Pulse Card/Buttons product is available to former Phonesites Tier 3 customers free of charge and upon request.

  • Check

    The cost of shipping will be borne by all previous customers.

  • Check

    Phonesites is used to immediately request and distribute Pulse Cards/Buttons. Once requested, there are no returns.

Features included in all plans:
  • Unlimited traffic, pages, and emails
  • Check

    Free subdomains

  • Check

    Attach custom domains

  • Check

    Group Coaching

  • Check

    Dynamic Cards


  • Easy build pages with our drag-&-drop editor
  • Tracks performance and automatically follow-up with leads
  • An AI writer is trained to create material for a variety of markets.
  • Create unique web pages for your website to draw leads.
  • To save time, select from built-in templates for different industries.
  • including aesthetic elements such as top-notch photos and videos to draw customers
  • CRM follow-up emails and texts to keep you in touch with leads
  • To protect the security and privacy of your data, get a free SSL certificate for each page you build.
  • Free subdomains for your website
  • Connect to any CRM system that Zapier supports to share data.
  • Extremely mobile-friendly

👉 Phonesites Review: How Do Phonesites Work?

With Phonesites, you can create your own uniquely designed funnel pages as well as landing pages for lead capture on any hosting. Every feature of a funnel builder is available here, and Phonesites also gives you the option to create landing pages, including Click-Through, Lead Capture, Infomercial, and Viral landing pages. You can also create your own membership product, integrate a payment system and an autoresponder, send out emails to your customers, and much more. You won’t want to use anything else after working with phone sites because they are so straightforward and easy to use.

👉Phonesites Features: What Can You Do with Phonesites?

The simplest funnel page builder available, Phonesites has a tonne of profit-boosting features you won’t find in any other solutions.

Page Builder:
  1. Drag-and-drop editor
  2. Mobile-first mentality
  3. Pre-made templates
  4. One-click color templates
  5. Embed videos and gifs
  6. Pre-made thank you pages
  7. Surveys and Quizzes
  8. Lead generation pages
  9. Sales pages
 Leads & Tracking:

Lead management that includes automatic follow-up. Then monitor your page’s effectiveness and improve outcomes.

  1. Automated email follow-ups
  2. SMS text follow-ups
  3. Export leads
  4. Sync leads
  5. New lead notifications
  6. Real-time reporting
  7. Track every step of funnels
  8. Easy analytics
  9. Third-party analytics

With a variety of connection options available, you can quickly link any of Phonesites’ current apps to provide visitors to your domain with the finest possibilities for becoming potential clients.

Zapier: Connect thousands of apps with the help of Zapier and Phonesites.

Mailchimp: Use the best native integration to connect straight to your Mailchimp account.

Stripe: Link directly to Stripe checkouts from Phonesites pages using native integration.

Twilio: Use the best native integration to text your customers using SMS.

Vimeo: You may quickly display any video on your pages by using the Vimeo block in any editor.

YouTube: You can quickly display any video on your pages by using the Youtube block in our editor.

Google ReCaptcha: Use the ReCaptcha to increase security.

Webhooks: Phonesites can be integrated with any program that supports webhooks for an almost limitless number of uses.

Facebook Advertising: You can track ads, set conversion targets, and more using the custom code editor.

Support & Training:

You have all the marketing integrations you could possibly need to outperform competitors’ domains in terms of sales and high conversion rates.

  • Services company first
  • 1-on-1 onboarding call
  • Weekly workshops
  • Live chat, zoom, & email
  • FB community
  • Phone funnels training
Domains & Security:

Every payment integration you may possibly need. You can quickly make an idea live without having to purchase a domain! Utilize the free Phonesites subdomain that all accounts receivable.

  • Phonesites subdomains
  • Custom domains
  • Free hosting
  • Secure SSL encryption
  • Top Security

👉 Phonesites Pricing:

Phonesites pricing

It used to be difficult and expensive for beginners to get started in marketing without experience because there are so many funnel and landing page builders available on the market, but that is no longer the case. With Phonesites, creating landing pages is inexpensive and you can get started right away.

Get your PhonesitesEssential Plan today and get started with a 7-day trial. You’ll also get free technical support from Phonesites’ excellent support staff if you run into any problems. You can see suitable Phonesites prices below.

Essential Plan: Monthly Pricing —$49/mo

  • 1 Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • 5 Multi-Step Funnels
  • 25 Landing Pages
  • 1000 Leads

Unlimited Plan: Monthly Pricing —$99/mo

  • Unlimited Custom Domains
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited Multi-Step Funnels
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Automated Email Follow-Ups

Unlimited + AI Plan: Monthly Pricing —$148/month

  • Unlimited Custom Domains
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited Multi-Step Funnels
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Automated Email Follow-Ups
  • AI-Powered Copywriter

👉 Phonesites Benefits:

One of the most straightforward strategies for internet success is phone sites can multiply your profit.

The following are some fantastic advantages of Phonesites:

No Tech Experience Required: With phone sites, your business may see results with no prior expertise. Create memberships, courses, and funnels, and manage your email automation from a single dashboard.

Results In Minutes: You can generate an online sales funnel and web page in about 5 minutes with Phonesites, which is one of the main advantages. Even automatic copywriting A.I. exists that creates your web pages and advertisements for you.

