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How to Create Apple Podcasts Connect Account Online Free

You can create a single destination, known as a channel, in Apple Podcasts Connect to list several podcasts in one spot. You can organize your programs in any way you want: make a single channel to promote your brand, or make many channels to group events with related themes. Keep in mind that shows can only be attached to one channel when creating multiple channels.

What are Apple Podcasts?

Apple Podcasts is the greatest app for discovering, following, and listening to millions of podcasts from around the world. You can also find new shows quickly thanks to expert curation and personalized recommendations.

In over 170 countries and territories, Apple Podcasts are available for free on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac, HomePod and CarPlay, HomePod mini, iTunes on Windows, and other smart speakers and car systems.

What is the purpose of Apple podcasts?

In the Apple Podcasts app, you may find audio stories that will entertain, inform, and inspire you. With the current version of iOS or iPadOS, you can utilize the Apple Podcasts app on your iPhone and iPad.

What is a Podcast:

The podcast is a digital audio recording made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, usually in the form of a series with new installments delivered automatically to subscribers.

Create Apple Podcasts Connect Account:

Anyone can submit a show to Apple Podcasts through the Apple Podcasts Connect online dashboard. It also enables content creators to manage and analyze their broadcasts, as well as obtain information about how users listen to them.

You can do the following with Apple Podcasts Connect:

  • Become a member of Apple’s Podcasters Program.
  • Set up a subscription for your program.
  • With channels, you may group your shows together.
  • Create and manage subscription promotions and pricing.
  • Check on the progress of your podcast.
  • On Apple Podcasts, you can control your show’s availability options.
  • A podcast can be archived or restored.
  • Submit or update the URL for a podcast RSS feed.
  • Ownership of a podcast can be transferred.
  • Obtain access to analytics
  • You can reach out to a member of their customer support team.

Is Apple podcast connect free?

The annual fee will be charged to the payment method connected with the Admin’s Apple ID when you sign up.

By default, subscriptions are invoiced monthly, but authors can opt for annual billing, which subscribers can alter using their Apple ID account settings. There are also free trials and sample episodes available. With Family Sharing, you may share a subscription with up to six family members.

How do I connect my Apple Podcasts?

It’s simple to get started with Apple Podcasts. To get started, you’ll need to create an Apple Podcasts Connect account. You can monitor your broadcasts, obtain information into how users are listening to them, and more once you’ve linked. All you need is an active Apple ID to get started.

1. Create an Apple ID that is active:

Create a new Apple ID or sign in with the one you already have. By entering a valid payment method and subscribing to the Apple Media Service Terms and Conditions, you may ensure that your Apple ID is properly enabled. You will not be charged until your order has been completed.

2. Become a member of Apple Podcasts Connect:

The Apple ID you use to sign in will be linked to your Apple Podcasts Connect account. Give the account a name and specify if it is for an individual or a business.

  • If you’re representing yourself or are a sole proprietor, choose Individual.
  • If you’re a business or an organization, choose Company.

After that, accept the Terms of Service.

3. Enroll in Apple’s Podcasters Program:

Join the Apple Podcasters Program if you want to provide paid subscriptions to your listeners.

At any moment, an Admin can add the plan to your account. The annual fee will be charged to the payment method connected with the Admin’s Apple ID when you sign up. Before you make a purchase, double-check that your Apple ID is linked to the correct payment method.

To participate in the program, go to:

Connect to Apple Podcasts using Apple Podcasts Connect.

  • To get started, go to Account.
  • Click Sign Up in the Details tab.
  • Confirm by clicking the button.
  • Complete your contract.

A Legal user will need to fill out more information in the Agreements section of Apple Podcasts Connect after signing up.

How to connect Alexa to Apple podcasts:

Alexa now has access to over 1.5 million podcasts and it’s all for free. On any of your other devices, you can play with Alexa and effortlessly pick up subscribed shows where you left off in Apple Podcasts. (Apple Podcasts for Alexa are only accessible in the following countries: Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, India, Ireland, Spain, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.)

Here’s what you’ll require:
An Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Echo speaker, as well as the Amazon Alexa app installed on the iOS or Android device you used during setup. Check the Google Play Store for any changes to the Apple Podcasts or Amazon Alexa apps if you have an Android phone.

Connect Apple Podcasts with Alexa:
  1. First, in the bottom-right corner of the Amazon Alexa app, tap the More button. then Go to the Settings tab.
  2. Tap Music & Podcasts at the bottom of the page.
  3. Then, on the Apple Podcasts button, tap Link New Service.
  4. After that, tap Settings, then Enable to Use.
  5. Authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode after tapping Link Account.

