What are the Top Healthcare Analytics Companies

Healthcare analytics companies have a track record of supplying consumers with the best data analysis software: Healthcare analytics technologies aid in the discovery and understanding of historical data patterns, the prediction of future occurrences, and the provision of actionable insights to enable healthcare organizations to make fact-based decisions and enhance clinical, financial, and operational performance.

For example: By monitoring the rate of positive tests in a certain group over time, descriptive analytics can be used to assess how contagious a virus is. Diagnostic analytics can assist clinicians in making a diagnosis of a patient’s illness or injury based on their symptoms.

Top 10  Healthcare Analytics Companies:


 Healthcare Analytics Companies

There is a short list of top Healthcare Analytics Companies – IBM Watson, Flatiron Health, Digital Reasoning Systems, Ayasdi, Linguamatics & Health Fidelity, Lumiata, Roam Analytics, and Enlitic are some of the prominent healthcare data analytics suppliers.

1. SAP: offers business analytics software that supports companies in analyzing their software.

2. ACCENTURE ANALYTICS: They have also worked hard to establish themselves as one of the leading analytics firms. They have a data analytics solution for organizations that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence. Accenture is big among healthcare analytics companies.

3. TABLEAU: They provide tools to help you organize data and put it into a graphical format. With the most recent Tableau data analyst tools upgrade, highly scalable data vector maps are accessible.

4. QLIK: The analytics software, tools, and services are their primary focus. Initially, the company was based in Sweden, but it eventually relocated to the United States. Artificial intelligence is used to help organize data in their new data analysis solution.

5. FRACTAL ANALYTICS: Artificial intelligence and business analytics are two of their main services. Their analytic services are used in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, hospitality, technology, and many more.

6. MANTHAN: They make software that uses artificial intelligence to solve huge data problems. It is also regarded as one of Bangalore’s best healthcare analytics companies.

7. ORACLE: There are numerous IT and software services that have been recognized to enter the market. They also have their data analytics software, which has proven to be beneficial to the company. These make use of machine learning and aid in data analytics for a variety of organizations.

8. ALTERYX: They have data analytics software, and the service is subdivided into various segments, allowing the client to select the service that best suits their needs. Customers can even combine services to improve the efficiency of the software it provides. Also the big name of one of the best healthcare analytics companies.

9. TIGER ANALYTICS: They offer a variety of data analysis solutions to businesses. Market analytics, customer analytics, operations, risk analytics, planning, and other types of analysis are all covered by their services.

10. MU SIGMA ANALYTICS: They offer data analysis tools to their clientele. They are not reliant on AI or machine learning to help companies with data management. Instead, they offer services and technologies that necessitate the use of equal levels of human intelligence for data processing.

Ayasdi Healthcare

11. Ayasdi Healthcare: When we talk about top healthcare analytics companies – The Symphony AyasdiAI CVM solution automatically surfaces groups of comparable patient operations and develops clinical pathways that result in the greatest patient outcomes at the lowest costs for your local patient population using unsupervised and semi-supervised machine learning.

12. IBM Watson: With the cloud, data, analytics, and artificial intelligence technologies, IBM Watson Health is redefining healthcare to suit business and clinical needs.

13. Flatiron Health: The company is based in New York City and is dedicated to speeding up cancer research and improving patient treatment. The company’s platform allows cancer researchers and caregivers to benefit from each patient’s experience.

14. Lumiata: Lumiata is an Artificial Intelligence company focused on the healthcare market, based in the heart of Silicon Valley. Lumiata employs some of the nation’s top data science and machine learning talent, powered by over 100 million patient data records, clinical, risk, and financial algorithms.

Healthcare analytics companies

Note: These above data healthcare analytics companies have a track record of supplying consumers with the best data analysis software. Additionally, these data analytics firms want to engage with businesses to help them organize their data.

What is the future of healthcare analytics companies?

The worldwide healthcare analytics market was valued at USD 7.04 billion in 2016 and is predicted to reach USD 53.65 billion by 2025, according to a report by Grand View Research Inc.

The latest digital healthcare trends for 2022:

Healthcare analytics companies:

Digital transformation has always been vital in healthcare, but it has recently become a top focus. Telemedicine, AI-enabled medical devices and shared electronic medical records are just a few examples of

  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • AI-empowered Big Data and analytics
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Cognitive automation (CA)

How Ethical Artificial Intelligence is Implemented in Health Systems:

As artificial intelligence capabilities in healthcare progress, rules and policies are needed to protect health equity when experimenting with this new technology for healthcare analytics companies.

While artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a more popular technique of streamlining healthcare, the WHO paper warns AI users about the pitfalls to avoid when using the technology.

To minimize the spread and continuation of health inequities, the WHO released six guiding principles to ensure that algorithms are properly trained and AI is addressing the requirements of the community:

  1. Human autonomy must be safeguarded.
  2. Promoting human health and safety, as well as the general good.
  3. Ensure that everything is transparent, explainable, and understandable.
  4. Developing a culture of accountability and responsibility.
  5. Assuring equity and inclusivity.
  6. Promoting AI that is both responsive and long-term.

These principles, according to WHO, will encourage and support the full potential of AI in healthcare while also preventing care inequities.

In what ways is analytics applied in healthcare?

Patients, doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical corporations, and healthcare decision-makers are all part of a complicated healthcare system. Strict laws and restrictions also apply to this industry.

Big Data Analytics can bring insight into clinical data, allowing for more informed decisions about patient diagnosis and treatment, illness prevention, and other topics. By exploiting the data potential, Big Data Analytics can also increase the efficiency of healthcare companies.

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