Start For FREE: When you take action right away, Phonesites is convinced that you will be able to utilize the power of Phonesites for FREE. Get 10X the profit per customer by maximizing the value of your customers through sales funnels.

👉Phonesites Alternatives:

There are many page builders on the market, including ClickFunnels, Nicepage, Unbounce, Leadpages, Landingi, etc. Examine the features that Phonesites offers that other platforms do not at the moment.

Phonesites vs ClickFunnels:

clickfunnels vs phonesites

ClickFunnels’ platform is buggy and its load times are long. The process of connecting to domains is absurdly difficult. The way it’s set up makes adding things absurd, and there isn’t much room for customization within the membership section. It is annoying to have to go through and enter all the product information when you try to duplicate a funnel. To make funnels more appealing, there are also opportunities to improve the UI and stylistic choices.

Phonesites vs Instapage:

To assist landing pages’ rank on Google, Instapage’s SEO optimization features require development. More dynamic content functionality, where the material changes depending on the traffic source or user behavior, is required for Instapage. Instapage’s reporting on traffic and related digital marketing KPIs requires improvement.

PhoneSites has unrivaled usability. In less than an hour, you can set up a sales funnel, complete with an email campaign.

Phonesites vs GetResponse:

GetResponse has a lot of bugs, loads slowly, and has very little functionality. It looks like GetResponse hasn’t kept up with market trends in terms of performance or aesthetics because the entire UI of the company feels similarly antiquated and slow. GetResponse must develop a more user-friendly method of displaying the automation feature so that users may test the created automation with greater ease.

How to Create Landing Pages Using Phonesites:

The phone sites software is user-friendly for beginners, and navigating the dashboard is fairly simple.

Creating a New Website:

The first step is to register for the platform’s 7-day free trial.

The following step is to start your risk-free trial. To begin, insert your email address and password.

Here is a brief description of some of the things you need to know about your dashboard for simple access and browsing it when you’ve logged in.

  • Websites: The portion of the website where the lists of the websites you have created thus far are located.
  • Templates:  You may find ready-made templates in the templates collection, which you can use to get developing right away.
  • AI Writer:  You may create excellent marketing copy for your landing pages using an artificial intelligence tool at the AI writer.

Creating Your First Website:

While on your dashboard, log into your account to start building your first website with Phonesites. You will have two choices after clicking “Create New Website”: either a blank website or utilizing a template.

Using Blank Website Option:

You must type in the name of your website as well as a subdomain that ends in “”. Here is a brief description of the whiteboard and an illustration of what each can be used for.

1. Design:

The DESIGN whiteboard choice is the default, and you can quickly modify the designs of the existing website by adding new pieces, texts, etc.

2. Setting:

The Settings provide you the ability to carry out a number of operations to improve the optimization of your landing page. Moreover, you may configure your page to direct visitors to a thank-you page after they take an action on your website.

3. Statistics:

You can monitor almost all of the actions that take place on your website, including how well your landing page is functioning, the quantity of views, leads generated, and more, in the Statistics area.

What do users of PhoneSites have to say about the software system?

“This program is top-notch. It’s a condensed version of what you need to generate leads regardless of the type of business you run.”

“Amazing help is also readily available. There are at least weekly recorded training available for as many viewings as are necessary.”

It only takes a few minutes to set up a phone site, and you may use it right away. Although it will take you longer to perfect your site, it is still quite simple to use.”


There doesn’t seem to be anything about the software that I dislike.

I wasted a lot of time and money on things that weren’t this, the client stated.

“While using the software, I have not run into any problems.”

Reasons for choosing PhoneSites:

With other landing pages, my attention span was too limited. I needed something that would be simple for me to learn and wouldn’t require me to combine a tonne of other subscriptions with the landing pages. I didn’t require a separate bulk emailer subscription for Phonesites like I did for Infusionsoft or Click Funnels.

Reasons for switching to PhoneSites:

When I first started listening to the Hard Core Closer podcast, I immediately enjoyed the message that Phonesites creator Ryan Stewman promotes. I chose to give Phonesites a try and became addicted.

I loved the salesperson, and the assistance provided while I was deciding was outstanding. If my memory serves me correctly, I fired the shot on Christmas Eve in the late afternoon when everyone was crazy, but phone sites had it together, and support helped me with the onboarding. It was Christmas Eve, but I didn’t realize it until much later.

Reasons for switching to PhoneSites:

I enjoy the representative and did not use MailChimp at all. My first was Lead Pages, which wasn’t too difficult to use because I had expertise with WordPress, but PHONESITES IS SO MUCH EASIER.

Although PhoneSites has given us an option for clients who cannot afford fully customized web design, we still utilize WordPress for higher-value accounts.


Phonesites review

You should choose Phonesites if you want to create a mobile website quickly and easily. On your mobile device, this app provides all the resources you would need to run a fruitful lead-generating campaign.

A distinctive landing page builder is Phonesites. Use their 7-day free trial to learn how it can help you maintain the highest level of lead production.

Phonesites Likes

  • Very easy to use.
  • The option for an AI writer is welcome.
  • You can create ultra-simple landing pages.
  • There are many different templates available for you to use.

Phonesites Dislikes

  • Limited features (this is something I like)
  • Some of the AI writing came out of the left field (inaccuracy).

Best For Sales professionals and business owners that don’t want to spend a lot of time, money, or effort learning more complicated systems but still want to create their own lead generation system.

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