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Best Social Media Sites List: What Make The Most Money? Why?

We love to use social media sites list to stay up-to-date with updates from our friends, family, and businesses that we follow. More than 4 billion people use social media sites. Users of social media spend an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes each day on the sites, and it would be fantastic if they were rewarded for their time spent there.

Some social media sites have monetization programs that pay content creators but they do not pay you just for using their platform. You are only compensated for your original work.

The best social media sites to make money on all depend on your field of interest, your skillset, your personality, Also what type of your content. Also depending on what you have to offer, and how you plan to monetize that.

How to Choose Social Media Sites List:

Before thinking about anything else about social media sites, who are your demographics? If they’re under the ’30s and you’re selling a visually appealing product that you’re confident will jump out on a user’s news feed, test Instagram and see what your engagement is.

Facebook traditionally has been the platform of choice for e-commerce products and has a decent CPA if you can optimize your ads through testing.

If you gain fame in at least one of the Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, social networks, shouldn’t be hard to gain fame in the others too.

Choose Twitter or Facebook if you are a writer who enjoys reading articles and feels the urge to express your viewpoint on current events. Post continuously, use hashtags that are trending and engage with people, money will follow.

Start with Facebook, then move on to Twitter and Pinterest, where you may post images. Don’t forget Google+ and Linkedin. But these are only the tip of the iceberg; there are many smaller ones that are less well-known but can enable you in achieving your goal if you target the correct audience.

Here are the top social media sites list, as well as information on how much money they make each user.

  • LinkedIn- $17.10.
  • Twitter – $9.22.
  • Snapchat – $4.42.
  • Pinterest – $3.77.
  • Reddit – $0.30.

It’s crucial to keep in mind the number of active users on these social media sites list:

  1. LinkedIn – 310,000,000
  2. Twitter – 330,000,000
  3. Snapchat -294,000,000
  4. Pinterest – 322,000,000
  5. Reddit – 330,000,000

There is a Social Media Sites list of the most paid specialist in this sphere:

  • Social Media Influencer.
  • Social Media Strategist.
  • Marketing Consultant.
  • Community Manager.

If you want to make money through social media follow the below result-oriented social media strategy.

  • Promote affiliate products
  • Start an influencer marketing consultancy
  • Start a business on Instagram
  • Become a freelance social media manager
  • Sell your Instagram photos


Social Media Sites ListSix Best Social Media Sites List – That Make The Most Money:

To effectively make money on social media, you must first have a sufficient number of followers and engagements. You must be extremely creative, post engaging stuff, and if you have a large number of followers, you are on your way to earning some extra money.

1. Facebook:

The simplest way to get some additional money is to use Facebook. They possess a lot of traffic than any other social media sites list. It’s a fantastic way to show off your language and grammar abilities. After proving your proficiency in the language of your choosing, you can begin writing articles for a living. You can also work as a manager of social media marketing.

There are numerous companies looking for someone to manage their social media visibility and with strong Social media leadership, you can easily attain this job. But if you want to try other social media you can use Twitter or Instagram which have many millennials that use it.

To be successful on Facebook, you must delve behind the surface and become familiar with the platform’s features and metrics.

There are many ways to make money on Facebook, especially given the fact that there are literally hundreds of millions of users that use it on a regular basis.

On Facebook, you can reach your targeted audience very fast by Facebook ads and generate a lot of sales. You can also promote affiliate products on Facebook.

You can earn thousands of dollars by promoting high-ticket products on Facebook and generate a lot of commissions. You can also generate sales without money on Facebook by promoting products in Facebook Groups.

Do you want to be able to target billions of people depending on their preferences, age, gender, and location? Facebook is unbeatable in the social media sites for this feature set.

2. YouTube:

With 1,500,000,000 monthly registered members, YouTube overtakes Facebook as the second-largest social media sites list in terms of magnitude.

Youtube is one of the top profitable social media sites. If your channel has crossed a specific number of views and subscriptions then you can apply to Adsense for monetization. Your channel will be reviewed, and if it fits the standards, it will be approved.

Then ads will start to display on your channel if some of the viewers click on the ad or watch it fully. Then you will get paid. Thus you can earn a good revenue per month.

For every 10,000 views your video gets on Youtube, you will receive a little bonus. You might earn up to $150 if your video is successful enough to make it onto the coveted “home page,” where it will be visible all day.