Apple podcasts connect not working:

If you happen to come across one of the following errors:

  1. Apple podcasts connect there was an error
  2. Apple podcasts connect error
  3. Apple podcasts connect down
  4. Apple podcasts connect something went wrong

If podcast episodes say they are temporarily unavailable: The problem is that whenever the iPhone or iPod receives a new software update, the podcast files must also be updated. According to reports, a portion of the podcast download file must be rewritten to be compliant with the most recent Apple software update.

If Apple podcasts connect not working or show connect error: Make sure you’re logged in to iTunes, that you’ve registered a payment method (though podcasting is free), and that your computer is iTunes-authorized. It can be beneficial to download a free app. Then you try again to log in to Podcasts Connect. If you’re still having issues, contact Podcasts Support.

Why won’t my podcasts play on my iPhone?

Disable Airplane Mode. If Airplane Mode is on, your iPhone will not be able to download podcasts. Toggle the switch next to Airplane Mode in the Settings app. If Airplane Mode is already turned off, try toggling it on and off twice with the switch.

Apple Podcasts Connect Support Listeners:

If a listener has a problem with your podcast on Apple Podcasts, they should contact  Customer Support. Problems with playing, content availability, and subscriptions are all possibilities. This Apple team will work directly with the listener to solve the issue.

Check the status of your podcast in Apple Podcasts Connect to ensure that your content is available and that there are no issues. Apple will contact you if there are any issues with shows, channels, or subscriptions.

Apple podcasts connect login:

Choose Account > Sign In in the Podcasts app on your Mac. Click Sign In after entering your Apple ID. And finally, enter your password, and click Sign In.

How to submit your show to Apple Podcasts:

Submit podcast to apple: (iTunes)

You can submit your show to Apple Podcasts once you’ve set up your show and at least one episode in Whooshkaa.

1. Log in to your Whooshkaa account and go to “Shows & Episodes,” then “Shows” from the left-hand side menu. Click the “Overview” button or the show’s title to find the right show.

2. Paste your RSS URL into the “Submit to Apple Podcasts” box.

apple podcast

3. You’ll be prompted to enter your “Apple ID” and “Password” in a new window.

If your podcast is tied to work activity, however, you can use your iTunes Store account. You may use an email account to which you have access. Here’s where you can make a new Apple ID:

Submit podcast to apple:

4. Click the “+” button after you’ve signed in, and then paste your “Whooshkaa RSS feed URL” into the URL field, then click “Validate.”

Whooshkaa RSS feed address

5. Double-check your information before clicking “Submit.”

6. You’ll receive an email titled “iTunes Store Podcast Created Successfully” (sent to the email address associated with your Apple ID) informing you that your podcast is being reviewed.

The review process can take up to 14 days, however, it normally takes only 24-48 hours.

7. When you receive an email from Apple that says “iTunes Store Podcast Approved,” copy the “iTunes URL” that’s also contained in the email.

8. Log in to your Whooshkaa account and go to “Shows & Episodes,” then “Shows” from the left-hand side menu. Click the “Overview” button or the show’s title to find the right show.

Log in to your Whooshkaa account

9. Click “Save” after pasting your “iTunes URL” into the box.

When you paste your iTunes URL into Whooshkaa’s embeddable player, an Apple logo will appear, which when clicked will allow listeners to listen to your program on Apple Podcasts.

Note: Each episode you publish using Whooshkaa will be instantly added to Apple Podcasts once you’ve submitted your new show to Apple Podcasts.

You can force a re-scan by selecting “Refresh Feed” in Apple’s Podcast Connect (sign in to Podcast Connect, click on your ‘Show’s Name,’ then ‘Refresh Feed’).

iTune refresh feed

What is an Apple podcast channel?

You’ll set up your subscription metadata at the channel level if you’re a member of the Apple Podcasters Program and wish to offer a paid membership. Channels can only have one subscription and can contain either paid or free content, or a combo of both.

Create a channel:

  1. Select New Channel from the Add (+) menu in Apple Podcasts Connect.
  2. Click Create after entering a channel name (up to 25 characters).
  3. Choose a background color and upload a logo image.
  4. After that, add a description to your icon. You may add up to 4000 characters to your show description.
  5. Subscriptions can be added (optional). To receive subscription advantages, you must be a member of the Apple Podcasters Program.
  6. At the top of the page, there is a Save button.

If your channel is ready for submission, select Publish to send it to Apple for review. Click Submit for Review if your channel has a subscription.

Note: If you add a show with premium audio, you must first create a subscription in your channel before anyone can listen to it.

Creating an Apple Podcasts Connect Account:

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