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Earn Money from Quora Partner Program [Tips & Tricks]

Tips for getting into the Quora partner program:- Regularly ask questions. It could take months for you to get an invite, so visit the site once a month or so to demonstrate that you’re a regular visitor. Give good replies to show that you care about Quora.

What is the Quora partner program:

The Quora Partner Initiative is a Quora-managed invite-only program that allows those who are invited to earn money.

Quora is a place where you can earn by asking questions., smilier to the Google ad program. as much your question is interesting, and engaging, get more views and answer people the question you ask about, as much you earn.

Why does Quora give you money?

The reason Quora is willing to pay you is that they get money through advertising. In a simple way, Quora add to your question Ads, in return Quora get some revenue and give you some portion of that revenue.

Your question page could have an ad – and ad spending allows Quora to make more money. It is because, through your Asking question, people are engaged and when people see ads on your question they click ads and some revenue you get.

How to join the Quora partner program?

Earn Money from Quora Partner Program

If your content is viewed more than 100,000 times on the platform to get the invitation to join the program, Although yet I was invited with only around 55,000 views.

How much you can earn: There is no such thing as average earnings with the Quora Partner Program, but with persistent efforts, you can expect to make some modest beer money or roughly $30-$50 per month to begin. Some of the world’s wealthiest people make over $5,000 every month!

If you work hard first 2 months to get enough traffic so you can get a partner program you can earn 50k to 300k.

Why Join: The opportunity to give your clients and prospects a readymade software package that is efficient, reliable, and sustainable is the primary incentive to join a partner program.

How to join: First you need to make an account and give all answers that are given like your name, email address, and password. Then go to your profile and fill in all information, name and employment detail, education, skills, when you have done updating your account, and then start asking interesting questions.

Next, add Topic so Quora can be able to send people who read answers according to your topic. And also give you answer that people come and can directly ask a question to you.

For this go to request answers section there you will see a right side window some people’s pictures, that is the person you can ask a direct question, the best way to ask, how much answered before other people answered related you your question, then choose him for asking the question directly.

What is the minimum requirement for the Quora partner program?

requirement for the Quora partner program?

One way is when Quora know that your profile getting enough traffic then Quora directly contacts you and invites you to join their program.

Second way if you feel you are now getting traffic enough on your profile then you can apply directly. But one of Quora’s policies is if your all question get traffic than 100k then Quora send you an invitation to join the program, don’t worry most case you get an invitation less traffic. The best way, wait till you get 50k traffic, if Quora send you an invitation ok otherwise apply directly.

Criteria for getting an invitation from Quora:

It is only open to those who have been invited. To improve your odds, do the following:

  • Ask engaging questions to increase interaction and views.
  • Respond to the questions.
  • Complete your profile and credentials. Use your real name, degrees, and work experience, among other things.
  • Answer questions in areas where you are experienced.
  • Participate in Q on a regular basis.
  • Focus on QUALITY and ask at least 10 questions per day.
  • Patience is required. It could take a few days, weeks, or even months. Just make sure you’re adding value and asking good questions.


What kind of question gives you more money on Quora Partner Program?

All interesting, trending, engaging, fun questing you can earn more, ie how I earn 100k in one weak? etc. There is an advice for you that make targets, you will daily send 10 Questions and reply with 10 Answers.

Tips that can viral your question: Go to Google Trend and search trending questions.

The second tip is to do a keyword search, the best way to search word, the keyword should be related to your keyword, ie your keyword content writing, this go SERP, Ubersuggest, Ahref, Planner, and search there that related to your keyword how many sub-keyword that people are asking about ie, what is the best content writing source in India, or what are top 10 courses in India, or what will happen to your keyword?

If you do that then Google will know, that people all searching for the answer related to your question already, and google shows your question to people, and you get more viewers and you earn more.

What is the Quora Space beta program?

What is the Quora Space beta program?

It’s a Quora Partner Program where same interest people get together and create a community similar to FB Group. You can make space for any particular topic, niche, or category.

When you create space then the next step sends a lot of posts and a lot of asking questions answers on the space that you created. also share some posts there that other people send you. Why do all these, because more views and followers, and engagement come into your space. Your goal should be more people come, more people follow you.

How to Create Quora Space?

It takes roughly two minutes to complete. All you have to do is go to your profile’s spaces tab and click the “create” button. you will get two more options, name your space and description your space. Then all you have to do is give it a name and a one-sentence description, lastly, you submit your space.

You must build for success in order to create a successful space. You’ll need a good moderation team and regular posts. People will lose interest if new content is not posted on a regular basis. Like FB group, you post daily your space so people can start you follow, and you get a view and can earn.

Why do people make space?

because Quora gives the opportunity to make space and so through ads you earn. When you add Quora space, then Quora show ads between your space and you earn. As much you post, comment, upvote, Q^A, share, etc on your space you earn more but it is only possible if your space has a good following.

How to increase followers on Quora space?

For this, must do 4 things: tips & tricks

Number 1. Create new and engaging content, send daily one interesting post that provides engaging and valuable content, etc tips & tricks to your space.

Number 2. Use Quora suggestion, here Quora suggest some post according to your niche or topic, so if you use quora suggestion on your space, you get to view more

Number 3. Ask people to answer your question, this will increase your question visibility, and will be engaging.

Number 4. Make your quora space on trending topics like affiliate marketing, and headphones.

How much you can earn from space as Quora Partner Program: First check, for this program, is your country is eligible, Some countries are not eligible like Pakistan but India is eligible. First, make $10, then Quora review then decides your selection.

What is Quora’s Spaces Earnings beta program?

People interact in the Quora space by sharing and writing posts in order to raise space readership, and when space readership increases, Quora shares ad money with space owners, moderators, and contributors.

What are Quora Space Earning Program eligibility requirements?

The Quora space-earning scheme is based on a revenue-share model.

Quora displays advertising on your Quora Space whenever you join the Quora Spaces revenue scheme and reach a particular number of followers.

  • You must reside in a country that offers the Quora Spaces Earning program.
  • To advance to the next step, you must first make $10.
  • Quora moderators will then pass your Quora Space to you in the third stage.
  • You must now enter your Stripe account information. The funds will be transferred to your bank account automatically.
  • Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll receive daily reports detailing how much money you’ve made from your Quora space.

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