Videos are the future, create good and relevant content consistently and it will give you a great return

Do you want to use video to create an audience and promote to your followers? If so, you can’t beat YT.

Instagram3. Instagram:

At the moment being, Instagram is the most popular medium among influencers, and for good reason! You may make money on Instagram by doing promotions, selling items, consulting, influencer marketing, and many other things.

Instagram is popular among users because of its advanced photo editing options. It is a smart and convenient combination of social networks and photo editing applications.

Instagram’s business is expanding, which is one of the positive factors that makes the platform more appealing to users. So, you want to be a lifestyle influencer and promote things to people aged 18 to 35? If so, this is the perfect social media sites list.

If you like consuming more visual content, choose YouTube, Instagram. Follow the same steps, communicate with others, carefully use hashtags, and expand your account. Get into influencers’ marketing and money will follow.

4. Pinterest:

You may benefit from any of them, but Pinterest is by far the most profitable, followed by Instagram, Facebook, and the rest. if printables, eCom, or affiliate marketing then Pinterest would be the best choice

Do you want to use images to bring free organic traffic to your website? Yep? OK. Use Pinterest!

5. Twitter:

If you are a beginner then in social media sites list, start with Twitter as it’s easy to gain followers there then with the help of your Twitter fanbase, The rest will come naturally to you.

You must use Twitter to market your blog or website if you have one. Write a catchy description for each blog post and provide a “TinyURL” link back to your site so others can check it out. This is also fantastic for anyone who is involved in affiliate marketing.

Twitter has advertising opportunities that could help us enhance our revenue!

6. LinkedIn:

Another fantastic feature of LinkedIn is the ability to create “groups” where professionals can join together to discuss ideas and thoughts. You have a group of people who have “been there, done that” if you have a query or want to know about someone’s experience with something. They’ll be able to influence your choices and let you grow your firm to new heights of profitability.

If you’re a B2B consulting firm, then you probably want to put most of your effort into LinkedIn, since 40%+ users are organization decision-makers.

Influencer invitations are a feature on LinkedIn that can earn you anywhere from $750 to thousands of dollars.

Some Alternative Social Media Sites List:

Twitch, Twitch Stream-Labs Donations are the only way to make a million dollars. As a streamer with 100,000 followers, you’ll be able to earn consistent revenue. Not including bits and subs.

RIO: The ultimate social media ROI can be obtained if you can create a destination you ‘own’ such as a blog or community and then get people thereby offering something of value – content.


Snapchat: Do you want to sell to teenagers and young adults on Snapchat? Snapchat is the place.

TipSnaps is similar to OnlyFans, but instead of porn stars, it is used by fitness trainers, cosplayers, singers, and photographers. All of your social media accounts can flow into TipSnaps; all you have to do is include a link to TipSnaps in your bio on the social media sites list.

Then you participate on your other accounts, as usual, posting your finest content to TipSnaps or special/limited content to TipSnaps. Occasionally post to your storytelling people to visit your link in bio. Simply by using TipSnaps, any social media platform may be turned into a source of income.

Medium or Quora: Like if you love producing written “blog” type content, then the perfect platform for you to make money would be Medium or Quora.

Some other social media sites are Quora, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Gmail, Google Plus, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Reddit, Kik, Tango, OkCupid,, and others are among the E Harmony, Christian Mingle, Skype, Snapchat, Tinder, Tik Tok, YouTube, Younow, Patreon, Discord, Streamlabs, eBay, Amazon, Circuit City, I Tunes, Myspace, Mocospace, Stormfront, Asiafinest,, Somalispot, Comicvine, Digg, Pinterest, Fries, Best Buy, Rhapsody, and a slew of others to choose from


With the present rate of information technology development, it is easy to see how social media sites list are quickly becoming important components of human life, transforming the world into a second world as we know it today. Also, there are many questions like what is the top list of the world’s largest social networks in 2019, and what are the best platforms for users? If I had to choose, I’d go with Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

If you have good interaction with users on social networking sites through likes, comments, follow, and subscriptions you can earn a stable monthly income from these platforms.

While Instagram and Pinterest may seem like no-brainers, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are also excellent platforms for sharing visual content. If you have an Etsy account, you can drive your followers there to check out your items, and you can make a decent income amongst the various platforms.

In the above social media sites list, you can also make money on Swagbucks, Twitch, YouTube, Quora, and other apps no matter which one you choose make sure you provide value to your customers /supporters and do research training learning is always the best strategy.

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