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Setting up a Facebook Business Page Cost:Grow Traffic 5 Tips

There’s huge scope then for businesses to reach consumers on the platform if you know setting up a Facebook business page perfectly. Two-thirds of Facebook users visit at least one business page each week, and 95.8% of social media marketing specialists consider Facebook to be the greatest network for marketing return on investment.

A well-optimized Setting up a Facebook Business Page allows visitors to discover more about your company, including what you do, how to get you, and where you’re located. On the left side of your Facebook page, there will be a menu that allows your consumers to access information like an about page, images and videos, events, reviews, and posts.

Table of Content:

  1. How to Set up a Facebook Business Page
  2. How to optimize Facebook business pages?
  3. 5 tips on how to grow your brand and Traffic

Learn How to Set up a Facebook Business Page in 8 steps:

You can create a Facebook business page to increase your audience and promote your brand. Setting up a Facebook business page and customizing it with photos, opening times, page roles, upcoming events, and other details is all easy in a few steps And good thing is that you can always update your Facebook business page as needed.

This article will show you how to make a Facebook business page. let’s start:

1. Log in to your account first:

2. From the homepage, go to the left-hand sidebar menu and select Pages.

click facebook Pages from home page

3. In the left-hand menu, select the Create New Page option.

4. Next screen, type a Page name, select a category, and write a short description on the left side.

5. Next, at the bottom of the page and hit Create Page.

6. After that, you can start adding images. To upload images from your device, go to Add Profile Picture or Add Cover Photo. At the bottom, click Save.

7. You may receive a pop-up asking if you wish to link your page to WhatsApp.

8. Finally, the process of setting up a Facebook business page has now been created, and you may continue to personalize it as needed.

Using a Facebook page:

Facebook is simply too important to be ignored. This may be why over 200 million businesses use Facebook’s free services. That includes business Pages—yes, setting up a Facebook business Page is a free way to market your business.
You can use a Page to share basic information about your company on Facebook. You can invite people to like your Page and share posts and updates with them after you’ve built it.
  1. Select Create Page from the drop-down arrow on the toolbar.
  2. Choose a Page category from Business, Brand, Community, or Public Figure.
  3. Then click Continue after giving your page a name and a category.
  4. For your Page, upload a profile image and a cover photo.
  5. The Facebook page will show on the screen.

By Setting up a Facebook Business page you can modify your page, ask people to like it, write posts, and more from here.

Customizing a Facebook page:

Customizing a Facebook page:

You may access a variety of modification options by going to the Settings menu (through the link on the right side of your Page’s top navigation). The option to limit the appearance of your Page, which you may manage under the “General” settings tab, is perhaps the most significant. 

Here are some basic tips that will help when setting up a Facebook business page to look more polished and professional.

  •  Use huge, high-quality photos for your profile picture and cover photo.
  • Choose a short name for the page because it will also be the page URL. In our example, the URL is
  • You must include a street address for the organization if you want people to be able to submit reviews on your page.

You can make other persons page administrators if you want them to be able to do these things. To add a page administrator, go to the top-right corner of the page and click Settings, then Page Roles.

So, let’s get started with our top tips for optimizing your Facebook business account’s followers.

If you’re an administrator, you should:

  • At the top of your page, click Settings. In the left column,
  • select Page Roles. Select a new role from the dropdown menu after clicking Edit next to the name of the person whose role you want to alter.
  • Save the file. To confirm, you may need to enter your password.

How do I optimize my Facebook business page?

  • Setting up a Facebook Business Page that is properly optimized with basic SEO best practices in order to improve conversions is critical for you. First and foremost, there is a link between having a strong social presence and having better search rankings, and a Facebook Business Page can perform as a “second home page” for your business.
  • The first word of your Facebook page title in Google’s eyes is the most important. You’ll improve your brand recognition if you match your Facebook vanity URL to the page’s title.
  • A detailed profile shows your professional demeanor and sends a clear message to your audience that you are interested in what they have to say. The “About Us” section is a great opportunity to highlight the values and benefits that your products or services can provide to customers. So Setting up a Facebook Business Page plays a vital role.

Your targeted ones should be placed in the most significant and strategic areas on your page. Because they will be displayed on the front page and in search results, include them in the URL, page title, and “About Us” section. Also on your Facebook page, must include your phone number and address.

7 Easy Ways to Improve and setting up a Facebook Business Page well-optimized:

  1. Choose a suitable name.
  2. Make your vanity URL unique.
  3. Complete your profile.
  4. Pay special attention to the “About us” section.
  5. Strategically place keywords on your company’s website.
  6. On your Facebook page, including the phone number and address.
  7. Optimize your Facebook status posts.

Setting up a Facebook Business Page: 5 Tips to Grow Traffic

grow traffic on Facebook page:

Setting up a Facebook business page can help you reach a new audience, expand your brand, and gain attention. If you’ve been using a personal Facebook profile for your business, you may convert it to a business page through Facebook’s conversion process.

Your personal profile will be saved, and a new page will be generated based on it. You can edit the recently created page in the same way that you would a page that was built from scratch.

Here are five things that will improve the look of your setting up Facebook business page:

However, by setting up a Facebook business page more appealing, you will attract more users to participate with your content, which will eventually aid you in marketing your business on Facebook. Consider why having a visually appealing Facebook page is important.

  • Attractiveness: The more appealing something appears to be, the more people will be drawn to it.
  • Aesthetic: it provides people a good feeling when they look at it, influencing them to buy your product or service.
  • Engagement: People will consume content more often.
  • Sharing: People are more likely to share your posts and photographs if they seem good.

Here are five things that will improve the look of your Setting up a Facebook Business Page:

    1. Creating a big, aesthetic cover photo: …
    2. Sharing a lot of photos, images, and videos on social media.
    3. Make use of excellent thumbnail images and descriptions with hyperlinks
    4. Highlight important posts
    5. Use your brand colors throughout


As a Digital Marketing business, we have found that if you have spent time setting up a Facebook Business Page, it is still worthwhile to engage with it. The users who enjoyed it are still there, and by making a few minor changes to your strategy, you may increase your level of engagement.

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